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  1. To paraphrase Dick Grayson... "Fuck Jason Todd!"
  2. S01.E01: Premiere

    BTW: could Val maybe take SOME of that hair grease out... you know... for the kids? Also: Ugh. Having to see Sarah Palin's ugly presence again because of this show? Retch!
  3. S01.E01: Premiere

    Thank god it's Frankie Muniz. I just saw "Frankie" and panicked that someone might have hired Frankie Grande! I threw up in my mouth just thinking about it. I DO hate that "kids of celebrities" is a casting category on this. I hate that phenomenon, vs. kids who actually get hired for stuff outside of who Mommy or Daddy is.
  4. Deflect distract deny fits in perfectly with the Trump brand, so if that's her strategy to deal with Kanye revealing the true depth of his insanity, then yes, we can expect more nudes pretty soon.
  5. The reason "Fuck Batman" and his accompanying 'tude kind of worked for me is that again, if this is about echoing the comics, this echoes the early Nightwing stuff pretty well, albeit in a more over the top manner. That has to be rejiggered for Titans in a totally new way, since he's not a kid, but it's kind of making sense, at least so far.
  6. It's actually pretty good, but I don't get Starfire's story at ALL. The other two's stories are pretty clear because they echo the comics somewhat, but Starfire's story seems completely new. Yes, she's been cleverly tied to Raven's storyline, but that's actually pretty different from the comics, where she's no part of Raven's origin (neither is Robin, but he's easier to shoehorn into that). Why would an alien princess even have any awareness of Trigon? Unless the character is no longer an alien princess in this version and is supernatural or something. So are they all going to be casual murderers, or will Beast Boy be different? We didn't get enough of him to really tell. Even Robin seems okay with crippling people for life, even if he doesn't kill. I guess Starfire killing easily actually isn't all that inconsistent though. It makes sense from the comics. I'm just waiting for the thing with her kissing everyone. I'm damn sure that's coming. I will admit, "Fuck Batman" bothered me a lot less than I thought it would. They didn't overplay it. It having already become a meme making this show seem lame means they probably should have cut it out of the final product though.
  7. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    Damn. It's a rare thing when a show introduces (well, sort of introduces, since her previous appearances were fragments more than scenes) a central new character so late in a series who works so well. She's totally lovable, and that's a really hard thing to deliberately create.
  8. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    They would in a Doctor Who voice over. They're always filled with grandiose descriptions, and misdirects. In this case the misdirect being we're supposed to initially assume he's talking about The Doctor. If Captain Marvel can survive falling out of a ship and going through a roof. The Doctor can!
  9. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    Also, now The Doctor is a bad driver? Or at least a bad transporterer.
  10. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    Preachiness is part of the DNA of the show. While I've been slamming how dated this all seems, even if they improved the writing and how they shoot and produce the show to not be so... stale and creaky... the preachiness can't go away. But it has to be surrounded by sharper and more satirical less middle of the road jokes, more modern shot selection and editing, dimming the hell down the laugh track, a faster pace, less jokes about how old they all are, etc. And they need less "inside baseball" jokes about Washington and the Press--changed out for some jokes looking at those things from an outside perspective. That's a function Eldin the Painter somewhat provided and now he's gone. So they need a replacement for that. Murphy commenting on how ridiculous Trump and the Administration is needs to be there, and that does include a Soapbox. But then when she's ridiculous you need an outside perspective to bring her down over that, and the Son doesn't fit that, since he's in the same business, and if they mean Phyllis to be providing that... well... so far she's not.
  11. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    Nope. It wasn't. There's so much potential to mock the current situation, but when it's wrapped in stale jokes and even staler production values, characterization and writing...
  12. S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    Half of that's been easy, since Murphy Brown's quality has been pretty lackluster. They've done little to nothing to update that show and despite modern subject matter it's so stale, The Good Place is never stale. I didn't wind up thinking of this as a banner episode, because it was more of a placeholder, but even as such the quality far exceeded anything vanilla and stale like Murphy Brown.
  13. S11.E01: Fake News

