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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    This is show is hoky and dumb AF, but it's not like that isn't my catnip. My favorite thing is Cynical and bitchy Prince Charming shooting his narcissistic sister withering looks while telling her how clueless she is. Why is it JUST us, why are we SPECIAL?! Also why can't the voice be that guy from the Dr. Pepper commercials, the faux Prince?
  2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    I suspect this isn't even thing in the book but is Camille's paternity a thread? As I think it weirdly became in the show with all the insinuation about Adora/Vickery, while also never naming her father explicitly? I feel like it was just another mystery to allude to that didn't actually matter,used to pad out the 8 hours because it's a character study you dummies.
  3. This so much he was getting really fucking nasty with Carole when she dared attack his Golden Goose Bethenny and like even now I enjoy Bethenny but she's a nightmare of a "real" friend, and constantly needs to be in control and spin her little tops in and out of her life. It's not just a coincidence that when Carole got on to her game she rotated in Sonja and Luann to newly bestow benevolence on. I was wondering why Caorle quite just as she was turning into an ACTUAL housewife this season and now I know why, because of Andy and this reunion.
  4. S05.E04: Pandora's Box

    How? Culling is culling is culling is culling what's the just way to cull? How do you do it without mass chaos/resentment/insurrection? Clearly they faced that in their "dark year". Again the Ark was an all together better situation than Octavia has been in, there is magnitudes of difference between what Kane/et all had to deal with and what Octavia had to deal with yet she's supposed to do it "better"? No way. I don't fault Kane for wanting better generally and for wondering if surviving is the same as LIVING, only for expecting Octavia to do more with less. Octavia is an imperfect leader prone to arrogance? So unlike every other leader ever.
  5. S05.E04: Pandora's Box

    Nope I love her, I think she's doing her best in terrible circumstances, and I'm not sure WTF Kane is on about how they have some grand opportunity to do things better in the bunker? It's ostensibly an even more resources delimited situation they either the ARK or The Mountain, thus even more more reason to cull the #'s. Kane is now pro extinction and has the gall to moralize to her after he pullled the same shit in much more favorable and livable circumstances on the Ark. Take all the seats. The irony certainly isn't lost on Octavia, and it's not like the Grounders were precious flowers even w/o a real resource crunch, she had to find a justice that made sense on practical and cultural level, I'm sure she would have preferred to have the right to fight for her and/or her mothers life than simply have her administratively disposed of. I'm glad they appear to be giving the Prison Kru a bit of understandable motivation, regarding a potential illness or infection they are trying to survive, but I'm confused why they are determined to wage war over a piddly dink valley but also Dioyoza plans to "go home" and it's clear she doesn't think earth is home,? An alt livable planet has to be the goal of this season, one valley ain't gonna cover it. I loved Murphy acknowledging the constant suffering/torture Raven has been subjected to.
  6. S05.E01: Eden

    She is fucking terrible. In everything I'ever ever seen her in. Including this, she will be one note as hell just what the show needs a seasons long one note villain.
  7. S05.E01: Eden

    It is literally the only reason I'm still watching this trash heap. Know that Rothenberg you dumb mofo.
  8. I think this is a pretty interesting question given how both the book and the show handled it, aka, to me the show had a lot of major subtext that everyone basically understood that Lyanna dumped Robert for Rhaegar, in open defiance of women doing what they are told to do., but that rather than admit that to themselves Rickard and Robert denied her autonomy and pretended she was being "stolen" and defiled and that it was most injurious to them and their reputations. The books play it closer to the vest but it seems like the realm at large knew what time it was since he made her the Queen of Flowers are whatever at the tournament, but since Robert won the war, he won the narrative. I think it will be interesting how they "validate" the narrative of Jon being the true born son of Rhaegar after his death on the Trident. I would think Howland Reed or a Dayne may show up to corroborate Sam and Bran's story. Eh maybe the maester's diary, will be enough.
  9. I'm doing a re-watch of this already and I'm laughing even harder than I did the first pass through and catching jokes I missed because I was laughing too hard to see them. Case in point: the fourth leading cause of death in East Peck: Larry Henderson! Josh really irked that he does find the guinea pig reading a book adorable. The guy who keeps shouting WITCH! at Josh, "Can we get him outta here?!"
  10. S01.E05: Once Bitten

    May? We were explicitly shown her hiding the many bruises she has currently with make up in the car.
  11. Josie's mother the Mayor and her family were targeted by racists in Riverdale, she makes it clear that Riverdale is not a post racism world, and that she and the Pussycats have to deal with such on the daily, including have to be twice as good to get half as far. She also shuts Archie down when he plays "it wasn't me" "I'm not the racist" card, that it's bigger then him. The show has much to do to prove their ready to tackle this stuff consistently and honestly, but it's only episode 3, so I hope we see real development for Josie and The Pussycats, and a really address Chuck's issues, in as much as any ensemble show can.
  12. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Oh interesting I didn't know about Apa's background, and also interesting that people rip the cast for looking too old, and yes he's out of high school, but he is still in his teens!
  13. S04.E02: Heavy Lies the Crown

