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  1. The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    In some ways, I like Jodie very much. In others... her performance is starting to feel too narrow. There are some nice moments, but there's too much breathlessness as drama, and it feels like too many lines that ought to stand out get lost. Some of the rest is the writing and stories themselves. I appreciate that they wanted a change, but this season doesn't feel much like Doctor Who to me. She doesn't feel distinctly like the Doctor. I can't quite put my finger on it. It almost feels like it could be anyone in the episodes because the Doctor isn't standing out, but it's certainly not all Jodie.
  2. Happy All Together Talk: All Episodes

    I know they haven't done a whole lot with Cooper, but he is supposed to be laying low. The theme seems to be that Claire and Jake try to live up to the pop star's life and then discover that their own ways are best for them. But now, Cooper seems to be a bit influenced by them, commenting on their nice, quiet lives. I think it's a valid dynamic but agree they need to step up his involvement a little more (even though it's been getting somewhat better) -- maybe find some twist to add in. If they wrote him off, they'd need a different catalyst. At this point, I just hope the show survives somehow.
  3. S04.E05: I'm So Happy for You

    Being extremely upset and acting out over friends leaving (whom you've known a couple years) is OK but feeling devastated when your firstborn is about to go to the other side of the world for 5-10 years isn't? Paula had a bomb dropped on her. It might take her a minute to adjust. It is a parent's job to raise a child and let them go into their own lives. That doesn't mean it's not terribly difficult to let go after having been responsible for 18 (or more) years, especially after things have been less than great (otherwise known as teenage years) and you've just started to get them back. Just having a kid go to college is an adjustment, let alone going so far away for so many years. Paula did overreact, but her "sabotage" attempt was in fairly gentle way: she tried to steer him toward love. She didn't get sick or in an accident (subconscious control) or try to make him feel responsible for her. She reacted badly to a shock of impending loss yet came around pretty quickly. (Now, if she went on for years trying to manipulate him or keep him close, that would be selfish.)
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    I was in high school when Bohemian Rhapsody came out, and wow was it a big deal. Everyone talked about it, went around singing it, wanted to learn all the words. I can't say I was a huge Queen fan, but they were definitely on my radar and I liked their songs. (Also loved that their music was part of Highlander, the series.) I saw the movie a few days ago (and, naturally, still have BR in my head), and really liked it. I thought it was a little thin early on, but it became quite moving and poignant. Loved Rami, of course; definitely want to see it again. Interestingly, on the drive home, the local classic-rock radio station was playing their Live Aid performance. Great timing.
  5. S09.E10: The Final

    Yeah -- a strange finale with disappointing challenges. The technical bothered me in particular for a few reasons. The technicals have been about testing fundamental knowledge used in unique ways to push the bakers' skills. This one was ridiculous because it wasn't in the realm of anyone's knowledge. Add to that, baking out in the hot sun... people can get sick being in direct sun, not to mention dealing with a fire. It was a bad stunt and unworthy, really. The time restraints throughout have been frustrating -- especially when they're judged as if they had plenty of time -- and one editing element really bothers me: When they say they have five minutes or especially when it's one minute left, they show that the bakers obviously have a huge amount to complete, and then they are all finished and presented, supposedly in that last minute. Such crap to increase the viewers' tension. They've done it all along, somewhat, but it was over the top this season and annoying. The showstopper -- agreed with many other comments that they looked entirely unappealing, which surprised me a little. They've done landscape sorts of things before (maybe smaller scale), so the visual choices from all three seemed odd. I also agree with the judges that Kim-Joy's choices weren't up to her level. She had some great elements in the smaller decorations, of course, but using ginger cake and biscuits was too much of the same. It hurt her chances a lot, which was really too bad. I wondered if Ruby might get it, but while she does have great flavors, Rahul's seem to be exceptional. Both creations looked terrible, so if flavor was the final tie-breaker, there it is. I agree that he squeaked through a couple of times, but as noted, Briony messed up in week 9, and Manon didn't follow the briefs in the other week. I would have been happy with any of the 3 going into this final. No one did especially well in the first two challenges, and Kim-Joy made a bad flavor choice at the end, so it came down to Ruby and Rahul. I would have been happy either way.
  6. Anticipation: Shipwrecked In Feudal Japan

