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  1. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    And we thank you for it!
  2. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    I guess for me it's about options and motivation. Could any of them achieve their objectives any other way and is their motivation for a "good" cause or not? Coytar was on the side that wanted peace, there seemed to be very little self interest there. Yes, his actions were about self-preservation, but, if he didn't save himself, how could he continue to help Avasarala's peace cause? He had an immediate objective and an important message to communicate in the name of the person trying to keep everyone from killing each other unnecessarily. Clarissa is out for revenge. She wants to avenge a person whose actions caused the death of thousands and thousands, and who didn't really care that all those people died for his research. He wasn't even doing it out of scientific curiosity, he was doing it for the money, as we saw him sell the technology to both sides of the Earth-Mars conflict and he used the Belters as Guinea Pigs. What's worse, the real reason Clarissa is doing all of this is because her daddy appeared to love her older sister more than her. That's so fucked up. It doesn't justify any of her actions. I didn't agree with Coytar's choice, and thought he could have played it out, but I saw where he was coming from. But I don't have any sympathy for Clarissa and her selfish plight to be Daddy's favorite girl.
  3. Game Of Thrones In The Media

  4. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I was just thinking that we've had no mention of direwolves anywhere in SpoilerLand. That makes me sad. S8 is going to be ALL.DRAGONS.ALL.THE.TIME! (and zombies...) Sigh! :(
  5. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    The official episode description says that Holden sees the past, the present and the future. I'm going to guess the sequence describes a civilization that was once there (as Proto-Miller described it to Holden), how it was destroyed, how the ring got to where it is now, and how it's going to end (if someone doesn't do something). The last shot seemed to be the destruction of the sun in our solar system, so, yeah, Earthers, Martians and Belters appear to be in a bit of a pickle. It seems to me that the ring and the chamber that Holden entered might not be from the same source. If I'm reading the images right, whatever destroys the sun comes from the ring. The chamber could have been created by a civilization that was eventually destroyed by the creators of the ring, but who wanted to warn other civilizations about what it would mean for them when the ring appears in their galaxy.
  6. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    "De" is one of those prepositions that has many meanings in Spanish and when translated to English, its placement is important. Take a look here at all the possible translations for the preposition. It's also a conjugation of the verb "dar" (to give), so you will see the entries for the verb after the entries for the preposition. If you scroll down past that, you will see the compound forms of the preposition and the verb, and you will be able to appreciate how it takes on dozens of meanings depending on use. "Person to trust" is basically a "person in whom to trust" not a person who trusts others. Any translator worth his salt would not leave the meaning ambiguous. In conversational English, you wouldn't say "Jack is not a person to trust in other people", you would say "Jack is not a person who trusts other people". If your meaning is that the person does not trust others, you would never say "Jack is not a person to trust" because that sentence means Jack is a person whom you can't trust. In Spanish, if you want to say that Sansa is no longer a person who trusts others, you would say "Sansa ya no es una persona confiada" (Google translates this as "confident person", which is an alternative meaning, but if you go here, you will see it's not the only one and that when used with the word "person" it means "trusting", "gullible" or "naive") or "Sansa es una persona desconfiada", or "Sansa ya no es una persona que confíe en otros"; you would never say "Sansa ya no es una persona de confiar en otros" (that would be grammatically incorrect in Spanish) Also, in English, one wouldn't say "Sansa is no longer a person to trust in others", one would say "Sansa is a person who doesn't trust others anymore". Both are grammatically correct, but the second option would be more commonly used in a regular conversation. In Spanish, "Persona de confiar" and "Persona de fiar" are synonyms (see this Spanish Synonyms dictionary), if you plug "persona de fiar" in Google translate, you would get "legit person". So, the intended meaning of the original sentence in the article "[Sansa] ya no es una persona de confiar" is "Sansa is no longer a legit person". In the text in Spanish, NCW was saying this in the context of character journeys he likes. His answer starts with "Todos los personajes han tenido grandes travesías y ninguno de ellos son una cosa o la otra.", which translates to "All characters have had great journeys and none are one thing or the other" which basically means he doesn't see characters as all good or all bad. He likes the Hound's redemption journey, but says the Hound is still a ruthless, horrible killer, only now he is being a ruthless, horrible killer for the right cause. Then he talks about Sansa being naive or in denial at the beginning of the series wanting to be with Joffrey and now being a person you can't trust because she has been on a dark and dramatic journey. In a nutshell, he is saying that all characters have flaws. In any case, unless we hear his original words in English, we really can't know what he meant, as the person who translated that