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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don't mind Kevin's involvement in Carly's story, but as with Jason's appearance at Ferncliffe, why is he there the first full day of her stay? It's hard for me to feel the prescribed outrage for Carly when she's going to be immediately rescued/released. It should have taken Jason a couple of days, at least, to get his job, and despite Kevin having nothing better to do than increase his patient load (!), he shouldn't be there so soon either. Gah. ETA: And even if it takes those two time to get Carly out, she shouldn't have any hope yet. It was way to soon for her to be wondering if Kevin were real. She needs to be doped up and out of it for at least a week.
  2. S06.E10: START

    Henry would likely be torn apart no matter who told him, but coming from Stan, someone he knows and trusts, might make it a bit easier for Henry to believe it. And if the FBI thinks Henry knows anything, Stan might be a reassuring presence during any questioning.
  3. I had no idea there are foreign Disney movies. Usain Bolt wanting to be a pro soccer player reminds me of Michael Jordan trying to be a baseball player. Best of luck!
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yes, but Liesl said the first day, "You cahn skreem und skreme, dere is no vun around to hear you". So I guess they moved the cabin closer to town. Kim and Julian only just went camping there. And I’m not even sure why he would consider it such a “gotcha” move. It is well known that Griffin is dating Kiki’s mother and they have consequently become close, so why would it be a big deal if he gives her a hug? This, as well as the expression on Lauren's face isn't exactly one of romantic bliss. LOL.
  5. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    Charles definitely should have time to process this, which is why he shouldn't instantly fire Liza or think she's sabotaging the company. And it's why he definitely should dig around. Figure out what's what and then decide what to do. But Charles has a bad habit of either dithering (see: how he handled Pauline) and/or letting things happen to him (see: how he handled Pauline). He's changed his mind about her before. I hope this is the end, because I think Pauline has served her dramatic purpose.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don't want Mac to have a surprise son. You know the dumbo would have a chip on his shoulder because Mac wasn't there when he was growing up. That story has been done TO DEATH on this fakakta show. Let Mac revel in being the best grandpa ever to James Malcolm. I love that Mac has never expressed a word of regret that he never had a bio kid. He uncomplainingly stepped up when the situation demanded it and did his best. He raised three girls and loved them as if they were biologically his. That's an amazing gift.
  7. Will this Croton story never end? We already know Mike moved the body, presumably to help Sonny. Forty years later, who cares? It's not going to get Sonny convicted and tossed in jail for good. LOL. This has to be a misprint. Uh-oh. That spoiler has a link, which includes this quote from an MB Instagram: "Dom was definitely at the top of that list was always looking forward to working with him didn’t happen enough." When I think about it, Dante and Sonny didn't interact much.
  8. Oh, GH! Reminding viewers of the glory days does you no favors today.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Buzzkill! Eh. Given the LWB/FS story, I'd rather not see an attempt to explain Anna/Robert's mystery son. Just make him Mac's son - no painful story contortions required. Better yet, he could have had no connection at all to anyone on the GH canvas. The (white) family trees are too tangled the way it is. If that person isn't your blood relative, there's a marriage connection somewhere.
  10. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    There isn't enough nope in the world. *snerk*
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    *shudders at pointed reminder of the Taupe years*
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don't mind Oscar rolling his eyes at Kim wanting to have at least one vegetable per meal (or day, whatever), but Drew doing it is unnecessary, even if he's trying to bond with Oscar. Kim's not being unreasonable, and hello, french fries? The potato is a vegetable! "So, what are you doing out here, Obrecht? You have a bunker of victims hidden nearby?" Hee. This is the Julian I love. I wish we saw more of him. I'm so tired of Anna beating herself up over her idiot son. Giving him up was not the most terrible thing she could have done, and it was Valentin's fault LWB/FS ended up with Faison. GAH. A couple of decent cliffhangers today, for a change. (I'm talking about LWB/FS and Drew.)
  13. Jason and Ava don't have to have some ongoing thing. Carly and Sonny don't have to like Ava just because she helped Jason. I just want some acknowledgement that Jason and Ava do have history.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Drew explained Camus to Oscar? No wonder Sam decided to ditch him. She has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever. (To be fair, I don't think any of the characters do, but the show brought it up.) Drew, how about tracking down some of your SEAL buddies and see if they twig any memories? He acts like André's procedure is the sole way to restore any of his former life. Was the sound muddy for anyone else? I had to turn on CC to understand anyone. Sonny's "sly"questioning of Mike was so obvious. While I appreciate the show reversed the usual gender roles when it comes to hating camping, that doesn't mean I find it amusing that Julian is squeamish. It's still dumb.