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  1. S3 E10 Matty + Ethan + Fidelity

    I think it was meeting with his handler that he thought was too dangerous. I don’t think he was a bad guy; I think he got in over his head and didn’t know where to go from there. Maddie’s face though when he said they were going to kill his family. Jack telling Maddie “your family is right here” was beautiful.
  2. She was so in awe of the fact that a guy could read since by that point, ASP had changed Dean into someone who couldn’t.
  3. S01.E09: Perspective

    I thought for most of the episode that Gary had gone from the only character I liked outside of John and Katherine to thinking I didn’t like him either. Then his behavior was explained and it was believable and made sense and I cried. Delilah and specifically her relationship with Eddie remain the weak part for me. And thank you, show, for once again crapping on Katherine. Also, it was pretty established early in the show that she had to work hard, long hours to support the family. Now she’s all lah-di-dah..... who wants to work long hours? Not me! It’s annoying. It seems on tv, working moms who work long hours only do it for ambition- not out of need and then either they’re evil or they can have an awakening of how much they love their kid and stop. That’s not how it generally works.
  4. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    17. But I’m mourning the loss of 15.
  5. It seemed like he was pretty demanding to work for though. Like when she was working for him, i remember him calling her with 1000 questions about moving.
  6. Aired November 27, 2018 Valerie Haney is featured.
  7. This Is Us In The Media

    January 15th was the promo tonight.