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  1. Ninja Warrior UK has been back again, with it's Series 4, apparently for a few weeks. Finally saw a few eps before they got taken down (LOL). Unfortunately Chris Kamara is also back. He's still doing that annoying endless hyena laugh, but to the credit of the show's editors and/or directors they aren't leaving as much of that in now. At least in the episodes I've seen so far they've aired more serious runs and less footage edited to look like ridiculous pratfalls that Kamara can laugh his arse off at. He still comes off as an annoying goon, but he's given less time basically. They've even made the qualifying course a little more difficult, so it's now almost on par with the US one. And there have been a few truly impressive runs, like this one: And Tim Shieff, a name we know from the US shows, with this record-setter:
  2. It didn't win. Maybe next year.
  3. The most unusual "interview" you will see with the Avengers cast. It is not spoilery of anything in the film. Don't worry. And yes, it's in English. Very worth watching. It shows Cumberbatch, Hiddleston and Holland's senses of humor (humour if you are English) off very well.
  4. I wonder why once John revealed that they DID buy the jockstrap, that he didn't deny that he took a sniff of it to see what Russell Crowe's balls smell like. One would think after bringing that up. he'd deny actually doing it... unless...
  5. You know I never noticed before the last episode that Cartoon Ivanka calls Cartoon Jared "Jare-Head".
  6. BBC: Marlon Bundo: John Oliver lampoons Mike Pence with LGBT book Variety: John Oliver Trolls Mike Pence With a Book About Gay Bunnies WaPo: John Oliver spoofs Pence family’s new kids’ book with gay-themed ‘Marlon Bundo’ book EW: John Oliver comes after Mike Pence with surprise children's book about gay bunny
  7. S05.E05: Mike Pence

    On the overall Amazon chart, of ALL book sales of all media and all categories, the LWT version of Marlon dominates. The paper book is #1. The audio book is #5. The ebook is #9. And those last two are not #5 and #9 in their own categories or medium. Those are OVERALL apples to oranges numbers, comparing them against categories they'd normally probably never sell more than.
  8. S05.E05: Mike Pence

    I guess we're done insisting that Janice go fuck herself!
  9. S05.E05: Mike Pence

    I always love John's little projects on this show. This is the best one yet. Better than crashing a government website, for example.
  10. Do you really find your opinion changing of the real people based on this show? I mean do you suddenly think that Ted Cruz is entertaining? That Eric is a sweet misunderstood manchild? That Donald is basically Homer Simpson as President? That Jared is the "sane one"? I find all of these interpretations fun to watch and laugh at, but that's where I draw the line. I try to never think of the character onscreen as "Donald Trump". Like Colbert himself, when he had the character on The Late Show I call him "Cartoon Donald Trump" at all times. Ted Cruz is "Cartoon Ted Cruz". Eric is "Cartoon Eric". Melania is "Cartoon Melania". And so on for the others. That way I can kind of purposefully schizophrenically divorce them in my mind from the real people. Because while I may still want to laugh at the real people fairly often, it's never a sympathetic laugh anymore. It's scorn, or nervous gallows laughter. And honestly... if you encountered the real Ted Cruz wouldn't you sooner run away in terror or start barfing uncontrollably rather than laugh at how silly he is? Now real Melania may be less of a departure from Cartoon Melania as Ted Cruz is from Cartoon Ted Cruz, but I think if I encountered the real Melania I'd still have a pretty healthy feeling of disgust, For example, do we really think real Melania sleeps in the same bed as Donald the way Cartoon Melania does with Cartoon Donald? Uh uh! No way I'm believing that!
  11. Cartoon Ted Cruz, arguably the show's funniest character, but also the one with possibly the most disgusting real world equivalent, nets a big part in the preview clips for this week:
  12. Pentatonix: Season 3 Champs

    This video is now #1 Trending on YouTube.
  13. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    I think there's one essential difference between Mary Poppins and many of the other examples of remakes and unnecessary continuations... Mary Poppins had 8 books. Admittedly none of them had the plot of Mary Poppins Returns, but the ground has been laid since 1935 for there to be multiple stories about her.
  14. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    I am so incredibly optimistic after seeing this tease. To say they nailed it is a vast understatement. The one objection I've seen on the Internet is that the color palatte is too dark, but that's clearly both intentional, and temporary for the beginning of the film--to represent economic depression, the death of the kids mother, and a loss of hope. True the original film also started in what was supposed to be a bad time for the family, and also with a death, but the films of this studio and that period didn't tend to use varying color palattes in a film as a visual metaphor. They just picked a single overall palatte they felt suited the whole film. Emily Blunt clearly nails the hell out of this, if that one scene is any indication. She doesn't have to look like Julie's clone. But the voice is utterly perfect. The change in clothes will work if they simply acknowledge it happened (she just has to snark something about "those old rags being too depressing" or something like that. And the line they have her deliver and her actual delivery? So Poppins. So perfect. "Mary Poppins... it is wonderful to see you..." "Yes, it is, isn't it?" That so perfectly encapsulates the careful balance in Mary of being kind of snooty/gently arrogant, and yet also wonderfully droll. She does use a contraction though, and I may have to rewatch the original again to see if she ever does there. And of course the mirror gag is directly a continuation of the similar gag in the original film. The moment of Mary breaking out of the clouds? You'd have to have a heart made of stone, or not be very familiar with the original film for that to not feel uplifting. And yes, she is holding the kite and not flying with the umbrella.