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  1. All Episodes Talk: Open Your Pores

    I thought Belinda needed breast reduction surgery, too, but I bet whatever insurance she has considers it cosmetic or not medically necessary. I was just happy to see how much more spark she had after the lipoma removal.
  2. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    Lily has had a tough week. On Tuesday she went for her radioactive iodine consultation appointment and blood test, and hated everything about it except the air conditioning at the hospital. Yesterday the handyman showed up at 8:30 AM to replace the innards of my toilet, and she regards any stranger who comes in with equipment as the vet. She didn't like the washing machine repairman last fall either. This morning she got up, had breakfast, and went into the back of a very deep closet and stayed there. Fortunately/unfortunately for her, the blood test came back with low thyroid and high kidney values, which are probably related and due to the thyroid medication. So she gets 1/4 pill instead of 1/2 pill twice a day for two weeks, and then another blood test (which I can call my regular house-call vet for, thankfully), and if the thyroid and kidneys have sorted themselves out, then we can schedule radioactivity for whenever the next treatment group is after the end of August. She won't be going anywhere for at least three weeks. I suppose it works out better for me in the long run because I paid for scuba classes at the beginning of this month and I won't have to spend serious money on vet bills at the end of this month, but so much for getting this over with.
  3. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    My cats are shedding like mad this summer, too. I think it's because it's been hot and humid for longer periods than usual. I should be brushing them at least every other day, but I've been in chorus rehearsals like mad for the last month and am paying for it in hairballs (fortunately I haven't found one by stepping on it, yet).
  4. Favorite Commercials

    I found the rare Geico ad that I actually don't mind being overplayed, because it's the one with Alexander Graham Bell who answers the phone with "Ahoy hoy!" It reminds me of my uncle, who uses Ahoy as a substitute for Hello (but only in person, not on the phone).
  5. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    I invented the Patented Double-Barrel LilyBeast Scritch because Lily likes to fall over on her side and have her back and her stomach scritched at the same time. If I try that with Snip, I can just about get past her armpits before she curls up and tries to bite me. I try it anyway just to remind her that she can be opinionated, but I’m in charge.
  6. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    This, if it works, is a four-year-old picture. Lily is the orange one and Snip is the tortoiseshell.
  7. Race horses are handled by people from birth. I don’t think Little Brother had that.
  8. Pet Peeves

    Socrates doesn't live on my bed any more, but he did all the way through college. And he went to grad school with me five years later. He's a rather large gray furry teddy bear.
  9. The Drama Llama, who is my opposite number (I'm in charge of anything didactic, he's in charge of anything clinical) is a massive whiner. And I can hear him whining 30 feet away through a closed door. He hates the copier because it logged him out, and we don't have any colors of paper we haven't already used for a certain kind of forms, and he won't use white paper because it's boring, and why do we only have jumbo paper clips because he wants regular ones, and the weather sucks (it does, to be fair; it's 90 with a dew point in the 70s, but it's air-conditioned in here). Fortunately his hours are 7:00 - 3:00 and mine are 9:00 - 5:00, so every afternoon I get to revel in the quiet for a little while.
  10. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    I took the plunge and made a consultation appointment to get radioactive iodine treatment for Lily. Neither of us is enjoying the battle of wills about pills, so this is the right thing to do for the long haul. But I feel terrible because it's going to involve so many things she hates: getting in the carrier, going somewhere in something with an engine, leaving her in a strange place where they stick her with needles, etc.
  11. Pet Peeves

    One of my useless superpowers is trying to use the one soap dispenser in any given restroom that's out of soap at the moment. My current pet peeve is the weather, which is arranging for my chorus rehearsal days to be shoot-me-now humid. I don't WANNA wait for public transportation for at least fifteen minutes on both ends of a two and a half hour rehearsal in shoot-me-now humid!
  12. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    One morning years ago, Lily got fixated on the underside of a bookshelf in the living room. I figured there was probably a mouse under it, because we get transient mice sometimes when the weather starts to get cold. I was right, because when I came home from work, there was an ex-mouse in the middle of the living room rug. I told Lily she was a Mighty Huntress and thanked her for not leaving the mouse in my bed.
  13. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    Lily used to leap into the bathtub once it was empty, after I'd taken a bath in the winter. It's a cast iron tub, so it stayed warm for a while. Problem was, the tub wasn't entirely dry even though it was empty, so Lily would be enjoying the warmth and then realize one of her feet was wet. Frantic foot-washing ensued until that foot was dry, and then she'd realize one of her other feet was wet and would frantically wash that one, and then the first foot would be wet again...
  14. Yesterday was the official celebration for the University Heroes, of which I was one. Whoever wrote the citation read out by the president of the university managed to include four puns about teeth in five sentences, because I was the only Hero from the dental school. Nobody else of the 60 of us had that many puns in their citations. I wouldn’t have minded three, but four was one too many. However, at the thousand-person reception afterward, the president came to find me specifically, to say she wanted me to know all those puns weren’t her idea. I thought that was nice of her.
  15. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    I tried to do the slow introduction when I brought Snip home, but she wasn't having any of that. After the third time she climbed over two baby gates stacked one on top of the other (that room doesn't have an actual door), I said "OK, just don't kill each other, please" and went to work figuring it's a two-bedroom apartment and there are more places for cats to be than there are cats to be in them. There was some hissing periodically for about three days and ever since then, they've been using each other as pillows.