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  1. S05.E10: Black Like Us

    You were supposed to play down your fuller lips.
  2. FBI

    Yuck. That would be a horrible mismatch. Sela Ward, thanks for wearing your age so beautifully.
  3. S05.E10: Black Like Us

    Interesting attempt by the show to get into the many shades of brown. I applaud them for that. I'm stunned that this crap is still an issue among modern-day black people. Except for reflecting the past (maybe pre-1980s), it's unbelievable to me to hear these characters go at each other about their skin color. I don't applaud the show for the Ruby character, the loud, opinionated, ignorant black woman. I also don't applaud Hollywood's usual casting of the dark(er) husband with the light(er) wife. I mean, really, how trite is that? My sister commented on just this thing while watching a Stormy Weather with Bill Robinson and Lena Horne. She was around 16 when she made that observation, back in the 1960s. And that shit still goes on. (How many dark-skinned women get romantic parts? Ask Beah, Cicely, Whoopee, and Alfre.) But kudos to the writers for addressing this topic of skin colors among black people, even though it seems very dated to me.
  4. You said a mouthful, Doodlebug. I've been biting my tongue on this one, but I'm going to let it rip. I don't understand these able-bodied people with dogs who don't want to walk them, let them see the world beyond their back yards. I'd say if you're too lazy to put a leash on your dog and walk them they shouldn't have a dog at all. Time and time again, many house hunters fret over having to walk their dogs. Of course, it's nice to let the dogs go outside to take a quick leak or even to hang out, but to confine the dogs to the house and yard all the time....I would never do that to my dog. Mine got mileage daily, as long as it wasn't pouring outside. Yeah, it irritates me to no end when people talk about how the people are so "friendly" yet they're pretty much socializing with their "own kind" once they relocate. Imagine how Mexicans feel about these foreigners flooding their towns, jacking up prices, and then wanting homes away from the local population. I agree about the wall. I've been in the position of being seen by tourists and new residents in paradise as both local and of their "kind" and experiencing how differently many were towards me depending on how they interpreted me. The real estate lady could hardly contain her annoyance with this couple, and I couldn't blame her. I imagine her wincing every time she gets a new American client who expects his $400,000 US to be enough to purchase a beach palace in Mexico.
  5. S09.E12: Milestones

    Like most shows that run beyond a few seasons, this one's grown stale. The Brits have it right with their limited-run programs and short series. Clearly it's too difficult to follow this 20+ show format each year and keep the show fresh and interesting.
  6. If you run into her, run over her.
  7. Canada to Australia Two things were different, besides the fact that she wasn't whining about the move: 1. The said they didn't have an extensive network at home and made no mention about "entertaining" in Austrailia. 2. They said that they liked to cook at home so they didn't go out to eat much. I don't think they went on about being near restaurants. Nice change, nice couple.
  8. Uh-huh. I was trying to veer away from the thought, thinking that he might just be an awkward, nerdy young man, but then he would talk again and....there it was again. Mom, you said he could be a monk, and he was quite satisfied with that single bed. For now, just accept that much. Baby steps. The parents were very pleasant and at least Mom acknowledged that she might be a little possessive of her baby boy. This might be a good experience for him to be away from his parents, at least most of the time. I'm glad they chose the house the son liked best. I give him credit for sticking to the budget because I've a feeling that his parents might've been okay with a 60-40 split of the rent if he preferred one of the more expensive places.
  9. S09.E11: Disrupted

    Danny's got that covered.
  10. S05. E11. Family Separation pt. 2

    Wow. Frampton [Came] Alive! Great episode. I don't much care for the character Mike B, but loved seeing his frustration in court. Loved Russell blowing smoke out of his nostrils and ears and referring to the man as "Governor Douche--". Henry's awful joke. Elizabeth's boisterous laugh. The photos on both sides of the bars. Did anyone think that maybe Elizabeth's phone call was being monitored and that the mention of charging the governor with kidnapping was going to get back to him? I don't think I enjoyed an episode this much since the first season.
  11. Flip or Flop Nashville

    It was nice to see the return of DeRon and Page. The thing that I didn't like about this flip was the exterior of the house. I didn't think the brick needed painting. It was in good shape and not at all drab and washed out looking like some older bricks are. I thought the money would've been better spent going towards building out the front porch a little more and beefing up the dinky columns, the bases of which extended beyond the porch. The choice of floors in the kitchen was kind of a bold move and though a little busy, I thought would be something that could easily grow on me and I would end up loving. The basement floors were similar, but darker, so less busy. It was a small house, and one in which the opening up of the living room into the kitchen was fine by me. I liked the upstairs bathroom. I liked seeing a modest renovation for a change.
  12. S09.E11: Disrupted

    When the cop was initially released, I didn't understand why Eddie was in the scene. She was not the arresting officer and it was an administrative matter. She had no business being there. She was a total buttinsky. Once again, Frank gets to chastise another unreasonable non-white community leader. That never gets old...
  13. Jacksonville to Croatia I was impressed with how the wife didn't spot danger for the kids lurking everywhere. I think she once commented on the kids handling a staircase, but that was about it. No worries about the loft or the pool. She did put off the jumping from the rocks for a while. I thought the kitchen had limited counter space and though functional, looked kind of patched together with odd elements. I thought the real estate agent and the wife made an attractive couple.
  14. I don't recall the exact language used, but both of the House Hunters made wince-worthy grammatical errors in their speech.
  15. Winnipeg to Limerick There once was a couple from Winnipeg....(it's a work in progress) What a nice couple. They mentioned a couple times that this would be a relocation of a few years so I'm glad they chose the house in the country. Who couldn't last a little while there? I was stunned that the third estate went so cheaply at just $50 over budget. But who could resist that artsy throne and those critters?