    Well that's nice for you. But I'm pretty sure all the 100 are still under 18, and Raven is certainly not even two years older, they've been here like a month, another reason compressed time lines are dumb dear show writers your actors are aging even when they are young and pretty. I give zero fucks about their ages, since not a one of the actors looks in their teens, and Ricky Whittle was 33 so whatever. I assume Roan along with every other actor cast is playing at least 10 years younger if not 15 in Octavia's case, than he's supposed to be and this is a post apocalyptic tribal society that Arkadia is actively adapting to...I'm not judging by real world norms.
  14. S05.E12: Bratva

    It's probably because I never said the writers will mess up Olicity and not Dinah/Oliver. I made it crystal clear it is matter of my relative investment in the two couples and the individual character of Dinah at this EARLY stage of her existence, this relative LACK of investment will make it easier for me to tolerate and watch, any messing up for Dinah and Oliver in way I wouldn't be able to hack if it were Olicity, and why I'm open to seeing them pursue one before or even instead of reuniting the other. You liked the last two seasons and the all the GREAT story Olicity got, I hated the last two seasons and thought Olicity was given garbage story, like rotten, stinking garbage. It's okay to disagree and just leave it at that. If I want to see Oliver in real non Felicity romantic relationship, I obviously don't value female friendships? Sure, you have me nailed to the wall. And Felicity sure is being friendly with her! This is a real question you're asking? Your argument is that Oliver falling in love with and Felicity didn't DEVELOP his character? That Oliver trusting John Diggle didn't *develop* his character, that Oliver's relationships with Thea and Roy didn't develop his character? That TV characters are not developed by the relationships they have with other characters? Seeing Oliver interact with other characters gives us insight into his character, the 101 random plot point bangs give me nothing. A real and thoughtfully written relationship with Dinah would give me something, it would give me information about him that he doesn't just hop from vagina to vagina but is capable of forming an adult with romantic relationship OTHER than the one I've already seen play out with Felicity,I want to know the kind of man he's capable of being WITHOUT her (the horror, the horror), and have it maybe not always be: dumbass who jumps in bed with the women he doesn't really love.
  15. S05.E12: Bratva

    I don't actually care if he did, the show doesn't really take the time to clarify when he's shooting to wound v. shooting to kill and it's only clarified in the telling relative to what his moral development is supposed to reflect that episode. Meanwhile the showing is very much: he just murdered the fuck out of half the room. They ghosts looked dead to me. In my opinion he behaved as if he was comfortable returning to the kind of brutality he exhibited in S1, while still hemming and hawing over killing Dahrk, Dahrk's life seemed to matter way more than his mindless recruits getting mowed down every episode. The writers are very good at developing relationships, I wouldn't still be with the show if they weren't. They are pretty outsandingly terrible at handling actual romantic relationships in the course of the ongoing narratives, but quite simply I care far more about Felicity as a character and Olicity as a relationship, and don't want to see it messed with again. At least now I have an interesting Oliver and for ONCE an interesting independent arc of character development for Felicity, AND they're still solid sparky team and former lovers trying to move forward dynamic. To see Oliver capable of developing a second mature adult INTIMACY relationship with a woman who is NOT Felicity, with an actress I think he has real chemistry with is important to me and my enjoyment of his character, but if the writers fuck that up, I'm not going to care nearly as much as watching them destroy something I love far more : Olicity and OTA. I am merely open to the idea and think it will grow Oliver in ways I value/enjoy, and I'd take ten of that v. ten more random hot chicks he bangs while being a rock eating moron. I think Oliver needs to know he can be mature adult human who can do intimacy and vulnerability with ANYONE not just this one girl who is his personal savior of light, too precious to have her own issues and darkness. As a viewer I need to know that Oliver can do that too. And I'm never going to get why banging three canaries is the vector of "grossness". Banging two sisters? Yes. Banging women he has not real intimacy with? Yes. I loved Sarah but hated that he banged her (BECAUSE SHE WAS LAURELS SISTER). I hated Laurel and hated that he banged her (BECAUSE SHE WAS AN ASSHOLE). I loved Huntress and loved those two broken fuck ups banging, because I thought they had a real connection, one that was dark and fucked up but also hot and interesting I know I'm largely alone in this but I don't need exterior validation about ships. Him having random meaningless sex with Dinah would be bad and icky, but that's not what I'm anticipating.