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  1. BTW, I loved the pickup line by Trump -- "Excuse me, miss. Is that drink a wall? Because somebody else is about to pay for it."
  2. Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    Week 1: 2/5 Week 2: 3/5.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Yes, maybe that's why I don't think of turquoise as a gem. I came up with sapphire. Maybe the wine tonight made me forget about the country part of the clue. I saw him interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning last year and was struck by how sharp he was. Here's the video. Anyway, the only TS I got was Naked Lunch. Instead of Roundheads I said Roundtops.
  4. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Oh, and I couldn't remember the name Ned Kelly, but I knew that Mick Jagger played him in a movie.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I thought it was pretty funny when he sauntered off then hurried back. I got Golden State Killer and NEARLY got wine. The "red and white" part of the clue led me there, but I was simply confused by the category name that I hesitated to say anything. Surprisingly, I got FJ. I don't know how I did it, but thank Buddha I did!
  6. I liked the context of the segment where Trevor talked to the audience about how we can't know a person completely because there's so much we don't see from him or her, but I didn't like the way it was filmed. It was basically a standup routine without the jokes -- and without standing up -- so I tried to imagine him standing on stage talking to the audience, or maybe sitting on a bar stool or the edge of the desk. Or why not just address the camera like he usually does? But, as I said, the context was good. I've thought and spoken about this a few times when the conversation turned to problems a married couple was having. We can't know what's going on in other people's private lives. Gosh, I don't even like saying "private lives." We don't all experience the same person the same way. We don't all behave the same with different people. Anyway, it's ridiculous that the Repubs won't push for an FBI investigation.
  7. Yes, I thought all three celebs were good. Frankly, I was surprised by how good Bethenny was, even though I don't know much about her. I was happy in the first half-hour that both contestants were winners -- one got $50,000 and the other got the Disney cruise.
  8. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I believe from Colorado they drove to Salt Lake City. Earlier it was to Atlanta from... uh... Sydney? I got the Rothchilds, clang clang clang, La Scala, and Elvis Presley. For FJ I guessed Thomas Paine.
  9. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I just rewatched the scene. I think Schweikart started it, in a subtle way, before Jimmy brought up Telluride. After Jimmy reluctantly joins the group and Kim tells him they're talking about company retreats, he says to the group, "That's a great idea. Where are we going?" which is obviously a joke and everybody laughs, but then Schweikart says, "Sorry pal. Employees only." The way he says it seemed deliberately intended to put Jimmy down. But Jimmy doesn't react badly, only says in an exaggerated, jocular bit of disappointment, "Oh darn it!" Then Schweikart says he's thinking of splurging a little this year. "Y'know, don't want to be outdone by the competition. You know, word gets out, you're a cheapskate." I think his talking about the competition has the subtext of being about Jimmy, but his saying he can splurge also is meant to put him above Jimmy. But again Jimmy doesn't get rude, saying, "Sure, sure, that's hard to shake off." Then finally when Scheikart mentions Taos, Jimmy says, "Taos. That's… nice." Scheikart then says, "Feel free to jump in. We're just spitballing here," which again I take as him baiting Jimmy. And Jimmy bites.
  10. Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    I'm 2/2 so far this week. Adding it to last week, I think I'm 4/6.
  11. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I got Hershey and teacher. Oh, and after mentioning in a previous post that Tulane was just about the only university whose location I know, I was excited to see it as an answer tonight! FJ was easy. I loved the Road Runner cartoons. I thought Raymond looked a bit like Johnny Galecki, particularly around the eyes.
  12. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I guess, but to me he started the dick-measuring contest with Jimmy. He enjoyed seeing Jimmy out of his element. Jimmy did pretty good for a while but then had to go and ruin it with his suggestion of Aspen over Telluride AND jetting everyone out there AND everyone getting matching company parkas. Yikes, cringeworthy indeed. I'm not so sure that the cop lied about what happened with Huell. I think he was presented to us as an honest cop trying to make a rational, moral argument to Jimmy. I don't know the ins and outs of the law very well, but I buy that the reason the ADA wants to put Huell in prison is because he has a rap sheet and he attacked the same cop who arrested him before. Although we know that was just a coincidence, it does look bad. I don't know what Kim has in mind with the office/school supplies, but as she loaded things in her basket I laughed out loud suddenly thinking that she was going to have Huell sit at the defense table with crayons and markers to make him look mentally challenged. That's probably not what's going to happen, esp since she bought so much other stuff. I loved this ep, but I'm sad about Jimmy and Kim. And about Jimmy/Saul.
  13. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    DOH! I never got the JudyObscure pun until you said this. I don't remember if I saw Book II, but I saw the first one with Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss. I know the miniseries was based on a book, but was the book based on East of Eden? If not, why do I associate East of Eden with Rich Man Poor Man? FJ was an instaget. Alex didn't even need to finish reading the clue. I was shocked two contestants missed it, but after reading comments here I guess it's not a book familiar to everyone. I got dust storms and owe my first knowledge of them to the TV series Carnivale. I also got The Supremes.
  14. YAY! Well-deserved!
  15. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    What? I didn't know that. I'm surprised, too. To state the obvious, it all depends who's in the audience when the poll is taken. Young people, boomers, elderly?