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  1. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Most Caucasian babies have either blue or gray eyes at birth. My oldest's eventually went from dark grey to very blue in a throwback to my father. The younger siblings went from gray to dark brown like both their parents. The styling on this show has always bugged me. All the long hair flying about freely is a very romance novel idea of history. I get that they're probably going for Demelza remaining true to her more humble roots at least in the everyday, but as she and Ross have come up in the world she would be all the more aware of reflecting that. She doesn't have to be Elizabeth dolled up in drop curls and brocade to lounge about the house to still set herself apart from the household servants or villagers. I've idly wondered how much of the styling has to do with Eleanor Tomlinson having a very angular face that does look better framed with all the loose hair. She's not unattractive by any means, but the couple of times they have dressed her hair anything close to period appropriately it made the lines of her face look very harsh in comparison.
  2. Spoilers and Speculation

    Right? How very strange it is to actually be excited about a new episode of this show again. I never would have expected that.
  3. S09.E02: The Bridge

    How did you get a hold of my third-grader's last writing assignment? Because those are many of the same things she was marked down for.
  4. S09.E02: The Bridge

    Alexandria never really got around to growing much of their own. They talked about it but never really did much beyond Maggie tying up a few tomato plants while she still lived there. That's why Rick hung out the "will murder for hire or canned goods" sign in the first place. Then of course they got all caught up in warring with the Saviors, who bombed and then burned the place. They appear to have rebuilt a fair bit since then and Ezekiel mentioned this episode that Alexandria is trading bullets, so I guess that's where all the bullet making operations moved. (Why they haven't made the Sanctuary a dedicated industrial colony to fairly trade for food if they're not going to abandon it for some place more farmable is a whole other debate.) We know the Kingdom was actually doing reasonably well for itself before they let themselves get dragged into the war. Then in quick succession last season, much of their fighting force was gunned down and the Saviors burned a lot of it too. Ezekiel has repeatedly mentioned needing to be back there for the ongoing rebuilding effort. Farming without gas powered modern machinery is fairly labor intensive and takes some time to become successful, so while they may be getting there it seems we're to think they're not really there yet. We've been told very little about the specifics of Oceanside's situation except that they're trading fish. In contrast, Hilltop was introduced as a successful farming outfit and they've apparently improved quite a lot on that under the leadership of Maggie, the super farmer of the ZA. While there was some fighting there, it survived mostly intact. That means they don't have to devote a ton of manpower to rebuilding and can focus on producing even more food. That makes all the other communities heavily dependent on the Hilltop food stores, which gives them a fair amount of bargaining power if Maggie chooses to wield it. This seriously made me laugh. Because Carl's education did stop somewhere around long division. Yet they're treating his deathbed letters as if they were wisdom carved on stone tablets.
  5. Spoilers and Speculation

    So I guess this means Rick really did give the Oceanside women their guns back in the end. And "Jadis" isn't quite gone after all. Wow. What a waste of Zach McGowan to have killed him off already. But just the previews had me looking forward to this one, and I love that Oceanside figures so prominently in the pushback to the let's all forget about everything that happened in the All Out War and live happily ever after together plan. I like the acknowledgement of how many deaths that plan requires the people in all the various groups to overlook.
  6. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Demelza's aggravating because it feels like she wants to build Hugh up to be a much bigger deal than he really was in the grand scheme of things. Like she wants to put this brief flirtation and pseudo courtship with a boy band poet that got way out of hand on equal footing with a lifelong obsession that also badly went sideways. That's not to say Ross wasn't a complete asshat about the whole Elizabeth debacle, but it's like Demelza doesn't want to remember that she did in fact choose to work things out with Ross to the point of having another child with him afterward. Note that I'm not saying Demelza doesn't have the right to still feel what she feels about the ongoing Elizabeth-Valentine situation right up the road but the two things really aren't equivalent, yet she keeps trying to equate them to Ross and then getting upset when he responds as if they were.
  7. S09.E02: The Bridge

    If they're going to keep Tara around, they're actually giving us the right amount of her this season so far. She pops up for a line here or there and then goes back to her lookout duties. Limit her to this and I won't complain. It's when the show elevates actors beyond their abilities to the point of building whole episodes around them that they become intolerable.
  8. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Not to get too far into book talk, but traveling was a much bigger deal at this time to the point that when you went somewhere of any distance it was expected that you'd be there for some duration. There simply wasn't any getting away to ye olde London for the weekend from Cornwall. It was a five-day carriage ride one way. Ross, being the new kid on the block, is taking his initial appearance in Parliament very seriously to make his mark as you might expect of someone like Ross. Lots of MPs came and went a lot, which Monk Adderley and even George to a lesser extent are more representative of. Monk is just an extreme example of some of the society/upper crust types who didn't particularly care that they were supposed to be there to do a job and represent any interests but their own and were primarily concerned about the powerful connections they could make as holders of those seats. That's what George is aspiring to now. It's worth noting that as a miner's daughter, Demelza has never been out of Cornwall. The idea of her travelling that kind of distance by herself likely never would have occurred to her. The show actually did a nice job of showing how provincial most people of the time were with the miners suddenly treating Ross like he'd been to the moon and was too important to be hanging out with them now and doing the things they used to do together on his return. It plays into the sense of displacement Ross was struggling with throughout much of this. Sure, he and Demelza had mostly been okay before he left, but eight months is a long time when the only contact they would have had would have been letters that didn't reach the other until days after the fact. I love how it's become kind of a running punchline that men from Illogan, where the Carne family is also from, show up periodically just to get into fights with our locals with the wind and waves as a picturesque backdrop. After making up with his mates, of course Ross was feeling just the right combination of cocky and nostalgic to go take a look at the goings on at Trenwith. In all fairness, it does have to sting a little to see the family home you've had run of your entire life closed to you and in the hands of your ridiculous mortal enemy. At least he made it out of there without causing an altercation and had the sense to tell Demelza about it instead of letting her find out from someone else. It's nice to see Verity again. And a much more grown up Geoffrey Charles, even if he's going through some serious growing pains right now.
  9. S09.E02: The Bridge

