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  1. If nothing else, the part of the renovation that she insisted she had to see and approve- the big expensive sink. Also, I hated how she made Michel sit outside for the one meeting because he had sneezed. So rude. Many many many women go back to work soon after having children- sleep deprived, in pain, etc.
  2. That’s unpopular? I thought it was a cute bob!
  3. The Dave actor was so good at being soooo creepy. Lynette was always my least favorite housewife and her plotlines were often the most boring.
  4. With Sookie and Dave? How morbid! On the other hand, Sookie did become a whole lot less likable around then, so....
  5. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    19, 21 The sooner we get rid of season 7, the better we’ll be. :)
  6. Nitpicking

    Throw in being flustered, trying to do it and think about it while getting water in your face, etc. and I thought it was believable. What I thought was more unbelievable was that Lorelai didn’t just skip that watering session when they were running late. Dwight would have had no way to know and they hadn’t agreed to do it.
  7. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    I’m absolutely rooting for 9 to win. I like that open. It feels like they’re all in character for one of the only times all season.
  8. Gabby was my favorite most of the show. Bree was probably second. Lynette was my least favorite for sure.
  9. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    13, 14, 21
  10. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    11, 12, 15
  11. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    2, 11, 15