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  1. I'll just flat-out say it pisses me off. SDCC has always annoyed me a bit. It's haves vs have-nots. This world needs more socialism, and that includes the entertainment industry.
  2. Of the three, Sam doesn't look like he's in his 40s. He looks like he's in his 30s. I bet the makeup folks were erring on the younger side. Easier to age him up as the seasons (hopefully) continue.
  3. It's super-quick, but LJG seems perfect to me. Compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, with a strong presence. His eyes - whew. Oh - of course that was Geneva. I thought it was Mary, for some reason. Agreed. It's cherry-picking, to whet our appetite. I bet it's a 2:1 Jamie:Claire the first several episodes. Jamie's story is so much more fleshed out than Claire. Since this is probably all we get of Tobias, I hope we find out how much Frank knows. That shot of him looking at the clock made me wonder if that's him knowing, with his heart condition, he's living on borrowed time. Of course, it could be the obvious reference to time-travel. Still, I'd really like to see what he's learned (records in the past, Brianna's family tree, etc), just like how we're going to actually watch Culloden happen, instead of hearing about it piecemeal over 6 books.
  4. Did it fall outside the time parameters? Game of Thrones wasn't nominated either. Other than the Tonys, I'm skeptical of the academy awards anyway. I think politics or popularity are a big part of nominees and winners, not necessarily quality. It varies though (see "Moonlight" over "La La Land").
  5. Thanks for adding the spoiler tags. Forgot which thread I was in.
  6. I know we're a ways away from Season 4, but this gets me excited. I've been guessing/hoping one of the screen tests for Roger I'm really excited to see the chemistry between those two guys, even when it's the usual SDCC panel stuff.
  7. Under the category of The Battle of Monmouth, I saw Hamilton in Chicago yesterday (flew there, just to see it). Yes, it is THAT good. I've listened to the soundtrack dozens and dozens and dozens of times, but nothing compares to seeing it on stage. Anyway, Lee and the Battle of Monmouth always has me recalling MOBY's version. Hamilton: "Instead of me, he [Washington] promotes General Lee. Makes him second-in-command." Lee: "I'm a general - whee!" Hamilton: "Yeah, he's not the choice I would have gone with." All: "He shits the bed at the Battle of Monmouth." Washington: "Everyone attack!" Lee: "Retreat!" Washington: "Attack!" Lee: "Retreat!" Washington: "What are you doing, Lee?! Get back on your feet!" Lee: "But there's so many of them!" Washington: "I'm sorry - is this not your speed?! Hamilton!" Hamilton: "Ready, sir!" Washington: "Have Lafayette take the lead." Hamilton: "Yes, sir!" Laurens: "A thousand soldiers die in a hundred degree heat" Lafayette: "As we snatch a stalemate from the jaws of defeat." And so on. That part always amuses me, thinking about how Diana portrayed it on MOBY. I love historical fiction. And historical hip hop.
  8. That's awesome. I'm a breast cancer survivor, and Diana reached out to me a couple times during treatment, after my mom went to the Arizona bookstore. I'm praying for your friend. If you feel ok sharing, can I ask her first name? God already knows, obviously, but I always like to pray for folks by first name.
  9. Well said. I like the idea of wider berth. In general, I'd like the ratio of bliss/joy to angst/pain higher than it's been. We had, what, 10 minutes of Lallybroch in season 2 (which included several shots from season 1). Don't get me wrong, the tragedy of Culloden needs to be shown (I've posted about that before), and the 20 year separation is vital and valuable to the story. And I absolutely love experiencing Jamie's journey. But then I want them to dwell in the joy of reunion. I want a shot of them catching up on the ship, little moments like that. We've lost little moments in the first two seasons to focus on things like "The Garrison Commander". And it doesn't have to be Jamie and Claire. I loved the scene of Fergus and Murtagh discussing women. More of that.
  10. I like the scene; I agree that it's a nice bonding between Jamie and Bree. I dislike the physical moment. Jamie could have hurt her or the child. I get the point of it: to show Brianna she couldn't over-power Bonnet. But I've always pictured it being just short of violent.
  11. I'm listening to Davina Porter's reading of Voyager (again). I really hope they cut the angry-sex-after-Laoghaire-shows-up-that-is-quite-close-to-rape scene. I hate that scene. Hearing it, I just think "What is wrong with you, Diana?" I hope they just verbally fight, Jenny interrupts, Jamie walks away, etc. The other scene that always bugs me is when Jamie throws his pregnant daughter around to show her she couldn't stop her rapist. He's a farmer and is watching a cow having trouble calving. That soon-to-be-grandbaby is already his blood. What the hell. It's like something out of "Gone with the Wind." Sometime adaptations can be good.
  12. Well, it was a nice little run. Rest in peace, Queequeg.
  13. If only people would channel that energy and obsession for doing something good for their community.
  14. I just got a friend addicted to the show. She binged it 2 weeks ago, and she's already craving season 3. She's going to start the books soon. It's the first time I've brought in a new Outlander viewer-soon-to-be-reader. Fun feeling. September seems a long way away, but time goes way too fast. I figure Droughtlander is an opportunity to try a new hobby or two. "Use the time," as the insomnia episode from "Family Ties" said. Or listen to Voyager 4 times in row.
  15. I deleted the show from my DVR a few days ago, after finding out they really did eat a goat (per a Sandra interview). Zeke's tweet was retweeted a few times, so I had to come here and see what happened. Looks like I made the right decision. This show sucks. It's a fucking game. Get a conscience, producers.