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  1. S1:E9 Margaret Dates the Zodiac Killer

    I liked this episode but couldn't get over one issue: doesn't everyone have their own bathroom in their apartment? I realize emergencies happen but unless it is a particularly long trek back to the room, I would think they would want to go in their own space. I certainly do. But, that's just me. Did like EBJ in this. His dead eyes at the end were hilarious.
  2. S10.E08: Anchor Away

    Agreed. It was a travesty. Sorry Sherlock fans. I like this episode. Wondering if MB is indeed recurring (which pleases me greatly) how he can come back, as the story seemed pretty done and he wasn't exactly someone you root for. But I'll take what I can get.
  3. S05.E08: Christmas in Theater Eight

    I just can't get used to the contrast from the bright sunny kitchen they used to have. Every time I see it, it takes me a second to remember where they are because it just doesn't work as a kitchen. Loved the Bow/Junior talk. A long time coming, especially considering the gap year is half over at this point. I liked the point of this episode, but I just don't think it was executed well.
  4. S01.E07 Christmas 1972

    I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't the best, but at least we know the show is happening in 1972! I sort of feel for the actor who plays Lawrence. He was such a big part of the pilot but has since been relegated to the background. He appears in group scenes and has the occasional line, but not sure he's had his own story (except maybe the fruits and veggies thing). There are so many characters to service, so I understand, but I would love to see what he's actually doing now that he's dropped out of seminary. You would think the parents would be more hard line that he get his act together.
  5. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    I was wondering if that was her, but IMDB was no help. Good to see her. Also, liked seeing Paul Dooley - who is 90! - as the priest. She does. She mentioned that in one early episode that she didn't want Pat to outgrow William so he could get his hand-me-downs. And yay on me for finally remembering all the sons names. Only took 8 episodes! It was slightly better than Game of Thrones Season 1, where it took me all season to learn the Stark kids names. I do wonder how much this show will adhere to the years and actually move forward in time, or be purposely vague like the Goldbergs. I think this year is 1973-ish.
  6. S06.E09: Bachelor Party

    When this episode started, I thought that Uncle Marvin would fit right in. And then he showed up. I appreciate that there wasn't too much of him, as he is best in small doses. Also liked seeing so many recurring characters. Erica was a blip in this episode. Wondered why she was even in it. Loved Barry/Adam's crying. It's great that even if they fight all the time, they do love each other. And slightly OT, but I have a feeling Lainey and Barry won't be together in the Schooled show because they case Brett Deier as the male lead and I assume he will be a love interest (total speculation). I imagine that Lainey and Barry will take a break or call it quits. I thought it odd anyway since Barry is still a senior in high school and a bachelor party for him just seemed off. Maybe when the Goldbergs ends - assuming Schooled is still on - Barry can transition over there.
  7. S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    Count me in as actually enjoying this episode, especially after the crapfest we've had this season. Stevens and the gang were mostly normal (except Charlie - I expect him to be cray) and I don't even think were sexist or racist once. And Dre actually made a realization about himself. I hope they continue moving forward but I worry next week they will be reset to default (aka awful). And damn, I want some truffle fries!
  8. As a child of the 80s, He-Man was my favorite toy, so of course I loved the cartoon and, by extension, She-Ra. I was wary when I saw clips from this new show, but I have to say after watching the first season, I am hooked. I love how it was a slow burn and they actually spent time developing the characters and relationships before diving right into plot. Looking forward to the next season. And I really liked a lot of the voice work. I especially liked Lauren Ash (aka Dina on Superstore) who played Scorpia and AJ Michalka (Lainey on the Goldbergs) as Catra. My only disappointment was Hordak. I was fine with his lack of screen time, as I'm sure he will become more prevalent in upcoming seasons, but I thought the voicing was mediocre. He wasn't at all menacing and I wondered why everyone was so afraid of him. Shadow Weaver was much more of a bad ass (until the last episodes that is). Also would love (though I'm not hopeful) to see other Horde members like Mantenna and Modulok. I realize there are a lot of characters now, but most are good guys, so I want them to fill out the bad side a bit.
  9. Season 17 Discussion

    I liked the Stewie/Brian plot, but it did seem a bit out of character for Brian to be so blatant a scam artist. But, I love Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and this was basically a total rip-off (in a good way). I love Herbert and I know that is totally wrong on so many levels. So, I also enjoyed the B plot.
  10. S30.E09: Daddicus Finch

    This quote was funny but bothered me because as a fan of the books, it isn't totally accurate. Won't say anything else to avoid spoiling things. There were lots of sight gags in this one and the mall stores were quite sad. I love malls and am sad so many are dying.
  11. S10.E07: So Long, Division

    It was weird to me that Will's mom barely acted like she had a husband at home. In fact, besides the Grace "mom" thing, I don't think they mentioned anything about it. I realize the turning-to-the-gay-son-as-a-BFF thing was the point, but it's not like she is sitting at home all alone.
  12. S01.E08 The Beast

    Agreed. And Miggy was looking pretty fine in his suit too. I like that he is evolving as a character and maybe can move on from his baby mama.
  13. S05.E05: Good Grief

    I liked this episode okay, except for Dre's annoyingness (which is par for the course it seems). I do wish they had at least mentioned the siblings since the actual death and funeral for Bow's dad was 5 minutes of one episode. I did like Bow's breakdown - TER does a good job with the serious stuff.
  14. S30.E07: Werking Mom

    Even though this was the 20th Marge-gets-a-job-and-then-never-mentions-it-again plot they've done, I enjoyed it. And the Amelie stuff was weird, but for some reason, I liked it too. Overall, a decent episode.
  15. S1.E7 Thanksgiving at Murray's

    Yeah, this trend of the "heroes" of shows treating nice people like crap is getting old. So many sitcoms do it now. I assume Jamie's character is supposed to be annoying, but he hasn't really come across as more than a little quirky but harmless. If they are going to be mean, give them a reason.