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  1. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    The only time I had to give Snip liquid medicine, I had figured out that if I scritch her under the chin for long enough, she absolutely has to yawn afterward. So I scritched her under the chin until she yawned and then squirted the medicine into the middle of the yawn. And for some reason it actually worked.
  2. Pet Peeves

    I can't think of the phrase I want, and it's driving me crazy. My inner Victorian is having a well-bred fit about the number of things I've had to do at the bottom of the dive well without a mask on, and it's harrumphing about how you'd think people were losing their masks all over the place, but that's not the phrase it wants. (Of course, the driving me crazy is balanced by the thought of Victorians in tail coats and corsets and scuba gear, which is making me laugh.)
  3. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    @MargeGunderson I'm sorry. I'm glad Kitty Gunderson the Elder had such a good last weekend.
  4. Pet Peeves

    Apparently explosive compression fixed my ear. A massive sneeze snuck up on me and now everything on my left side is loud.
  5. Pet Peeves

    My left ear is blocked and won't unblock despite all my nifty scuba ear-equalizing techniques. Yawning works best of all of them, in that my ear cracks when I do it, but now I can't stop yawning.
  6. I have scuba lessons from 6:00 - 10:00 on Sunday nights (hopefully last one coming up this weekend). I thought Monday mornings were going to suck, but Monday afternoons have been worse. That's when the caffeine and the Advil have worn off, and I'm stiff everywhere and underslept because I can't stay asleep if I'm physically exhausted, but my brain won't slow down. By 3:00 yesterday afternoon I was trying not to snarl at people and really tempted to reply to emails with "Why is this suddenly my problem, when there are six other people copied on this email and this is the first I've heard of it?"
  7. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I came home and found the litterbox untouched. Twenty minutes later, Lily came and meowed at me, which means “Clean the litterbox.” So I got a sample, and I have more litter coming next week in case I need a better one. But I stand by my original statement: never make a plan with a cat in it.
  8. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Never make plans with cats in them. You can plan around cats, as I do when I go on vacation and make sure they get fed, but any plan directly involving a cat won't work. Lily has kidney disease. We're trying to figure out whether she has kidney disease too advanced to do radioactive iodine. To figure that out, I need to send in a urine sample. It's supposed to be easy: put special litter in litterbox, cat uses litterbox, urine beads up on litter, human picks up urine with provided pipette, puts it in provided vial, mails vial back to vet's office for testing. Of course it won't work that way, because the kit doesn't provide enough special litter to cover the bottom of the litterbox. So I ordered a 2-lb bag from Amazon, which I'll get next week. The plan was to shut Lily, food, water, and the litterbox in my office today and come home to find the litterbox used so I can collect the sample, stick it in the box overnight, and mail it in the morning. But it's so humid today that the office door won't shut, and it's going to be humid until Friday. I don't know whether I'll come home and find the litterbox used and no idea which cat used it, or whether I'll find the litterbox untouched and Lily in the living room. In any case, never make plans with cats in them.
  9. Pet Peeves

    I'm just not going to get any sleep this week. The humidity, in which I couldn't stay asleep, finally broke last night after a week or so and there was moving air and it was wonderful. Then it started rattling the blinds in the bedroom, so I had to shut the windows and it got stuffy. And then a smoke detector somewhere in the neighborhood went off at 11:45 and didn't stop until the fire department showed up at 1:00. I think they broke in and shut it off.
  10. I have two problems with that ad: seventh round isn't early for a kicker, and Justin Tucker (the kicker in question) is very good, so why wouldn't you want him?
  11. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I live on the second floor, and one of my living room windows opens directly onto a large but not screened-in porch with two huge pine trees in front of it. About once a summer I open the window and let the cats go out on the porch with me. Lily wanders all over the porch and leaps up on the railing, thereby giving me heart attacks because I keep thinking she wants to climb into a tree, and Snip sits in the open window making little confused noises.
  12. Gratefulness and Smiles

    I'm glad the pool I'm taking scuba lessons in is a two-minute walk from the train. Last night was my first lesson and I was tired by the end of it, so I was happy that all I had to do was walk the length of the building to get to the train. Of course, then there were no trains for half an hour, but at least it was a nice night to be waiting outdoors. The absurd humidity finally broke yesterday and I got to sit around in 70 degrees and a nice cool breeze for half an hour.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Open Your Pores

    I thought Belinda needed breast reduction surgery, too, but I bet whatever insurance she has considers it cosmetic or not medically necessary. I was just happy to see how much more spark she had after the lipoma removal.
  14. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Lily has had a tough week. On Tuesday she went for her radioactive iodine consultation appointment and blood test, and hated everything about it except the air conditioning at the hospital. Yesterday the handyman showed up at 8:30 AM to replace the innards of my toilet, and she regards any stranger who comes in with equipment as the vet. She didn't like the washing machine repairman last fall either. This morning she got up, had breakfast, and went into the back of a very deep closet and stayed there. Fortunately/unfortunately for her, the blood test came back with low thyroid and high kidney values, which are probably related and due to the thyroid medication. So she gets 1/4 pill instead of 1/2 pill twice a day for two weeks, and then another blood test (which I can call my regular house-call vet for, thankfully), and if the thyroid and kidneys have sorted themselves out, then we can schedule radioactivity for whenever the next treatment group is after the end of August. She won't be going anywhere for at least three weeks. I suppose it works out better for me in the long run because I paid for scuba classes at the beginning of this month and I won't have to spend serious money on vet bills at the end of this month, but so much for getting this over with.
  15. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    My cats are shedding like mad this summer, too. I think it's because it's been hot and humid for longer periods than usual. I should be brushing them at least every other day, but I've been in chorus rehearsals like mad for the last month and am paying for it in hairballs (fortunately I haven't found one by stepping on it, yet).