into Spanish for the article might have made a mistake, but I can assure you (as a person who took a 2 year sabbatical to teach English to Spanish speakers, all of whom passed their certification exams), that the translation of the Spanish text means, without a doubt, that Sansa is not a person you can trust. Whether that was what NCW intended to say is another matter, as we don't have his original English quote. The meaning is not ambiguous in Spanish, at all. I think many people who like Sansa are trying to spin the words so that they don't mean what they do. Just as many people who like Dany also try to spin any comment that may appear to be negative toward the character into something positive. Just as many fans of other characters do. I suppose that's natural. Personally, I like all the Starks (including Jon, who is my favorite), Dany, Davos, Brienne and Tyrion to varying degrees. I am indifferent to most all other characters, and I really hate show Cersei, show Ramsey, and show/book Euron. So, I have no agenda against Sansa, neither am I a Sansa hater. But I have to say that the endless discussions about her do grate. Some objectivity from both sides of the Sansa debate would be highly welcomed (JMMV, though probably no one cares LOL!).
  7. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Persona de confiar = person you can trust Persona confiada = a gullible, naive person Persona que confía = a person who trusts (another) Persona desconfiada = a person who doesn't trust others If the intended meaning is that Sansa is now a person who doesn't trust other people, then in this sentence: "Era tan molesta al inicio, o podías creer que no viera toda la locura y que sólo quería estar con este horrible personaje que es Joffrey, pero ha tenido este viaje tan oscuro y dramático y claramente quedó con cicatrices y ya no es una persona de confiar" the bolded part would read: "y ya no es una persona confiada" or "y ya no es una persona que confía (en otros)" or "y ahora es una persona desconfiada"
  8. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Sure, but there are colloquial phrases and expressions that you only understand if you know the culture. If you see a meme with the phrase "Where's the beef?" and you are an American, you probably know what that relates to. A person who has never lived in the US and doesn't know about the original advertising campaign that made the expression popular, would translate that as "Dónde está la carne?". The translation would be correct, but the joke itself would not translate well. Or, you can try to ask Google translator to translate "My eyebrows are on flick" to Spanish and see what you get. I bet the results are funny. There's an expression in Venezuela "Vamos a hacer una vaca", which Googe translator correctly translates as "Let's make a cow". What it means, in Venezuela, is "lets all contribute some money (for a specific purpose, generally for a party or to buy a present for someone else)". A US person would wonder why you want to make a cow and maybe what materials you would use for it. A Brit might think you're talking about a trip to the bathroom for number 2. Here's the full sentence in Spanish from the original article linked above: "Era tan molesta al inicio, o podías creer que no viera toda la locura y que sólo quería estar con este horrible personaje que es Joffrey, pero ha tenido este viaje tan oscuro y dramático y claramente quedó con cicatrices y ya no es una persona de confiar" The translation I would do is: "She was so annoying at first, or you could believe that she really didn't see all the craziness and that she only wanted to be with this horrible character that was Joffrey, but she has had this dark and dramatic journey and she was clearly left with scars, and she is no longer a person you can trust". In my opinion, he is touting the company line from last season and is not implying Sansa will betray anybody. I think he is making the point that in Season 1 you could tell Sansa "come with me to see the Queen, she will protect you" and Sansa would believe it, but if you were to say that to Sansa now, she would send Brienne in her stead because she doesn't trust you anymore, and perhaps she would give Brienne instructions to kill the Queen, if there was an opportunity to do so,
  9. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    We don't. He was interviewed in Colombia, I don't think he speaks Spanish, and Danish is not a widespread language, so, I figure they asked NCW the questions in English and he answered in the same language. The reporter or the radio company for which the reporter works, then translated his answers to Spanish, and we are now trying to translate that back to English. So, meaning might have been lost along the way. That said, I was a partner in a firm with offices in Bogota (the capital of Colombia) and I went there several times for projects, or took staff from the Bogota office to work in projects across LATAM. I can tell you that Colombians like to be very precise when they translate and are perhaps the LATAM nation whose Spanish most closely resembles the one from Spain. So, it's very likely that the radio station's original translation was on point for meaning. Personally, I think it is. NCW is saying you can't trust Sansa because she has become a different person from the starry-eyed girl, who only wanted to marry Joffrey and live in a fairy tale, we met in Season 1. The show itself has posited this theory to viewers all last season, when they had Sansa questioning Jon and wanted to make us believe that Sansa and Arya would kill each other. So, his comments come as no surprise. Perhaps he is just expressing an opinion in line with what the show tried to present last season, since in the course of the same interview, he refuses to be more specific in one of his answers because he doesn't want to give out spoilers.
