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  1. I KNEW that I had read something about how red heads feel pain more than most people. IT's not a myth either. Here's one article about it. They require more anesthesia than non-red heads. It also explains why people have red hair. Pretty amusing. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/fact-or-fiction-do-redheads-feel-more-pain I wonder if Chris just has bad gas and he had to walk it off. lol Perhaps, he was embarrassed to tell Amy about it.
  2. General True Crime Shows

    Yeah, I hate to make such a big deal about this monster, because he is a piece of garbage, but, it's just so interesting from an investigative viewpoint to see how all the pieces fit together. I hope he's not getting a big head over this. He was pretty proud and cocky with his victims. I want him to get nothing positive from this process. A full confession would be awesome, but, he won't likely do that.
  3. General True Crime Shows

    Recall how on that last 3 segment special, they said that when he was almost caught, he would disappear....even with police all around! I guess so. I wonder if he had a uniform in his bag or just pulled out his badge to fade into the background. There were many theories that he was into real estate. I wonder if that is true. I had leaned towards him being a utility person, since he seemed to know so many details about the personal lives of people in the homes. I thought he was listening in on their phone calls. Can't wait to find out many details. Now THIS will make for a great new SPECIAL.
  4. When Timberlee was looking at her friend's apt, it brought back some memories of when I was young and moved in with a friend who had a young child. It was a spacious 2 bedroom house, but, it was still a huge deal. Unless, you have lived with a toddler and a working mom who dates, you can't imagine how things go. I certainly learned a lot. Like how to clean clay dough off carpet, wash crusted dishes at 7:00 a.m. in the morning that someone else just walked out and left, etc. lol I wonder if her friend has any idea what it might be like. Especially in such tight quarters. That was just too small for 3 people, imo. Lee really annoys me. I wonder if he can ever become really comfortable with himself.
  5. General True Crime Shows

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Too busy to digest this now, but, will later! I am AMAZED! I knew they could solve it. I wonder if those tv specials helped do it. Can't wait to read the details.
  6. Yeah, I caught that about him saying something about the night before, but, that could apply to a few things. Not sure what he meant. Probably, producer driven. I did laugh a lot at Matt and Caryn. She's pretty funny. I think watching her and Matt do a fixer upper might be amusing.
  7. S14.E18: Live Top 12 Eliminations

    While the coaches really pump up the contestants with talk of artistry and how they are on a journey of a grand career, it doesn't really phase me. I can see why they have to do that for the show though. It's actually a singing contest for money and a car. I mean...really. If they are real lucky, they may get to make a living and be as successful as Jordan Smith or Cassadee Pope. But, to me, if these contestants watched the show, they'd know what is really going to happen. Still, I don't fault them. I bet they could really use that money. I do like Rayshun, but, I'm not sure how long he will hang in there. I can think of a few others that I would prefer to see go before he does though. I don't care for a lot of the song choices lately, but, that's nothing new. I was so happy that Christianna had a better pick this time. I do think she has much more potential, so why is it barely coming out with Alicia as her coach? Hmmmm...... Britton has been my favorite so far, but, I do wonder about his longevity now. His limited range is really becoming a distraction to me. I wonder if he needs to work on that.
  8. I learned a lot from this episode. So, the farm is still actually owned by both Matt and Amy with Amy getting the right to live in the main residence......Hmm.......man that is odd. I'm not sure why I was under the impression that Amy got the house as her property. I wonder exactly how that property settlement is set up. So, I now see why Matt won't build his own house on the farm land. He won't get his investment back. That makes sense. I still can't see Matt actually moving to the one story house that is going up for auction. It just seems like a project, imo, either the idea of Matt or TLC. Fixer Upper shows are so popular. Plus, it might give Jeremy something to do. I'm beginning to wonder if Amy is really into all this adventure or is trying to impress Chris. I mean, the sky diving was a huge thing, but, now motorcycle road trip for 6 days! That's really hard on the butt. Being a free spirit is one thing, but, for a woman in her fifties.....I don't know. Just odd to me. What do you think that Chris was doing when he disappeared so much on their trip? She said it happened repeatedly and they actually got into an argument over it. Didn't she say before this trip that they had not had any arguments? My first thought was that he was testing his blood sugar. But, would he keep something like that from her for a year? AND be driving a motorcycle with her as a passenger without telling her? Since, if you are diabetic and doing something risky, your companion needs to know in case of emergency. Plus, that only takes a minute to do. I'm curious. I don't understand why some women are so focused on having natural childbirth (nothing for pain) but, to each his own. If Auj has a high pain tolerance, it might work out okay.
  9. S01.E09: Summer of the Shark

    This says that the Detroit police applicants are drug tested. Not sure if existing officers get unannounced, random test, but, I did see that it was done many years ago. https://www.michigan.gov/mcoles/0,4607,7-229-41624-150202--,00.html
  10. S01.E09: Summer of the Shark

    I'm just wondering if trying to send this bad guy to prison could end up with him getting killed, not by their hands, but, accident or other bad guys. And they get the credit or blame....Will this show go that dark? I know it's a comedy. Maybe, they wouldn't go there.
  11. Little People in the Media

    Oh, okay. I wonder if she visits much. I may be off, but, I wonder if she likes not being around for the drama and the show. There would likely be some drama, even without the show, but, with producers wanting show drama, I get how it would be annoying. I did find this: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/a19702202/molly-roloff-little-people-big-world/
  12. Little People in the Media

    Has anyone heard anything about Molly recently? I didn't even hear her mentioned at the Father's Day gathering.
  13. S14.E17: Live Top 12 Performances

    I agree. There were some major issues. Can the singer not hear their own voice? I voted for the best 3 imo. And Toxic? I just can't.........
  14. S01.E09: Summer of the Shark

    I just adore this show. I've just started watching, so, I'm not that familiar with the background, but, it's so amusing. It sort of gives me that Weeds vibe, if you ever watched that on Showtime. I'm assuming that each lady has desperate need for money that led them into the criminal element. I had to google last night to confirm the year of Hot in Here (Nelly). OMG, I recall that well. Brought back lots of partying memories.
  15. Little People in the Media

    Yes, I recall how when Matt attempted to interject rules of the house after Jacob and friends burned their furniture, Amy jumped in and had a fit. Apparently, Amy wasn't that keen on house rules. lol She also claimed to be an empty nester when Jacob was still living at home. It didn't appear she spend much time with him. I read that he had drug issues, but, I suppose he is doing better and they have put that behind them. I hope that's true. Plus, he may be able to legally use pot now, depending on what state he's in. lol https://screenrant.com/little-people-big-world-dark-secrets-trivia-facts/