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  1. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    Agreed, but I buy her belief, misguided though it was, after so many years.
  2. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I can buy her belief that his statement about the operation wouldn't necessarily hold. They had so many years together. It's conceivable that a man who would stay with one person for that long, in that kind of arrangement, would have genuine emotion and would continue the relationship. Not this guy, of course, but Elektra obviously counted on it. I don't entirely blame her for believing it after a decade together. However, when he was so cold and threw her out -- woman, take your things with you because even if he eventually takes you back, you're going to need them in the meantime. Maybe she was just too stunned to think clearly, but that bothered me more than her basic misguided expectations. ---- I got the impression that when not stealing clothes for the balls, she funded everyone in her house. Not inexpensive, along with rent and general support for her house. Her own clothes -- all the expense of presenting her persona -- also added up. I'm not saying that she shouldn't have saved, but I can see where her money went, too. Seeing her fall so hard was painful. She was so incredibly sad in the peep-show scene. The haughty expression gone, the attitude gone, just deep sadness. Speaking of which, for all the talk about bad acting, I have to say, I don't have a problem with her. She's strident a lot of the time, but once they started looking into Elektra's life, the fact that it's a put-on became obvious. There have been many softer moments, including in the hospital with Blanca, that showed greater depth in the character and in the performance -- most recently in the peep-show scene. In the scene with Meloni, Elektra was shattered, tried for her public face, but failed. (Someone upthread mentioned similar.) Ms. Jackson may not be an experienced actress yet (this is her first credit on IMDB), but I think she's doing well.
  3. S02.E04 Indivisible 2018.07.16

    I liked that they showed the cop as a good guy. It's easy to kind of root against him because Grace is our protagonist, but he's not a bad guy. It was nice to see them working together. Of course, that will go out the window once the truth is revealed... to maybe be reversed again, at least into acceptance, when he realizes his sister's traitorous actions. All drawn out for greatest dramatic effect. Withheld information again. What is Darius's side of the story about Alycia? If he'd just explain her supposed evilness, rather than talking about how evil she is, it would save a lot of time. He and Liam both looked like asses; neither one would listen. Didn't like that they shut down the internet without taking one minute to check in with Grace again since they knew she was recording the statement. Be at the Pentagon, be ready, but check with her! People had already stormed the hospital. Would another minute have hurt? I hope not. I kept expecting Cheng to die before he could make the statement. Even so, with so many stops and starts, I wonder if there will be some case made for it being edited and therefore unreliable. The last, crucial part was intact, so again, I hope not. There are surprises that elevate, but when it's one after another after another after another, it's kind of exhausting. Of course someone blew up the helicopter! Did Grace's phone get smashed? If so, will Chief Justice Cheng die/be killed before he can repeat his statement? Will both presidents try to nominate a replacement? Will Congress be.... divided? Sorry. I started out seriously and descended. I really do want to like this show. Sometimes there's just too much to ignore.
  4. S03.E05: Pies

    Just had a chance to watch this episode, and I'm with everyone here in being upset about their take on American pies, especially when they then rather showed their ignorance of them. Restricting it to no top crusts, making tarts rather than pies, all the insults -- sheesh. Agree that they probably didn't think it would never be shown here. Except, I have to eat my words, because I was so grossed out by both the Wellingtons and the raised pies, I shouted "that's disgusting" more than once, particularly with the one whose crust fell off. I'm vegetarian, so I always hate the meat-pie bakes, but one thing definitely raised an eyebrow. Throughout the Wellington bakes, they kept showing sheep in the field. It's a regular thing they do on the show, but this time it felt like such a disconnect -- until they were talking about the lamb Wellington and then cut directly to one of the sheep. Deliberate, connection made, thank you. --Fast forwarded completely through the segment on eel pies. (Not to mention haggis, blood pudding -- love Scotland but yeesh.) Lastly: Brendan's tart looked delicious, except for using gelatin in it. Many of the desserts have been spoiled for me with that addition. I'm usually quiet about my own choice not to eat animals, but those Wellingtons and wanting a gross layer of cold gelatin around the meat (plus lard in the crust), topped by all the American bashing... probably my least favorite episode of this show. (Shuddering.)
  5. Pose in the Media

    Billy Porter needs an Emmy nomination next year. So glad there will be another season. I'm not ready for this one to end.
  6. S02.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    Yes, he was sworn in under the 25th amendment with Mackenzie's apparent death, but she's not dead. They don't have evidence of Bennett's wrongdoing, but my point was that it seems her presence alone would invalidate his position. They haven't explained why he has any claim, given that she's not dead and her claim to the office precedes his. If there was more of an explanation, I've blanked on it.
  7. S02.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    A better explanation would be helpful. (Thinking of The West Wing and Bartlet signing a paper to hand over power and another to take it back, which didn't happen here.) Bennett's (false) argument is that Mackenzie faked her death... I must have missed his explanation as to why she would have done that or why it would make him the rightful president. She's still alive! It seems like... bigamy or something. Sure, he took the oath, but she's still alive, she never signed anything giving him power, she hasn't been formally removed from office, so how is his oath legit? Even if she had gone insane, it would still take an act of Congress right? Impeachment and removal? Not to mention a full inquiry into her disappearance, given her claims of poisoning. Since the writers consulted lawyers, I wish they'd write the actual explanation into the show rather than just drama for drama's sake and "We're going to the Supreme Court!" Maybe that's to come when the decision is handed down (low expectation of it). Without it, it feels ridiculous. This. (And IAD.) But I may just go re-watch The Musketeers. Mainly, it doesn't feel like anyone really has a story. There are all these conflicts and arguments and crises, but it all feels superficial despite the world being on the verge of destruction. I get that it's a summer show just meant to be entertaining, and sometimes it is. I seem to remember last season getting better as it went. This one has me yelling at the TV again in frustration just 3 eps in.
  8. S04.E11: The Beginning (2) 2018.07.06

