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  1. HDM in The Media

    Hoped it would be on BBC-America.
  2. Doctor Who in the Media

    BBC-America will air a modern-era marathon before the start of the new season. According to the piece linked below, they will show every episode, including Eccleston's. Hope that's true! Starts Sept 25th. https://ew.com/tv/2018/09/06/doctor-who-bbc-america-marathon/
  3. S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    Maybe a bit, but I don't think she's who I'm reminded of.
  4. S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    I always feel so bad for the first baker sent home. Imelda started well and then fell off, whereas Terry went the other direction -- showstopper weighted more than signature, which makes sense (and technical, for Ruby), plus, Terry's portrait was entirely unique as well. If I start singling people out, then there's another, and another... One not mentioned so far that I like is Kim-Joy. Ruby reminds me so much of someone, but I can't place her. Funny comment Noel made that someone compared his new look to k.d. lang. I like it (liked his long hair, too). He continues to be very sweet with all the bakers.
  5. S02.E10: Prisoners

    This show is exhausting in its relentless drive for twists and shocks., and in its absurdity. (The successful launch was the biggest surprise; no doubt there will be other problems.) I'll finish it out, with just 3 episodes left, but I'll be glad when it's over. (P.S. I wish the actors better material in their next ventures.)
  6. S03.E10: The Final

    They don't discourage practicing at home at all. In fact, they question those who haven't done so. But doing well in the technical challenge shows how well the bakers have assimilated baking skills in general, specifically because they can't practice. If one falls down consistently in the technical, then it might indicate some need for growth. Repetition obviously improves outcome, and they expect it for signature and showstopper bakes. But for as long as Brendan has been baking, they noted that he still had trouble in the technical challenges where he didn't have an opportunity to practice. I can't remember John's performance in the technical bakes, but maybe he did a little better. When Brendan couldn't control a situation, he kind of fell apart, and I think was more the point. (I liked Brendan; just an observation.) I honestly don't think it was a matter of age with Brendan and John. They've rewarded older contestants before (another season - name starts with N). I think it's more about growth. Mumbles mentioned Nadiya doing poorly in the technicals: she did at first, but she also showed notable growth over the course of the series. There was someone else in another series whom they praised for doing a classic bake perfectly early on, but then as he kept to that one style, they started to ding him for not showing range or innovation. Consistently doing well is important, but they've also made it pretty clear that there's more to it, i.e. overcoming early issues, showing range, and demonstrating growth. Brendan has his own style, and that's great, but they wanted more.
  7. S03.E10: The Final

    I thought Brendan's apparent smugness came across as insecurity. As if he tried to prop himself up because he's not confident, commenting on the other bakers' skills included. Very aware of the competition and thinking: Can I survive? but coming across as thinking himself better than the others. Also, he always looked gutted by any criticism. It's never fun, but it looked like a very personal thing for him. It all felt like insecurity to me. I was really pulling for John. The judges commented repeatedly on how great his flavors were, and he worked hard to improve. He also had a lot of baking knowledge. During the little interview bits mid-bake, he talked about baking theory a number of times, as if he'd really studied the art. Brendan is very talented, but he was constant and didn't show growth. I was surprised, actually, that Mary and Paul praised his gingerbread men in the showstopper because they had nothing to do with the cake. I get that it was part of the theme of family reunion, but it felt outside the brief. I liked James a lot, too, but it was obvious he wasn't going to take it. Hoping so hard that Netflix will pick up the more recent seasons. They've got plenty of money.
  8. S02.E10: Breezy

    Arlene said they found Ruval's body, so he is definitely dead.
  9. Good Behavior in the Media

    I finally bought S1 on iTunes -- it was only $9.99, and it doesn't look like they'll ever put the show on any kind of disc. (Not sure if it's still on sale; when I go back, it just says Purchased.) Good timing -- recently had a scare where I thought I was going to have to replace my DVR and would lose everything, including both seasons of this show. A handful of extras come with: all the inside-the-episode clips, a couple of character bits, page to screen, and wardrobe too. Oh, and a bonus scene about Rob and Estelle going to the doctor to discuss getting his implant. (Cute, but I see why they cut it.) The episodes are "uncensored" as well, just meaning they don't bleep the swearing. I'm quite happy to re-watch the two available seasons, but man I miss this show, Letty and Javier, and everyone else too (except Sean). Wish TNT would get it together and do whatever they're going to do to finish it, preferably another season - even if it's only 8 episodes. I want more! S2 is $23.99 at present for HD.
  10. Pose in the Media

