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  1. Under the category of The Battle of Monmouth, I saw Hamilton in Chicago yesterday (flew there, just to see it). Yes, it is THAT good. I've listened to the soundtrack dozens and dozens and dozens of times, but nothing compares to seeing it on stage. Anyway, Lee and the Battle of Monmouth always has me recalling MOBY's version. Hamilton: "Instead of me, he [Washington] promotes General Lee. Makes him second-in-command." Lee: "I'm a general - whee!" Hamilton: "Yeah, he's not the choice I would have gone with." All: "He shits the bed at the Battle of Monmouth." Washington: "Everyone attack!" Lee: "Retreat!" Washington: "Attack!" Lee: "Retreat!" Washington: "What are you doing, Lee?! Get back on your feet!" Lee: "But there's so many of them!" Washington: "I'm sorry - is this not your speed?! Hamilton!" Hamilton: "Ready, sir!" Washington: "Have Lafayette take the lead." Hamilton: "Yes, sir!" Laurens: "A thousand soldiers die in a hundred degree heat" Lafayette: "As we snatch a stalemate from the jaws of defeat." And so on. That part always amuses me, thinking about how Diana portrayed it on MOBY. I love historical fiction. And historical hip hop.
  2. That's awesome. I'm a breast cancer survivor, and Diana reached out to me a couple times during treatment, after my mom went to the Arizona bookstore. I'm praying for your friend. If you feel ok sharing, can I ask her first name? God already knows, obviously, but I always like to pray for folks by first name.
  3. Well said. I like the idea of wider berth. In general, I'd like the ratio of bliss/joy to angst/pain higher than it's been. We had, what, 10 minutes of Lallybroch in season 2 (which included several shots from season 1). Don't get me wrong, the tragedy of Culloden needs to be shown (I've posted about that before), and the 20 year separation is vital and valuable to the story. And I absolutely love experiencing Jamie's journey. But then I want them to dwell in the joy of reunion. I want a shot of them catching up on the ship, little moments like that. We've lost little moments in the first two seasons to focus on things like "The Garrison Commander". And it doesn't have to be Jamie and Claire. I loved the scene of Fergus and Murtagh discussing women. More of that.
  4. I like the scene; I agree that it's a nice bonding between Jamie and Bree. I dislike the physical moment. Jamie could have hurt her or the child. I get the point of it: to show Brianna she couldn't over-power Bonnet. But I've always pictured it being just short of violent.
  5. I'm listening to Davina Porter's reading of Voyager (again). I really hope they cut the angry-sex-after-Laoghaire-shows-up-that-is-quite-close-to-rape scene. I hate that scene. Hearing it, I just think "What is wrong with you, Diana?" I hope they just verbally fight, Jenny interrupts, Jamie walks away, etc. The other scene that always bugs me is when Jamie throws his pregnant daughter around to show her she couldn't stop her rapist. He's a farmer and is watching a cow having trouble calving. That soon-to-be-grandbaby is already his blood. What the hell. It's like something out of "Gone with the Wind." Sometime adaptations can be good.
  6. Well, it was a nice little run. Rest in peace, Queequeg.
  7. If only people would channel that energy and obsession for doing something good for their community.
  8. I just got a friend addicted to the show. She binged it 2 weeks ago, and she's already craving season 3. She's going to start the books soon. It's the first time I've brought in a new Outlander viewer-soon-to-be-reader. Fun feeling. September seems a long way away, but time goes way too fast. I figure Droughtlander is an opportunity to try a new hobby or two. "Use the time," as the insomnia episode from "Family Ties" said. Or listen to Voyager 4 times in row.
  9. I deleted the show from my DVR a few days ago, after finding out they really did eat a goat (per a Sandra interview). Zeke's tweet was retweeted a few times, so I had to come here and see what happened. Looks like I made the right decision. This show sucks. It's a fucking game. Get a conscience, producers.
  10. I was amazed at how diverse Scotland's landscape was. There was a forest by Blair Castle that seemed to show up out of nowhere. It looks a bit like your second picture, Petunia846. On the one hand, I'm glad they're sticking with Scotland, to boost the economy and support local jobs. On the other hand, and the article addresses it, I wonder what this will do to the land. Stirling is gorgeous. I'm sure the contracts, as the article suggest, will cover the nitty-gritty of land preservation. (And I can guess how filming can be much more preferable for land conservation than quarrying.) Still, one of my favorite parts of Scotland is how wild and untouched so much of it is. With the recent collaboration of TravelAdvisor and VisitScotland, I'm already worried too much tourism will lead to what's happened to American national parks. The cool places are now packed with people. The producers love Scotland, so I'm sure the show will honor and protect the land. I guess I'm just hoping that fans will honor it too. #keepScotlandwild
  11. I was about to post this on the Sandra thread, but it seems to fit better here. I don't care who decided to do it, screw everyone who ate that goat. And screw production for allowing it to happen. I didn't used to think the chickens were animal cruelty, but after a post on a different thread of how they're tossed around before they're butchered, and ruminating on if there's a difference between chicken versus goat, I'm tired of the live animals part of this "game". I might be done with this show. I haven't liked the novelty idols and twists for a while. This might be the last straw. ETA: I just took it off my DVR. I'll get an additional hour to my week.
  12. I don't think this is a factor at all anymore. It's all about "The Evolution of Strategy" and all that nonsense. (When Zeke did that shout-out in his first season, I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my head and across the floor.) I'm really sick of the novelties and the show trying to stay clever. I miss the grit and determination, as opposed to cheap sneakiness.
  13. No, from the photo from the recent Instagram where she's holding the coffee (unless that's the same costume?). It's almost the look I was expecting from Bree in season 4, sans men's coat.
  14. I'm really intrigued by Claire's sailing costume. It does seem practical, with ocean winds whipping around. Makes me reevaluate what she might wear, come the Ridge in season 4.
  15. I can't stop watching the fake rifle hit on the right side of the shot. I don't know who those two extras are, but now, whenever I see that scene, I'll think of them. Having those shots on top of each other makes me think of younger Jamie as his baby Bree is born. Sigh. I hope we get to see that shot of Jamie holding baby Willie. He didn't get to hold baby Faith either. :(