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  1. S05.E01: Gap Year

    I meant to talk about this in my earlier post. I didn't think it was terrible, but it was definitely off. It just didn't feel like black-ish for some reason. Everyone seemed half-hearted. Maybe after the drain of the separation story last year, my bearings are off, but it was a subpar episode to me.
  2. S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    Stephen is an ass. I am liking him less with each episode. I hope he gets redeemed because his sanctimonious assery is annoying. I said it last episode but I want to adopt kid Luke. So cute And Magritte man was so creepy. I think this is the first episode I was genuinely creeped out for more than a jump scare. Well done scene
  3. S05.E01: Gap Year

    They should've started the show taking place in the spring and have Junior defer then. It was silly. But this is TV world, so I have to let it go. As far as bedrooms, there is one for Bow/Dre, Jack/Junior, Diane, Devante and I think Ruby. I know she has been in the guest house, but I feel she also has a bedroom upstairs it seems - she's always up there. And does Pops live there or not? It's confusing but regardless, I think they could've shuffled a bit better.
  4. S01.E03: Touch

    McKenna Grace (young Theo) is a really good actress. Seen her in several things (Gifted is a good film) and have liked her. Didn’t recognize her with brown hair at first but she definitely elevated the material. The foster plot reminded me of the new show Manifest where the characters have visions and stuff that lead to justice being served. I do like that each of these episodes focuses on one kid - it’s cool seeing the story from different viewpoints. I was worried it would all be about Stephen but he’s barely been in these last two episodes. And kid Luke is so frakking adorable.
  5. S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    Agreed. I appreciate it, but it was FF material for me. Also, BOTW is Art's song and always will be and Paul's version was nice, but nothing special (ducking now to avoid the stones). Agreed that this episode was meh overall - most of the sketches fell flat for me. But, it went out on a high note with Kenan lamenting losing his Gucci shoes. That little bit was hilarious.
  6. S01.E03: Black 22

    Agreed. She totally needs an Emmy next year for this episode alone. Her storyline is the most riveting. I actually got emotional during the attempted rape scene. The girls playing the daughters were very good too. However, for a show called Jack Ryan, he was barely in this episode it seemed.
  7. S15.E11: Top Eight Perform

    I remember one season Nigel criticized Travis because the dance he choreographed wasn’t the style it was supposed to be. Travis looked pissed. I do not like Slavik. I think he is an okay dancer but I hate that he gets praised for “trying”. This is the top ten. No one should be so mediocre at this point. He was off a few times in the second dance and it was very noticeable to me. And I really appreciated Twitch actually, you know, judging this week. He gave some useful advice.
  8. I realize they didn’t necessarily intend to air these 2 back to back but it was weird to me how episode 9 was all about Michael staying with his dad and then in the very next episode off Vince goes (until he didn’t). Just seemed disjointed. I do like this show. Super unpopular opinion: I realize Michael is a caricature/stereotype but I think he’s funny and I laugh at his jokes. The thing about on fleek being out and then back in made me laugh. And total agreement to Matthew as MVP. If this show goes away as I expect it to I hope he lands on another show soon. He is funny and pretty - a nice combo.
  9. I totally have a hotmail account and I'm not ashamed. I have too many things connected to it to bother at this point. Of course I do have gmail too, so I'm not too antiquated. The orgy did make me laugh for some reason. Although in this day and age, geeks are in and I'm sure many of them have lots of sex.
  10. S04.E05: Kimmy and the Beest!

    Diane from Black-ish!!! I enjoyed this episode. The changes to the play were funny and I like how Jackie and Lillian sold those tickets - they must've made some serious money at $100 a pop.
  11. I liked Doug the first time we saw him as the pet masseur but I wasn't into this episode. I assume this will lead up to the final showdown for Kimmy/the Rev (although I don't see Jon Hamm listed in any other episodes) which I am not looking forward to. I hate the Reverend character so having him be the focus while the characters I do like sidelined was not fun for me. I appreciate the way it mirrored many other documentaries (and the Titus cut aways were funny) but this is not one I will rewatch.
  12. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Love that it was the last spoken line. I thought this finale was good. Not some epic episode that will resonate for years, but thought it was a good wrap-up of the characters. The sibling car scene was amazing and when they all hugged on the road at the end, I felt that there was genuine emotion from the cast there. I think the only gap for me is the lack of Darrin. Most every other recurring character got a moment this season (poor Carly's was so very brief) so I would've liked to see Sue run into him or something. I was a bit worried that when Frankie said Sean/Sue broke-up, we were going into Barney/Robin territory and I was worried. But, it worked out. Sue's wedding dress was so very Sue. And Sean looked hot in this episode so that was nice.
  13. S05.E22: Jake & Amy

    Title of my sex tape for sure! Nothing to add but I am so glad I get to watch more of this show next year.
  14. S29.E21: Flanders' Ladder

    I thought Snowball I was white so I don't remember seeing her. Of course there were several other Snowballs in that one episode too (I think technically we are on five). It was interesting to see both Family Guy and the Simpsons have characters in a coma. But, for this one it seemed like that had this idea that would sort of work for a TOH, but decided to make it a dream episode. I enjoyed it.
  15. Season 16 Talk

    Our Fuddrucker's closed over a decade ago and the building still sits empty... This episode was pretty good. Peter was being super assy about the burgers but he does get passionate about random things. And yes about Stripes. Good film, but it does drag.