    Season two jumps ahead one year: http://ew.com/tv/2018/08/03/pose-time-jump-season-2/ https://tvline.com/2018/08/03/pose-season-2-spoilers-fx-time-jump-ryan-murphy/ Spoilers are mild but fair warning.
  11. S02.E06: Let the Chips Fall

    They did agree. They just don't want to work with Darius and so threatened to blow up NYC if he didn't turn over control to them. Do we know who Nero is? Is Harris' son still alive even though Harris thinks he's dead? I can't remember what we know about that. Grace's father quietly giving himself up for Claire's murder... she won't have much choice but to let him do it, especially now that Darius is president and in on the coverup. And right after she said she couldn't take more loss. This episode was better. Can't say I'm sorry to see Bennett gone, but obviously he wasn't the only one involved. Who's really pulling the strings?
  12. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    Agreed, but I buy her belief, misguided though it was, after so many years.
  13. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I can buy her belief that his statement about the operation wouldn't necessarily hold. They had so many years together. It's conceivable that a man who would stay with one person for that long, in that kind of arrangement, would have genuine emotion and would continue the relationship. Not this guy, of course, but Elektra obviously counted on it. I don't entirely blame her for believing it after a decade together. However, when he was so cold and threw her out -- woman, take your things with you because even if he eventually takes you back, you're going to need them in the meantime. Maybe she was just too stunned to think clearly, but that bothered me more than her basic misguided expectations. ---- I got the impression that when not stealing clothes for the balls, she funded everyone in her house. Not inexpensive, along with rent and general support for her house. Her own clothes -- all the expense of presenting her persona -- also added up. I'm not saying that she shouldn't have saved, but I can see where her money went, too. Seeing her fall so hard was painful. She was so incredibly sad in the peep-show scene. The haughty expression gone, the attitude gone, just deep sadness. Speaking of which, for all the talk about bad acting, I have to say, I don't have a problem with her. She's strident a lot of the time, but once they started looking into Elektra's life, the fact that it's a put-on became obvious. There have been many softer moments, including in the hospital with Blanca, that showed greater depth in the character and in the performance -- most recently in the peep-show scene. In the scene with Meloni, Elektra was shattered, tried for her public face, but failed. (Someone upthread mentioned similar.) Ms. Jackson may not be an experienced actress yet (this is her first credit on IMDB), but I think she's doing well.
  14. S02.E04 Indivisible 2018.07.16

    I liked that they showed the cop as a good guy. It's easy to kind of root against him because Grace is our protagonist, but he's not a bad guy. It was nice to see them working together. Of course, that will go out the window once the truth is revealed... to maybe be reversed again, at least into acceptance, when he realizes his sister's traitorous actions. All drawn out for greatest dramatic effect. Withheld information again. What is Darius's side of the story about Alycia? If he'd just explain her supposed evilness, rather than talking about how evil she is, it would save a lot of time. He and Liam both looked like asses; neither one would listen. Didn't like that they shut down the internet without taking one minute to check in with Grace again since they knew she was recording the statement. Be at the Pentagon, be ready, but check with her! People had already stormed the hospital. Would another minute have hurt? I hope not. I kept expecting Cheng to die before he could make the statement. Even so, with so many stops and starts, I wonder if there will be some case made for it being edited and therefore unreliable. The last, crucial part was intact, so again, I hope not. There are surprises that elevate, but when it's one after another after another after another, it's kind of exhausting. Of course someone blew up the helicopter! Did Grace's phone get smashed? If so, will Chief Justice Cheng die/be killed before he can repeat his statement? Will both presidents try to nominate a replacement? Will Congress be.... divided? Sorry. I started out seriously and descended. I really do want to like this show. Sometimes there's just too much to ignore.