    TVLine: You brought Deacon into the fold at a much earlier point in his timeline. So the Deacon that we first met when the show began knew about time travel, and Cassie and Cole, and the whole shebang? Terry Matalas: We saw a first run of Deacon where he didn’t know. Then in Episode 407, when he’s in Titan, and he sees the West VII symbol, and he gets the idea of the West VII coming for a last battle at Titan, he has a bloody nose. At that moment, he becomes the Deacon who has lived through this cycle. And the same with Old Jennifer. You see Old Jennifer get a bloody nose in 407, too. Now she knows what she has to do. So in 408, when he gets his head cut off, a few scenes earlier, he says to Cole, “Things are coming to a head,” basically broadcasting that he knew what his fate was going to be and that this Deacon knows the end of the series. --------- I loved it. Loved all the happy endings. It felt earned and satisfying. I figured they'd save the world but had no idea how everyone would end up -- whether Cole would survive, whether there would be any connection between the core group, memories, etc. Very happy with the finale. --Loved seeing James Callis again and so glad it appears Athan will yet be born. Appearing to Jones (his great grandmother!), setting up the end, was a great scene. He did so much with limited time. -- When Cassie was watching the destruction of time and not doing anything to stop it, I shouted: "The Ring is Mine!" Then, to have multiple codas, felt like another shout out to Return of the King. Or maybe it was just me. I was a little disappointed that Jennifer was just knocked out during that whole sequence. ETA: Another shout out: James to Jones: "I'm glad you're here with me at the end [of all things]. --Seeing Cole smile... that didn't happen often. Very nice. Liked what Matalas had to say in the link above about what would happen after what we saw. Here's a very nice write-up: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/07/12-monkeys-finale-syfy-spoilers-1201981808/
  9. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    I do recommend turning on closed captions. The future segments with their altered language were much easier to understand w/captions.
  10. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    @90PercentGravity said: "I think Dani is ace. She's never sought sex through the whole thing." Very early in the series, she did. She tried to sleep with Lito and said no one had turned her down before, implying that she slept with quite a lot of people. That's when she pushed her way into his apartment and discovered Hernando. She may have stopped sleeping around, but I don't think she ever lost interest. Yes, I agree. To me it also represented connection beyond a single human life, how we're woven together beyond our limited view of time. It also contains one of the most beautiful sequences I've ever seen in the "All boundaries are conventions" scene. It feels very connected - maybe a precursor - to Sense8.
  11. Small Talk: Inside the Red Forest

    It's also going from ABC (ABC Family/Freeform) to NBC (USA & SyFy), so they're making a big deal about it.
  12. In answer to the question in the title of this thread: Yes. This one.
  13. S04.E09: One Minute More 2018.06.29

    These loops are quite lovely to consider when time travel seems otherwise to have caused so much trouble. ---- Right now, deliberately starting the plague to stop Olivia isn't making much sense to me. I guess Katerina wouldn't have finished the machine w/o the plague, but w/o the plague, would the Witness have had any power or even have come to be? (The Tall Man ultimately not starting it was interesting.) Doesn't releasing the plague just keep everything as it already was in the endless loop? Another confusing point: Jones said that the primaries built the machine to erase James Cole. Jennifer said James can't be the Djinn because "this" (the whole cycle?) has to be born of time travel. Jones is then horrified to realize that Hannah is James' mother, so Hannah's the one who needs to be erased. She did die, but it had no bearing on James traveling through time. I thought it meant needing to stop him being born, which would unravel everything (including that Hannah would never have been born because Jones wouldn't have saved the Coles, leading to her decision to keep her baby). Or did I misinterpret that whole conversation? Looking forward to next week's finale and very glad they got to tell their whole story. They do seem to have planned it out in fine detail (down to the white streak in Cassie's hair), so I'm hoping for a satisfying end. It's all pretty twisty still.
  14. S04.E08: Demons 2018.06.29

    Well, this show has come a long way from "kill Leland Goines and stop the plague." I'll admit, I was kind of irritated by this episode. I've been quite willing to take the ride, and if it led to ancient mythology and a monkey-faced bell, OK. But then it all became pointless. Near miss after near miss -- and centuries of primaries talking to each other through time, yet they didn't foresee that the weapon would be useless? That it would be paradoxed out of existence? They foresaw the Witness coming to set them on fire yet didn't see that? Wherever it was supposed to send James -- pointless. So why is James important? It's just about the Joneses, apparently. I get the whole hero's journey. It's dark and hopeless until the last moment ("You don't just walk into Mordor!" Loved Jennifer's horror at Deacon's dismissal of Tolkein/LotR). But this particular segment irritated me because it led nowhere. Also, Emma being James' mother and telling him that tale, knowing it had no meaning -- what for? And last but definitely not least, they killed Deacon. They've lost the connection to 1491, and playing "Don't you forget about me..." over the end pretty much seals it. Unless the final resolution brings everyone back. I know it's not quite over. Maybe they had to go through the whole journey to get to their current understanding and whatever finally resolves everything, but right now, I'm irritated. Off to watch the next episode.
  15. S04.E07: Daughters 2018.06.29

    I was waiting for Olivia to comment on Jones' revelation about Deacon. Let's hope that Deacon really can take care of himself. After everything, they'd better not kill him. I worry that one of our "primaries" won't make it. Jones is already in trouble, but I don't want to lose any of them.