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  1. Hahahahahahahaha Russell.
  2. Hahaha, love it!! Plus, he has two hands of his own.
  3. IKR!? It's as boring as batshit watching these kids in an adult soap. Bring back decent, adult storylines and stop with this teen angst crap. Christ, if I wanted to watch kids, I'd tune into Nickleodeon.!!!
  4. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    I din't mind Aquaria winning. For a 21 year old, she's a brilliant queen, though I was on Kamron for the win. Mama Ru needs some Michele Visage tough love regarding her look. It badly needs updating. What Ru wore was as comfortable and familiar to her as me throwing on my sweat pants and top for a special occasion.
  5. Season 2 Talk: More Angelic Ink

    I know, right??! Even Ryan's unfinished tattoo was waaaay better than Austin's sparse tree. What a bullshit, contrived set up of an episode. As if Ryan would do a design that she couldn't finish! I'm confident that he'll be the eventual winner of Season 11... in the arrogant douchebag category.
  6. S02.E13: Bye

    I just finished watching this (finally) and like a few others, I'm pissed off the show wasn't wrapped up this season! It would have been so easy to tie up each story line and character arc and leave the viewers satisfied and happy with the outcome. It was a chore to watch 13 kind of dragged out episodes and I doubt I can watch a 3rd season. I'll more than likely just read through the comments here on each episode to keep abreast of what's happening.
  7. S06.E25: Secrets Revealed

    Producer to Scheana: "Did Rob take your virginity?" Schean to Producer: "Well, not in my vagina!" Fuck off bitch, I did not need to know that.
  8. S06.E24: Reunion, Part 3

    Awwwww... fuck it.
  9. S08.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Erika is a consummate professional in gaslighting.
  10. S06.E20: Lost Cause

    Does anyone think that those framed sketches of Lala's head wearing sunglasses actually looked like Stassi? LOL
  11. S10.E15: Final Exam

    Roly??? Fucking Roly??? Oh fuck this show. I'm done.
  12. S10.E14: No Stain, No Gain

    Roly has escaped elimination two weeks in a row. That little girl portrait was truly, truly bad and it pisses me off that the producers rig it so that all of the coaches still have an artist in it. Dave usually seems so fair in his choice of eliminated artists, but for him to choose Deanna to go home, what a shame that even he has to bow to the producer's pressure. I love this show and I'll more than likely never stop watching it, but I do so now with scepticism and the joy I get in watching has diminished somewhat.
  13. S06.E18: Karma's a Bitch

    Ice, ice baby, Jax.
  14. S06.E14: Watch Your Back

    If I could like this post a hundred times over, I would! :D How you can compare someone who has been charged with DV and a group of 30 somethings getting drunk and acting like fools makes me shake my head. You're out of your mind.
  15. S10.E09: Ink Raider

    Yeah, how convenient that the next elimination tattoo has to have 3 to a team?