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  1. A: -- --- ---- -- -------- -----------? B: -- ----. -- --- --------- -- -- -- - ---- ---- --- -------- ---- ---- -- --- ---- -- ---- ----- --..... C: ----- B: -----. ---- -------. --- --- --- ---- - --- ----... ----, ---- --------.
  2. Toby: Promise me something. CJ: What Toby: You'll never let them make a list of my screwups. They wouldn't have enough paper.
  3. We're getting pretty far off-topic. I know there was discussion of various celebrities on the show, but if a celebrity wasn't prominent in the episode (such as Travolta, Nicole Kidman, etc.) please take it to the High Profile Scientologists thread. Thank you!
  4. Last year, he didn't speak because he and Alan thought that they would be more likely to cut Alan off than Aziz, so they thought that way they'd both get to talk. Their strategy failed. :) Maybe if they make a third season the poor guy will finally get to speak.
  5. Blowing Smoke
  6. The Supremes Two Cathedrals Requiem
  7. 2162 Votes is out clearly! Shutdown and Duck and Cover tied and also tied in the tie-breaker, so we'll just eliminate both. Keep voting for 3 and in theory we will eliminate 2. :) Celestial Navigation What Kind of Day Has It Been Let Bartlet be Bartlet The State Dinner In the Shadow of Two Gunmen 18th and Potomac Two Cathedrals Noel The Indians in the Lobby Women of Qumar Barlet for America Game On Evidence of Things Not Seen Commencement Twenty Five The Supremes Requiem
  8. I think Ray and Debra let her off the hook way too easily, but I also thought the teacher was a jerk.
  9. Rory consistently found a way to make herself the victim in every relationship (platonic, familial, and romantic) and then act passive aggressive because, after all, she was the victim. It's cringe-worthy.