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  1. Zach and Tori

    I know that Tori used to work teaching, but, I'm not so sure if she still does. I mean, how could you work as a school teacher and be available for filming when it's required? That's why I think that it would be challenging to have a regular 40 hour per week job and also film, because you may have to take off weeks at a time for filming and travel if needed. Most jobs just aren't designed to let an employee take off weeks at a time and return with no expectations. And besides, if the 40 hours per week, working all weeks is paying you $31.000. a year and the tv show is paying you $100,000. per year for a couple of months of work, then, what makes the most sense? And, I can see why having a line of something to sale or that brings in income, makes more sense, because you are in control of your schedule.
  2. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    I agree. And when you are in the business of being an officer of the court, which is what attorneys are, assuming that he is still licensed, it really makes me scratch my head. Why would you want that out there? I realize that reality shows are full of staged scenes and fake issues, but, what he said was nothing to joke around about, imo.
  3. General True Crime Shows

    Forbidden:Dying for Love, was certainly a tale of things NOT to do. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This was a story of a young mother, who became involved with a prison guard during her sentence and the tragedy that unfolds when she gets released. These shows really do take the position of the deceased person's family members and don't seem to point to much that is objective about the situation. They painted this woman as a loving mother, who loved her daughter more than anything and would anything for her and was just the best person in the world. Okay. Her mother did admit that the woman, Mary, was a hard ass. She was difficult. She had a long record when she went to prison for malicious maiming, due to being with her criminal boyfriend (not baby's daddy) when he assaulted someone. She misses her daughter so much, but, that doesn't stop her from beginning a love affair with a prison guard that can get her more time in prison and more time from her daughter. They are discovered, guard fired, later she's released and moves in with him, and then she discovers that he's abusive. Exposes her daughter to abuse. Moves out, Reconnects with another ex-lover, who returns saying that he's changed, hooks up with him and ready to get engaged, when guard ex-boyfriend and her continue fighting and within 2 weeks he kills her and himself. Such a tragic road. I never did see the part where she was putting her daughter first though. She was very preoccupied with hooking up with men and drama. That seemed to follow her.
  4. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I've never noticed any kind of blemish on Auj. Hmmm.....I must have been focused on her lovely eyes and smile. Oh, and great hair. I do wonder about her fashion choices though. Maybe, I'm not aware of the styles in Oregon with people her age. I have had two good friends over the years who had dark birthmarks on their face. After awhile of knowing them, I didn't even notice. One, had hers removed after many years and the other one never has.
  5. Amen! And, you would think that Amy is smart enough to know this. If she can't move past her resentment, when Chris wants her to, then, it must be really huge. If she was convinced that Matt and Caryn were having an affair, I can understand her being hurt, but, how long do you linger with the hostility? Most criminals get a date that they get out of prison or get parole. I guess Amy just isn't interesting in moving on. But, I am reminded that if she were to move on and things become amicable......what good is that for reality show? They'd have to come up with some other kind of angst. And, since the ratings are pretty good, why try to fix it?
  6. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    It's nice to see the photos of Jer, Auj and Baby Girl. She really is adorable. I hope that Auj can get her health back on track and that there isn't a deeper problem. Have you ever met people who are always sick, injured or suffering in some way? It's unfortunate, because some of them suffer from depression and/or anxiety that really brings things on them or they really believe they are sick. Of course, not doubt the mono and mastitis were real. It's good that she has Jer to help with Ember's care and around the house.
  7. Zach and Tori

