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  1. Right because a "bad boy" who can read! I mean what book work girl wouldn't fall over him?
  2. Right and if it doesn't make it to a six or seventh season. They are just paid out for what was left of the show and the network. Every shakes hands, says goodbye and moves on with their lives.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    After watching season 5-6 on Laff. I have finally figured it out, while Alma and even Cal did not have a problem with Tim's jokes over Alma's weight and even Pastor Mike's replies on Soul Man and on Home Improvement. The person who had the problems was Al, he just didn't like them. The problem is, Al knew his mother's issues, he knew everyone found Alma to be a very clingy and very over weight woman, who was probably going to send herself to an early grave (which she did). I think the problem is, when she finally died in the final season, it really freed Al up. He sadly needed that situation, because it was at the point where Alma could have stubbed her toe and he would have thrown a fit about it. Something that was a problem with the group theorpy episode again. When everyone goes on Tim on why he makes fun of Al and his mother all the time or even call out that Tim kept holding down the trigger that got oil over Al. All Tim had to say was: "Well, Al is like a brother to me and if you knew us Taylor boys, this is how we showed affection." "I mean, our dad died early, Al's father died young." "We both love tools, we both worked out way up." "I see Al as that other brother, I never had, I just can't stand his falonal addiction just because his dad put them on him all the time."
  4. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    That's what a lot of us are getting at. We get expecting a baby when you are: living at home, not married to the father, very unplanned ect. My wife and I were happy and yet scared. I mean, now we would be in charge of a baby, but we were looking forward to it. The problem is, they haven't had Haley be: On her own, completely separate from Dylan (he has always been around), working for flakes/morons, be able to part from her phone for more than 48 hours, ect. Now, we get this and the freaking out many get, it's the fact her character has regressed. Same with once again Mitch talking about his job, he finally got himself together and then the DA wanted him and Cam had pretty much wanted nothing to do with his father after his sister revealed his cheating and other things over the years. Now, he wants to take over the farm again, when he has found a great successful career at his school and has state championships under his belt. However, in all those cases, the school treats him like shit, Mitch can't just say: "You know what, I'm doing what I want and I'm happy with it, I'm not throwing that out the door." Or have Haley go: "You know what? Why do I want this career, I haven't gotten anywhere since I got kicked out of school for falling on a cop 5 years ago."
  5. I'm pretty sure its what many actors in her position are: "It's my job, I have to suck it up." You have to remember, most of these actors who have their characters go: way, way way into hatred mode. Is more because they want to pay their bills.
  6. The story is going to backfire on them too. I mean, let's face it Jessica has now become "The Worst Wife" on TV. She micro manages everyone, never admits she is wrong and if she does realize she is wrong. She continues doing what will get her in trouble... AGAIN! Jill Taylor Syndrome, thanks writers. Because we know how well that works when you push a characters "bad traits" as the constant driving force. That usually equals= cancellation.
  7. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    Right and they can hammer in Cam being dumped on by the school he works for. However, he has constantly been given things and then shown it was a monkey paws, but yet still has his job. Mitch however has lost job after job after job in ways that boggle the mind. He put it perfectly: "I haven't been with the DA's office long and I like to finally put some roots down." The writers basically saying: "Yeah, we can't find any excuses for him to lose his job AGAIN, but let Cam's whining continue."
  8. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    That's exactly it! Gloria wants an apology because she doesn't want to admit she is wrong even when she is shown point blank she is at fault. "Jill Taylor Syndrome" based on Patricia Richardson's character on Home Improvement. Jill was constantly shown to jump to conclusions or be in the wrong, yet she always had to guilt Tim and everyone else into her view and have them apologize when she was in the wrong. No matter what happened Jill never admitted it was their fault, like here with Gloria. She still has to be "right" even though she has been hit over the head she is in the wrong and her situation is always to break something when she doesn't get her way like a 5 year old. With Cam it's the worst because he basically does a: "Well, I did everything you wanted and I'm going to complain how stupid it was, now do it for me and if you admit it's stupid, I will get pissed because you still hate it, but I'm always right!"
  9. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    Modern Family is not immune to these problems that have been going on with TV series since the 70s. You can only take a character on their "bad traits" so long before you just hate the character. You don't want to blame the actor, but there comes a point where it's worrying about being fired to: "I hate play this character." You can tell it with the actress who plays Lilly, as for Manny, since the character has become so bad. Luckily the actor is away at school, so it works out with less Manny and almost no plots revolving around him. However, you then have the character show up where you want to go: "How are you not dead or how can you be that dense about things?" While you once and a while have Gloria jumping in with: "My poor baby." Even she is tired of his theatre/singing/stupidy to the point she could give a shit. What does that spell out to you, while it is important to you, no one else care. Even better, they never tell Manny to stop doing the things he loves, but they have spelled it out: "We don't care." Better than: "I have to change you for the 1000th time like Cam with Mitch or Gloria with Jay, or even Phil/Claire with Haley." Eventually you have to go: "They don't care, that's never going to change and I have to move on." Instead of once again: "We need to go to the farm, even though you hate that life and I hated my father last year." "Stop hating my relatives who fuck us over all the time." "Haley would you be serious about things, but I need to then give into you." Comes a point, where the TV audience is just: "Divorce or kick them out!"
  10. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    Problem with both Cam and Gloria is they either expect their spouses to change to their views. I mean, Cam has been on about the farm and after the crap last season that he found out about his father. You would think that Cam would let the farm just burn to the ground. Now, he has been on it and: "when dad dies, we need to keep it in the family." Then with Gloria, as I mentioned, how many times have we seen her relatives either steal from her and Jay or over stayed their welcome to even Manny was running away from the house when they came to visit. How much do you need to be beaten over the head that they take advantage of you and Jay hates it when they invade their house and always leave it worst or always cause an argument between him and Gloria. Let Cam's answer is to always guilt Mitch and Gloria is to yell, break something or put herself in such a bad situation that even Joe is saying: "Mom, why don't you just admit you made a mistake?" There is being stubborn and prideful and then there is being plain stupid like Cam and Gloria act.
  11. S03.E09 Highs and Lows

