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  1. S03.E03 Cheaters Sometimes Win

    The Principal has been nothing, but a moron since day 1. When he does act like an administrator, he always has to be shown that he not thinking clearly and then gives in. With Taylor, just because they gave her a boyfriend who was really stupid, doesn't mean everyone will hand wave how stupid Taylor is written at times. At this point in time, how does she get dressed or even got her driver's license. She acts at times like she doesn't know up from down. same with Oliver, one minute he learns his lesson, the next he is: "No, being a sell out is SO much better!"
  2. Season 7 Discussion

    Right and now they want to do a "cousin Oliver" with the new foreign exchange student starting in episode 5, who will be on the rest of the season. There has been no build up at all to them showing up and the main plot of the story is: "Have someone from another country clash with Mike's politics."
  3. Season 7 Discussion

    The show is also throwing out more cliches, as of course Kyle would have fertility issues and NuMandy saying: "I'm not ready to be a mom yet?" Which has been going on TV for years. One or the other has a fertility issue or is "not ready" are any of us truly ready? McCook just doesn't gel right with anyone in the cast. Her and Travis couldn't have seen less like a mother/daughter if they were trying. I'm actually glad they kept Mike away from the B story and focused on with Outdoor Man. Because it would have meant they would have to address why Mandy and Kyle are still living with them. When they had a house being built. It doesn't take 2 years to build a house.
  4. Season 7 Discussion

    Shows that have done this like: Trapper John MD, Family Matters, 3s Company. Where you got to the point there was barely anything left of the original cast outside maybe 2 or 3 ending up killing the shows. Granted, all three I just mentioned were based on: contracts, health and life style changes. However. there does come a point where you want to go: "Why is this show even still around?" It was recently revealed that Ed will just be making occasional appearances now just like Eve. Trying to bring in this foreign exchange student to fill in the gap and make Vanessa look like she is so desperate to have a life is not the way to go. Oh look another character that Mike will clash with over politics and POV like he does already with: Ryan and Chuck, what's one more right? Even the plot with Kyle and Mandy "not having a kid" fell flat because it made Vanessa look even more desperate.
  5. Babies work when it's written in with the characters and a natural step for the characters. Say a young married couple or in the case like Carla on Cheers. However, with FOB, that is a very horrible choice. Similar to Black-ish going with kids #5 before the creator of the show had a baby late in life too and figured it was a good way since two of the kids were leaving the show in the next two seasons. It backfired because then it was: "Why is Bo home if they have a nanny?" "Why did they bothering writing a baby in if it's ignored for several episodes and then shows up and people have issues with the kid?" It's poor writing and shows the writers/producers don't have any original thinking. Then it goes the opposite way when Amanda Fuller was pregnant in real life during LMS season 3 and they didn't write it in because they didn't WANT to deal with casing a baby. Yet, it would have been natural for Ryan and Kris to deal with having a kid as adults instead of teenage parents and Boyd dealing with being a big brother. However, they rather deal with the characters dynamics because of personal reasons. I feel like Fresh off the Boat doesn't know what to do with the characters that is natural or believable. You can only have Jessica being super bossy for so long before someone would push her off a cliff.
  6. Season 2 was miles better than season 1 and they really moved Danny and Luke's relationship as a major plus. I think they just gave up because they were having so many problems with production crews and just not finding that real niche all the other Netflix series had. I mean a second season of Defenders is so up in the air right now even though everyone wants to do it.
  7. Problem when you try to do time period pieces like this. While The Goldbergs uses the shifting time line, they did a problem trying to put the series start in 1995 and not a slide 90s timeline. Because all the actors get older and the kids get taller. How long before they have an excuse to try and keep the youngest boy WAY behind his older brothers to keep the age centered. That's the problem when ABC decided to try and bring back TGIF after they got into a tizzy about money and other things with using more DRAMA last year. Speechless was a good choice, but canceling LMS and then thinking Fresh off the Boat (no longer fresh) to try and anchor a new generation of TGIF was not a good marketing strategy.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    That's the main problem, same goes when Jill talks to Wilson about how Brad's girlfriend was doing his chores and making him snacks. Wilson completely goes into: "When will men learn about not letting women do things for them!" It's like: "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Wilson?" Same goes with how they were trying to keep Wilson's face covered in the Halloween episode. Unless he was seeing trick or treaters, why would he keep a large pumpkin on his head over an HOUR after he got home?
  9. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    The episode also doesn't work because Wilson let's Randy get beat up and thrown around. Mark is acting really odd, thinking Brad can fix his puss from his ear infection. Plus, Brad's new friend is so lying and a few other things. After that episode, we saw him 2 more times, after the Halloween Party. That kid would have been banned from stepping foot in my house.
  10. Season 7 Discussion

