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  1. I suspect that Chikota has a form of Agoraphobia and is phobic about leaving the house. Just my suspicion. It seems to be rather common with large people who hole in their house for a long time. Maybe, I just have stiff leg muscles, but, leaning down over straight legs to paint my toenails would be very uncomfortable. Maybe, I need physical therapy. lol Chikota didn't seem to even strain. It was like her feet are right at her lap level. Odd. But, seriously, I think she must be double jointed.
  2. I caught a little of this, but, need to catch up. It was confusing, though, this thread helps. Please tell me, is the woman playing Burton's love interest this season, the same woman that he was obsessed with last season (Lady in Red)? If so, she looks different to me. Also, when he gave her cash and ride to the bus or train station, they didn't seem to have much chemistry. It was like they were so supposed to hate saying goodbye, but, it didn't really bother them. ? I will give it another go, but, I wonder if I'm only going to get frustrated again.
  3. Oh yes, Colton. Check out this photo. Man, they both look super young there. This is Colton now. I think he's really hot too. Actually, cuter than Bobby, not that looks matter. lol
  4. I see. Keep us posted. I hope to have more positive news, once I am able to exercise and jump start my metabolism. I'm hoping to keep off the few pounds lost due to the flu as well. It's nice that something good came out of it. OH, at the doctor's office this week, my blood pressure, untreated was 122/72. I've seen that type of reading at home, but, in the doctor's office, it's normally higher. At least now they can believe me. lol
  5. I considered some of the things that she said about growing up and thought they were odd. Were these actually thoughts she had as a child or are they thoughts that she came up with as an adult and she claims she thought them as a child. Specifically, I question if she really thought that her mom was starving her at age 10. She appeared to be at least 25 pounds overweight. How would a child of that size feel they were being starved? I just don't believe she thought that as a child or if she did, she must have been a very unusual child. Does starved mean, that you can only have 1 bowl of cereal, not 2 or only 2 pop tarts and not 6? I just wonder where she got those resentment feelings from. Really, not what she said on air.
  6. Yeah, I think that staying motivated is good and is the key. The people who I know who go on extreme diets, don't ever seem to be settled into their nutrition and/or exercise as being a part of their life and it never pans out for them in the long run. Or they lose it, but, then gain it back. I suppose that's what turned me off extreme diets. I know I'll never stay on a diet indefinitely, so, I want an eating plan that makes me happy everyday, but, keeps me fit and healthy. Fortunately, what I've figured out, has worked pretty well. I still have about 30 pounds to go. Then, I'll just maintain. My goal is to be there by Easter. I think that's reasonable. How many pieces of clothes do you have to fit into as your goal? I can wear almost all my clothes now. My problem is that things are likely too big on me. I kept a few things just for fun. Like a pair of jeans size 4. lol I don't intend to get into them, though. I still like to hold them up and look it them for fun.
  7. I wonder why we don't see her or someone like her, working with the patients. I would think that the patient needs a lot of information and communication in order to knock the crazy ideas out and replace them with sound, vital, truthful info.
  8. JTMacc99, it does sound like you are doing all the right things. I know it's frustrating to not get the results you want. You sound pretty motivated. I think that I am motivated differently than you. I'm more inclined to be gentle with myself and just give it more time. Just a different approach. I think that what I want is to do something that I'm always going to do. So, I'm not inclined to change my diet or do something temporarily, when, I know it's not sustainable. I actually lost a few more pounds, but it's due to the flu. This also sets me back with my exercise though. I had planned to be in full swing with that by now. Oh well......
  9. I will keep an open mind, but, things aren't starting out too great. So far, I'm not that impressed. I have listed my reasons on the episode thread. Scale, disjointed care, etc. I wonder if he knows what he's in for. I have to keep reminding myself that he's a bariatric doctor. I mean, I did google him.
  10. Does anyone recall the name of the patient who was successful and then started work for Dr. Now as a patient rep or something like that.
  11. Anyone watching Southern Justice on this network? I'm not sure if it's an old or new show.
  12. I really like most of it. Very nice indeed, but, I thought that Josh said Bobby wasn't into materialistic things or that things don't matter to him., something like that. Of course, maybe, Josh was the one behind the registry idea. lol Does anyone recall the name of Josh's ex-partner? The one who he was with during Edith's death?
  13. Since they actually do wed, I suspect that Josh is under some kind of spell or con game. Not sure which. I do fear that he will eventually, come out ,after the split and admit that he was not thinking clearly. And family and friends will then admit that they saw trouble, but, kept quiet, because Josh was so adamant about his love. OR maybe, they will stay miserable together like Jeff Lewis and Gage. lol
  14. Okay. I posted about this WAY back the first time that Josh commented about Bobby on the show. He was very smitten and gushing about Bobby and I said then that it seemed FAKE to me. I didn't believe it then and I still don't believe it. I have no idea why we have been exposed to this spectacle, but, to me, it is NOT genuine. It's downright obnoxious. Josh will eventually find the situation unbearable. But, he'll figure it out. I never took Josh F. for an idiot, so, I admit, I'm not sure the reason for this story he's giving. All that crying, gushing, ignoring disrespect, etc. It's beyond bizarre. I haven't read even one viewer comment that's positive about Bobby. And yet Josh's family loves him? Come on.
  15. Yes, a plan for travel, would likely have involved pre-counseling, anti-anxiety meds. for boarding and staying on the plane. ( They can prescribe 2 pills.) And even a life coach type person to accompany her. That would likely have paid off in the longrun. Dr. Now's team has seen all of this stuff many times for many years with lots of patients. Why in the hell can't they figure it out? I'm not even a health care professional and I get it. It seems like it's probably fabricated for tv. Sad, really.