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  1. Larry: Oh My Lord!

    Larry was the classic sitcom character. He worked hard, but he did want to try some "get rich plans", but he was never afraid to give credit where credit was due. I also felt sorry for Larry at times, because he was for the entire series: "The best laid plans" kind of guy and things just went wrong. Either by trying to plan everything out and then having some small thing go wrong or he screw it up just by not doing the most common thing. However, he was there for Balki when things went wrong and I felt his journey with Jennifer was very realistic.
  2. Balki: Don't Be Ridiculous!

    Balki came across as that person who was naive but aware of things. He could be very silly at times, but he had common sense and much like Larry, he did get carried away at times. I always enjoyed Balki.
  3. The Speculation and Wishlist Topic

    Maybe that is Lexi's excuse too.
  4. S02.E18: The Venue

    Only way you can put it. Similar to Taylor's boyfriend, how they want to write how Taylor can't use anything bigger than 2 syllable words. Yet, he is so stupid he doesn't get the fact you can't talk back to a speaker no matter how loud you yell. Same goes with Chloe's constant put down of the Otto's house and Katie. I mean look at her life and she wants to keep going on: "I'm better than you." When everyone else is like: "you're life is shit, get over yourself."
  5. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    Yes, not to mention that eve minus the brain tumor, they still have Amelia: "I need sex, no matter what." It's gotten very old. Maggie flashback would have worked more if the entire flashbacks were done with Richard because it would have worked. Things with Maggie's entire: "I was young and awkward." Has been shoved down everyone's throat and as everyone has said, they have tried to make everyone like her and it only works with Richard and Meredith and no one else. That little poem and everything in the flashback and realizing that the guy she liked was really gay. That I could buy, I knew two classmates who were like that in college and I was like: "They are gay and you are chasing things on a crush." Then they did believe me and a couple years later realized not only I was right, but needed to realize, high school was over. I felt very sorry for Alex, but his mother, the entire: "Things aren't there." Was cliche, people like that do more than that, but it's not like the writers/producers at Grey's do any research. Like with Arizona's study which has been done to death.
  6. Nitpicking

    Hence force, it made no sense.
  7. Nitpicking

    Yeah, that made no sense. Even being Sookie, yeast in a cookie? Seriously?
  8. Stevens is written too far the last two seasons. This was a grand example of it, just like the crew come off as really outright stupid on things and that is Charlie's job, even though they go too far on that at times. My problem with Lucy is she started confident and putting her words in right, now as you say, she is Meg. Even the comment about her "voting for Trump" came off as: "Well, duh!" After her spiel last season of why she thought voting for him would be good. Seriously, I would love it if Lucy was offered a job by another company and then kicks ass and leaves Stevens going: "Man, I am an idiot."
  9. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    That's exactly it, even shows that go right on saying: "This is the final season, we aren't having some Hail Mary renewal, we are going out." Some shows pull it off very well, but others don't. Shows like: Two and a Half Men, How I met Your Mother, Just Shoot Me, which were great comedies once upon a time, started going down hill and their final seasons and even their series finales were just bad. They drew things out at the end or had last minute: "Let's try this since we aren't coming back." Then backfired. This has been the problem this season, for a final farewell to the quarry it was pretty badly handled. From the crew to Mike's promotion and even partial explanation of why he was paid so low all these years or why they had problems with benefits, ect. Because the President and VP of the company made very stupid and cost cutting decisions that would have caused them to lose employees and gone bankrupt. Then you add it everything with Brick that should have been sweet, but came off both as filler and: "this was 2 out high school stories the entire season with Brick and this is what we got?" Plus we had to be reminded again about how much of an idiot Axl was in HS and how apparently everyone in the faculty has amnesia when it comes to Sue unless you you are the principal or PE teacher or drama teacher. The world moved on from those days. I'm not going into Sue and Sean crap they have drawn out until the very end. Instead of shows like: Cheers, Friends, Fraiser, Everyone Hates Chris, Will & Grace, Home Improvement, that knew it was their final seasons and not only wrapped things up, but had it feel like there wasn't much filler and had things progress to the end with all characters.
  10. Oh I agree, even that it cemented Mark's issues over the years even later on during the "dumb years" where he talks about how their mother was so bad to them and their dad basically ignored that and just took off. Their mother was horrible.
  11. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    Table for 3, I'm a teacher here too. I always want my students to be honest with me, but seriously if I saw one of my students licking my car, I would be checking with the office going: "So, does he have an IEP or something?" Not to mention if I had a student like Brick who always did his work, did well, was on NHS and knew his older brother was a complete idiot. I would not have treated him like he was some miscreant. But remember, teachers in the high school jump to conclusions, never talk to each other and remember, Sue doesn't exist and you can never remember her name.
  12. The Speculation and Wishlist Topic

    Yes, it's right up there with the producers/writers who go: "You don't get our brilliant vision and you don't have our jobs, so deal with it." When it just comes off as: "Boy we really shot ourselves in the foot because we don't know how to write it because we have 12 more episodes to go before the series is over."
  13. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    Wow! So, even with Sue gone and the amazing year book, Sue's old high school still doesn't remember who she was unless it was the principal or the PE teacher. He licked her car once and instead of bringing it up or confronting Brick. The teacher felt Brick had something against him, my next thought was: "So, how did he lick your car?" Also, the baby doll would have been tossed a long time ago. I don't know where the various writers of ABC went to school at, but they seem to have something against the health classes and baby dolls. Having the ability to last for years in an air vent. Or the fact that the doll would have been tossed a long time ago, not to mention the fact the teacher had plenty of working and "new" dolls, but Brick licked her car once because the school can't write down and tell other teachers about his "quirks." Seriously, Mike works for complete idiots. I mean, they tell him on his first day: "Oh sorry, we have no room for you, but we can drop a new trailer and hook up a a gas main and everything. Even more, the fact they basically admit they have been screwing people on benefits and pay all these years and have been just promoting people from outside the company. How has the corporate office not fallen apart by this point in time? So Mike's real work excuse he has gotten screwed all these years is because his bosses are self centered morons. How cliche. Just like why Frankie never cooked food all these years because she was too "tired" to cook every day. So, she just wasted buying food and ordered out because then she wouldn't have to cook. But keep spending money and then go: "Why don't we have any money?" Seriously, if this was the good bye for the quarry workers, this was just bad. Plus, Axl getting the 3rd degree by the health teacher over the stupid things he did in class. She was right and he basically was: "Crap, she was right."
  14. The Speculation and Wishlist Topic

    Right they labeled it as: "pity kiss". I mean what? Then Sean didn't even talk to her until New Year's? Seriously?
  15. S09.E15: Spanks for the Memories

    How I saw it too. Especially when she was talking about how the last person was only wearing a set of googles because they had a breakdown.