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  1. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    Maybe a trillion. The Thunder Rolls is the lone exception to my "I cannot fucking stand Garth Brooks" stance.
  2. She used to. In the first season I was afraid she was going to pounce on every single man with DS in L.A. and ask him to be her boyfriend; thankfully, she only made it through two or three before her mom sat her down and had a great conversation with her about not being so needy and pushy. And she wanted Sean to be her boyfriend back in the beginning, too (he told her didn't want to date someone with DS -- and then promptly turned his gross "ladies man" sights on Megan, a couple of women at a DS convention, etc.).
  3. Favorite Sandwich?

    Oh, I forgot one -- when tomatoes aren't in season and I want a brunch-type sandwich, I make one with avocado mashed with a little bit of mayo and diced red onion spread thick on each slice of bread and bacon slices in the middle. When I was a kid, I ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches (my version of PB&J, I guess - I liked jelly well enough, but I hated it with peanut butter, so my mom came up with this). It does not sound at all good now, but I should make one some day to see what I think.
  4. When my next-door neighbors were having new flooring put in, I was standing in their backyard next to the toilet they'd removed from the back bathroom. We chuckled about standing around a toilet chatting, and my neighbor mentioned that they might as well get a new one while they were needing to reinstall anyway, because it runs for a few seconds intermittently just like yours (and like happens a good bit; they degrade over time, and a slow leak develops). I was gobsmacked, but nicely explained that toilets have very few parts, and it's easy to replace one - NOT the whole toilet - when a problem develops, and all they needed in this instance was a new flapper valve. They were going to go out and buy a new toilet instead of just the cheap part they needed!
  5. Favorite Sandwich?

    I'm not excited about sandwiches in general (because I'm not excited about bread*), but I do love the occasional hot pastrami on rye at a local deli, and I eat quite a few BLTs during tomato season (toasted whole wheat [sourdough would be good, too, but since I don't eat much bread, I only keep one kind on hand], mayo, romaine lettuce, tomato, bacon) because they are simple but perfect. I also usually make a chicken salad sandwich (with tarragon - must have) out of some of the leftover breast meat when I roast a chicken. *For a basic lunch sandwich, I'll sometimes make a wrap using whole wheat lavash with turkey, provolone, lettuce, and a mayo/mashed avocado mix, or a pita pocket of some sort.
  6. I still miss the original, New Orleans version, but this was better than Tampa, so I’ll keep watching. I am very glad to have ditched the police and just show EMS, so that’s a positive. But I’m not sure about covering four different cities in one episode, especially with more than one team per city. I am here mostly for the patients, but I do want to get to know the EMTs, too. With this first episode, I felt like I didn’t get enough of either – the segments for each patient were pretty quick, so we didn’t get a lot on the treatment they received, and we got a normal amount of between-call and end of shift clean-up interaction between the partners, but there were just so many of them. Did they say that woman popping out her seventh or eighth kid (I don’t remember whether it was seven live births prior to this one, or this one was going to be the seventh) was THIRTY? (No matter how old she is, that’s batty, but thirty would make it even more so.) The EMT who was in charge of triaging the three-car pile-up did a great job of it. She and her partner wear helicopter-style headsets while no one else does, so that's how I'll recognize them while I'm learning everyone's names.
  7. Nightwatch is back, with a twist: Instead of following EMS and Police on the overnight shift in one city, it will bounce around between the overnight EMS crews in four different cities (Tucson, Austin, Baton Rouge, and Yonkers). Discuss the ten (so far) episodes of Nightwatch Nation here.
  8. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    One of my favorites, too, for the performance and for Carole King's reactions throughout. I know it's mostly thought of for Freeway of Love, but I like that album because it has has an updated version of Sweet Bitter Love, which I, well, love (even more than her '60s recording of it), Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, and Another Night.
  9. Pet Peeves

    Exactly; they're not one, they're two. If three of you are sharing a ride, the cost gets divided three ways. Instead of paying 1/3, you're expected to pay 1/2 and they each only pay 1/4? Hell, no. If they've opted to make all their finances joint, so that on their end it really isn't separate, that's on them; you don't have to pay more than you would had you hopped in a car with two unmarried friends. I've thankfully never had a couple try to pull that on me; cab fare, restaurant tabs, etc. get divided up by number of people, regardless of anyone's marital status.
  10. She also got the help she needed with her mental health, when before the actions that were a result of her depression/anxiety got lumped in as being part of her DS. It's truly remarkable how far she and Hiromi have come in their relationship; in the beginning, I would have that Hiromi's attitude was too entrenched (given Elena's age, and being rooted in cultural norms) to change to this extent, but I am very glad to see I was wrong. I think Megan is going to be a difficult roommate and Cristina a difficult wife. But there's hope for Cristina to learn, practice, and grow. Megan, I'm not sure. Poor Rachel deserves better, that's for sure; if Cristina wasn't going to be living with Angel, I think she and Rachel would have been a much better roommate pairing. Did Cristina call Megan "the prettiest one" or something like that when handing out bridesmaid invitations -- right in front of Rachel and Elena?
  11. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    She had, for many years. It was her turn, and he didn't acknowledge that until it was too late. Then the writers propped Mark up by having her cheat, which overshadowed the nuance that had come before.
  12. Nightwatch in the media

    Yes, I just saw a commercial for it -- it's now called Nightwatch Nation, and will feature a mix of stories from four different cities (Yonkers, Austin, Tucson, and Baton Rouge) rather than just one. There will be ten episodes. It looks like it's just about EMT, and I hope that's accurate; the police were the least-interesting aspect of the New Orleans version, and they were a downright awful, show-ruining presence in the Tampa version.
  13. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I was glad Doug and Carol rode off into the sunset together, but not for the reasons their fans were happy; I thought they both sucked as romantic partners (including to each other), and was glad they paired off to spare anyone else getting involved with either one of them.
  14. Since there are parents out there denying their children appropriate healthcare because of some "but if you just don't have sex, you won't get it" bullshit, I like those commercials.
  15. Pet Peeves

    I can't decide whether to be aghast they actually said it out loud - it's clear some parents feel that way, that those with kids to support are thus more entitled to pay, benefits, time off, etc. than those who didn't procreate, but not many say it directly to the person they're trying to screw over and ask that person to hand over money (!) - or "well, at least now you know who they are" relieved. I think I'll go with both.