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  1. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    It also didn't help when we kept getting stories about Jill being against marrying Tim. You have the lost on their way to the wedding in season 2. When Tim asks who tried to talk her out of getting married. Jill replies: "Oh just, my sisters, my parents, the minister, the crossing guard, the librarian." Then that is completely recon with Jill's father apparently the only one who wanted them not to get married. Of course, then what was his excuse while all his other daughters were still single in their late 40s or divorce? Then once again when Al and Illene's wedding didn't happen and Jill said she had to be dragged "kicking and screaming" in which Tim really serious was like: "What?" So, what? It was all a lie because Jill just didn't want to get married to Tim? When they try to be funny like that, you want to go: "You have three kids, almost 20 years of marriage and you are trying to tell us, that one of them didn't want to even get to the alter?" It's not funny, it's a lame joke looking for a punch line. That does not come off as funny but more of: "How did these stay married?" Same when we met Bert and Dana and then finding out that Dana had to have a life like her father, and while that did seem like there was some truth to it. Jill had NEVER met Dana at that point in time, and she was just quoting a dictionary reference.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Which they kept with Randy when he met Lauren and how she was a car girl and he even said in the mirror: "I never really got cars until I met you." When he was trying to figure out a pick up line. Something also I felt was missed with Mark years later when Tim was trying to figure out how to help him during his "goth stage". Mark did like cars and tools, but not to the point like Brad and he wasn't the high intelligence like Randy. Also, as Mark put it, he realized his father was popular and so was his mother. Tim was in with the auto club and Jill was a varsity cheerleader in school. Mark never felt in place, of course I still don't get Ronny with Mark. I think if we would have seen more of what he liked to do besides being quiet, wearing chains like Mark. We could have understood why they were friends. Instead they came off as that: "So, what was the point of that." Once they wrote off Mark's goth phase and the writers really didn't know what to do with him. Plus, where was Jill's stories then? By then she was just quoting shrink books and magazines by then.
  3. Errah! How did that happen?

    Watching Randy's 13th birthday party, how did Tim get his pants yanked by the floor polisher? It wasn't like his pant leg was touching the circle. He got close to it with his foot and yet it tanks his pants off. Plus, he couldn't go: "Hey Mark, go grab me a pair of jeans please." No, he tries sneaking out, even though he could have moved upstairs without anyone seeing him. Instead he jumps back to the door. Another thing, he uses 16 coats of wax. That does not come cheap and we saw people on the dance floor. So, only Michelle falls and sprains her ankle because she goes to the middle? If you put 16 coats of wax on a dance on an ENTIRE dance floor. You are going to be slippy and sliding all over from as soon as you go on the edge of it.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    I know, and Jill's stories got sold old that even Lucille knew them by heart. That right there just spells out that if you have all these stories, find one that relates to the boys better. I also agree, I got why Randy was upset, but in another sense. He should get it, Brad likes tools and hot rods too. Yes, he is having his attraction to Heidi, which was hilarious. However, Jill not seeing an animal at the zoo from what? 30 years ago and she keeps getting depress about it? Then she hits Tim in the years to come about his hot rod love that is really based on his father who died when he was 11? Come on. Right and when you see his basement a few years later, it seems like he was basically a hoarder who started trying to make use of all his space. Looking back now, reminds me of a house my wife and I were check out a few years ago. You walked in and you barely moved 4 feet and you be going up the stairs. Family room was HUGE, but the kitchen was small and there was a weird back space that was narrow going into the garage. Basement was large, but looked like you could have 5 bedrooms down there and the bedrooms upstairs were lined up with one upstairs main bath. I have no idea what the hell the builder was thinking, but then again he went bankrupt and the people who bought the house a few years later, tore the whole think apart and beat down the walls and opened it up. Guess Wilson had the same type of builder.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Most likely true, Zachary Ty Bryan did play the saxophone regularly. Why it was brought in, he started playing more soccer in real life and while they wrote it into the show. He apparently still plays in a local Blues Band. He has 3 kids now, two are twins.
  6. Errah! How did that happen?