    An article I read said the reason to re-do this was because the 1980 mini-series focused too much on Blackthorne's point of view - the white male, which was stressed as a bad thing -- and they want to tilt it away from him toward the Japanese characters. I beg to differ on the focus. Of course he's central to the story -- his influence on those around him, on their politics, and his personal transformation are key elements. But the mini-series spent plenty of time on the Japanese characters. It was never going to get as in-depth as the book, but they even used Japanese language without subtitles (conceding to some voice-over narration by Orson Welles) in 1980. I thought the criticism unfair. It's a wonderful series. Period. One of the first DVDs I ever bought. That said, I'm certainly interested in this, just to see the story told again. P.S. I just hope they aren't going to try to make Blackthorne some kind of villain because he's the white, male ... plunderer, yes, but so out of his element, he doesn't have the power to be a villain.
  7. Shogun: The Novel

    Love this book and have read it multiple times, mostly in my 20s. Then I read it again years later and was surprised at how much battle strategy there was that I didn't recall. I was more entranced by Blackthorne's transformation and his relationship with Mariko, as well as learning about the samurai lives and rooting for Toranaga. Liked Omi very much as well (add -san to all those names). It's a great, epic book to get lost in, and you know a bit of Japanese vocabulary by the end. Have also enjoyed Clavell's Noble House. It's funny though, as times change. I started re-reading the latter last year and got tired of the misogynistic male domination (1960s setting). Previously, I suppose it seemed the norm.
  8. Good Behavior in the Media

    "the show did strong business in delayed viewing and on digital platforms, drawing younger viewers, and became a cult favorite." "Indeed, talks continued over the past few months over ways “to properly bring it to a conclusion,” as Reilly put it in May but there were unsuccessful." https://deadline.com/2018/11/good-behavior-canceled-tnt-after-seasons-1202497032/ The second quote makes little sense after the first one. However crap the live ratings (largely their own fault), they still drew the younger audience in delayed viewing and online. Renew it, make a final movie, sell it to Hulu, something! I know that's simplistic, but this makes no sense. There are so few shows on anymore that I really care about. One less now.
  9. Good Behavior in the Media

    Am beyond disappointed about this, especially given the comment in that article above: Kevin Reilly: “I don’t see multiple more seasons of it but there could be a way to cap that off for the audience that really loved it. Right now it’s not in the planning stages, but we have talked to the producers. If I can get the real estate and the cash flow going to cap it off properly we’d figure it out.” Asked by Deadline whether that capping off the series means a movie or a final season, Reilly said, “unclear,” adding that, while there are no immediate plans, the idea is “to properly bring it to a conclusion.” http://deadline.com/2018/05/good-behavior-tnt-season-3-final-season-conclusion-renewed-canceled-1202392316/ Liar. I wrote to TNT through their site contact form. If others do, maybe they'll consider a movie.
  10. Media: That's a good soundbite for you.

    Interesting to have this come about after so long. I loved the show (esp. the 1st season/series), the characters, and the actors. What I'd really like to see is those actors (for Geoffrey, Ellen, Oliver, etc) in the times before Geoffrey's breakdown. I realize that's probably not realistic because they're older now, but younger actors would have to be exceptional. --If it's new characters and the prequel tie-in is just the theater, I don't know. That sounds like a different show altogether. Will be interested to learn more.
  11. S02.E01: Head Games

