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  1. S07.E14 Down To the Wire

    When they showed Tristan talking to "Woman" and Mia talking to "Grandma Bally" - the shots of their phones showed the time elapsed all over the place! First it was 4 minutes, then 1 minute then 4 minutes again, etc. Who knows if those shots of the phone even were during those exact conversations?
  2. S07.E14 Down To the Wire

    So we have the wedding makeup artist to blame for Danielle's eyebrows. I think she must have followed what they did at the wedding throughout the taping. On Unfiltered they have been seriously toned down. Looking at their photos, I would have never guessed they didn't know each other at the wedding!
  3. OMG! this is so funny!!!
  4. Someone posted a pic on Reddit of Bobby and Danielle this week at their local McDonalds - not surprised they seem to stay together!
  5. so the Mia and Tristan footage that Dr. Useless shows them is referring to their fight they had about Mia being on a dating app (actively) while lying about it to Tristan saying she "thought she deleted the app". I can understand his frustration at looking like a total idiot again. I think they are still showing them in their "real time" though as the cooking episode last week was supposedly 3 weeks before decision day and all the couples were there. I do worry that Tristan and Mia cannot afford to heat their sparse apartment and that is why they are always wrapped up in blankets :)
  6. He said some BS like moving forward to a future that will emphasize God's will - yeah right. Danielle has been reading online cause her eyebrows were WAY toned down on the Unfiltered to the point of making her look very pretty. but when she said "I would shoot myself" if she had to be with her friends kids to her MIL and SIL - OMG that was ballsy. I doubt she made a great impression. I think Dave's reactions are just as dramatic and over the top as Ambers. Perhaps they are too much alike. I read some of Danielle's letter by freezing the screen. It was a nice letter, with a hint of feelings but no I love yous.
  7. As a mom of triplets, I can definitely agree that sharing was a huge issue for my kids. At age 21 now, it still is. They are extremely possessive, and territorial. It comes with having to always fight for your spot, your toy, your place. I never encouraged that, and tried to give them their own identity. Whether its their own color cup, their own style, their own belongings. At age 18 they wanted to get as far away from each other as possible and all went away to different schools. I sympathize with Danielle on this for sure, it does not get any easier.
  8. Season 2-more Rattled!

    That triplet family is so insulting to other multiple families! I cannot with them, and so glad they are OVER.
  9. Since they probably are not living close to each other, they probably needed a place to bring the "family" to tape the talking heads, couch scenes.
  10. Who is Pickles and what is the link.
  11. 1. they obviously get either free or very heavily discounted items for promoting the boutique. I agree the panties aren't very practical when purchased there, but they plugged the store, which is the end goal. 2. ChikFila catered dinner (nuggets and waffle fries) at Kiki and Dale's house - obviously a set up to get someone to pee or poop on the floor for filming purposes only. 3. I truly feel that the Mimi storyline is the only one that isn't scripted - I hope she gets the help she needs.
  12. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    Ghost did not kill Holly- Tommy did. Although its so easy to forget stuff on this show! something else bothering me - when Dre is waiting for Angela, and all those goons come in and have a shootout, it looks like Dre shoots a bunch of them before Tommy runs him out the window. Then 3-4 of the drug guys (no idea on anyones name) come over and start talking to Tommy, and he says they are back in business. No one acknowledges the dead guys behind them? Or, are we to believe that none of them got hurt - it was all a set up (vests maybe?)
  13. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    Can someone explain why the other Federal Agent (in the van with Dre) came into Angela's plan?
  14. and viewer questions? No one has even seen the episode when they are taped - totally fake.
  15. I did not understand how they "got" Alicia and arrested her based on what? Having sex with someone? Where is the connection.