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  1. 24 The others are going to be impossible to choose from.
  3. I had to fast forward the scene where his father was beating him; this child abuse storyline is really hard to watch. Other than that, Riggs has got to stop being such a terrible cop - he almost got Murtaugh killed.
  4. I thought the guy Bozer caught was going to be part of his training; I was surprised he actually was a bad guy! Other than that, the episode was just ok to me.
  5. Ray’s Ring was on tonight. Robert is so annoying about being bored on the trip. Ray takes him on a trip, and he isn’t happy (of course) and acts like it’s Ray’s fault. It made me think of the ongoing discussion in the Debra thread. No wonder Ray didn’t even consider asking Robert! Robert is a terrible travel companion.
  6. The topic has drifted so far off-course that we are locking the thread. A new thread will be open tomorrow night for next week’s shows.
  7. Let’s start listing most memorable scenes from Season 1 and I’ll wait til Monday to start the game.
  8. I do think it was inexcusable that he offered Gianni the trip immediately without consulting Debra. If that had been the basis for the argument, I would not fall on the side of "Shrill Harpy" on this one. Lots of people who don't watch football would love a trip to the Super Bowl. IT'S THE SUPER BOWL!
  9. I was thinking maybe something like this. Per season or whole series?
  10. I hated this episode. It was every cliche. The dialogue was so clunky. Jo can't catch the elevator in time to warn Alex not to give the injection so we see him start to do it in slow motion! What will happen?!? Bailey knowing they have someone who can easily write a check for the hackers! But he can't answer his phone?!?!? And of course, evil police officer/doctor shows up and calls Jo by her "real name!" Arizona's line about not wanting to deliver a baby because she doesn't want to mix business and pleasure by looking at a vagina really annoyed me. Doctors are professionals. It reminds me of when she didn't want to date Callie, a "new lesbian," because she has enough of babies at work. It's just weird of her.
  11. I get that periodically, but then it tends to let me like the post a couple seconds later. If it keeps happening for you, you could submit it in the bugs forum.
  12. And the Rosslyn shooting won! Any ideas for the next game?