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  1. Errah! How did that happen?

    Was watching where Al was beveling a table leg and Tim was talking about not having loose clothing. His entire shirt gets ripped off of him by the spinning rack. Considering that Tim is standing at least an entire person away. It's even more glaring when Tim is trying to cover himself you can see the space between him and Al. Another thing, why is Al giving Tim such a dirty look, especially when he turns off the spinner and where did Tim's shirt go?
  2. Errah! How did that happen?

    No kidding. I mean, I know the joke was that Tim is a moron, but really, it wasn't like there was a lot of recoil with that nail gun to do that. However, what really gets me when they blow up Benny's aunt's house from a second gas leak. First of all, it was Benny's fault for everything. Plus, when you fix a gas leak, you are to check other areas with a spray bottle of soap and water. To see if there are any leaks in main areas. I mean they replaced the entire part of the heater, not like on a stove or something. Al would have done that. You have to check to see if any other areas are leaking gas. Plus, the clap light going on and then enough of a 5 second delay from the explosion. Yeah, it doesn't work that way and more than half of the house would have been blown apart. Something that also bothered me. Who was paying for Benny's cell phone? Of course was also Tim falling through the roof that was bad. He jumped onto a bad spot directly. You could see it.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Yeah, the story just bothered me so much that Jill was that oblivious to know that Tim would be watching Indy. I mean, she was married at that point almost 20 years to the man and she didn't go: "Oh crap! That's Indy weekend, I'll never hear the end of it!" Same with her talk about how she moved around all the time. EVERYONE knew the story! So, why constantly talk about it? Even Tim's mother was tired of the stories, hence SHUT UP about it! Speaking of when Tim got the blame when really it wasn't his fault. How about when he got his honorary PhD and the Dean touched the microphone from Tim accidentally dropping his water glass when he was making a toast. She gives Tim the dirtest of looks before he even makes his joke. I mean he even tried to warn her not to touch the mic since water splashed on it and it's an electric device. Apparently an advance degree didn't speak to common sense. I remember watching the episode with my mom back in the day and she said: "How dumb would you have to be to do that?" Yeah, that episode really bothered me and then they later lead to Illene and Al breaking up on day of the wedding rang horrible. Plus, those tuxes and dresses? What the hell were they smoking to pick them out? I love Wilson's line: "You think I would wear this outfit if I wasn't in the wedding party?" Speaking of going to far. I was watching Bud's introduction and I always enjoyed James Robinson since Night Court and he was a down right asshole during the show. Then he turned into a dumb asshole. I get what he said about Al on first appearance because it made sense. Plus, it was in continuity, everyone who LOVED Al were older. Heidi testing higher than Santa Claus was great and everyone knew that people watched for Tim. However, later with Tim constantly trying to do things that Bud wanted without question. I know that Jill brought it up later on, but seriously, some of the stuff he did I wanted to go: "Yeah, and you think this not only smart, but that Jill wouldn't kick your ass?" I mean come on. Then his exit made less sense when the series ended because Morgan was such an idiot, really he leave the company to fall apart with him in charge? As they say, Plot driving character.
  4. Errah! How did that happen?

    Or the fact the grill was able to burn for about four days according to the time line of that episode. Rocket fuel burns fast and burns up realllllyyyy fast! How about when Tim did the 21 nail gun solute to John Bidford's death. First of all, why were they on a full 360 degree turn and why did Tim need a regular wireless remote for them?
  5. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Jill was one character who got worst as the series went on. Seriously, she got down right: "I'm always right no matter what." How about when she caught Brad and Angela in Brad's room. She got in Randy's face and while it was humorous about Randy saying he was going over to his friend's for devil worship. What did she think Randy was doing? He wasn't dating anyone, he wasn't any where near even being interested in Lauren by that point in the series. I remember when she flirted with the cop and got caught on it and still tried to turn it around on Tim that he had to see the error of his ways. Plus, things with Al's mother got way too over the top. The reason they killed her off was they knew it was the last season and they also knew there was no way they could cast a woman in the part after all the jokes they made. However, Al's momma's boy attitude they stuck him with the last few years of the show were too much. From what I got, Al's dad had him and Kal at an older age, but it seems that their mother was a much younger woman. Even Richard Karn said that most likely his mother was in her late 60s by the end of the series and he was in his early forties at that point in the show. So, after his talk about his dad being close to 60 when he was born, means there was a April/May/June romance between Al's parents.
  6. S07.E25: What you Leave Behind