  10. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Spanish speaker here, born in Venezuela to Spanish parents. The distinction is important because Spanish is not the same in every country (much like English is not the same in Australia, UK, and USA). I lived in South America until I was 18, then moved to the US, then lived in a few different countries, including Spain (for almost three years). The thing with Spanish is that verb conjugation is different for every person in every tense, and then you have the infinitive, which might change meaning depending on sentence structure. Then you have phrases and sayings that are particular of a specific culture. The phrase "persona de confiar" is mostly used in Spain, although generally, they would say "persona de fiar", which is basically the same, but the second one is more widely used. This a colloquial term, thus translating it requires understanding of its use in the country and culture. Literally translated it would be "person of trust", but, translating it for meaning and use, it would be "person you can trust". An efficient translator would just use the word trustworthy when translating the phrase to English and say "a trustworthy person". That said, I still think we need to take anything the actors say with two metric tons of salt. Perhaps Jaime finds a cold, suspicious Sansa when he makes his way North to join the fight against the WW, which would be in tune with Sansa's arc so far on the show. Perhaps Sansa reveals to the group something they don't know about Jaime. Perhaps NWC is talking about something else. Perhaps he decided to pull our leg, seeing as how other actors (see Lena and her Stoneheart tweet) have so much fun doing it. He thinks Dany is on the path to become a Mad Queen and that Sansa is not trustworthy, personally, I don't see any of these outcomes for those two characters. Yes, the show likes to tease the "Dany is a mad, mad, pyromaniac" and the "Sansa is now Littlefinger 2.0 - don't trust her!" storylines, but they never fully commit to either. And, as a book reader, none of those stories seem to be ones being built into the narrative. Examples: Dany is quite sensitive to the plight of enslaved women and children, so much so, that when Drogon was accused of roasting a child she went and locked all her babies up. She shows empathy, she regrets some of the more harsh punishments she has dished out, she shows remorse, she compromises. Sansa is constantly wishing and dreaming about Winterfell. She wants to go back there, she misses her brothers and sisters, she thinks about naming a future baby she might have Arya. She is still a bit too naive for my liking in the books, and LF does seem to still be pulling her strings, but the groundwork has been laid for her to smarten up, take down LF and go back North where she feels she belongs
  11. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Maybe the Targs are flying above the Dragon Pit and all those people on the ground are waving at them :D
  12. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    If Delos is looking for more power, they don't need to create a carbon copy like Delos, they can just create a bot with the same memories as the original person they want to substitute and program the bot to act and react based on the data they already have for that person. A sophisticated identity theft, if you will. They don't want the bot to know that he/she is a bot or a duplicate, they wouldn't want them to be conscious of their bot status. They can then order said bot to merge their company to a Delos subsidiary, or, if the bot is the president of a nation.... well, I'm sure anyone can see the advantage of that. Then I took the idea further. Charlotte had planned for Abernathy to be on that train on his way to the corporate overlords with gazillions of IP in his head, but Abernathy never made it there. Why? Someone took him somewhere else. And we saw that Ford was in complete control and knew everything that happened in the park and at the Mesa, so, it stands to reason that Ford directed the events that moved Abernathy out of Charlotte's reach. What if part of the reason he did that is because he had already managed to do that very thing with William? I'm not 100% convinced, but I think it's possible that William was substituted at some point. It's easy to understand how Ford could know everything that happened in the parks, as he had access to all the systems (the ones Delos knew about and the ones he hid from Delos), but how would Ford know so many other things about Delos' decisions? He always seems to be one step ahead of Charlotte and the board. Perhaps he has an informant. Perhaps he substituted William for a bot a while back and that is why he knows so much about Delos' corporate plans. Perhaps William's daughter figured this out and she intends to hurt her father by showing him that he IS a bot. With the current configuration, William bot would be very hurt by such a revelation, more so if his daughter were to manipulate his levers to make him feel maximum emotional pain. Perhaps that is the game the daughter paid to play. Her secret fantasy. It is also possible that real William is still alive, being held prisoner somewhere by Ford.
