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  1. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Oh, thw stupid arrogance of (rapidly declining) youth. MM just showing her ignorance of political history, yet again. Joy should have asked why MM keep invoking the name of her dad. ......that's history, too. Frankly, everything is, including yesterday's news. That fat potato is a moron. Political analyst who doesn't know politics, or much else, besides that incisive intellectuakity of RHNY.
  2. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    MM doesn't analyze; her hubbie and Faux news talking points do. She's just a parrot who cannot come up with an original thought. Witness the myriad times that she cannot answer followup questions to her blue card info.
  3. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    "Patches, I'm depending on you son, to pull us through, my son, it's all left up to you. ........" That's all I got, right now. I love the sad talking in that song too. A heart wrencher. Give me some lyrics ftom Strokin' .
  4. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Joy asked MM why she didn't join the military. MM said she was too old to do it now.....thus bypassing why she didn't do it when she was young. Young MM was a party girl and couldn't care less about politics. Her dad wanted her to get a job after college so she went on the campaign bus....where I'm sure she was a big help. HA!!!! Now MM is just a hypocrite and phony who takes on her family's merits as her own.
  5. I had to fast forward through the Buddy scenes bec I dont give a fuck about him. Boring. Heather was a pill at the pool party. No wonder she's not getting dates. No effort at all. Boring. Babs' health is not a tv plot. Leave the poor woman alone, Twit. Rv is a waste of time and Glen's $. Ashley who? Who cares? Twit helping anyone? There's your fictitious story.
  6. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    I listened to Black radio for a summer in my 20's, during the 70's. I'm white. I was bored with same old songs on my other radio station (s). It was fun and an eye/ear opener. Never heard many if those songs before. It's called white privilege or the white backpack, when we white folks take for granted that white culture is ALL culture, and everything we see/hear/experience is assumed to be universal. Check it out online. I remember a black friend/coworker was surprised that I knew the words to several songs by black artists, (REMEMBER that sad song, Patches?), cuz we were able to listen to the radio when we worked on Saturday, just us in the room. The other days, the rest of our 12 or so co-workers were white (and older), so no radio . I also listened to country music for a period. Then, classical, jazz, NPR, etc. Just to broaden my horizons and bordom with top 40 (white) music. I didn't go to alot of sports events, until my son started playing ice hockey. I first heard a crowd do Sweet Caroline at a small rink in Windsor, Colorado. And I was 45 years old.
  7. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    I heard that it was about Neil's wife at the time, but Caroline was not her name, but it sounded better for the song.
  8. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Well said, tinker bell. Very insightful analysis. Thank you. I wish over on the panel would say that. Hell, I wish any one of us on this forum was on that panel, cuz you guys are eons ahead of that whole group in being better informed and clear, concise speakers. Oh, I hated/loathed SNL Dan calling, Jane Curtain, "You ignorant slut." (I know Dan was acting). Such blatant misogyny was never funny to me, and I refrain from calling women or men, bitches or pussys, or cunts, or sny female -oriented term as an insult. Even, MM. I prefer to focus on MM's specific (usually idiotic) behavior. And I hate her with a passion .
  9. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    I had an ectopic pregnancy and hemorrhaging so had emergency surgery the same day i went to the dr, cuz i hadnt been feeling well for a few weeks. I didn't know i was pregnant, cuz i was 43 and had been spotting, but thought it might have been early / /perimenopause. I was 7 weeks along. After, The surgeon said i had about a 10-15% chance to become pregnant again. Didn't happen. I had one child , but would have liked more. I did foster care after. Makes me feel more akin to Joy to know about her tubal pregnancy. MM was a fool to being up her dad's name so close to MLK Day, or any time, for not knowing his voting record. She truly is beyond hope. With her actions today, MM is becoming a bigger joke. She can be the meme/gif/ poster child for entitled, stupid children of anyone with a modicum of celebrity/ name recognition.
  10. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Why is MM wearing my mother-in-law's bedspread?
  11. "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Let's face it. ...MM doesn't have enough knowledge in her little pinky to fight/debate with Joy on any level. PLUS, it would not be a fair fight (as if) when MM's opponent cannot speak bluntly and refute or question MM's B.S., such as border/midwest state origin, wealth v. being out of touch with Base, lack of political/historical info, no experience on a winning campaign, follow-up data to hubbie-written blue card info, questionsble sources on data, hypocrisy supporting a man who cruelly dissed her beloved, never-to-be-forgotten father, and -not have Whoopi there to comfort her, AND not have Whoopi there to go to break so other side is not able to speak their part, etc. In other words, when the gloves are off, Miss MM Snowflake wouldn't have a snowball's chance in the Hell that the View is with MM. MM 's depths of cluelessness are endless.
  12. I ff-ed through most of the show. Don't care about Buddy's addiction or Heather's low self esteem. Nor do I want to be manipulated into thinking that Twit really wants a child. Nope. Twit teasing her dad about having a child cuz she knows that it upsets him is cruel. Twit's poor acting and weird anger about "not knowing" (yeah, right), her mom's first marriage is just dumb. Didn't even bother with the lady with the toddler. Please let this show die this season. It's boring AF.
  13. MM is trying to make sharing grief openly--on social media and tv, etc., a thing. MM said that she feels that open grief has been looked down upon in public (in a very angry/her usual voice ) on the show. So she's going to change that. Not to mention that her dad is her only claim to fame, and she has NO, NADA, ZIP other redeeming qualities that would merit her presence on tv. And she seems to be moving to negative zero sum in honoring his service by her intensely unlikable, fiercely poor manners, and ignorance. So, grieve away publicly, MM. we know it's a desperate self-serving move. We know you're planning a book deal with these tweets. The rest of us will display, I mean share our genuine feelings with other family and friends who truly knew and cared about our loved ones who passed on.
  14. Cats like to be up high. You may need to find another space that's acceptable for both you and your cat. Plus, sometimes cats realize that being up on the counter on your space gets them attention. Give your cat alot of attention in an acceptable space. Cats are cats. The stereotypes are true. Figure out what your cat wants
  15. "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    I don't think she cares. MM and hubby are immature jerks, who probably think her behavior is ok.