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  1. S09.E02: The Bridge

    Ahahahaahahaah!!!! You win!
  2. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    But she couldn't know what would get reported by the media and what wouldn't. As I understand it, this is a Sansa fan who was at the event and was live tweeting (or almost live tweeting) everything as it was happening. She tweeted all the answers Sophie gave as she was giving them. She had no way of knowing what the press would report of this event. Later, when the press started publishing articles about this Q&A they reported all the same answers as the fan tweeted, but they never mentioned the statue. So, by reporting all the answers the fan tweeted, the press actually gave credibility to everything the fan had previously tweeted. As I see it there are three possibilities here: The answer about the statue is true, the press did not report it at the request of HBO. This is not as unlikely as people think it is, while it is true that HBO has no official power over the press, they do have the power to set the rules for press visits to filming locations and they do have the power to approve questions for a press event related to their show. They do this all the time. When reporters are given guest access to the sets, they have to sign NDAs and agree to keep secret as much info as the show who invited them want to keep secret. HBO could even require review approval for any article before it goes to press, specially if the event is exclusive, or invite only. If EW got this panel exclusively, then you bet these rules are in place, that is the price for exclusivity. And anyone else invited from the press would have to abide by the same rules The answer about the statue is a lie. This begs the question: why would the fan lie? From what I've read about this, this person has been a Sansa fan for a while and she was excitedly reporting the answers. Maybe she thought, as has been suggested, that a statue of Sansa would mean Sansa as end Queen and she wanted other people to believe this, but I fail to see why a dedicated fan of the show would think statue = queen, instead of statue = death. The other reason for a lie (that I can think of) is that the fan wanted to have a little fun with all the people that have been predicting Sansa's death for years now (some of whom are hardcore Sansa haters). I find the latter more likely than the former, but I still think it's less likely than the first possibility (the answer about the statue is true). The answer about the statue is true, the press did not report because the first source did not report it. I have not read all the articles about this event, so I don't know which media outlets were there, but, sometimes, one outlet quotes another in their reporting, if they couldn't be there themselves. The story would read something like: "EW reports that ST took home one of Sansa's corsets" or "During a press event held by EW, ST revealed....". If the outlet with the exclusivity did not report on something, other outlets won't report on it either (as they would base their reporting on the first one). So, if EW really thought that the comment was not important, and they were the only outlet there, all other media reports on the event would be missing the same piece of information. To me, the simpler explanation is that the fan was reporting the answers she heard as she heard them. The reason the statue answer was not reported by the media is up in the air. The significance of Sansa having a statue is also up in the air, although I tend to think the likeliest explanation is that she is dead. But if this statue is part of a time jump scene in the future, there could be statues for many other characters too. We just don't know for sure that there are.
  3. Really enjoyed these final episodes. I thought Sharn lost the game when she didn't know how to respond to the Matt issue (not telling him there was talk about voting him out). The one thing I didn't like about Sharn's game is that she allied herself with the big weasel (Benji) and thanks to that he stayed way longer than he should have. Who would have thought that the granny clumsily looking for an immunity idol in one of the earliest episodes would be the winner? Go Shane!
  4. S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    Do zombies eat books? Is that why they can't go to a library and get books on how to build all the things they want to build?
  5. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I am going to make a wild prediction: Tyrion betrays the Starks Jon dies as a result (something I would hate as he is my favorite) As Tyrion's trial unfolds in the dragon pit, Daenerys is watching from a high point. Ghost is beside her and Boatsex baby is on her lap petting the direwolf. The baby is around 1 year old When Tyrion is found guilty of treason, Daenerys looks up to Drogon flying overhead She makes some sort of signal to Boatsex baby who says "Draccarys" Boom! Tyrion is roasted Drogon comes to Boatsex baby who also pets him Dany, baby and Ghost climb on the dragon's back and fly away The end
  6. The one thing that would truly surprise me is if one of the people in the judging panel turned out to be the winner. That has never been done before!
  7. I'm with you! The smartest play from any of the ladies right now would be to go to the final 2 with Brian. I think no one in that jury would vote for him. LOL!
  8. The man takes off his used shorts and dries his face with them. Using the inside surface! The INSIDE! And in the latest episode he blew his nose into the leaf from which he was eating and then continued to eat from it. On gross factor alone, I dislike him tons. I never warmed to Shonee. Initially I mostly didn't care, but after she said she had never lifted a finger and had been coasting through, I have hoped she doesn't win. I know the game is outlive, outlast, outplay and coasting is a strategy (and apparently a successful one, if we go by Shonee's current standing) but I just don't like people who leech and don't even make the smallest effort to contribute. I think it's unfair. Also, when people get too cocky (see Brian, Matt, Benji, etc.). But that has more to do with my personal feelings than with the game. I just think humility goes a long way. Every time I see someone bragging about how much in control they are, and how they have this in the bag, and how they are the "king of the jungle", and so on, I just get this burning desire to see them toppled and blindsided. If Brian doesn't win immunity in the next IC, then he is a goner. And I will do a happy dance.
  9. S02.E08 Part VIII

    There was a scene where Marin talked to Bess and begged her to help her get Julian back. Bess agreed. So, it follows that's why they took Julian away.
  10. S02.E08 Part VIII

    I thought this season was better than the first one in that it was much less convoluted. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. Regarding the "rock", I don't think we need any particular explanation. Why do people follow crazy cult leaders to the extent of committing suicide at their command? The answer to that has already been given by scientists, and it's the same answer when it comes to adoring or believing in the special powers of some inanimate object that their cult leader told them to worship.
  11. S02.E08 Part VIII

    He got 4 years in a juvenile facility, with a review in 3 years. His visit to Niagara Falls was authorized: while in the car, he reminded Ambrose and Heather that they had to be back by 6:00. He wasn't tried as an adult, he was tried as a juvenile, so his sentence was a juvenile sentence, he was never going to prison.
  12. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

  13. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Unpredictable in the context of this TV show is a highly subjective term, IMO. There are so many theories out there, across the entire world, that, however the show ends, I'm pretty sure, someone, somewhere predicted some of it. To me, an unpredictable ending would be one that had no groundwork laid for it in the books or the show. For example, an orphan from Flea Bottom, who we have never met before, ends up ruling the 7 kingdoms because the War with the WW results in every other character we know to die, and he's the only one strong enough to seize the throne in the resulting power vacuum. For people who think they have a good idea where the story is headed from reading the books and/or watching the show, an ending contrary to their interpretation would be unpredictable.
  14. S01.E08: Milk

    The black girl that Amma murdered had given Amma the bedspread as a present after they became friends. There was a scene where the girl gave Amma the bedspread in Camille's presence. That's why Camille noticed it and fished it from the garbage to put it back. At first she probably thought it ended up in the bin by accident. After discovering the teeth of her r she realized that Amma was "done" with the girl and so she also threw away the present.
  15. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    If Tyrion betrays JD and there is a trial, one way JD can be present, even though Kit and Emilia didn't film in the Dragon Pit with Peter and the other actors, is if JD are sitting on dragons who are perched on the walls of the Dragon Pit. The dragons would function as thrones. They would have been filmed at a VFX studio and added during editing. If the sentence is Draccarys, this would also explain a potential need for actors that are not usually involved in action sequences (e.g. Sophie) to have a stunt double. Their characters could have to jump out of the fire path, or something.