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  1. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Just read this entire comment out loud to Mr TVEye and after making a face of disgust he said and I quote "who did he blow?".
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Mr TVEye came home from work when they were showing the casket and said "Is the budget for this show that bad?". I had to explain that in this case it's meant to look that way, to which he replied, "this show is horrible".
  3. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Exactly this. He's still be sitting in that stupid mask thing in Russia if Ava didn't go to the clinic, but since we're dealing with Sonny and Carly they'd somehow claim credit, Carly just knew if she could get Ava to burn half her face off she'd find her real true Jason out there somewhere because Drew/Jason didn't kiss S&C's ass enough and Carly just knew it!!! Sorry for the poorly constructed thought process but my hair hurts when I try to waste brain cells thinking about the Unholy Trio.
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I used to pretty much just not-like Griffin. Now I'm nearing levels of Sonny-hate, which will make it easier for me to FF or ignore when he runs to Sonny and Carly to help them get Avery forever, and he and Kiki can talk about how horribly evil Ava is and how sorry they are for not listening to S&C sooner. And Jason can keep forgetting Ava helped save his worthless ass in Russia. Griffin, you sucked as a priest, you sucked as a doctor, you sucked as a boyfriend, you'll fit perfectly in Sonny's world. I may have said this out loud word for word when I saw that bullshit.
  5. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    This is in no way a political statement in any way, shape or form, this is purely aimed at Varni : fuck you and DIAF. If you paid any attention you talentless hack, pretty sure it's the networks who decide when they interrupt and why they interrupt unless it's some kind of national big deal related to politics. Again, this has nothing to do with my personal political opinion, it has to do with the fact that most of the interruptions on my tv screen have been due more to weather related issues than anything, Varni just had to slip that in there, and in a stupidly worded way to remind us all that Trump equals bad, regardless. Way to help heal a heavily divided country. I apologize to all my fellow posters, I'm just sick of stupid political mentions when it's really about a dying show and their inability to budget money correctly, like paying who knows what for Jason to come back and letting too many people with talent go to the wayside so we can keep the Mob Trio Who Eats The Show around till the last dying gasp of a show meant to be about Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals. I'm not too bitter about SBu's return, I swear I'm not/s Again, I apologize to everyone. I am truly not interested in talking about politics, it's one of the best things about coming here, I can get away from all the endless political bickering nearly everywhere else cause you guys are the best and always make me laugh when I need it most.
  6. This times a million. Without going into too much detail, my brother died 2 years ago in a situation similar to what we're being told happened to Dennis. My brother was 52 and left 3 young children without their Father while still reeling from their Mom and Dad separating. There seems to be a kind of glee some people are feeling, excusing it because Bethenny chose to be on a reality show. Somebody died. People lost someone they love very much under very tragic circumstances which none of us will ever really know, and frankly, it's really none of our business, reality show or not. I came here to say I'm so sorry to hear about the death of a human being. It's devastating for everyone involved and I feel so sad. Rest in peace Dennis. My sincere condolences to all his Family and Friends, all of them. I can't even begin to read all the comments here right now, but one more thing that won't go over well I'm sure. The potshots being taken because Dennis lived in Trump Towers make me nauseous. This has zero to do with politics. What in the world is happening to humanity?
  7. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It was awesome! I rewound it at least 5 times, I'm usually half-watching too but because it was CL's last day I actually paid attention. Nelle may have sucked but CL can face-act with the best of them. I was laughing so loud my cat jumped lol. I was shocked nobody jumped on Nelle's "she double crossed me" line when she saw the blanket. Seriously, is that budget that low? I'm surprised MB didn't insist on dubbing one damn important word for his Emmy reel. Lol, I forgot about that! He's been fumbling lines a lot more than usual lately, but at least he was true to form with the way he treated Margaux. If it was any other show I'd think they were setting up a Sonny/Margaux/Carly/Jason thing, especially with the way the camera lingered on Carly and Jason stroking each other's hand.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don't know, to me the whole show was worth it just to hear Sonny tell Michael to go home because "your wife just died".
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I ask myself this question every day. I also have to explain hate-watching to my family every day they're home in time to see this awful show. There's also the many, many, many years invested so I kinda feel like I have to watch until it burns to the ground. TBH I was kinda rooting for Nelle at the end. It annoys me that the actress was so good when they did the episodes where she played Luke's sister Pat (I think that was who she played), then they hire her and turn her into the mess that was Nelle all because the writers suck. I was thinking the same about Wiley's birth Mom showing up before the 30 days to reclaim her child, also aren't most babies born with dark hair? Nelle's birth child seemed to have fair hair but either way, the baby will eventually have some sort of reddish blond hair if it plays out that long, and Julian has the picture of Original Wiley. Why am I trying to apply logic to this? Julian equals bad. Sonny, Carly, Jason etc equals the bestest people in the world. See above quote: Why do I even watch this?
  10. Who is Eve and what was found out? I have to admit I kinda space out when Carole is on so maybe I just missed something. TIA!
  11. There aren't enough "likes" available in the entire world for your post.
  12. S04.E11: The Beginning (2) 2018.07.06

    First time posting here, probably because I didn't trust myself not to peek ahead since I'm usually all about spoilers except for one other show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. BTVS has been the show I used as my standard for every other show I've watched, some have come close but nothing ever matched it, let alone beat it. Until the finale of 12 Monkeys, which I just finished watching about an hour ago. I never thought I'd say this about any other show, but 12 Monkeys has now become the best series I've ever watched. I still love BTVS, but damn, 12 Monkeys? Amazing. I can't wait to binge rewatch every single episode of this show. As another poster mentioned (I lost the quote when I was writing this), this is truly the kind of show you can take notes on for further study. They teach Buffy classes in some colleges, I'd go back to school just to take a class on 12 Monkeys.
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Why did I think Jax was the Father? Did I just wish it so hard I made myself believe it? This show.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I would love this forever. Although it took me a minute to remember how Lila Rae and Joss were related. Did they actually go shopping together, Nelle stole it, told Joss that she bought it, then gave it to Joss, hence Joss's slightly baffled look when she was fiddling with the security tag? Nah. That would mean the writers thought about stuff before they wrote it.
  15. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Hee! Not just me then? At least I'm in good company @Auntie Velvet, although TBH, I have no idea why she blocked me. I feel all warm and fuzzy and important-like ;)