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  1. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I was wrong by the way. I looked at the instastories again and the camera was showing a reverse image so what I thought was one wood cabinet on one side with one wood cabinet on the other with white cabinets in between is really just white cabinets with one completely mismatched wood grain cabinet. I hope the professional they hire to clean up the mess talks them out of the tile to the ceiling. Also, because I am mean, I find it hilarious that Jeremy's kitchen - which the big boy proudly declared his project took five months to complete, looked cheap and poorly done, and promptly fell apart upon completion to where it needs to be redone. While Zach had his kitchen redo done in three days by professionals, and took the wife on a three day trip to deal with the inconvenience.
  2. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I will say that I think the mismatched cupboards might have been an intentional, if stupid, style choice. I noticed in the tear down video that there was one faux wood cupboard on each side of the kitchen, positioned opposite of each other, which made me think it was intentional. Still stupid and ugly. And clearly they're going with a contractor because Jeremy isn't so fucking handy but god knows we're never going to concede that a kitchen redo shouldn't last *five* months.
  3. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    In a current instastory, Jeremy notes how he did all the tile work (with "Jacob" which could mean his brother or pal Mueller) and is sad it all has to be ripped out. He then notes with holidays coming, he no longer has time and will be hiring a contractor to get it done. I notice, yet again, that the cupboards are not matching and he's claiming to have done the remodel himself he's "a DYI guy" so yeah, now we know how handy he really is. In a separate instastory, Auj reveals that the stove had finally been replaced when the flooding occurred, which means they bought a house in May that needed so much work, they didn't move in until late August, and hasn't had a working stove until just days ago. Yeah... feeding Jeremy's ego must be getting expensive...
  4. S11.E05: I Want To Be President

    The only reason they are mixing old episodes with new is because of the lawsuit between TLC and the production company. Who acts like what with who is open to opinon, but there's nothing nefarious about the episodes being somewhat older and out of order (there's also the hurricane situation which led to episodes airing out of order) Personally I wouldn't be shocked if their relationship has some strain - they've moved, they have young kids with health issues, any couple would be getting cranky.
  5. S11.E07: I Love Candy!

    Here's my little trick - and I freely admit that I am an asshole. I only do this in relatively adult venues (not Chucky Cheese for example, but Chilis, Red lobster, reasonably "sit down and behave" places). If the kids nearby are being assholes, not staying in their seats, being loud.... I just start using the f-word and moderate my volume so the people I'm with can hear me discuss my period :) Or my last sexual encounter. Or the gay pride parade or how hot and fuckable I think various actors and actresses are. They either huff and leave because you know, how AWFUL! Or they attempt to confront me, and I point out that if their kid was sitting at their table not screaming, then I wouldn't need to speak so loudly to other adults in an adult space. Then I order another beer. The one time someone dared ask a manager to shut me up, I told the manager to remind them that they were in a bar and I had every right to admire Tom Brady's sweet sweet ass on tv and why was a four year old in a sports bar at 8pm? I mean really. *I would never do this in a children orientated place and I rarely use this method unless its really egregiously bad behavior.
  6. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I'm actually a little bit off put by how they pretty actively encourage fans to send them gifts. They did an instastory a few weeks ago where they were thanking fans by name for their awesome gifts to baby Ember, complete with holding the gift up and praising it. It was mostly hand made baby blankets but... this was basically rewarding people who send them gifts with their personal attention. If you send a really nice gift, Auj and Jer will do an instastory about how cool your gift was. Guess what that encourages people to do? Why, to send gifts! Now I will never judge someone for wanting to send a celebrity a gift. I've never felt the urge but I do understood the urge. But decent celebs? Don't encourage their fans to send them presents. Its crass, and it's greedy. I'm not begrudging them the gifts that fans send, I just don't think they should actively encourage it with positive, public attention to gift givers, complete with how they will use the gifts. They aren't poor, and they're supposedly Christian, so why aren't they donating these gifts instead of keeping them?
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    So, along with the leaks, the broken water heater, dangerous tree, kitchen renovations, stove that still does not work... apparently there is some sort of massive leak with the dishwasher that will necessitate the newly renovated kitchen being totally torn out. The house sounds like a money pit.
  8. S11.E05: I Want To Be President

    Its relevant to me, since my intent was not to insult you with the question. I asked, because in your original post you said a large family rift that you seem to regret occurred because a grandparent was unwilling to not play peekaboo with a child that as described - a 16 month old - wasn't so old that the activity sounded abusive so I assumed there had to be more to the story for it to cause such a rift. The clarification you provided is very help, particularly that the word boo was upsetting the child.
  9. In fairness, my small objection to throwing Bethenny on the fire for sobbing like a lunatic, making no effort to keep it in control for the kid, is that I would have to despise various members of my family for reacting to the death of their pets in very similar fashion. When I was old enough to question the elaborate states of frenzy, I was told it was not my place to judge how any one else grieves... and since I wasn't upset, why didn't I go hose down the blood off the porch that was there due to the last catastrophic pet incident. We all have parents who have made poor judgements. Watching her mom cry over the dog and get hysterical online probably won't send Bryn to the therapist more than a few times. Cookie had a long and pampered life by an owner that adored her. Some people freak out when pets die. It happens.
  10. Actually a story set in the late 1970s/early 1980s could embrace the Satanic Panic that went on during that time and hit the ""Kids playing D&D in the tunnels go crazy trope... and the whole molestation/murdering babies in front of toddlers stuff....
  11. S07.E09: Drink the Kool-Aid

    I'm sorry for having a different opinion and expecting better than cheesy and indulgent. Forgive me. Clearly when I am shot for my disagreement, I won't be placed on the *family* bed....
  12. S07.E09: Drink the Kool-Aid

    That would honestly be way too repitious of Roanoak for me to like it....
  13. S07.E09: Drink the Kool-Aid

    Honestly, I am the outlier here. I like Evan Peters but the playing of the cult leaders by Evan just seems cheesy and dumb, and indulgent. I love Evan and Sarah playing off each other, they clearly have chemistry and raise each other's game, and Evan is a great actor. But he doesn't deserve an Emmy nod for drawling out Jim Jones's last words and then high fiving Jesus, played by Evan Peters. And believe me, I do love Evan as an actor. The serial killer imitations aren't what I am enjoying - Kai's general batshittery with Oz and Ally in this episode is where I was impressed.
  14. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Well, I am of two minds. The kiddies are drama llamas so "I have a baby and there's no water and no working stove in my half a million dollar house ONHOES!! Won't someone buck me up with a "You can do it AUj! You're a GOOD mamma!"???" At the same time.... leaks, broken water heater, dangerous tree, refurbished kitchen, no stove... maybe you should have *read* the house inspection report, Jer.
  15. S11.E06: Quack! Quack! Quack!

    This is likely exactly what they do, in order to avoid parental complaining.