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  1. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I had that niggling thought right after I posted; thanks for the confirmation. Well, given that the mattress we saw them replace during the original series was the one they'd had since they got married (not to mention the state of their furniture in general), this mattress is probably that replacement one, so after flipping it a million times, having switched sides in the last year or so because what was uncomfortable on one side for one of them wasn't as bad for the other one would be an explanation for the switched sides, and one with precedence. Last night, there were only clips up on the ABC website, but now that the whole episode is available I was able to see the opening that I missed. Even having it recapped, I was still, "Wow, there's a lot here in just a few minutes." - Not liking bible-thumping Gina. Get stuffed with your "everyone who believes differently than me is going to hell" talk. Although it does tie back to D.J.'s religious phase, I guess. And gave us the funny "We already have a cabana" line. But between this and the preview, I'll be happy when she's back in Afghanistan. - It's nice that, three weeks after the funeral, Bev and Crystal are still regularly coming over for death casseroles. - Roseanne only got proper pain meds for two days post-op, and then was supposed to just take Ibuprofen? Even a non-addict would be begging pills off people! - Dan is heartbreaking. "It doesn't make any sense - I got her knees fixed, I flushed all her pills." - "That's the only thing from Mom's closet that I wanted" - even having seen that quoted, I still laughed out loud.
  2. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    They wanted to preserve the secrecy of what happened to Roseanne Conner. Roseanne Barr revealed it in an interview, but reviewers wrote about how they couldn't confirm or deny it, because they weren't allowed to write about that spoiler. So rather than taking their chances on an entire studio audience abiding by NDAs, they'd just film it without one (like the Murphy Brown revival premiere filming the Hillary Clinton cameo on a closed set). Because she wasn't being officially notified by the medical examiner, she was being given a courtesy heads-up by a friend (presumably from her time as a cop) within the coroner's office. They switched sometimes when the mattress wore down in one spot, so it could have just been that, but it was a little odd - in the midst of a terrific tag - that he was on what was her side the overwhelming majority of the ti me.
  3. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I don't think they said how Mark died (the actor, Glenn Quinn, died of an overdose).
  4. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Thank you. Wow, that is indeed a lot of exposition in an opener. Knowing Roseanne died in bed and Dan was sleeping on the couch makes the tag even more powerful now, and it got to me just on general principle!
  5. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Well, it's certainly not uncommon. What she described is a scenario that does play out - it comes up in conversation that Person A can't afford all they need of Drug X, and Person B says, "Oh, I took that last year; my doctor switched me to a different med, so I have some left - you can have them." One subset of that is the case where someone dealing with chronic pain runs out of pills, and someone who was prescribed a number of those pills for an acute injury has some left over and helps out. They certainly may not know the person has become addicted in scenarios like that, where there is a chronic ailment and the addict was prescribed that drug.
  6. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I got caught up in baseball and missed the first five minutes, so I missed the entire set-up! I knew from spoilers how Roseanne had died, but damn, I cannot believe I missed the entire opening. Anyone want to recap, feel free. The Dan and Marcy scene was great. John Goodman's weight was distracting sometimes (the haggard look fits the character's emotions, at least), but I took no notice of it in that scene. Jackie not knowing where she belongs, not wanting to leave the house because it means leaving Roseanne – oh, that was even better. All of them are devastated by this loss, but I'm not sure Jackie even knows who she is without Roseanne. Along with Bev, she's been with Roseanne the longest, and they've been completely entwined in each other's lives 99% of that time. (Sometimes to an unhealthy degree, so that negative aspect of their bond makes it all the more interesting.) That recent year they were estranged has to loom large in her mind, but it's more that her entire life she has had this sounding board and safety net, and now she doesn't. She never expected to be living life - not to mention dealing with Bev - without her sister at this stage. And is she going to feel like without Roseanne, she's not as integral a part of the Conner family as she used to be? As much as my heart aches for Dan and the kids, I think I'm most interested in Jackie's grief. Given how freaked out Dan always was about D.J. doing anything remotely stereotypically feminine made his relationship with Mark interesting in the reboot season, and seeing him make the list to help choose and then “Joey, are you crazy? Enrique’s a keeper!” was great. I experienced a mix of emotions at the new Roseanne-less around-the-table scene, credits, and theme music at the end. It was a blend of sadness (because I do miss Roseanne Conner, even though Roseanne Barr became profoundly disgusting and needed to be fired) and “life goes on, messily and in stutter steps, but it goes on” anticipation at seeing more. Dan getting into that tiny bed of theirs along and arranging the covers on her side, then putting his arm on her pillow as we fade to black was a great tag. (I liked Gina with David, but it sounds like I’d have hated her attitude about the Middle East had I seen that, so I'm reserving judgment on her.) They also mixed in the funny well. Not like the old days, but still good: -"Seen a little too much action in ‘nam, Joey?" -"You’re the obvious choice to take over for Mom; you already live here, and you’re a scary little tyrant." -Darlene pretending Roseanne wrote everyone but Harris a letter -Jackie’s kitchen triangle ("I tried putting them with the Jell-o molds, that made no damn sense" was perfect line delivery, but the whole thing was so Jackie) -The Becky/Darlene banter -The cornholder humor breaking up the emotion between Jackie and Darlene; perfect to use something related to corn, given its rich history on Roseanne This was better than I expected; I thought this first transition episode was going to be really clunky, but instead it only had clunky moments. I will definitely keep watching.
  7. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Hopefully because they realized it was refreshing for a man and a woman on TV to enjoy working together and even be friends without falling for each other. Or because the characters just didn't have that kind of chemistry - but, then, neither did Carter and Susan, but they still tried forcing that one for a little while anyway.
  8. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I pre-called Too Tall Jones, Shaq, and The Fridge just from the category. I almost ran the first round; I only missed one list clue, but I don’t remember what it was, and Emily the Strange. I missed a few more than that in the DJ round but still did quite well, and got FJ, so it was a great game for me; I think a lot of tonight’s clues were easy to reason your way to without having that specific fact in your brain. The Bronte clue, in an Emilys category, was another one for the embryo tournament. The Odyssey DD belonged in the teen tournament, and she missed it! I was surprised no one knew the Iceman, especially after the incorrect guess.
  9. I just saw it a couple of nights ago, and, yes, that's exactly how it plays. I don't think the company/ad agency has any worries that there will be a mass of viewers who come away from the commercial associating the sauce with excrement.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Besides being an ass to Samantha? Advertising executive. The archive still isn't updated, so we'll find out once it is, but even with cultural osmosis it's entirely possible I won't know any Star Wars clues unless one of them is, "This '70s sci-fi film is wildly popular and spawned numerous sequels, but I have tried twice and never made it through more than half an hour of it."
  11. Pet Peeves

