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  1. Absolutely agree with this. I hope it improves but the music choices combined with how they're telling the story so far didn't do it for me.
  2. Yes. Assuming TWW had it right, the acting president has full authority, so the cabinet would not be able to directly stop her from doing anything that was outside Conrad's interests.
  3. I didn't read anything else into that either. When I was wedding dress shopping, they told me very few skin tones look best in "true white." Mine was not one of them as I am very pale.
  4. @lovemesomejoolery happy birthday! :)
  5. Maybe we're neighbors. I was putting my kids to sleep and trying to figure out what on earth my husband had broken in the next room. ;)
  6. Same, and even then, I thought "Oh haha.... they forgot batteries! I do that all the time!" without thinking about how Jack dies until I came to this thread.
  7. Same - thinking that in such a short time he loses his ability to play football and his dad, it wouldn't surprise me if he gets addicted to painkillers then like they've hinted.
  8. I wondered this too. If that ends up being the basis of 20 years of guilt for Kate, I think I may throw something at the tv.
  9. Last week, I was really annoyed with Beth but this week I think she is a saint for putting up with Randall. “It’s important to me you get a job” and he blows off the interview. Then he’s buying a building. Calm down, Randall. Still don’t care about William or his cat. I liked all the rest of it- Kevin and Rebecca, Kevin and Miguel, Kate and Madison.
  10. With over a month before the next new episode, I think they built in recovery time for him. (Not that shows always follow schedules like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.)
  11. I think as they changed all the characters and made them worse as the seasons went on, they made Debra a lot more arrogant and it hurt the character. In the early seasons, you saw more of her insecurities, doubts, and just the human stuff. As time went on, it became more obvious that she thought she was the only normal one in the family, always the victim, and like the Barones were just so far below her. I think she comes across worse as the show goes on for that reason.