    The entire Habitat for Humanity episode still bothers me to this day. John Elway, Eric Hipple, Evander Holyfield, Sean Jones, and Bill Pickel are that upset that Tim wants to do "improvements" on the house that they don't do anything? When they do, they act more clueless than Tim would be. The air vent didn't make anything sense, because if it was that powerful, why is only the inspector's hat flying up and not Hipple's? When Jimmy Carter says that crews are working around the clock to fix the house they built. How as the house even standing if it was that bad? Plus, when you have celebs like Elway or Holyfield, if you they are shown to be eating more than helping, that isn't the best publicity for them either. Even when they yell at Tim that because of his "stupid improvements" they were left out in the rain while Al and Jill are inside working and dry. I wanted to go: "How could they be doing improvements when they weren't doing anything?"
  7. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Watching the various Wilson's House episodes. I just realized, for a place that had so many rooms, a huge basement, the hallways were way to narrow. Seriously, when Wilson tried to sell his house, it was almost claustrophobic with the entire Taylor Family. Tim and Wilson were by the Tropic Room, Wilson almost has to get in front of Tim to tell Mozart to release him. When he goes to Brad and Randy by the mask. I thought Wilson was going to crush the two of them and just squeezed by Jill and Mark. Later on when the guys were all over watching the football game. You could see when Harry gets up to leave, he looks like he is going to get stuck in the hall way. Plus, when Wilson first dates Judith, looks like she is Alice in Wonderland at one moment when she is coming in. What were the set designers thinking?
  8. The Middle in the Media

    Yeah, he has talked about how he doesn't want to get type cast in one type of role. He enjoyed his time, but after 9 years, he wants to move on in his career while in Hollywood language: "While I'm still young."
  9. How true, and the woman who can't pass on a question and has to have Michael tell her she can pass. I mean even when she was at the winning circle. She wasted over 15 seconds on the one clue. I mean, if they are not getting it after almost 8 seconds. Move on.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Oh man, I'm so sorry. My stepfather dealt with a lot of chronic medical issues over the years himself. He has gone on disability and can't do any sort of retirement for another 5 years and he is a war vet. Yeah, that's exactly it. Tim to even Wilson has traits that got old after a while, but it never went that far like with Jill. As you said, they had her go back to school and then showed us every reason right up to the end, why she SHOULDN'T be a psychologist. Truth be told, you don't have to be in the medical profession to have a PhD. Those are usually M.D if you are like in neurology or something. You can have a PhD in: Political Science, Education, History, Culinary, ect. Just depends what your specialty is and where you focus. However, from what we got from Jill's job in season 2-3. She was at a compost site one time, doing plastic surgery research and at one time was looking into small down businesses. So, what the hell her replacement for the blonde big boobed Doctorate of Philosophy was doing at the magazine, who the hell knows? I mean getting a degree from Harvard especially in a PhD program, that is no easy feet and sounds like she was just attractive. However, it sounded like outside some co-workers and the president, the VP didn't even know who Jill was when she told her father he couldn't take his book to him because the VP didn't know who she was. Which was more of a sincere replay instead of another excuse. I'm the teacher, the Superintendent, President of the Board and three other members know who I am and vice versa. However, there are two I have never talked to and they have no idea who I am. As the writers and the progress of Jill's character, I think they just did it where they needed their story to work and it just made sense. It was like the writers of Two and a Half Men, they had to keep Alan there and it was either have Judith sucking him dry of all money and then they married her off to Herb, they brought in another person. Then got him married again and had her drain all his money. Then divorce, then have him accidentally burn down his girlfriend's house and take money from him there. Then they ran out of excuses and just said: "Let's make him a mooch. I mean, by now, he can't run a practice, he is out of money." You want to go: "Where do you think a doctor gets his money from?" Like with Jill, after Lillian grilled Jill after her hiestrcemy and blaming Tim for anything. I wanted her to go: "For someone who didn't want to be like your father, you turn right into him, he had to be right and damn everyone else. Even if the Earth split open in front of him he still think it was a sunny day."
  11. Errah! How did that happen?

