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  1. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    She (Georgann Johnson) is Rosie O'Neill's mother (The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, with Sharon Gless) to me, but I saw quite a few of those guest shots, too.
  2. Pet Peeves

    Right? A couple of years ago, my mom and I were walking through the sleepwear department of a Sears to get into the mall and she said, "Oh, I need a new robe." I took once glance over at the sea of nursing home attire and said, "Not from here!"
  3. You may need to wet them down with cool (not cold) water to speed up the cooling process. Cats can get heat stroke, and these are just little kittens; they're vulnerable, so take a look at these signs of heat stroke in cats to see if they are exhibiting any in addition to the panting and lethargy. Better safe than sorry!
  4. Can you bring them in the house? If you're seeing panting and lethargy, they're too hot.
  5. Pet Peeves

    Oh gods, do I have to go buy a robe for this damn wedding, too? (I don't own one, silk or otherwise.) I'm kidding, I just like to reflexively grumble every time being in a wedding is mentioned. I remember seeing robes at the bridal store - yep, short and silky (satin, I assume) - with "Bride," "Maid of Honor," or "Bridesmaid" emblazoned across the backs. It was in a little section of the store we decided should have a sign above it reading, "If you purchase anything in here, you are too immature to get married."
  6. Not at all, but if the other funeral home is in your area, you should still be able to go with them directly (rather than to the other one through your vet), so if you'd prefer them, you don't have to go with the other. If you want to do that, you could check with them in advance about how to make arrangements, so you don't have to think about it when the time comes. Choose whichever one you'd most like to look at. I'm sorry to hear the diagnosis. It's okay to smother her with love a bit; of course you don't want to upset her by crying into her fur all the time and transferring your worry to her, since to her she's just home and happy right now, but you can disrupt her routine for a few extra hugs, pictures, and I love yous. I'll be thinking of you and Shlamey.
  7. All Episodes Talk

    It's bonkers how much was going on in the world of sports at the same point in time that year. I'd have never thought to make an episode about it, so it's good I don't produce this series and others do, because it's an interesting one.
  8. What's For Dinner?

    I don't know. Saturday was my dad's birthday, for which he wanted steak, and for Father's Day he wanted crab cakes. So Saturday he grilled ribeye steaks, my mom baked potatoes for the two of them, and I made sauteed spinach and mushrooms and a mixed greens salad with cucumber and avocado. Sunday, my mom made crab cakes, and I made roasted asparagus and a dill slaw. Tonight, I'm home and lazy, getting hungry, but not in the mood to make anything. I don't want to order in since we also had cake and ice cream both those nights and I thus don't need the extra fat and salt in restaurant food tonight, but nothing is speaking to me.
  9. Pet Peeves

    I rarely sell anything anymore, but when I do I use Craigslist and, after weeding people out at the response level, I hardly ever have an issue. I give a fair bit of stuff away on Freecycle, and they're still few, but I have more flakes there -- and I'm giving them something for free! The worst ever was just a couple of weeks ago. I had posted quite a few things after helping a friend sort her closet, and one person wanted three of those things (a duvet cover set and then a couple of little things). We scheduled pick-up for the next morning (Saturday). It hadn't been picked up when I checked Saturday evening, at which point I'd just go on to the next person on my list for the duvet set, but it was really tempting to get rid of the little things, too, so I emailed her. She responded that she'd pick up the next day. I said fine, but she had to pick up by noon. Crickets all day Sunday - no pick up, and no response. So I went to the next person on the list, who by then had asked for one of the two little things as well, and scheduled pick-up for Tuesday evening. Just a couple of hours before she was due to arrive, the first person suddenly popped up in my email with, "I'll be by sometime today." Seriously? I wrote back, "No, you won't. You were scheduled for Saturday morning, didn't show, rescheduled for Sunday morning, and didn't show or even email. It's Tuesday afternoon. I'm giving it to someone else, and don't bother asking for anything else I offer." She replied with a vague apology, but come on.
  10. 2018 Winners

    It's hard to tell. Most of those nominations popped up in the wake of the cancellation, but nominations hadn't been open that long before the tweet and cancellation, so with time, I think the show would have been nominated even if Roseanne hadn't posted that disgusting tweet and gotten the show canceled. Would the show have wound up in the top five, though, had Roseanne not showed her racist ass so spectacularly? I don't think so; it did well in the ratings, and commentary in the forums about the revival was more positive than negative, but there are plenty of people who vote who didn't participate in the forum, so I'm not ruling it out. Especially for worst reboot/revival, with fewer of those to choose from and plenty who did find it disappointing; it may very well have placed. But I don't think it would have been a finalist for worst comedy. And I don't for a minute believe it would would it have won worst comedy absent Roseanne's actions, subsequent cancellation, and media/public attention that followed.
  11. Pet Peeves

