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  1. All Episodes Talk

    They really do use way too many tchokes and geegaws in all the rooms. That zenden needed less, not more. The view was all I needed! The two chandeliers in the New Jersey house were to die for!!!! I'm a big fan of deep blue, so I liked a lot of the parts. That white relief over the fireplace was gorgeous jumping out from the blue. But that living room was just packed with too much stuff! I could not visualize that sideboard in the furniture store, and was surprised at how it did work in the room. I didn't hate the wallpaper this time. I wouldn't have used any in the dining room, but it was better than the priors. I just love this show, these guys are so genuine and downright fun! Such a happy, enjoyable hour each week!
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I think Def got screwed in trucking case . The agreement was splitting the profit. Profit would be AFTER the expenses of haul job. So, take what customer paid, less fuel etc. Then split what was left. Not off the top of job. Plaintiff messed up his haul. My math is: Customer paid $1500. Less $700. For fuel. $800. ÷2. Is $400. Plaintiff tossed shit in truck. Damaged the goods (I really want to know what was in those boxes). In my world, plaintiff gets squat.
  3. I HATE Walmart with the heat of a thousand suns. Won't darken the door for any reason. Will always be a Target girl . But Target is killin' me. I don't know where the " round round" crap started. Don't care. Just STOP. please stop! The Target commercials have usually been fun. But damn this year, the "round, round" is brutal! Did they EVEN ask a focus group???
  4. 5 minutes in and the mention of YouTube channel and I already hate this breeding famewhore. Schill is always getting played by morons looking for their exposure. AND...I don't get the fascination with large families. So, you can whelp. Big deal.
  5. Yep. People are really odd about protecting assholes. A few times over the years when told some toxic jerk died, I've replied with "Good". OMG, the shock and "you don't mean that!" Yes, yes I do. Being dead doesn't change your assholiness status, it just means you quit wasting oxygen. I LOVE the occasional obits, where a family tells it like it is.
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    IIRC, the quick camera shot of the Plaintiff's document had a lot of "Venmo"(sp?). How does it contrast/compare to PayPal? I would think those types of transactions are way tougher to dispute than your regular Visa or AmEx.
  7. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Jon is so hung up on showing off his child bride and the Bewbies that he will be expecting a stripper style gown. Anything more modest and I wager we see a look of serious disappointment. A verbal admonishment would not surprise me, either.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    I was just culling out my DISH bill to get costs down. CNBC was not in the lower priced package. Two seasons ago I would have struggled with losing this show, instead "meh" and I let it go. I can't put my finger on any one thing that turned the tide. Perhaps it would have been better as a limited series or a once/twice annually. For me, it quickly went from interesting & fresh to strained & forced.
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    All I could focus on was both parties greasy dirty hair and D's nose fishhooks. Really folks. Shampoo.
  10. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    OMG! Thank goodness I have a beer to wash down the bile in throat after the hallway poop case! That guy really believes it was ok. On what f-ing planet???? I can smell a potty accident clear across the house within minutes, and my greys have little poops. Just one on the tile and I'm scrubbing and flooding with OdoBan instantly. That building had wood floors....the saturation! ANIMALS!!! and I don't mean the dog.
  11. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    As my Dad says: "There you go, trying to apply logic to government again.' I bet JJ & JM have saved me $$$ over the years as I watch for hooptys and drive waaaay away from them. Of course, I also pay $15. mo extra for uninsured coverage.
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    A small city close to me has a scan gun that looks like a radar gun. It accesses the state (Tx) insurance data base and lets them know on the fly. Probably wildly expensive.
  13. Just caught this one, ugh. That was NASTY! She was also sporting the required giant plastic eyelashes. So later in the episode in a landlord dispute, JM pronounces the word "sword" several times with a very pronounced "W". Is that a regional thing or have I missed a memo?
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    So re-run today. Two Old Bitches screw over AC repair dude. Old Bitch #1 (homeowner) has AC hit by lightning. Hires AC dude to repair. SIGNS his bid for $6900. She files insurance claim and ultimately receives $5300, but gives repair guy only $3000. Old Bitch #2 (JJ) reams her out while bragging about law degree, etc. So. Finally gives AC guy another $2300. Here's the rub, AC guy is still getting shorted the last $1600.00 because that's the deductible. That is a legitimate debt owed by OB#1. When repair guy tried to ask about his remaining money OB#2 denies and gives him the bums rush. So OB#1 smirks on the way out because she still managed to screw AC dude in the end. That chapped my ample ass! Does OB#2 have any idea how insurance works??? Dude legit earned that money. I hope he put a lien on OB#1's house for balance. OB#2 is such a hypocrite. Constantly harping about people getting A JOB, but having no trouble jacking a blue collar professional out of his money. It's not the first time someone drew up short because either A, she knows squat about how things work and/or B, she has disdain for everyone in the trades. Aaargh.
  15. I immediately pegged it as an older trailer or RV type of dwelling. Indicating hard times, especially with the bottle of Jack Daniels on the coffee table.