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  1. Season 15 Discussion

    You may have a point. I've checked to see just what the winners do with Republic Records, who the recording contracts are with, and it looks like Sawyer Freidricks is the only one who Republic really got involved with. The others just had one single release or there's just no mention about an album or Republic. I've gone back to Craig Wayne Boyd and Sawyer is the only one that I can tell that they really did anything for. Kohanski is supposed to have a release next year....we'll see. It often just never happens. But, at least they got their $100,000.00.
  2. Season 15 Discussion

    The problem with accommodating contestants when they are sick is that it disadvantages the remaining contestants.
  3. S07.E10: Dylan & Savenia

    I recently saw this one for the first time. I must have missed if they explained why when Nev called Sevenia's friend she said Sevenia never talked about an online love interest. Said her sister did though.
  4. Yeah, Rhylee just sends out bad vibes......ughhhh....
  5. Season 15 Discussion

    I've complained about Adam for years. He chooses favorites on his team and throws others under the bus, blatantly shows favoritism towards certain team members, sabotages others and pays lip service to get people on his team, but, doesn't really mean it. That's why I am amazed when contestants who say they watch the show choose him when they have other options. He would definitely be my last option.
  6. Season 15 Discussion

    As popular as Reagan and Kennedy seem to be, I can't imagine them being in the bottom, but, what do I know? lol I don't care for them, but, I can imagine they will get votes regardless of their performance, but, Blake's fans are so loyal. He'll probably keep his entire team. Wouldn't it be odd if Adam lost all of his? Man..... Sarah's not one of my favorites either and I would not miss her at all. Actually, I wouldn't mind if she and Reagan left next.
  7. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    I thought that it's customary for the WIFE or her family to pay for the wedding. (Husband or his family pays for rehearsal dinner, groom's cake and groom's attendant's gifts.) So, with all her family's money, why aren't they covering the flowers, venue, etc.? I must have missed it. Oh, since none of her family is attending, what's the need to show off? This couple is a perfect example of why I believe this couple and some others are set up by TLC just for the tv show. No way they would have hooked up otherwise, imo. Do we even know for certain that these people are here under the guise they give and for the time period they give on the show? It just has such a fakery vibe. Steven is scary, imo. I hope a restraining order can be avoided, but, I'd be very wary of this man. When Ashley says that she and Jay worked through a problem, it means he admitted to lying and told her to get over it, she does and they are okay again. That girl is pathetic. At least she knows what she's getting. Didn't Fernanda say that her mother could not attend the wedding due to no money for the trip? Then, why not get a lower cost wedding gown, say $200. and use the rest to fly mother in for the wedding?
  8. Season 15 Discussion

    I really liked Makenzie again, as well as Kirk and Kymberli, but, I really still prefer Makenzie. I do feel that she has held back this week and last though. Not sure why. Kennedy was very polished and impressive, but, I didn't care for the song at all. Still, she's super good and likely at the top. I thought Reagan's performance was sad. She really struggled, but, that was either nerves or coaching issue, imo. I have no issue with who is leaving except I hope that Makenzie, Kymberli and Kirk are safe. I voted for all 3 of them. I think the Voice's voting site had an issue early this morning though. The voting page would not scroll down so you could properly use the page to vote. I had to do it on my phone. Hmm......I wonder how many others couldn't vote on their computer due to site issue. Not fair and could cause unfair advantage to some contestants. It's funny, because last week, I thought to myself that Chevel reminded me of Loretta Lynn. lol
  9. S01.E05: Miracles

    I just love this show. It's fine to me and I think the writing is super good. Yeah, it's not realistic that Darlene can support Becky and her baby, but, it's a sitcom.....I'll buy it. They all are so funny and of course, Becky is still my favorite. Something about her just cracks me up.
  10. Gratefulness and Smiles

    I just wanted to say that I recently had a situation resolved that was very overwhelming. It turnedout better than my wildest dreams. I think I'm still in shock, but, want to share my gratefulness. I intend to pass it on to others. I do believe in miracles!
  11. The Voice in the Media

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but, thought it was really amazing. For Halloween, Blake as Batman, Adam as Robin, Jennifer as Cat woman, and Kelly as the Penguin.....singing one of Blake's tunes. Not sure if ran on the regular episode or not. https://www.nbc.com/the-voice/video/the-voice-coaches-perform-blake-sheltons-honey-bee/3822107
  12. I normally like Beth, but, dropping out, so close to the election seems unwise to me. I agree with Randall on this one. You put yourself out there, you make promises, you ask people to believe in you and then you fold, because the numbers say it's not viable. Okay, so you may lose, but, you can say you did your best. Choosing to stop the campaign, for the reasons given, just seems lame to me. You have to think of your commitment and the future. AND, putting Randal on the couch after two daughters just gave them big news was UNWISE. Either daughter may interpret that as discord between the couple over their news. Kids have a way of blaming themselves for adult problems. IMO, it wasn't very sensitive. For Toby and Kate to pick cake as a private gender reveal???? Odd choice, imo. Considering both of their health situations, they might be focusing on more healthy choices, imo. I normally like Rebecca too, but, she really does need to learn to pick up on ques when someone isn't interested in discussing something.
  13. Anyone see Connie Britain on recently? OMG, not sure who did her work, but, it is AWESOME! So natural and lovely. I'm happy for her.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    Ref. the sound issue: we have Spectrum cable and it's gotten really bad about having the sound go out randomly. The only fix is to switch to different channels, until it pops back in. SO annoying. There is no rhyme or reason to it. And, it's not a certain box, because it happens on all the tvs at different times! Trying to explain it to Spectrum and have them diagnose and fix it...........lol, right. It'll never happen. So, I endure and fantasize another cable option. lol It's so odd to me that family members don't show up for a holiday celebration (Christmas or Thanksgiving) and the family just calls, leaves a message, "Sorry you missed dinner," and goes about their business, not even checking on them until 4-5 days later! What family member is a no show for a major holiday celebration and doesn't even call? Not even days later? I think people must operate very differently that my family.
  15. Season 15 Discussion

    Kennedy is definitely a gifted vocalist. I really have no criticism of her. But, I'm just not as drawn into her performances as I am to those by Mackenzie and Kymberli. Oh, and Kirk. But, all 4 of them are all awesome. In fact, I like all those left, with the exception of Reagen. I'm not sure why, but, I don't care for her performances. (Oh, I've never been a big Jennifer Hudson fan either, and I thought that Kennedy and Mackenzie sounded better than her in that trio performance.) I like Jennifer on this season so far though. She seems to be very honest on her assessments, as does Kelly. Not sure what it is about Mackenzie, but, she just has something special that pulls me into her performance. I find her intriguing.