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  1. Good grief, the prosecution was a mess; they all but granted Zimmerman his freedom. What's more infuriating, it appears that they didn't even try to prove his guilt. Zimmerman is trash. I am still waiting for him to feel Karma's wrath.
  2. All Episodes Talk: We All Love Joy

    I'm glad Joy's living her best life in England; she deserves it.I missed that exchange between Alex and Rev. Al, but I agree that she was out of line.
  3. All Episodes Talk: We All Love Joy

    Is Joy on vacation? I haven't seen her for the past two weeks. That said not to take anything from Johnathan Capehart--who I love, but I enjoy Rev. Al Sharpton as host this weekend; especially he when made that racist GOP senate candidate squirm. I'm going to start watching his show.
  4. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    I haven't seen Didi yet. Way to go Quintana! It is so nice to see him earn a win--despite two mechanical issues! Looks like he's getting his mojo back. I'm worried about Sagan, though. I hope he's able to complete the last four stages of the tour.
  5. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    ...and the fact that he got back on the bike is impressive. That's determination. I am so sad that he had to abandon the tour. I am thrilled for his teammate, Alaphilppe winning his second stage. I enjoy watching him ride; he is insane on the descents.
  6. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    Another Team Sky hater here; especially after the doping allegations. It was a matter of time for them to emerge. Froome rubs me the wrong way, but I. CAN. NOT. STAND. Thomas. The comment he made about Van Amenadt (sp) keeping the jersey reeked of arrogance, and I was hoping he'd keep it another day because of it. Those boos were well deserving yesterday and today. I have been pulling for Quintana for couple of years, and still hold out hope for him to win--either him, or Dumonlin, who has really stepped up his game in the past couple of years.
  7. All Episodes Talk

    Yep, I remembered all of this; in fact, Chad was the reason why she and Jen fell out--turns out Jen was right about him all along. I think it bothers Evelyn that Tami's living her best life, while she's just existing
  8. All Episodes Talk

    Good grief. That was some strong tea Jennifer spilled last night. Clearly this was a set up by Tami.
  9. Okay, so no one's going to talk about the feud they had with DJ Envy that's been trending all day yesterday? It. was. EPIC. DJ Envy gets salty Their response
  10. Atlanta

    Okay, can I just say how much I loved how the entire crew put up a united front after Dime went savage on Trashy P? I typically don't like the fighting, but she deserved that dragging as she was totally out of line for inserting herself into Rasheeda and Kirk's business. She should have stay in her lane.
  11. Season 6

    Wow, you must've really f'd up when Tami--of ALL people calls you on your messiness. That stylist was very unprofessional and out of pocket; if she wasn't so nasty, Cristen would have relented and possibly enjoy it. I can't believe I'm defending Evelyn, but I think she had good intentions with the makeover, she probably felt it would help Cristen get out of her funk after having a miscarriage; when went all the way left, she felt guilty and apologized. Re: Brandi, I'm team Tami on this one; I know that's Malaysia's homegirl, but why she bring her knowing that it'll cause some friction....I forgot--it's "scripted". As much I dislike them, I also enjoy Tami and Evelyn's friendship; they have their issues, but they clearly enjoy each other's company, and I love seeing them hanging out together.
  12. Phaedra is just awful; she barely showed any remorse and refuse to owned up to her lies--and she has gall to cry foul because she's labeled the villian. I think using Porsha as a pawn try to ruin Khandi qualifies her a such--even worse. Making up such an egreious lie is despicable. Khandi should definitely sue for slander/defamation. I don't feel bad for Porsha, either; instead of thinking for herself, she was stupid enough to believe Phaedra. If I were Khandi, I would be done with her, too. I am glad she backed Phaedra in a corner and gave her a dragging. Kenya got on my nerves; she just needs to shut up and let the three hash it out.
  13. Underground

    Most definitely; especially Patty. Cato's doing too much and I am getting tired of him, but I am curious of his game plan.
  14. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    Mac hitting on that young girl made my skin crawl. I'm so glad she got out of there. Man, if Mac didn't do a 180 on his girlfriend once his 'contact' kicked him to the curb; since Grace practically ruined him, he has nothing else to lose anymore. That said, that fight with him and Grace was intense; I'm glad she went for the jugular. I would have gotten the heck out of there afterwards, though. I was afraid for Zora as I just knew she was going to catch her boyfriend's hands, he was still a self-absorbed jerk, and I'm glad she left the studio. Jacob needs to run far away from Pastor Pretty Boy. At least he's trying to be the voice of reason to convince him to fall back on the shady dealings. Lawd, just imagine if Lady Mae or Bishop Greenleaf would catch Kevin and his new friend making out, lol. Can't wait for the new season!
  15. S03.E15: Civil Hands Unclean

    Yep! He's becoming his father's son!