    I see what you mean by the credits for all involved (Supernatural notwithstanding, which may be better experience for this show). Very interesting. Thanks for the info.
  12. It's separating from the True Blood world -- in part for network TV, I guess. Formation and deaths of vampires quite different. I'm OK with the Buffy-like disintegration; True Blood's was so gross. The girl's story was too rushed. Her background and desire for revenge, trapping Lem and turning -- basically her whole arc could have been fleshed out for a few episodes. I found it uninteresting as it was. Kai curing her was interesting... obvious implications there. Hoping Bobo and Fiji's story actually gives them something to do now that they can't get physical. I appreciate the pretty, but they need more than one note. Same for Lem and Olivia with more to do than snipe; it's already old. I thought Francois Arnaud was good, going back and forth between the husband and wife ghosts. He doesn't ham it up playing a woman. There were edits between each side, so the shift wasn't instantaneous, but he was good.
  13. S02.E01: Head Games

    I just finished watching season 1 on Hulu a couple of days ago. It was a bit of a struggle to get through because it made me cringe so much with awkward dialog and the delivery of it. This felt different. It may have been a "clean up" or reset episode, but it felt like it flowed better, and there were barely any cringe moments. Different writers or director? It suddenly seemed like people were people rather than actors awkwardly reading lines. Great to see both Nestor Carbonell and Jaime Ray Newman. Apparently neither one ages at all. Nice to see Xylda, too; too bad she was a hallucination. That's what I thought. Of course Kai has to have an evil angle. I hoped he and Patience might be nice additions to the town. Wondering if Fiji will interact more with them as healers. Don't know yet what to make of the demon hunter. Bobo needs a story line.
  14. S01.E06: Episode 6

    This last episode had as much tension as the first. I half expected the bomb to go off, and then things would come to light after David's death to resolve everything. Am very glad that wasn't the case. Loved Richard Madden throughout. I really liked Vicki preventing the police from shooting David by literally standing by him. It was effective, and it made the reconciliation at the end feel earned. I agree that they kind of underplayed the government conspiracy in the end. Craddock (?) as the insider surprised me, but I was disappointed that her betrayal seemed to be only for money. She was simply greedy enough that someone else's life didn't matter. Why? We saw nothing to support that, nor any other motivation on her part. (The men were all greedy too, wanting to keep their positions no matter the cost. I'm not defending them at all, given their own misdeeds, but I can see their motivation.) Maybe Craddock didn't expect things to go so far, except, she continued even after the first attempt on Julia's life. I didn't care one bit about her sudden remorse. I did like that her lawyer didn't seem to be sympathetic to her. Also, after showing so many women in power, having the story resort to a tearful confession, however restrained, bothered me when we only heard about the government men's arrests. Their initial acts were barely noted after all the worry over the scandal that the tablet's information would cause, and they initiated and coordinated the conspiracy. There was more detail about the organized crime guy than about them. The jihadist woman was another surprise and also a little difficult to believe. As ruthless as she ended up being -- she was OK with having others die, was OK contributing to other deaths, but was too afraid to die herself? It felt like a little bit of a cheat. I can't help thinking that any last-minute fear of a true believer (in the opening bomb sequence) would look different than someone being coerced. Her fear then wasn't an act, she said. But I guess showing the attitude difference would have given too much away. Anyway, the quibbles are fairly small despite saying more about them than what I liked. The story (overall) and the performances were great. I loved the series and am happy I didn't have to wait a week between episodes. I'll definitely re-watch.
  15. S01.E04: Episode 4

    I'm not clear who the tall, thin man is who keeps showing up and sniping at David. From their first meeting (when he was talking to Julia and David was there), he was a prick and has been every time since. Granted, later encounters were after the two attacks on her, but it seems out of place. He's had so little to do. He just shows up, snipes at David, and pushes his way through. I thought he was another politician; did he have a personal connection? (ETA: Realized he's her ex-husband.) The blanks in David's gun are certainly intriguing. Who would have had access or known where he hid the gun? I hope he's not having blackouts and doing things he doesn't remember. Didn't like that the police let Rob go so easily. His interview wasn't believable at all. Plus, I thought he was the one who told Julia that her speech still needed fact-checking, while he told Mahmood that it was fine. Everyone seems to be in on something -- quite the conspiracy going on, even with Julia's supposed allies. Completely absorbed in this. I know I'll have to go back and watch again for details.