    Funny how Taylor can see that Oliver is on the path of being like their grandmother's ex boyfriend. Yet, she can't get about "playing along" that she identified her as a niece and not a grand daughter. The writers really don't know how to play Taylor either book dumb, or dumb dumb.
  12. S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    Pretty much followed by: "What do we do with Junior's Gap year?" "OH.. I got it, let's have him go to work with Dre and show why he works with a bunch of racist idiots who would either be out of jobs or in jail by now!" "Then we can do a 'very special episode'!" "Genius!"
  13. S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    Junior is not only regressing, him and Jack are becoming completely identical. Jack is functioning even worst than Junior at this point. The "Gap Year" was not planned out at ALL. Even the trigger was stupid. They found the stride with Ruby now, but I do believe the show does not know what to do with Junior or Jack outside of: "Well they are very brainless, that's funny! Right?"
  14. S06.E09: Bachelor Party

    I find it funny that ABC apparently kicking itself with Grown-ish being a hit and then taking in Schooled instead of Sue Sue in the City. Then acting like Splitting up Together is going to rebound. It's ratings have dropped the last four weeks and most people say it's going to end when it finishes it's order.
  15. S03.E09 Highs and Lows

    I have to agree with all of this. Plus, why are they dropping characters like that? Reminds me back during Home Improvement's hay day when they built up all these "new" neighbors and then if one of them got cast on another show. They just dropped them, but in this case, they either feel they are done using them and either kill them off or just disappear. Plus, you would think after all this Oliver would get a clue from grandma and go: "Oh my God, I'm thinking and acting like you!" "I can't let that happen."