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  1. I was actually hoping that be it for Pam, but sadly. She is still here. Yeah, they don't know what to do with the kids anymore or they put them in very random moments. Though, it was nice to see Claire having the entire company on her side for once. It was a nice change. Wow on those flashbacks of Ed O'Neil.
  2. I saw this as foreshadowing. I think the Heck House is about to finally come to the end of it's life due to all the neglect and crappy treatment outside the back deck after over 20 years by the final episode.
  3. But that's the point, Dre isn't a man-child, he is a man-baby. I agree with Diane, they are going to have to get some points with Jack's character because who knows when he will finally grow.
  4. Yes, finally Sean and Sue and it took long enough to get there. I have to say I did like Frankie and Axl's views on why they did and didn't want to go to church. I like that part, that poor Snowman, but yes Diaper Glossner got his final piece too.
  5. Which also continues to ring false on the undercover 21 Jump street, because he would have been told: "Don't talk or have Cam involved in anything, he makes it all about himself and has a BIG mouth. So you keep quiet."
  6. Oh I hated that too, also to imagine that a little girl like that with so many option would want a card board cut out? What was she going to do with it?
  7. I have to say the reunion with Brock and Misty and heading to visit Kato felt like old times. Even Ash beating Mega Garydos with a Z-move. It's funny, see how Sun and Moon is trying to build their Gym League, which now makes sense. Since Team Skull and them using Pokemon in the game was more of a good vs evil which XYZ was doing. However, I like they are now moving into what the series is about now. As the students are leading to set up their own gyms and be Gym Leaders in Aloha.
  8. Right and now with Haley in nowhere land, Luke at the country club and only Alex really doing something. It isn't like he has a lot to go to anymore. The magic shop is a good back drop.
  9. What is a problem is they keep writing Anna-Kat all over the place. Just like with Oliver going to major sell out mode to just a teen that feels like he is a poor kid and thinks money will solve everything. Him moving towards the dance and realizing he enjoys it and feeling guilty about trying to get the old guy's money. That is a good balance, but what he has done the past two episodes screams season 1 Oliver. Just like with Taylor not using proper grammar or sounding like she doesn't get the basic sense of how life works. Anna-Kat from vegan to thinking Lice as pets and then magically back to her ADD to the extreme. Get a grip on what you want writers. It isn't funny it makes you want to smack these kids.
  10. Sad to say it is more common that you think in all of those careers. Phil decided to join the other guys two seasons ago, but it was originally their company. So forcing Phil out is very possible. For Cam, it happens in education. Someone comes into a new position after being at another school or away for a bit and then winds up getting promoted or ask because no one else wants to do the job. Education has become so hit with liberalism, budget cuts and people refusing to enter education and so many people retiring. People are going from classroom positions one year to coaching, admin in no time because there isn't anyone to fill them. Law practices are having constant problems with people who are license to practice because they are forcing out the little people to have more money or there aren't enough jobs. Truth be told though, Mitch shouldn't have the problem as he was practicing for a long while and has been part of corporate and firm legalization. In fact, Jay or Claire could find him a company legal job with no effort, but they don't want to go there. I'm just getting tired of: Haley is a dumb ass and Alex is mean and lacks no common sense. I mean the flashback of where the baby came from and Haley explaining it was her's and why. It made her look like she never learned from anything and the part of not using a classmates "real baby" came off as: "How do you tie your shoes?" As for Manny and his professor, all kinds of wrong and majority of colleges do not allow that practice, especially in California. If she would have been a professor from another university who was guest lecturing and then they hooked up not long after. Ok, that is a different story. I just explained this too and even a hand wave of: "To keep the job, I have to get my admin license" was all that was needed. In Illinois where I am, it depends on the district but if you do go into admin you have a year to get it.
  11. It wasn't like Claire wasn't there early on working with Jay. The problem is, they all come in as complete idiots. They complain about the tiniest thing, they don't get regular talk, they jump to conclusions left and right without thinking. I can get them upset that their boss of so many years left his daughter in charge instead of someone who had been working at the company longer and knew the ins and outs. However, even when Gloria showed up with the massage for Claire after the cut backs. Gloria said how they were such whiners even when Jay was in charged. Including how many of them were still working there was a miracle. Yet, much like the writers not knowing what to do with the kids, they just keep throwing it out going: "Come on it' funny! Please laugh." Speaking of which, the entire thing with Haily's baby doll showing up again out of nowhere. Really, the school never notified Phil and Claire it was missing? Also being around almost 7 years since apparently the party happened? No way it would still work or be in one piece still. Mitch also would have tossed it after showing Cam or donated it.
  12. I agree it was sloppy, I was cracking up with Phil's scenes, but my wife and I both yelled out about him just shutting the water off when the bubbles got to be too much. Then him putting them back in after he cleared them made no sense either. Claire not needing a CDL license to drive could have worked if she didn't tell Phil on her phone that she needed to top by the weigh in station. You have to stop by if you are 500 tons and above. That requires a CDL. I also see the writers still just enjoy writing the Prichard company as a bunch olice of idiots or lacking common sense. Claire having to sign off on paper work the second she walked through the door. That was fine, but constantly handing her package after package when she couldn't hold them. Plus, how the driver schedule got so screwed up. Where is the shipping manager because that is THEIR job and if he screwed that up. His ass would be written up. Cam's under cover 21 Jump Street cop was all screwed up. As acting VP, he would have been notified. Under cover cops like that in high school are a thing, but the Superintendents, board presidents have to OK it with the police force. Then the school principal and even Cam, who is the acting VP would have know about it. If they knew Cam would do his usual "all about me" they would have told the cop: "Just don't say anything." Mitch was going off like a complete idiot in everything. Happy with Lilly learning how well she did with a baby, but the baby doll still working after over 7 years and no updates and the guys not knowing it was there. Especially after 2 fires, don't think so.
  13. I agree, even when she shows Odo her wig. I felt the use of Lwaxana worked very well in DS9. Especially with Odo and lead him towards Kira as the series progressed. However, a small part of me wanted a scene later on after she had her son and Deanna meeting her new little brother.
  14. The episode works on many levels especially towards the end. When it goes from characters babbling to almost dying. The scene where Miles is burning with fever and they realize how bad it's getting. It really changes the dynamic of the episode very quickly.
  15. Except for everything with Cindy and Brick. I really enjoyed the episode. From Axl getting the job and Sue literally giving him the push to do it. Loved Mike's speech at the end, but even the town gets their mayor is a jerk and how Frankie eye rolled his speech and the new cow unveiling.