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  1. I love seeing those three boys, in the first clip. I'm excited to see the younger generation come into their own.
  2. I loved the lack of dialogue with so many of Jamie's scenes. Appropriate for the memories, and it also conveys Jamie's lack of strength. At the Culloden memorial center, there's a 360 video of the battle. You stand in the middle with the English on one side - eventually 3 sides - and the Scots on the other. I got physically nauseated watching those cannons and muskets do their work. As soon as the English fired in the episode, I felt that same nausea. The battle was really well done. Did Jamie dream that Claire touched him on the battlefield? That shocked me, because it was her touching his nose that got him to realize she was real, in the print shop. Same thing, after Laoghaire shot him. I know dreaming you are touched isn't the same thing as being touched, but I was still surprised. It was about 30 seconds, but I think the scene of Frank writing the Reverend confirms to me that book Frank learned everything quickly, and he raised Bree, anticipating she'll go into the past. "Red Jamie" + "Where did she get the red hair?" = Frank is not a dummy. In that moment, I loved Frank. No, he's not Jamie, but he's a good guy, and he got screwed. And he never trapped Claire in the relationship. In fact, since he made her promise not to research anything, only he would know about Bree going back in time. He might have been protecting her - and Claire, as well - by raising her, in prep for her future. When he wanted to take Bree back to the UK, that might have been Frank knowing he didn't have much time left (heart condition), and he wanted to tell Bree about Jamie. The episode did a great job of making me detest mansplaining. I wanted to slug the dean and the doctor, so Moore's script was quite effective there. It created a great foundation for why Claire would want to gain more agency through being a surgeon. I'm 75% convinced Murtagh is alive. That was a gaping plot hole. Dammit. SOOOO good to have this show back. I squealed several times during the credits. Sláinte!
  3. Yup, really good. Worth the wait - hang in there! I do too. I didn't think to check until later. Now I know, going forward. :)
  4. The episode is up on the Starz app. :)
  5. I've posted about this before; I agree with you 100%. (1) Culloden was a tragedy. War is hell. People die. Cultures disappear. Etc. Don't shy away from that reality. (2) Murtagh's death is formative for Jamie's journey. (3) I don't want Murtagh's presence to take away from the new characters we'll be meeting. Still, I'm preparing myself that Murtagh does return. It seems like something Moore would think is clever and surprising to the readers. If that's the biggest change from the books, I can live with it.
  6. I was watching this on my laptop (the app was failing on my iPad). Captions helped immensely for this, at times. His exasperated quacking - especially about and to the babysitter - is one of my favorite parts. I hope he has a big presence in every episode.
  7. Yeah, her writing really varies for me, too. The redundant novella-length one day in FC has turned off so many readers. On the other hand, I love the little detail of the ping from the stool's wood hitting the pie safe, when Jamie is kicking in fury in ABOSAA. Some details can really annoy me (diaper cleaning); others can also bring little lovely moments (the discovery of Adso). I agree with you guys. I'm in it for the story and characters, not the writing.
  8. Oh, good deal. Thanks for providing that context and clarity.
  9. This is a buzzkill. From EW, about TCA: Anyone know if there's the typical 6 season contract?
  10. I'll just flat-out say it pisses me off. SDCC has always annoyed me a bit. It's haves vs have-nots. This world needs more socialism, and that includes the entertainment industry.
  11. Of the three, Sam doesn't look like he's in his 40s. He looks like he's in his 30s. I bet the makeup folks were erring on the younger side. Easier to age him up as the seasons (hopefully) continue.
  12. It's super-quick, but LJG seems perfect to me. Compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, with a strong presence. His eyes - whew. Oh - of course that was Geneva. I thought it was Mary, for some reason. Agreed. It's cherry-picking, to whet our appetite. I bet it's a 2:1 Jamie:Claire the first several episodes. Jamie's story is so much more fleshed out than Claire. Since this is probably all we get of Tobias, I hope we find out how much Frank knows. That shot of him looking at the clock made me wonder if that's him knowing, with his heart condition, he's living on borrowed time. Of course, it could be the obvious reference to time-travel. Still, I'd really like to see what he's learned (records in the past, Brianna's family tree, etc), just like how we're going to actually watch Culloden happen, instead of hearing about it piecemeal over 6 books.
  13. Did it fall outside the time parameters? Game of Thrones wasn't nominated either. Other than the Tonys, I'm skeptical of the academy awards anyway. I think politics or popularity are a big part of nominees and winners, not necessarily quality. It varies though (see "Moonlight" over "La La Land").
  14. Thanks for adding the spoiler tags. Forgot which thread I was in.
  15. I know we're a ways away from Season 4, but this gets me excited. I've been guessing/hoping one of the screen tests for Roger I'm really excited to see the chemistry between those two guys, even when it's the usual SDCC panel stuff.