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  1. I have come to a conclusion about the Flash. It is a show written for 6 year olds, acted by late 20s+ who play teenagers. My opinion. For comic people to say there shouldn’t be love on the shows everyone seems to be in love with someone. There is little chemistry between any of them. It is a boring boring show.
  2. I called my SIL in CA and asked her if she watched that Turkish soap opera. I almost couldn’t get her off the phone. She started going into great detail. I finally told her I was frying fish and needed to hang up. I don’t fry anything and I detest fish.
  3. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    From@geeksvibenation EXCLUSIVE: In speaking with Marc Guggenheim he revealed that we won’t be seeing any sort of love angle between Oliver and Dinah. There will be no stories involving Oliver cheating on his wife.
  4. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I think it’s how we are raised. You say you are giving your son chocolate that is light in sugar. A lot of people would not like that but what you are doing is good. My mother put oats in desserts to give them more fiber without ruining the flavor and this is also good. I remember reading that Jerry Seinfeld’s wife did a cookbook adding vegetables to the oddest food and it did very well.
  5. S06.E13: The Devil's Greatest Trick

    I respectfully disagree I think if Star City thinks it’s going to blow up they are going to find the money especially if the Mayor knows that he hasn’t been able to figure out a way to stop him. CJ was too eager to have revenge on OQ/GA/the Mayor.
  6. S06.E13: The Devil's Greatest Trick

    More like $140 million shared. This dreck went on for 2 weeks
  7. I am bitter that Thea probably inherited Malcolm Merlyn’s wealth yet was a petulant brat and wouldn’t sign the papers so Oliver lost everything.
  8. Speaking of Colton, I was flipping through channels and saw him on The Match Game. What an awful show. All 6 actors were terrible. I made it about 5 minutes.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread

  10. S06.E13: The Devil's Greatest Trick

    I heard this comment today. Cayden’s son is 35 playing 18, William is 35 playing 12 and Oliver is 35 and looks 35. What’s with all these old guys playing kids?
  11. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    I’m still saying Alena and 3D printer guy and I can’t remember his name!!
  12. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    This is really dumb.
  13. I had a timeline when I wanted to get everything done then life happened and changed everything. Funny how that happens.
  14. I graduated at 16. I was also attending a university full time. I tested out of 18 hours. I received 2 BS degrees when I was 18 and was one month into my 20th year when I completed my 2nd MS. So it can be done.
  15. S06.E12: All For Nothing

    Finally watched this episode with my brother on a large screen TV. Near the beginning F is in the lair sipping coffee. Stopped the vid and there’s a hand drawn picture of a cup of steaming coffee on the side for the machine she’s standing in front of. Is this the returned expresso/coffee maker? I couldn’t find anything on YouTube so I looked at the CW app and it’s at 7:50-51 in the show.