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  1. S05.E19: A Taco Bowl and a Tubby Seamstress

    I had a genuine lol moment when Mr. Munson didn't know Christy was in the kitchen with he and Bonnie. My mom lost her vision about 7 years ago, and she is always accusing me of trying to give her a heart attack by unintentionally scaring her. ?
  2. S08.E14: The Trouble With Doubles

    Regular sized Rudy, one of my favorite of the friends (Zeke is the other).
  3. Roseanne Revival

    I noticed in the photo that the little girl's character's name is Mary. Maybe after Nana Mary?
  4. I thought it was funny enough for me to waste a half hour, but I have to say my favorite parts of both episodes were the musicians, HoneyHoney, I hope they're in every episode.