    Don't care.
  12. NFL Thread

    Welcome back, Mason Crosby. It shouldn't have come down to the final minutes against San Francisco, but once it did, those final minutes were sure fun. (And I'm only a mild fan of the Packers.)
  13. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    LOL at tonight's FJ being suited to an embryo tournament. I skipped Friday's and tonight's episodes to watch other things, saw the archive still wasn't updated, and decided to just screw it and read the thread. No one spoiled FJ, just a lot of chatter about how ridiculously easy it was, so I looked it up on one of the sites that just lists the FJ clue, and - yeah. obscenely easy for FJ. What I did get from chatter here is that no one knew Mike Brady was an architect, and that surprises me, since I never liked the show and could not describe a single episode in whole if my life depended on it, but I know bits and pieces just from cultural osmosis, and that he's an architect is one of those things.
  14. Pet Peeves

    As an atheist, I have no dog in this race, but while I think miniskirts and tube tops aren't the way to go in church, I don't think requiring dresses and pantyhose is either. (And notice these requirements are for women; if men can go the social equivalent of business casual, so can women.) I think if someone just looks nice - meaning neat and put together - that's adequately respectful. Don't look like you just came in from the beach or are heading from the service to a night out clubbing, but it's not necessary to go "Sunday best." I remember getting dressed up to fly, and I sure don't miss that. Now, while I'm dressed more casually, I don't go in pajama pants or anything like that (although I sure do like that if I'm flying overnight internationally, Virgin Atlantic gives me "jammies" to change into while they turn my seat into a bed), but I do dress for comfort while still looking pulled together.
  15. Pet Peeves

    I don't think hats are automatically inappropriate indoors; to me, it depends on the character of the venue and the purpose of the event. If I saw someone at a nice steakhouse with a cap on, I would give major side eye. While at a casual lunch joint, I probably wouldn't even notice. But if I was having a business meeting at the casual lunch joint, I would find a hat inappropriate. And it's not just the youngsters -- the other night, I was going around the dial and watched part of a documentary series, which included a Board of Supervisors meeting, and one of the board members - a man probably in his fifties - was wearing a baseball cap. The rest of his outfit also looked like he'd just wandered in while running errands. This wasn't a big city, but come on. You may not need to don a suit, but professional attire is appropriate when you're sitting up there in your official capacity.