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  1. S03.E22: This Is Your Sword

    I loved the whole look of Katana. Was just surprised to see her at all given the recently released Suicide Squad movie picture with the character in it. Surprised that DC allowed that but hoping she gets to stick around. Love the character and love the actress.
  2. S03.E20: Time Changes Things

    I know it's a minor character, but how long before Bucky bails and heads to Luke's label? He and Luke seemed to be in synch about thoughts on new artists and Rayna ignored him on the whole Layla thing, and the look on his face last night with Julliete said volumes of about how tired he is of babysitting divas instead of making music. Really nice work by the actor with such little screen time. And given how much my Luke love has grown I fully support him makingt he move. Says a lot that Julliete ignored Maddie saying she was going to be a great mom and Deacon saying pretty much the same thing, and she ignored all that and only took away from the incident Deacon's reminding her how her doing whatever SHE wants is what made her a star in the first place. Kiley's return and storyline is just offensive and sickening. Alexa Vega should run from this show and run fast.
  3. S03.E20: The Fallen

    Yeah so I'm done coming to this particular board for sure. The constant Laurel bashing is completely and utter ridiculous at this point. Felicity didn't go to Laurel to cry on her shoulder. It should not have been DIggle because that was not the point of the scene. The point was LETTING Laurel KNOW what happened and Felicity broke down because the man she loves is gone to her. She would have broke down with anyone. It was a 20 second scene and hurt nothing so everyone getting all panty twisted about it is just stretching to tear down a character for the sake of being catty or petty. It's just tiresome at this point.
  4. S03.E20: You Know Where To Find Me

    Should Cruz be worried? I mean he's obviously not white enough for a show that seems to be trying to remove any and all diversity from it's cast. I'm not worried about Gabby obviously because she could become a handicapped, lesbian, foregin born satanist and they would still shove her down our throats, but the actors that play Cruz and even the chief should be very concerned.
  5. S01.E19: Who Is Harrison Wells?

    Can we all just accept that Star Labs has some of the most amazing technology in the world, so it's not to far a stretch to think that maybe there is just a button in the cell walls that releases an toilet or shower or something? A door that slides up where they leave food? I mean I know it's annoying they leave them in these tiny box cells, but the food and potty situation is really not a big ,deal in the scheme of things. The psychological issues and ignoring of rehabilitation/help this set up has is the bigger deal and it was nice to see that recognized more (by the audience it seems) this episode. It would be really nice if the show addressed what kind of long range plans are in place for these "inmates". WHile the Laurel scenes were clunky Ill forgive that somewhat because Katie Cassidy looked AMAZING. Shame she is stuck on Aarow where she never gets to smile ever because its a better look for her for sure. Why is Iris so damn special and delicate that they can't tell her the truth? To "keep her safe"? It's good to know our hero, and a long time police detective do not give a crap about keeping anyone else safe. That is just so lazy on the part of the writers. So glad this show has Cisco.
  6. S06.E13: The Promise

    I thought it interesting that Raylan did seem much happier, yet they had him go from the traditional white hat (good guy) to the black hat (bad guy). Just another way this show never played on conventions and did things it's own way. Loved the call back to Rachel's first meeting Raylan and asking about the hat and he said the same line "I tried it on and it fit." Was the implication with the mention of the Seatle chief being on the phone that Rachel was moving to the Seattle agency?
  7. S03.E18: Nobody Knows But Me

    Can they please just have Gunnar sing all the time. I LOVE hearing him sing and the songs they give him. Don't worry with any more stories for him, just throw him on stage and let him sing every so often and I'll be happy. I shrugged it off way back, but long ago when Julliet told Avery she was pregnant my wife said "great, can't wait to see how this show f*cks up a postpartum story." Bleah. Guys it's ok for Maddie to act like that and say such horrible things. She's a teenager AND she apologized!! Plus caner dad and all so, you know kids being kids. The best thing to do when your child apologizes for being terrible is to reward them with exactly what they wanted and lied to you about in the first place. I really hope Ryanna is writing all this down in a "Parenting 101" book to give to Julliet.
  8. S06.E19: Winning Ugly

    Decent episode amongst a lot of bad ones of late but still I can't deal with some of this idiocy on even the good episodes. "We will take your phone and get it back to you in 12 hours." Um, hi, I'm a lawyer so uhhh. the hell you will.
  9. Season One Episode Talk

    Michelle Forbes is pretty freaking amazing on this show. This last episode she really was great. Put me in the camp loving every minute of this. There are things to nit pick but why bother when the rest of it is so much fun.
  10. I'm sure the flash forwards were planned from the get go. Damages worked the same way and it's the same creators so I guess it's kinda there jam. It is for sure a very slow burn on this show. Drips and drops of information coming over so many episodes it makes it drag at times relying on the amazing performances to carry it and keep you compelled. The last four episodes are great but are a bit of a shock with how the pace changes so much. I enjoyed it but was in for the most part of Kyle Chandler. I'm not a big fan of voice over narration but I could listen to that man read the back of a Wheaties box and be enthralled.
  11. S03.E17: Forgive You Anything

    Can we just ditch this show already and just get a "Chicago Trudy" show instead. With TOTALLY dfferent writers.
  12. Anyone else watch them on Late Night? It went by fast but it was great hearing them all talk about each other. The BEST was them ending the show singing Bye Bye Lil Sebastian, during which Aubrey Plaza grabs Jim O'Heir and starts making out with him serious like. So uncomfortably funny and went on for a LONG time.
  13. S01.E02: Bella

    Holy cow I totally did not catch that he was Nate from "LIfe Unexpected"! Niedermey is really the only draw for me to the show at this time. I like the UFC cop guy as well but I hope they round him out some.Enjoyed seeing him be a badass with the fire fighters though.
  14. Those last 10 minutes made me forgive a lot I've had problems with throughout the last two seasons. Despite making Max particularly loathsome for quite some time I admit I smiled seeing him laugh and smile while playing baseball and I appreciated them throwing that in. I went from my eyes pooling up with tears watching everyone (accept poor Haddie of course) to full on "HOLY SHIT SCOTT PORTER!" but I'm a total FNL whore. Seeing Ryan happy and part of his child's life for a brief second was a nice touch as well. As much as I've felt the whole Sarah and Hank story has been forced the last two seasons, thinking back and looking at tonight I have to say Ray Ramano has been pretty damn spectacular on this show.
  15. S06.E02: Cash Game

    Loved the look Tim gave Garret Dilahunt's charcter after he called him a dick as they left the realtors office. If Raylan and Boyd are the end game I do hope Tim get's a nemisis this season (a la "a young Gerrard Deparduie") and that scene looked like they may be heading that way.