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  1. you may not have had to leave California if you maybe would have....oh I don't know....kept your job!?!?
  2. While I am not a huge LuLaRoe person, and only own like 2 pairs of their leggings that my mom bought me because...I had to have them (and I wear them to bed, they are solid colors), I have never heard of people not being able to decide what they get? I am a part of a group (ran by my old boss, more in it for her than the clothes) but she post her inventory and and does pop ups and all that stuff, but people can pick and choose what they want from what she has. That all being said I have no clue if she has any control over what her inventory is or what she gets. Funny thing is the most requested piece of clothing.....black leggings. Back to our regularly scheduled program, I do hope Nicole sticks with the healthier lifestyle, I remember her posting something about eating a salad a while ago but that seems to have gone by the wayside for awhile, I hope she sticks with it this time.
  3. S05.E02: The Hand That Sits the Cradle

    My mother in law tried to do that whole sitting the month thing with me after my first born, and I was like, umm not leaving the house for a month......yeah not happening lol, I do like when they incorporate the Chinese culture, I do feel like that has been missing some
  4. My husband noticed this also..........
  5. oh please make her speak with the American accent again...that was hilarious lol
  6. God bless this man, he is going to try so hard lol, the kid will get use to him I am sure......
  7. There is a whole 3rd row of seats that no one is sitting in.........put the dumb seats down!!!
  8. Young kid (Steven I think?) and Olga.....man we probably ran into them at OC since I spend all my summers there also, this is hitting too close to home lol
  9. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the picture, my question is that looks like a regular what 8-9 inch skillet? I don't think that holds the same volume as a 9x13 pan. I know that would require more math skills that she seems to have, but why use a recipe that doesn't match the pan you are using......never mind.... Speaking of cast iron I have 3 that I absolutely love, a smaller one (maybe 4-5 inches?), medium, and a 13 inch one that I need 2 hands to use, plus a 4 qt. cast iron dutch oven. It has only been about 2 yrs since I started using cast iron but man do I love them!
  10. All Episodes Talk: The Quest for Balls

    I was thinking something like that, but I remember at the end of the Raditz fight everyone standing around his body and it still being there when the end credits started, and then it was never mentioned so it got me thinking lol. Just kind of bugged me lol but I guess it would make sense if it vanishes to the afterlife
  11. All Episodes Talk: The Quest for Balls

    So watching DBZ Kai again and had a thought pop into my head, what did they do with Goku's body while he was dead on earth? Does his body go to the afterlife with him? Did that happen and we don't see it transfer to the afterlife? Do they bury him or just keep it around for when he comes back to life? Not sure why this never occurred to me before lol.....
  12. Because.........America.....
  13. I am pretty sure my mom has the same scarf as Jessie.....
  14. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    My only 2 cents on the whole Jinger not eating pizza is that I know a lot of new and nursing moms avoid milk, it tends to be a big cause of upset baby tummies and is one of the first things most moms will cut out. Maybe she just decided to go ahead and forgo it to avoid any issues. As for Arbys while I was never a huge fan of it the fact that Bob from Bob's Burgers is doing the commercials now is tripping me out lol