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  1. House Calls - The Cast in Other Roles

    Caught the last 10 minutes of Law and Order SVU on USA during one of it's many marathons today and low and behold Dr. Elizabeth Courdey is also a lawyer lol.....
  2. Ditto, I am not liking this at all.....
  3. This was my thought also....you are given an opportunity to work and your going to turn it down......ummm....no you do what you need to
  4. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I don't post much, and as it is I am a few episodes behind, but I try to keep up with the spoilers, if Emily gets the baby out, my question is, is Luke going to want to raise this baby without June being there? That's kind of a tough one, I mean to raise another man's child, one who he believed raped his wife? I'm not saying it can't happen and that there aren't situations out there where something like this has happened, but I know many people have not been impressed with Luke.....
  5. Incredibles 2 (2018)

    I leaned over to my husband when the white girl showed up and said "so your mothers been talking to Pixar" lol
  6. I swear this lawyer looks like a low budget John Travolta....the hair is killing me...
  7. Season 03: All Episodes

    I still love Pote....glad this show is back, although I didn eye role at Camilla becoming the governor after her husbands death....umm is that possible, that quickly? She never had any interest in politics or at least didn't seem to before, and I don't think he had the greatest reputation by the time he passed, (that one guy made a song about him being a drug lord I believe). Oh well I still like the show.
  8. Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    Figured this was the best place to ask this question, it's been almost 20 years since I read the book in high school (before it got banned), but I thought I remember Hannah being put into a "Handmaid Training" place? Something about her wearing a pink outfit that resembles the Handmaids red? Does anyone remember this or am I imagining things?
  9. My husband said he looks like he's going through all the Kid n Play hairstyles
  10. Season Four Discussion

    The Mom in this story came to our church to talk about her experience (life and a little about the show) but she ended up finding out that for the last like 3 years they lived only 20 miles away from each other, grand-kids have even played football against each other without knowing. Good news is they are all doing very well and have blended into a family rather smoothly. The biological mother has even gotten to talk to the adoptive mother and thank her (and her husband although he had passed). It really was great to hear the story!
  11. Goku still has the sensu beans correct?? I mean I know he's full of holes right now but I am expecting him to reach into his back pocket here soon.....
  12. S09.E04: A Surprise in the Truck

    I really liked the rooms, loved the wall unit and the front of the one house where they recreated the picture, I love that porch. I didn't hear the explanation of why Frank was there, he obviously wasn't a designer was he just there to guide them or just as an extra set of eyes? I am wondering if they won't bring him back as a designer since his designs were always so....dated....he is one of the few ones I don't think would translate well for the newer generation.....
  13. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I am looking forward to this!!
  14. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    So bummed I missed this episode, I am wondering when they will rerun them....I miss Vern
  15. S09.E02: The Carpenters Strike Back

    I am trying to figure out a room in my house where I can put a wall like Ty's lol, that was just awesome!