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  1. Chris Williams: "Swaggy C"

  2. The Conners: Speculation

    I think just like Dan dying was a dream now it will be the reverse. Roseanne died back when Dan supposedly did and BOTH the end of the original Roseanne show AND the reboot were fantasies. Thus they won't have to deal with Roseanne's death being fresh, because in actuality it would have happened far in the past in this third continuity.
  3. It's true there are a ton of ways to do what the Sentimentalists did. But really my guess would be a similar method to what The Clairvoyants used (pretty much every time) on America's Got Talent a few seasons ago. I won't say what that was here in the clear, and it does take skill, but the concept itself isn't that hard, just the execution.
  4. Hmm. I can think of two possible explanations. Only one of them is super-lame, but sadly it's the more likely (since the show has done it before).
  5. S01.E03: Stained Glass

    I get how some people might think this was massively slow paced. And kind of weird storytelling. But I thought this was massively ambitious.... and that it worked. It was totally unchained from conventional storytelling, but I was still able to interpret a clear narrative. I don't want this to be a cookie cutter show. If this is what they're bringing, I'm fine with that. As long as the overall story arcs are advanced consistently as well. As I'd argue happened here. This explained how and why they moved from revenge and escape into new phases. It showed a valid bond, even if at this point it seems mystical in nature. It even, and this was really clever in my opinion, explained the role the female cop is going to play here. She's the white knight, while the evil vice cop is the black knight. They're opposites every bit as much as Tandy and Tyrone are. Clearly this particular form of alternate storytelling isn't likely to be repeated. But lets see some other similar stuff. Episodes from the POV of one, or both of those cops. Flashback episodes told totally from the POV of our two dead characters. Stuff happening inside Roxxon, with Tandy and Tyrone only peripheral for an episode. A semi-flashforward episode to a time where Cloak and Dagger are actual established superheroes, intercut with parallel sequences from the present day. Bring it on. Yup. I'm glad someone else saw that comparison. This isn't linear storytelling. But admittedly alternative narrative structures like this aren't for everyone. We're very conditioned to try and only see what's being presented as literal, and this definitely wasn't literal. We weren't seeing things in real time order, and we weren't always seeing real things... period.
  6. That Fast Money game was pathetic though. Those were SUCH easy questions, and even moreso ones where the obvious/most correct answers would automatically have big percentages/scores. It was such a clear and obvious put up job by the show to make it easy for them.
  7. Just saw their family feud appearance--the first time I've actively sought out an appearance by any of these idiots, possibly... forever (and usually even when I see them by accident it doesn't take long for me to decide to tune out). Are we supposed to buy that Kim thinks the $25K prize is so incredibly important to get to that charity, when that was probably her hotel and expenses for her recent overnight visit to DC? Barely more than pocket change for them. Also Kanye? For someone with such a big ego, you had very little to say.
  8. Well we've already seem them cloaking and daggering (stab, stab). Just not really with each other.
  9. Roxxon is a pretty big antagonist, even if it doesn't involve costumes. Also... dirty cops. This did a good job of synthesizing the comic book stuff into something Marvel TV universe appropriate. True there's very little of the classic backstory here, but I can see these characters becoming like the comic book ones even with this different start. And it seems to fit right in with the vibe of the Netflix shows, even if it's on a different channel.
  10. Is this an Adam/He-Man free reboot?
  11. That can be fudged pretty easily. The same way that baby characters between seasons of shows age 4-5 years, you can simply insist Thomas Magnum's kid is around 30 and ignore the details of how that isn't possible. Since TV writers tend to not overthink things like that... neither should we.
  12. He's being discussed in the "Characters" thread.
  13. I understand a desire to take this fresh and not react based on a past you don't share. But "pearl clutching" is pretty disrespectful of those opinions for those who care about them. In my opinion, unlike Hawaii Five-0, which barely resembles it's original version... and it didn't much matter because the show was SO long ago, Magnum is a little closer in time and likely will share more viewership with it's original. So the changes they make does matter, because unlike with you there will be an inherited audience to whom those choices matter. Honestly, for myself, I was only an occasional Magnum viewer back in the day. So my emotional connection is only middling. But the actor DOES matter, and so if a pearl must be clutched, that's the one I'm going to dig in on and grasp hard. Selleck's charm and to be frank... slight weirdness... mattered. Not the specifics of it--in a reboot you could get the same result with totally different quirks--but how well it was pulled off. So that's what I'm personally going to judge more than if he wears enough Hawaiian shirts, grows a mustache or speaks with a voice a bit oddly too squeaky for a guy that size, who was a former Navy Seal. The dude has to be a little off-center, but charmingly so, or any viewer of the old show isn't going to stay with the reboot for long.
  14. Peter Falk Sightings

    Bill Conrad appeared to enjoy it too!