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  1. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    This is a small town where everyone knows everybody's business. So Katey Sagal's character not only knew Dan then as the HS football star she had a crush on and now as the guy she likes chatting with at the bar when he comes into Becky's restaurant, she knows that he's a man who was happily and faithfully married until his wife's death, who has never been a deadbeat, who's close with his family, and who has a good sense of humor - no wannabe trophy wife is going to have him in her sights, no, but someone his age who's hoping to find a companion would absolutely be attracted to Dan.
  2. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I don't eat bearnaise sauce because I hate egg yolks, but tarragon is a must-have ingredient when I make chicken salad sandwiches from leftover roasted chicken breast, so that plus the recesses of my brain knowledge of what's in bearnaise other than the dreaded yolks made it spring to mind. And then I second-guessed myself before checking the answer as I, too, have never made or been served tuna salad with tarragon. But the clue was specifically about tuna pasta salad, and I don't eat pasta salads (other than my mom's macaroni salad), so maybe that specific application is a traditional tarragon recipe we're both unfamiliar with.
  3. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    As always, I love Becky and Darlene together; their entire pool game conversation is made of win. (I don't love how the fact Ben is her fucking boss never seems to occur to anyone questioning/mocking Darlene’s relationship with him.) Aunt Becky as the new Aunt Jackie is fun. And I love Darlene telling the cop, when she finds out what happened, to ignore the screaming that will later be reported coming from the house. Darlene sending a crossword puzzle and candy care package when Mark died is a nice bit of humor in the midst of the very real issue that Becky losing her husband to death caused Darlene to lose her husband to abandonment, so Darlene was not there for her despite Becky’s explicit request (which would have really cost Becky), but of course she wasn’t, because she’d been left with a kid and a baby on the way.The dynamic changing, and then changing again, about who needs who, was so well done, and so true to the original series. And there was fun stuff throughout; their “gross” reaction to the “I’m up for either” guy was great, and “There is no way to miss that shot; you should get a brain scan immediately.” Good for Jackie finally asserting herself against Peter’s abusive tactics, and in far less time than it took her to do so with Fisher. Progress! I liked Katey Sagal in this; I know who she is, but I’ve never really watched her in anything. I initially found her character tacky hitting on a man who just lost his wife of nearly 50 years, but then she handled herself very well when he said he wasn’t into it, and I turned around on her - she gave it a shot, and respected his feelings. They may further develop a friendship, it may transition down the road, it may never amount to anything more than shared interests and chats during her shift, and any of that is okay. I’m glad it’s way too early for Dan (I love him twirling his wedding ring while he turns her down); while it’s true that widowed men tend to enter into another relationship sooner than widowed women, I don’t want this show to go there too quickly. I loved Becky’s face while watching them in the initial scene at the bar, but I'm slightly conflicted on how I feel about Jackie, Becky, and Darlene all just focusing on how Dan is oblivious and cluing him in; there should be, from at least one of them, some reflexive push-back to the very idea of him dating, but, then again, maybe it's that they all know he's not there, so they're not worried about it, and they'll deal with their conflicting emotions when it does happen. Random notes: Why is Mary there as Dan makes the grandkids their breakfast and sends them off to school, when D.J. and Geena don’t live there? Maybe Mary just spent the night because they both had appointments in the morning or something. The “trading them zinc, nickel, and copper” joke should have been left alone; don’t hit us over the head with “someday they’ll be called coins” to make sure the masses get it. Harris keeping her coat on instead of coming in and hanging it on the old coat hook like the characters all routinely did in the original series distracted me. Becky did, too, later, although with her it could just be that she was coming in and heading right back out, but she did it yet again after that, although she was doing laundry that time so maybe it was just because she was out there in that less-insulated service porch, but then Harris also had her coat on inside the house later. It’s weird; are we supposed to infer they can’t afford heat?
  4. If I ignored Chris Kimball's quirks to just enjoy the food and information, I can easily do it with Julia's; with her and Bridget, I don't even register them. Becky's I notice, but they don't distract me enough to bother me.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Quite a few “really?” TS and incorrect guesses tonight as the game got going. Thankfully, things picked up a good bit, because the first half of the first round was painful; I think Alex was wondering how the hell these people made it onto the show. Even though things were flowing much better, given their propensity for dumb guesses, I just knew one of them was going to guess vernal instead of autumnal equinox. I loved the de-cap-itate ‘em category; I love vocabulary categories in general, and that one particularly tickled me. I'd have, as always with anything related to religion, bet zero on FJ, but I actually knew a psalm was a hymn, so I got it.
  6. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I was out last night, so I just read the clues on the archive, and Will Hays as a TS surprised me. Charlie Parker as a TS made me sad.
  7. S06.E07: Puzzle Club and a Closet Party