    My husband said the same thing about cleaning up the log mess. We just watched how hard it is for this crew to stack those. Now they're going to have to restack them and clean the walker bits off them as they plane them down to use on the bridge. I'm liking a lot of what they're doing so far this season, even if we do have to hand wave away the logic of putting a guy who's already been causing trouble to the point of a fistfight on the rather critical job of diverting the herd. We're apparently supposed to think Rick decided to put some distance between Justin and Daryl, which isn't a terrible idea, but maybe don't give him anything really important to do if you're already worried he's untrustworthy? Still, I realize this is all plot driven to tie Justin to whatever's happening to the missing Saviors. And it gives us the bonus of Zach McGowan who played one of the original pirate badasses fighting Daryl, which warms my geek heart and feels like the stuff crossover fan fiction is made of. Also really liking Maggie and Michonne being written as real people this season, even if I might have expected Michonne to be a little savvier than Rick to the reality of all the discontent bubbling up around the edges of the arrangement of their confederation of communities and the Saviors' place in it. That can maybe be chalked up to her wanting to believe so badly in Rick's vision for Carl's sake that they'd rather spend their time banging square pegs into round holes with some still very dangerous people than admit that they're following the whims of a dying teenager as if it was gospel. I'm just happy their increased interaction is such an integral part of the plot. I'm one who enjoyed Gregory right up until the end because I found him consistently entertaining for what he was, but Maggie's not wrong that he had chance after chance and chose poorly. And while I do think it matters more than they credited him for that he built and led Hilltop when no one else wanted the job and managed to make it successful enough that they were the one of the few communities we met sufficiently feeding themselves even with everyone else lining up to take their cut before being muscled out, the final plotting with drunks to kill Maggie and her kid and then trying to swipe at her himself is not a good look. And because it's a small community where everyone would have almost immediately known about it, it would have made her look weak to continue to let him loiter about the place after that. Should she have handled it differently? Maybe. But from her perspective every time these people haven't dealt a decisive final blow, it's come back to bite them in the ass horribly. See, also the Governor with his tank rolling up to behead her father or the Termites snatching and eating Bob. That's part of where the disquiet over this story of letting every last Savior and Negan too live comes from. It never ends well. Please, show, can you just let Carol have this respite of happiness with her new family? It looks wonderful on her, and as much of a ride or die Carol girl as I might be, I'd really rather not have to watch her prolonged going to pieces again over losing another family.
  10. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I still haven't read the last Lestat novel as most of the reviews were terrible which made it really easy to just keep putting it off. So now I'm a full book behind for Blood Communion. Man, I want to be happy for Anne Rice still writing after all these years and enjoying the fruits of her success because the original Vampire Chronicles were such an enormously huge part of my teenage angst, but she didn't make it easy with The Prince Lestat, which seemed to be about hawking iPhones and assorted luxury goods as much as an actual story.
  11. S09.E02: The Bridge

    The helicopter is going to go down in TV history as the longest tease ever. Some bits, like tales of the teenage medic, are as goofy as ever but I'm mostly enjoying this so far. The writing for Rick is bordering on painful. It's great to have a vision for something beyond scavenging and subsisting after all this time, but he's coming across as dangerously naive to think that no one on either side of their big All Out War has any feelings all these months later about all living on top of each other and playing share and share alike. Especially now that we learn that there was no real punishment for any of the Saviors beyond being disarmed and having to live under Daryl's "leadership" while still getting their neighbors to endlessly supply them. Rick can do all the dick waving he wants at Negan about how he "won" and how everything is being remade to fit his vision, but on some level he either already knows the cracks are showing or he really is delusional to the point that he shouldn't be in charge.
  12. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Maggie told us tonight that none of the ethanol the Sanctuary is supposed to be making for trade is showing up. Maybe she just meant at Hilltop but it seems more likely the disappearing Saviors are making off with it.
  13. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    No, she looked up as it was flying overhead.
  14. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Yep. That's what she was looking at. How are they getting that cherry picker up and down if gas is so scarce?
  15. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    So this is Rick's version of dick waving at a captive audience? Annd there's the helicopter again. This is becoming the longest tease ever.