    I don't have an issue with a reality personality having their job be a tv reality personality. I don't know what their filming schedule is, but, if it pays the bills, affords the parents with the ability to spend good time with their children and allows them to be able to film when necessary, I get it. I can't imagine what kind of salary Zach would make working a 40 hour week, but, apparently, he can make more doing the show. I'm not sure if he's lazy or not. He didn't do much work growing up that we saw, except for doing the show and working on the farm. But, he's changed a lot since then in other ways, so, perhaps, he's changed in that regard as well. I would think that if he's farm bound, he might pick up some business classes at the community college.
  8. I thought it was a pretty good episode, under the circumstances. Matt and Amy both went all out for their holiday gatherings. And, I thought it was enjoyed by all. For a family that is stemmed with as much dysfunction as they had, I think it went really well. lol I liked seeing them pick out their Christmas trees. Those babies in the wagon were so cute! Great memories and photos of that day for sure. I think those of Matt as Santa holding the babies will also be treasured. And those with 4 generations as the party. I'm not sure all the gift gifting was shown on air. I would think that Jer and Auj did give Amy something. I did love the idea of planting the trees for each baby and the adult kids loved it too. Seems to me, that's a big vote in favor of keeping the farm in the family. It seemed that Amy and Chris enjoyed the party they gave and the kids did too. I wish Jer and Zach would stop with "it's hard for our parents to be divorced" routine. Their parents were MISERABLE and hostile with each other for many years. How in the hey can they not want to see them happier with other people? It makes no sense. I don't relish the family gatherings where Amy tells Matt to shove it up his ***, but, maybe, they have short memories. I suspect the show encourages them to stress hurt over it. They don't want them to be super lucky adult children with perfect lives and no worries. I mean, how amusing would that be? lol From what I've seen over the years and now, I suspect that the uncomfortable feelings around Amy have to do with her having issues about being not okay with Matt and Caryn. The kids pick up on it and it must be a chore to constantly have to have her expressing that resentment. To me, it would get old. Apparently, she'll take it to her grave. So sad for Amy, because it's not helping anything and only hurting her. I did like that Amy is aware of the potential of being too involved as a grandparent. She said she wanted to strike just the right balance and that's a good thing. Some grandparents mean well, but, are too intrusive. It's nice to feel wanted, but, not pressured. It seems that she and Matt are careful about that.
  9. Small Talk: Meet us in the Laundry Room

    Have any of you watched a show on AMC called Dietland? It's a real quirky kind of show. It's rather difficult to describe. I suppose it could be described as a dark comedy, as it has quite a bit of murder. I'm not sure that I really get it. I wish there was more discussion about it on the boards. There are several threads on it. If anyone is interested, please come over there. It's nothing like The Americans, except it has a lot of murders. lol https://www.amc.com/shows/dietland
  10. S01.E04: F...This 2018.06.18

    Ref. the boldface above: Can you elaborate on how Plum is getting her consciousness raised and what is she learning to change? I have trouble with what they are trying to say with the Baptist and those exercises for Plum. Also, why do you think that Plum is whining and angry? Is she unhappy with herself or the way she perceives she is treated by others? She seems to be angry or resentful of so many people, everyone except for the the quirky girl who comes down to meet her on the sidewalk.
  11. I haven't watched the aftershow, but, did see a little of it. It seemed to me that it might be more inviting if the the ladies were sitting in a more comfortable arrangement.
  12. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Oh Yaaay.
  13. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Very interesting. Good points made in the article. I may take this to the Hollywood's Dirty Little Secrets thread.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    The woman murdered on her wedding day was on last week on ID. I think the show was Primal Instinct. Here' s a link for it. The one that I saw recently, had certain portions that was actual video. http://crimefeed.com/2018/06/primal-instinct/
  15. General True Crime Shows

    It is amazing at the number of people who might have had a claim of self defense, accident or some unintentional death, but, they mess it up by staging the scene, cleaning up the scene or disposing of the body. Later, it ruins their defense. You'd think they'd get their story straight first. lol I recall a story about a couple who had a small child together. One wife (they were a lesbian couple) reported that she returned home with the child to find her wife dead at the bottom of the basement stairs. The woman had been murdered. If she had just left it at that, she would likely have gotten away with it, but, she had to try to confuse the scene and poured paint all over the floor. Due to how long the paint was there, they were able to conclude that she had poured the paint and staged the scene and she was convicted. Now the child has no parent in her life. This was one of those cases where the parties refused to stop fighting. They had been in court before for domestic violence and the judge told them to STOP fighting or he would remove the child. They got back together, but, just couldn't stop the fighting. Eventually, one of the ended up dead, the other in prison for life.