    That's not what I meant by "dated". It is certainly true that so many other shows have done jokes about current events by the time this one gets to it. But that's okay with me, if it's still funny. By bigger concern is with the STYLE of the jokes, and on top of that the show pacing, the delivery and acting styles, the laugh track, etc. It's all so 90s.. but not consistently in a good way. They all feel ancient, even if the subject matter is weeks old at most. They're still pros, doing that style, pace, delivery very well for what they are, but it's kind of like HALF being in a time machine. HALF because it still feels like a show from the 90s, but trying to be relevant to today. And that left me wincing through a lot of what would otherwise have been fairly funny, I think. My hope is that now that the (re)intros are done that they can up the pace. Pace the thing faster. Keep with Murphy's sarcastic style, which was actually underutilized in the premier in favor of a bit more nostalgia and cheese, and show change in her that maybe she's even ornier now than in the past (with good cause). Tone down the age jokes, even though they're obviously so old as a cast. Have one or two every episode so it's not the unstated elephant in the room, but get them out of the way quickly each time and move on. STOP with the Corkyisms. They worked in the 90s, but now they're almost derivative seeming now, based purely on the fact that other similar characters to her have appeared since. The stories about her past were cute in context with the humor approach of 90s shows. Now they're just annoying--and while the other characters on the show always acted like they were that was balanced against the viewing audience finding it charming. But its all so dated I bet most viewers don't now. The episode wasn't a total failure with Corky. For example they were clear to show how sharp and knowledgeable she was in that exchange at the news desk where they gave her the best comeback against the stupid EPA appointee, and yet they undercut that at other points with dumb repetitive hot flash jokes. My advice with Corky is to move on with the character. Stop trying to find her quirk or her "thing" to milk and just write and play her straighter. If you really need to distinguish her lines from Murphys its simple. Murphy is still the wry endlessly sarcastic one. Corky is her straightwoman to react to that, at least when they are in a scene together. Organically hopefully something fresh to react with Corky will pop up as the episodes go on. Her age might work under other circumstances if that wasn't so cliched. Miles worked okay as an update. You don't really need to change that character... and so they didn't. Frank is the character on the classic version which always worked least for me, so again he's really in the same spot. Being Murphy's "buddy" is his main characteristic, but it's limiting. Not sure there's any way to change that because it's built in to the character. The son is... okay. I like this actor a lot from previous things I've seen him in. That's an advantage. And I do appreciate that they didn't (so far at least) fall prey to the easy out of making him a radical Trumpist to set up the counterpoint. That wouldn't have worked here, because there's no way Murphy would raise that and everyone viewing knows that. So the idea that's he's against her timeslot and trying to change Faux-Fox rather than being a believer was a smart writing move. The issue is it risks being boring. We shall see. Pat Patel the IT Guy is like Sitcom 101. Yes he's playing the "modern" character, but he's not really. There's been a version of him, the "You're so old and I'm here to make jokes about it" character, in shows forever. I guess he can be there to do that, but he needs at least one other defining characteristic to keep him from being eyerollingly obvious all of the time. When you can potentially give 50% of his lines to either an extra or Miles with only minor adjustment... that's not a good character. As for overall stories, it's too early to tell how hard they're going to go. I hope they come up with a process where they maintain the warddrobe, actor haircuts, etc. constantly so they can add in pick up shots right before the episodes air. In other words plot the episode and script MOST of the dialogue with plug in spots they either don't shoot or shoot basic/placeholder scenes for, if nothing breaking happens to change the scene. Then shoot more, usually just adding in extra lines of dialogue and pickup shots, to add in up to the minute references/jokes into those designated spots (or use the older footage if nothing needs a change). I'm still watching, and may even if they don't change anything, but... this wish list really would lead to a better show.
  14. S11.E01: Fake News

    A few minutes in. The subject matter is certainly timely but the jokes, and the rest of the writing as well, is SO dated. I won't say I'm hating it so far, but... they clearly need to bring in some younger writers, to give a more contemporary feel to this--the dialogue in particular. A show STARRING mostly old folks doesn't mean the show has to feel old. But so far... More after I finish the episode.
  15. Sigh. I know how annoying its going to be when Shin Lim inevitably loses to some lame singer we'll never hear from again. Here's a confession. I know how he did many of those tricks. And yet he's SO good, it hardly matters. It just replaces the amazement of the unknown with the amazement that someone could be that skilled.