    I know it was a combination of things. Terry F.'s manager at the time told her not to pursue it and everyone from Rick Berman to Michael Pillar didn't want to rock the boat. So, they just went against it. Terry regretted it years later and Rick B even said they should have found a way around it.
  7. Kristin and Ryan have been just a mess since season 2. They not only changed actors, but changed their personalities and stances in reality. Because they are suppose to be: "Modern Parents" when it just don't work. I think many people who are happy with the show said they could ditch the three of them and no one could have a problem. However, they just make it so Mike and Ryan just constantly argue about things and they tend to be very stupid things. I would like to see Vanessa getting a brain again and seeing Eve on active duty from the air force, but has gotten a nice bit in life. I also hope that Kyle and Mandy have their house built, but they really need to give Mike some better motivation. He came off the last two years: "Get off my damn lawn, you damn kids!"
  8. Nitpicking

    Right which have not only made sense, but worked in the long run. Because Taylor could have done his half-ass ideas and it would still have been in context with Gilmore Girls. However, they had to go with: "What does Taylor do if he is not the mayor?" AS-P does quick Google Search. "Yes, he is a Selectman, which deals with real estate and that's what he's constantly doing." Production guy: "Wait! Then how can he convince the town getting a stop light camera, change sewage and so forth?" AS-P: "It works in my mind and it's my show, so FU!"
  9. Nitpicking

    How true. Yes, that's why I brought up the mayor because he was mentioned and there was talk several times. It was like how the town was so small that the church and Jewish temple shared space. Switching out the cross and the Star of David several times. It was funny a little bit, but then got to the point: "You know, they hold church services in warehouses these days. The switch from Jackson back to Taylor was never handled and basically had 3 episodes from Jackson realizing he had a life and didn't need to be Selectman, to being cornered by the whole town to do his job after election. Followed by Taylor back to his old position the following episode. I remember AS-P said: "It was pretty obvious what happened, Jackson didn't want to do it and I spent two episodes making that clear." Well, no AS-P you did shitty writing and expected everyone to hand wave it because in the real world, someone like Taylor would have been kicked out for half the shit he did over the years. Or arrested or lose his license.
  10. Nitpicking

    It was a punchline to keep her character around, but when would AS-P and her husband want to give a logical explanation for Kyon being around? That would be like the Mayor of Stars Hollow telling Taylor that a Select Man doesn't rule a town and can't call town meetings at the drop of a hat.
  11. Nitpicking

    Especially, when there are so many complaints that studios hate spending money out on things. You would think hiring actor A who is fresh and new would cost less than actor B who has bee used several times and knows how to squeeze money out of the studio no matter what their contract says.
  12. Tim "the tool man" Taylor did some crazy rewiring and a few other things over the years. However, blowing up telephones, remote control helicopters that attacked people or that Al could just magically fix things by touching them like Fonzi. What strange things on Home Improvement just never made sense? Post your thoughts here.
  13. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Well said to everything. Something I think that works both with Addams Family is that they see their world as normal and everyone sees it as odd or out there. AHS there is a very dark look at society and cultural looks, but it works into a full story. Twin Peaks... I don't want to go there. With The Middle, what was odd was things went too far at times. From Axl being oblvious to treating people like shit and everyone hand waving it. Sue is that the people who always forgot her were the same people, OVER and OVER and OVER again. With only the PE teacher and principal remembering. Sue would be one of those people NO ONE would forget. While Axl and Brick would be the ones EVERY teacher would want to forget. However, the show did have something special and was very enjoyable, it's just sadly the writers/producers always loved to sacrifice character for their stories. No matter how stupid, outlandish or just bizarre they could be.
  14. S09.E04: A Surprise in the Truck

  15. Oh I know, I said many times over the years on how Emily had anybody want to work for her. I know it was a reoccurring joke on the show. However, after Emily got sued by one of her maids (plus how Lorelai couldn't be serious when she was testifying). I would have loved it if we would have had several episodes where Emily had no maids. The fact that we had the same maid and the fact her entire family moved into the mansion during the revival was shocking. Basically it took Richard dying before Emily was: "You know what, I'm horrible to people, if I don't stop being bitchy, I'll be all alone."