    I still enjoy flying, but I fly first class - that isn't what it used to be, no, but still - either not cramped or not bad (depending on the aircraft), no luggage fees, food and drinks are included, and there's separate check-in and, at most airports, separate security checkpoints, so the lines aren't bad. It's not as nice as it used to be, but I'm still spared most of the things people complain about when they complain about air travel. I don't get the increase in babies/toddlers on planes, either. They're too young to understand the situation and thus be expected to behave, and you certainly can't get up and take the kid outside when it starts fussing, so why put the kid, yourself, and your fellow passengers through the inevitable disturbance unless it's absolutely necessary? Is every one of these parents truly going someplace they a) must travel to b) with their child c) by plane? Hell, no.
  12. @tiftgirl, three cheers for proper information from your regular vet (and good news at that); a pox on that ER vet. I'm not positive on this one as I only dealt with it once and it was a while back, but I think the heart issue caused by too much fluid at once usually resolves itself as the excess fluid makes its way out of the system. So I hope with some quality rest at home, Shlamey will be back where she started in just a day or two. Fingers and paws continue to be crossed here for the biopsy results. @bmasters9, kitten pics are the perfect way to start the week, so thanks for posting your cuties.
  13. S06.E05: Sanctuary City: Part Five

    I finally got inspired to re-watch season six (or at least this story arc; I can't decide whether to pretend it ends there or carry on), and wound up watching all five Sanctuary City episodes in a row. Part five still plays as weaker than the previous four to me, especially all in a row like that -- great momentum throughout the case and then a resolution that doesn't really live up to it -- and there are some little timing issues and minor discrepancies along the way that I didn't notice the first time around, but overall this still came across as a good story arc. And Sharon going into the confessional to interrogate her priest remains one of my favorite things ever. As does her snort-laughing in the FBI agent's face when he asks to see their evidence. And the face she makes at Rusty when he says, "The rules, Mom. The rules." But I can't decide if I buy Provenza liking Detective Camila Paige. Having a soft spot for her, a 20-year-old girl unexpectedly losing both her parents and having to raise five younger siblings, when he worked her parents' case, yes. I can see him checking in on her during the investigation, and if the drunk driver went to trial, the whole process from accident to conviction could have been lengthy, so that would be even more time for him to keep a bit of an eye on her and the family. And then at some point she joined the LAPD (maybe at his suggestion, even), so he'd continue to follow her life somewhat. But this is Provenza, a curmudgeon who doesn't like many people, and she just doesn't strike me as being the kind of personality he'd like on the job. Out in the field, when she starts telling Kelly Garret to call her, he tells her not to do that again, but all the times in the squad room when she's being her interrupting, blunt self, he doesn't react to her like the others do. Despite the personal affection, he'd still be annoyed by her when she's being, well, annoying -- look at how he is with Andy! And everyone else on the squad. It just doesn't ring true to me. It feels forced, like, "Here's this new character, and you have to like her right away, because she has Provenza's seal of approval." She was brought on by Mason as an expert in finding teenagers, but I don't see her as being particularly instrumental in solving the case (since none of them found the kids; one turned up dead and the other two got handed over to the FBI by Mexican police). From the way she talks to Kelly, I buy that she's good with teens, definitely. And she was the one to figure out where Lucas was taking them (to meet the Lakers), but still - that's what she was asked to do. I don't know that anyone else on the squad, having been given that task instead, couldn't have made their way to the same guess. I do like her resting grumpy face, though. The rest of her facial expressions are another thing I can't decide on - sometimes I find it funny, sometimes I find it annoying. She has some good moments challenging the FBI agents on their immigration stance. Mostly, I come out of this arc thinking she's an okay addition, but rather pointless, and I'd rather she just help on this case and then go back to Missing Persons. Which is too bad, because it's nice to have another woman on the squad, and another person of color.
  14. Chit-Chat

    I went to my parents' house yesterday for my dad's birthday (and will be back today for Father's Day; I hate years like this, but I just remind myself the time will come when he's not here and I'll spend both days crying into my martini, wishing the majority of my weekend could be tied up at my parents' house again), which was my first visit in just over a week. I still called every day, but with my mom on a good upswing, I took a break. She looks like her old self! (And we were all annoying each other like old times. <g>) And her appetite is good! A few things still give her the metallic aftertaste, but nothing I made last night, so she ate a small baked potato, almost her normal serving of mixed-greens salad, pretty much her normal serving of the veggie side (spinach and mushrooms) and over half of a ribeye steak. And then a slice of (lemon) birthday cake. It was so great to see. And, yes, @Mindthinkr, decorate your house however you want. There's nothing wrong with your daughter not wanting most of your stuff, including things handed down from prior generations; she's not obliged to keep something she doesn't like/has no use for just because it has been in the family. But you don't have to get rid of things you want now, just so she won't have to later. If it makes you happy to have it, keep it. If it's a family heirloom and there's another descendant of that ancestor who'd like to have it when you're gone, leave it to her/him. If this is a concern, ask your daughter not to trash usable stuff when you're gone, to make a good faith effort at donating things she doesn't want but someone else would like to have. And then just live your life - have the stuff that you like in your home while you're in it.
  15. @tiftgirl, you and Shlamey are in my thoughts. Your love for her is clear, and I know once you have adequate information in hand, you will indeed make the right decision for her.