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  1. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    oh Jinger, you are already breaking many molds lol.....
  2. Rose petals.........maybe he owns stock.....
  3. I always figured the gods of destruction were based loosely on Egyptian gods....but clown destroyer is freaky lol
  4. Season 03: All Episodes

    Did we ever figure out if El Santo survived that whole "make you like a zombie" drug thing they took and then passed out in the water/mud which is why the drones couldn't detect their body heat? I remember watching that and wondering how Teresa even survived that being underwater that long while being pretty much paralyzed?
  5. The Greatest Showman (2017)

    My 7 year old watched it one night with her grandmother which surprised me because she is usually not a fan of live action, still into the whole Disney Princess thing....needless to say she now wants to own it and has gone from wanting to be a nurse or doctor when she grows up to an acrobat like Ann.......
  6. Season 03: All Episodes

    But I thought Javier was the one who called Cortez about her still being alive after the bomb? Was he playing Cortez or will he turn on Teresa? Over all glad King George and Pote are still around : )
  7. S08.E08: Thrift Store Date Night

    I do feel for Jinger, when I was pregnant my sense of smell was ridiculous, I would get sick just smelling stuff.....
  8. Season 03: All Episodes

    So glad George is ok, that crazy guy has grown on me : )
  9. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    Got to see the movie this weekend, am going to see it again but I have to say during the wedding scene (Collins) I was waiting for November Rain to start playing lol....
  10. Season 03: All Episodes

    Yeah I figured Devon's people took him, although I would have loved to have seen them find him, because that has got to be a bit of a shock to find.
  11. Season 03: All Episodes

    I seriously thought El Santo was going to do something to that baby.....so glad he came out of this rather unharmed, although still not sure how he got the baby out but ok whatever I will let that go. And also please give us an update on King George.........
  12. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    Wishing Well, I am sorry to hear that, I freaking love those pork buns, after we saw the short film Bao at the Incredible's I got upset at hubby for not bringing some back for me when he was down with his parents (they are Chinese), I had just told him how much I missed those lol. We are planning to see this movie on Sunday, I wanted to get lunch before hand but maybe we should wait until after. I have read all 3 books so I am excited to see how they play out : )
  13. S02.E03: Blindsided

    I figured it was to convince Ricky that she was the girl who has sent him pictures, even though he doesn't remember seeing braces on her, something fishy is going on there.....I can't tell if she's younger than she says she is or much older....it's just so.....odd......
  14. Babies are human........so much insight lol.....
  15. how much did production pay that guy to play here comes the bride....