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  1. Season 2-more Rattled!

    bad makeup - its a technique called baking where you put wet face powder on your face till it bakes in your pores. She is using the totally wrong make up and the lights do not help her. Agree with everything you said!!! This is all fakery - aside from actually delivering babies. Did you catch the triplet mom's PTSD storyline - WTF - I have triplets, had very little to no help when they were babies, and I cannot relate to her for one minute. She had a hard time not laughing while pretending to "not cry" - next episode she is at an exercise class? And the way she dismissed her mom and said we need to be alone as parents? Yeah right. They annoy the crap out of me.
  2. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    Same Cecily!!
  3. I don't even know what vocal fry is - I hear that so much it is more annoying to hear the words "vocal fry" than to actually listen to the person speaking.
  4. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    sadly I must admit to watching a previous show with similar accolades - Paradise Hotel. I also am not recalling another similar show as well.
  5. Maybe her and Jana are "more than friends"?
  6. The only thing that stands out to me is that when Bobby & Danielle were having coffee in their living room on separate chairs I noticed that Danielle's eyebrows were natural. No dark penciled in crazy brows. And she looked SO MUCH BETTER... Danielle if you read here, stop with the eyebrows. They are detracting from your appearance.
  7. S05.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    Not everyone agrees here. I think Colton would be a good bachelor and would definitely watch. and Wills? Eww. what is the appeal? He is a boring, half-asleep, creepster who looks like he matches his clothes with Garanimal tags. So glad he is gone.
  8. Season 2-more Rattled!

    oJamie/Matt storyline is so contrived. They both had trouble keeping a straight face in that discussion about the laundry. The cancer mom's story is very touching, and those girls are the cutest - I agree they are a little too "on" all the time, happy, smiling, never a negative word? I find that very hard to believe. Some people know how to be on their best behavior when cameras are around. And the triplet family - well I've been there. I know that feeling when all of a sudden you are left alone with a tiny baby who has been underlights/tubes & doctors 24 hours a day. I'll cut the mom some slack on kicking the camera guy out. However next preview they show them with 3 babies, who look to be about 3-4 months old. I hope they aren't going to try to play off like those babies just came home from the hospital. The younger couple had a rough delivery, but that baby was so cute. I hope they can make it.
  9. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    I enjoy Jessa as the mouthpiece of the show. She is quite funny - I loved her quips about Jana, and that guys should come forward to see if Jana will give them a chance! Jana always seems very happy for her siblings no matter who is getting married or pregnant, etc. Who knows what her reasons are for not courting (side hugs 2xs a day - no kissing or holding hands, eating your siblings leftovers as a romantic lunch - GROSS), and getting married, but I admire her "do it all" abilities! I like Lauren & Kendra (minus the giggling). Cant help but think of 'Si as an Amish dude with that hairline, and beard. Jinger and Jeremy will have the most "normal" life away from the Dugger compound. His family was completely shocked when they revealed she was expecting...that brought tears to my eyes. Ben will always be a dimwit.
  10. I wondered what could have possibly been clogging up the drain (long hair) if Bobby lives alone?
  11. in Suburban areas of the city (edited cause it sounded like city "areas" was the wax site) - that's a year subscription to waxing the netherregions at a reputable waxing facility. I think they mentioned that she racked up the debt traveling when she probably couldn't afford to.
  12. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    my 21 yo just got back from a research expedition in South Africa - I agree!! Too young to settle down.
  13. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    That was Audrey wearing that dress !
  14. Danielle said it outright in a talking head.
  15. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Agree ! I have triplets (now 21). Going home without them was excruciating and painful both physically & emotionally. I couldn't wait to get back to the hospital to see them. Mine weren't that early, and we didn't do "skin to skin" holding back then. There was a lot of mixed up editing in their segments. First the babies look newborn, then about 2 months old, then back to newborn again. I do like watching and reliving the memories. Because in 1996 we were not allowed video cameras, there were no smartphones, so I only have some polaroids, pictures and my memories to go on.