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  1. I hope that Felicity is the one who gets Oliver out of prison. Hopefully with a pardon from the POTUS. It would be great if FS could start wearing her Ghost Fox Goddess outfit and start being a vigilante. The show managed to destroy everything that had to do with the lives of OTA and the NTA. Will they be moving to a new city next season?
  2. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Were we supposed to be afraid when they showed the large tattoo on Diaz’s back? Was it depicting that he was a Long Bow Hunter?
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I have read that OQ is at The Slab. It’s in the freaking Antarctica and it’s a maximum security prison for Metahumans. Why would they send him there? This is in the DC database. There has to something really evil about Samandra Watson.
  4. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    ^^^This person clearly watched the Earth 2-53 versions of Arrow.
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I won’t continue watching.
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I agree So MG says OQ is not just trapped in prison he’s trapped with all the people he put there. This sounds likes MG has a beef with the entire Arrow cast and writers. The only story I get out of this is every week Oq is there he’s going to get beaten to a pulp. Boring just like all the other repeat storyline shows and seasons he has already done. MG is the kind of writer who has an idea for something new and when it plays out in one season or maybe two he can’t come up with anything new. It shows in most of his work. Unfortunately it makes Berlanti look bad too.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Don’t prisons or judges usually put people like GA in solitary to keep them away from all the prisoners who he put there? He voluntarily gave up and yet they are putting his life at risk. It makes no sense as usual.
  8. I’m not sure this is the right place but I want to thank the CW for their excellent job with close captioning. It is always done well at least on Arrow as that’s all I’m watching on that channel now. I watched the Lucifer finale with CC on because I forgot to turn it off after Arrow. The only way I can explain it,is that it was the written version of mumble mouth and it made so sense whatsoever. Granted, there were a few words here and there but they were rare. Thanks again CW, I would not have made it through Season 6 without CC.
  9. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Because he is unable to come up with anything new. Why fiddle with success? In his mind only.
  10. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Well it was important to show the same running and bombing scene as they had the week before.
  11. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Let’s pretend I am going to say how great the finale was(laughing maniacally) and that the writers and directors were able to give us a creepy scary evil villain but I can’t. Neither the writers, the directors nor the actor playing Diaz were able to pull it off. They all told us he was evil but none of them succeeded in showing us his his true villainy. Unfortunately we the viewers have seen and were led quite nicely to believe that other villains of seasons past were far superior in their creepiness than Diaz will ever be and unfortunately mumbling really destroys that as well. Funny thing, to me anyway, Rene is more of a villain than Diaz for quickly giving up Oliver to the FBI and being such a s**tbag about it. We were being shown this for many episodes. Both are shown to be thugs but that’s nothing in the scheme of the season. The writing for Oliver was obviously written for plot. Apology Tour anyone? If written correctly the leadership that he showed would have made the finale great. Leadership is the lonely position that he’s held for the past 6 years. It’s about sacrifice it’s thankless and it’s hard and he did what he felt was right to take down this thug. Here’s the problem with this we’ve seen this for 6 years and now all of a sudden no one wants him to be their leader. They had to do it for plot. They tried to destroy our sense of righteous indignation on behalf of Oliver by telling us it was wrong to feel that way that all the misfitNTA and Diggle were in the right. It took away any sense that what he did was right and proper because it was for plot. We the viewers know that he wouldn’t do that to Felicity without giving her a heads up. They have come to far and have shown us that they communicate and for plot they take it all away. This back and forth of doing plot over characterization between the writers and the actors makes it impossible for them to to show us that this finale should make sense. Diaz should have died. There were too many opportunities for his death but plot prevailed. NTA should probably have died their stories were just not that compelling. Why does the show need 2 metas with the same powers? Why do we need metas st all. We were promised no super powers. Curtis is able to throw his orbs yay? That’s his fighting ability? We, the audience, want someone who will lead and we’ve enjoyed Oliver for 6 seasons. But the writers have given Oliver Yo-yo syndrome (today he’s a brilliant strategist but tomorrow he’s an absolute idiot) it’s been 6 long years and the writers seemed to have come to the conclusion telling us but not showing us is their way of destroying everything we’ve been viewing since the beginning. They made Oliver grovel one too many times in this finale Poor Lance and BS, the material they’ve been given has sucked all season. The death of Lance was a travesty of writing for an OG actor. What a horrible way to let him die and to miss saying good-bye to Sara. The only redeeming scene to me was between Oliver and Lance. What was it a minute or so? To sum up the finale should have been great but the Apology tour ruined that right away. That suitcase with the GA suit and the neon lighting inside it was absurd. The fact fact that all of a sudden the suit wasn’t the reason Diggle was angry was ridiculous. The one bright light was Anatoly and his giving himself up other than that nothing else made sense. In the real world Diaz would have been dead very quickly. Finally did he ever apologize to Felicity? If he did it never computed in my brain Watching this show last night and today made me feel embarrassed for the actors and made me itchy all over. It just was not good.
  12. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So are they going to go OTA one week and NTA the next week? If that’s the case I’ll watch only those weeks with OTA.
  13. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    So if they cut the emotional F&O scene then why should I come back next season? I wonder if SA & EBR realize they cut the scene, if they did? It would be a good question to ask at one of the fan fests.
  14. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Had to watch the show again with my brother. He immediately said apology tour. Hated it. The scene with the lasers had the exact and I mean the exact same stunt as last week. Last week O&F ran out the door as bombs were going off and they both fall and slide. This time R & and FBI girl run out and fall and slide the same way with bombs going off. I get it there are only so many stunts but the very next week?
  15. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    I really only got one thing out of the finale that MG and WM don’t want anyone to watch season 7. They did a bang up job of destroying the back half of this season. MG never got his all comic book all the time show and instead got OQ & FS and JD & LM of which only one was an actual comic book character. MG was never able to reconcile this with his inner child. So instead of writing for the characters that I feel the majority of the fandom loved MG had the writers write strictly for plot. Once The Flash was allowed to become a TV show all signs of caring for Arrow went out the window. It of course was a means to an end, The Flash, which the comic book guys really wanted. At the beginning they promised to keep it unique with no powers of any kind with just the basics. They changed the premise of it to allow anything and everything and thereby slowly chipped away at the core of the show. No longer could normal humans act like and be super heroes without all the magical interference of super powers. They slowly but surely destroyed what was good in the show and made it a carbon copy of all other super hero shows but kept it dark and always the fault of OQ/GA. It is not surprising that all the Arrowverse shows are losing views they are all the same. LOT appears to be different in its weirdness but it sounds like they are going to get their comeuppance next season. There are 3 good actors left. The rest are minimal at best IMO. They say good things come to those who wait could a change of direction and EPs change that? I guess we will have to wait and see, but will anyone be left to watch it? They had a chance to make it great could BethS make it totally different, exciting and worth it for us/me to give up an hour per week I’ll never get back?