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  1. I realize they didn’t necessarily intend to air these 2 back to back but it was weird to me how episode 9 was all about Michael staying with his dad and then in the very next episode off Vince goes (until he didn’t). Just seemed disjointed. I do like this show. Super unpopular opinion: I realize Michael is a caricature/stereotype but I think he’s funny and I laugh at his jokes. The thing about on fleek being out and then back in made me laugh. And total agreement to Matthew as MVP. If this show goes away as I expect it to I hope he lands on another show soon. He is funny and pretty - a nice combo.
  2. I totally have a hotmail account and I'm not ashamed. I have too many things connected to it to bother at this point. Of course I do have gmail too, so I'm not too antiquated. The orgy did make me laugh for some reason. Although in this day and age, geeks are in and I'm sure many of them have lots of sex.
  3. S04.E05: Kimmy and the Beest!

    Diane from Black-ish!!! I enjoyed this episode. The changes to the play were funny and I like how Jackie and Lillian sold those tickets - they must've made some serious money at $100 a pop.
  4. I liked Doug the first time we saw him as the pet masseur but I wasn't into this episode. I assume this will lead up to the final showdown for Kimmy/the Rev (although I don't see Jon Hamm listed in any other episodes) which I am not looking forward to. I hate the Reverend character so having him be the focus while the characters I do like sidelined was not fun for me. I appreciate the way it mirrored many other documentaries (and the Titus cut aways were funny) but this is not one I will rewatch.
  5. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Love that it was the last spoken line. I thought this finale was good. Not some epic episode that will resonate for years, but thought it was a good wrap-up of the characters. The sibling car scene was amazing and when they all hugged on the road at the end, I felt that there was genuine emotion from the cast there. I think the only gap for me is the lack of Darrin. Most every other recurring character got a moment this season (poor Carly's was so very brief) so I would've liked to see Sue run into him or something. I was a bit worried that when Frankie said Sean/Sue broke-up, we were going into Barney/Robin territory and I was worried. But, it worked out. Sue's wedding dress was so very Sue. And Sean looked hot in this episode so that was nice.
  6. S05.E22: Jake & Amy

    Title of my sex tape for sure! Nothing to add but I am so glad I get to watch more of this show next year.
  7. S29.E21: Flanders' Ladder

    I thought Snowball I was white so I don't remember seeing her. Of course there were several other Snowballs in that one episode too (I think technically we are on five). It was interesting to see both Family Guy and the Simpsons have characters in a coma. But, for this one it seemed like that had this idea that would sort of work for a TOH, but decided to make it a dream episode. I enjoyed it.
  8. S16.E20: Are You There God? It's Me, Peter

    Our Fuddrucker's closed over a decade ago and the building still sits empty... This episode was pretty good. Peter was being super assy about the burgers but he does get passionate about random things. And yes about Stripes. Good film, but it does drag.
  9. S09.E22: Clash of Swords

    Yeah I wasn't sure this was the season finale until the end when they hit us over the head with the lessons learned. I do think there is potential with the closet story next season but I am not happy about the new baby story. It felt rushed - they should've started it at least in the previous episode. And poor Lily will likely be more sidelined next year. I agree next year should be the last (well actually 2 seasons ago should've been the last) so I hope they wrap it up well.
  10. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    I assume Roseanne was given the pills by the people. It sounded like they knew them. I got oxy after some minor surgery last year and only took 2 of them (they really screwed me up!) so I had some leftover. Not saying Rosie didn't manipulate them a bit to get them, but I don't think she's stealing. Could be wrong though. I thought this episode was okay. I did really like the Becky/Darlene bonding. They have such a complex relationship and I like seeing it develop as they age. I hope in the next season Jackie gets something to do besides act like a 6 year old.
  11. S05.E21: White Whale

    I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and the gift bags at the hotel had aspirin too. Must be a thing now - of course my family likes to drink, so this is the default. I loved this episode, especially knowing it isn't almost the end for this show. I love Amy and Rosa together. And I really appreciated the limited amount of Gina. I don't see how Holt can get the commissioner job (at least permanently) because that would be hard to manage storyline wise for the long term. Maybe he'll get it and something will bring him back to the 99 a few episodes later. Now that I write this, I think this happened before right?
  12. S16.E19: The Unkindest Cut

    Even though that is not what happens with sex change operations, I didn't mind this episode. I like that Ida and Glenn have a good relationship and I appreciate it when Glenn isn't portrayed as a predatory rapist (which he basically is). The Mort plot was a bit meh - I was hoping Neil would pop up and lament that he lost both parents and maybe Meg would be brought in, but then I realized they hate writing anything for Meg and changed my expectations.
  13. S03.E17: Trinity

    I'm glad to find someone else who appreciates him in that red spandex. I have never minded Mon-El and hope he sticks around. As someone who prefers the male of the species, I totally agree. Girl is sexy.
  14. S05.E20: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

    So, I guess Erica will be home next season. I don't hate Erica like others do, and I actually like when she bonds with the brothers, so I'm okay with this, Also, it looks like Lainey will be back too, so the reconciling with Barry can commence. And I know we comment on Lucky sightings but I also feel like we should add Pop and Adam sightings to that. Both characters have been in the background so much this past season, I forget they are there half the time.
  15. S05.E19: Bachelor/ette Party

    I hope that next season there is some recurring in-the-shadows bad guy who is causing trouble for the 99 (Jake especially) and it is revealed to be Reginald VelJohnson. If not that elaborate, he definitely needs to come back to be Jake's nemesis. Hell, if they could get Bruce Willis to tell Jake he hates him, I would be very happy. I was hoping Amy and Jake would join forces and she would help him solve the scavenger hunt and he would help her get revenge on her ex. Didn't really happen, but it was still a fun episode. Casual Holt is hilarious.