  13. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    If they can replace rich/powerful people (like the ones who could afford a trip to a Delos Park) with their 99.99% identical twin host, who they control, can you imagine how much power they could actually hold? What if we find out that Ford already found a way to do that and has replaced several people in the outside world with bots? What if MIB is one such replacement? THIS game is for him, right? So, what is it that he needs to find out? What is his journey about now? What if the "outside" world is also another park? What if it is entirely populated by bots? We know that they can be programmed to not see / perceive something if their maker doesn't want them to, so they could easily see other bots as "humans". What if Ford has already uploaded / replicated a bunch of real people into this world? What if Ford is operating all this from another planet? (yeah, maybe it's not that likely, but it's interesting to think about. BTW, if I end up being right, I'm gonna use this post to get myself a job on television!)
  14. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I think there are so many possibilities that don't even cross people's minds when it comes to these broad adjectives that it's incredibly difficult to know with any certainty what they mean. Here are some examples of events that could fit those adjectives: Surprising: Winterfell falls again (I was surprised by this, as many were when we first started reading spoilers about it because many of us thought that it wouldn't fall twice) Jaime kills Cersei (wouldn't surprise book readers who know that the prophecy mentions a Valonqar, that Cersei came into the world first and Jaime second, that Jaime is increasingly bitter toward his sister, and that he wouldn't go to her aid when she was a prisoner of the sparrows, but it might surprise TV viewers who see Jaime as someone who stuck by Cersei through the worst of her actions, like the wildfire stunt, and who would go North first without even taking her to task for her actions) The AOTD make it to King's Landing (some people may still think that all the forces gathering up north could stop the WW from reaching that far South; early on in the speculation craze, people on this very thread theorized that S8 would be dealing with the WW first and then dealing with Cersei) All the dragons die (this would surprise me, as I think at least one of them will be alive - Drogon, off course - until the end) All the dragons die, but the closing shot is of three new dragon eggs (it could happen, couldn't it? and the show would play appropriate suspense music in crescendo while the cameras linger on the eggs, so we would know to be properly surprised by the image) Nymeria's pack shows up to help with the fight and save our heroes in the nick of time (not likely, given how infatuated D&D are with the dragons, but...) Heartbreaking: Character deaths, specially those who have been on the "good" side like Tormund, Pod, Brienne, and Greyworm. Or characters the audience sympathizes with because they are on a redemption arc, like Jaime (although I think book readers might find that sadder than TV viewers) Highly beloved animals die. I'm pretty sure Drogon and/or Ghost's death will gut many of us Jon and/or Dany survives until the end but the other one doesn't All of Westeros is devastated and ravaged, thousands upon thousands die and we are hit with images of a post war Westeros that is completely destroyed, with people in rags, crying, etc. Jaime and Brienne finally confess their love for one another and then Jaime dies in her arms Shocking: Dany is pregnant (some people still argue that she is barren after losing Rhaego, some TV viewers haven't been hit by the baby anvils yet, believe it or not) Jaime kills Cersei Tyrion turns against Daenerys (not likely, IMO, but the theory is out there, and the ground has been set for some sort of rift/conflict between them) Cersei is ousted from the Throne by someone other than Jon/Dany (spoilers seem to indicate this will be the case, however it is done, I'm sure many will be shocked as most people expect Cersei to be removed from power by either Jon or Dany) Winterfell falls The AOTD make it to King's Landing Jon dies after defeating the NK, a heartbroken Daenerys refuses the throne and decides to raise Jon's baby in Dragonstone Satisfying The good guys win, the bad guys die