    Yeah, Mandy is now the main problem. It's Kristin all over again and McCook and Fuller really have an odd feeling with each other. They don't interact well at all. Ed doing his semi retirement was a good way to go. Problem is going into next week with the new foreign exchange student joining the show to make up for Eve not being on the show as much and have a "kid at home". There really hasn't been any build up at all to it.
  11. Season 7 Discussion

    Go for a twist and have it where Eve has always been a boy and have him always picking on his sisters since he was old enough to walk. His real name is Elvis, but he goes by Eve because always wanted to be a girl.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Episodes like Randy's new Room and Penn and Teller being on. I don't know how Al could really live wearing that much flannel all the time, even in warmer months. It's like he had a flannel addiction from having it from his underwear to change of two, count them two of the same shirts every day.
  13. S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

    Just like she has always believed if she acts stuck up and acts like people who are famous in various things. That will get her into that kind of fame and business. Never has it been shown, it is HARD work and the right timing. Haley has always thought things would just naturally fall into place for her, by being herself.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    It's similar to how they kept writing Marty as someone who couldn't keep a job because he always found something wrong with it or self sabotaged himself. When Marty finally gets called on it it's in a very stupid situation, first with Tim as the Pet Store and then at Christmas with Lucille. They picked the wrong place and time to call Marty on his poor choices. Same goes with Jeff, when he finally started getting himself together with Lucille's help. That's when they all feel to call Jeff on his two failed marriages and job problems over the years. Instead of when Marty should have been called on it when he was at K & B Construction as their new accountant, but they just wrote it off that Marty just had to be stupid over there too. Considering the company's relationship with both Tim and Al. Same with Jeff's issues, stuff like that would have been called out after divorce number 2. With Benny, he just kept doing more and more stupid things that I'm surprised that someone he didn't owe money to didn't beat him within an inch of his life. Then when Tim needed someone to be around for award shows or special events. Benny is nowhere to be seen, when that would be the kind of stuff he would leap at.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    No matter how many time sit airs, I just can't get why everyone blames Tim for what happened to Benny's aunt's house. It was all Benny and to a point the aunt thinking that her nephew would just leave the house alone doesn't work either. She had two gas leaks and her great idea was to not only leave the gas shut off all winter, but also be gone in Florida until May. Never thinking about her pipes freezing, someone breaking into the house. The fact that even with the gas shut off, there is always a chance for a possible explosion, especially when one leak is the stove. Of course, I'm still trying to think how she got two gas leaks, one in the main furnace and one if the stove. Sounds like they ended to both be replace. Plus, even in 18 hours trying to repair the house what about the smell of fire and burned wood? That smell doesn't magically go away. Plus, the local fire department would have had to report the fire to the main owner. Benny's Aunt would have had some kind of contact number. In that situation, I'm surprised the Aunt didn't fly back home and then stab Benny to death for destroying her house. The episode also proves just how oblivious Benny is. He doesn't get basic laundry, feels he can just move in with the Taylors and eat all their food, watch TV at late hours when the kids and Jill have to go school. Ties up the phone, when he has his own cell phone that somehow he magically pays for. Plus, the fact how Tim could say: "How do you throw a good friend out." The series from that episode on, proved that why no one threw Benny to the street and had him arrested made no sense. He was as bad as a character as Dolorous.