    There was a good bit of discussion in this thread about whether Jill grew up wealthy or married into money, and last night an old episode was on, where she returns from her retreat, refuses to keep paying for everyone's lunch, and winds up going to a different meeting. Her share is that she has always been rich, and thus never knew whether people liked her for her or her money; did her classmates really want to come to her 13th birthday party, or did they just want the free trip to Hawaii?
  8. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    When you take her in for her follow-up, I would suggest finding out whether he is doing a culture, or just the urinalysis. If the latter, he only knows there is an infection, but not the source, so is just making an educated guess as to what antibiotic to use. In that case, I'd suggest a culture if this happens again, so you can find out if a different antibiotic should be used. (UA quickly says yep, there are bacteria present in the urine sample, while culture says okay, after being let to grow in this petri dish for several days, we can see that it's [specific type of bacteria]. And then there's a list of what antibiotics different bacteria are sensitive to.) But I hope you don't have to deal with YAUTI!
  9. NFL Thread

    Well, shit. I expected the Rams to play an incredibly tough game, and more likely than not lose, in Chicago, but this loss still stings for coming to fruition. And it's not lost on me that had the St. Louis Rams lost said game, I'd be thrilled as someone who has long liked the Bears and the Saints. Plus the fucking Cowboys won. But so did the Giants (go figure) and Raiders, and the Patriots lost, so it's not a total shitfest of a day.
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Exactly; of course it's her body, but if the quote is accurate, she's not claiming that basic right if she's ceding ownership of it to her husband, rather than just deciding there are parts of it he will be the only other person to see, and that misogyny is what is being judged. That it's a woman who has internalized it doesn't negate the root of the issue.
  11. Chit-Chat

    OMG, I recently put together some IKEA furniture for a totally non-handy friend, and hated the instructions so much. I'm like the medieval dudes trying to follow them to build a catapult in that KitKat commercial: Where are the words?!
  12. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Chronic UTIs are indeed frustrating! How long between UTIs usually, and are they doing follow-up cultures* a week or two after the antibiotic shot wears off each time to make sure there are no bacteria lingering? Because sometimes what happens is the antibiotic knocks out almost all of those little buggers, but the very few that remain reproduce and, voila, in time the infection is enough to cause symptoms again. Lather, rinse, repeat, because you're never truly eradicating the infection with a single course of antibiotics. Or, if they don't even run the original culture to determine the specific bacteria causing the infection, rather than just seeing the evidence of bacteria, period, in the urinalysis (or, at this point, just her usual symptoms) and treating based on an educated guess, that can also cause limited success. Because Convenia is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which treats the several bacteria that are the most-common culprits in UTIs. But maybe her infection is caused by one of the less-common ones, and a different antibiotic is needed to eradicate it, because the one given only has moderate effect on that one. Maddie's UTIs were always caused by E.coli (well, after the first few times, I quit doing the culture to confirm, but it's a safe bet). That bacteria is sensitive to Baytril, so I initially gave her a course of those pills, but it's also sensitive to Convenia, so I switched to that injection for convenience with the next one, and so on. When I realized the timing suggested maybe we were almost but not completely knocking it out, rather than there truly being discrete infections, I gave her a triple course of the Convenia - one shot every two weeks for six weeks. Follow-up culture at two weeks and then at a month, I think, just to make absolutely sure. Always clear, and she never had another UTI, so it was either a tremendous coincidence or my hunch was right and she just needed a longer course than is normally adequate.
  13. The Family: Tia and kids

    Lizzy and Tania.
  14. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh, dear. Granted, I only know her from the tuna commercials, but she bugs me in those, and I've wondered if she's as nutty as he is.