    We didn't see Tim or Al putting on their tool belts since they were already in the middle of episode. However, another thing is the caption, the TV crew would have to know ahead of time to get those captions on the screen for the audience. It wasn't like the sound booth, Tim put that together perfectly. However, how Tim didn't know the shock collar was in his tool belt or how Tim snuck it in makes no sense. Same goes with the mud wall, what did all do? See that Tim mixed it in already and then he quickly, mixed a new batch and replaced it? Then told the editing room: "Hey, I know what Tim did, I want you to put this up once Tim starts looking confused."
  12. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I agree on both counts. It was Monica's day and it was the fact she finally got engaged after so many near misses over the years. Plus, she wanted to be married for some time. However, yes, it went too far at times. The problem I had with Rachel could have taken the pregnancy test other places or thrown the damn thing away in the main apartment trash. Burying it under kleenix and hoping no one would see it. Especially, in another apartment where the soon to be married couple live together. Yeah, I don't get why didn't Rachel take the test at work, at Joey's or hell, the Central Perk.
  13. Errah! How did that happen?

    There were a lot of moments where you do wonder why things were left on. The last one that made sense was the hand sander when Al said to make sure it was off before plugging it in. Since things get moved around and you don't know if a switch got moved or not. One big glaring moment is when Al switches a pet shock collar to Tim. Tim had already tested it out and showed that Tim was close enough to the border for it to go off. So, for Tim to not realize that Al discovered the shock collar (seriously, where would it be that Al couldn't see it?). Tim then gets shocked hen he moves a third time past the fence. That was another thing after that episode, Tim tried to pull a fast one over Al two more times. Once for the smelling of wood and then later for trying to put real dung in a mud wall. Al couldn't figure out that Tim did something to the wood, but how did Al know that Tim put real dung in the mud wall? Was it smell? Plus, what was Tim hoping to pull on Al? That his talk was right about how some birds and animals use their own poop for fortification? I get Tim using his sock on the block of wood, but the last season with the mud wall. That made no sense or how Al could have figured it out.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Yes and even during the final two seasons. It was talked more on how Jill becoming a psychologist would be the first REAL career she had outside the magazine. Point out to classmate she hung around in the last two seasons and even to Wilson a few times. We were just lead to believe she couldn't hold a job down. However, why? The magazine kick just didn't make sense by then Jill had been there for two years and lost her job because some blonde with big boobs and a PhD got hired. Which makes no sense? Waitress, I could see because those are large turn overs when managers take over or you are top one year and down another year. Budget cuts happen from lost of business or higher salaries. I lost two jobs in the last three years due to budget, my performances were stellar and my former superiors gave me glowing reviews for job interviews, but it came down to paying me a higher price or dividing it up and doing it cheaper. Three jobs about 14 years ago, two I really screwed up with. I lost them and it was my fault, the last was due to being blamed for someone else's performance, which I attested was not me. They gave the other person the benefit of the doubt because they were their longer. Then when they fired me, not even a week passed and they saw that the same problem was happening and finally realized, I was right and the other person was lazy. However, they didn't bother calling me back and apologizing. I found out a month later from my mother who knew one of the managers and she was not happy with how they treated me, but they didn't want to admit they were wrong and did nothing and told my mom to tell me they were sorry. I get shows do this over the course of a series, they go long and writers either don't pay attention to previous episodes or they just hype up a characters traits. Alan on Two and a Half Men, Diane or Carla on Cheers. Emily on Gilmore Girls, ect. Some shows catch and go: "Yeah, we need to stop doing that." Big Bang Theory is a grand example as they ended up having characters own up to their issues and even wrote things to fix them. Hodge is a grand example and so is Sheldon. Home Improvement fell into that trap and Jill was the main character who really became a very hateful character by the end of the series. Tim and Al got into some major personality issues and Wilson started being oblivious to life outside his house to the point you wonder how he lived to that point in his life.
  15. You also get Beckly's reaction too. She says it perfectly: "You pushed your family away... again, I hope you are happy." I don't think she knew what happened either, or the fact Scrooge couldn't tell her all the work he put into finding Dela. The Vultures all know and the way it was depicted, they realized at one point, that there was no point anymore and why he gets dragged away in the flashback. They were trying to tell him he tried, he spent all the money he could and there was no more of a point. Donald didn't even know how much Scrooge was trying to find his sister and Donald had a perfect reason for walking away. This leads perfectly to see how Scrooge just gives Lena the Dime in the previews. He doesn't care and at that point he is basically: "Sure, have it for a bit, who cares." Until Magica makes her reappearance.