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  1. So I finally got a chance to catch up and watch this episode and Jesus, I almost felt bad for how outmatched Carole was. I hate Carole and kind of like Bethany, but even I will admit Carol was in way over her head. At one point you can almost see Bethany doing it. Bethanny realizes that their dumb-ass JrHigh fight makes both of them look bad, but she also figures out that she knows this and Carole doesn’t. At that point Bethany knows she doesn’t have to actually do much of anything. She can push back at Carols just a little and call Carole out on Carole’s own half truths and then just watch her unravel into Carole the Annoying Self Righteous Rich White Girl Problem Warrior. Carole meanwhile still thinks she’s at ABC news uncovering the next Watergate and has no idea what an ass she looks like. And Bethany knows she also looks like an ass herself, but she also knows she hasn't spent years building up a persona of being above all this TV nonsense so she has a little wiggle room to just relax and watch Carole self destruct into ego and hubris. It’s actually rather amazing to watch and testimony as to why Bethany is so fucking good at being a reality tv star.
  2. There’s only one thing that’s important to me in the Bethany V Ramona V Upstate Hiking Flashback Childhood V Raised by Real or Metaphorical Wolves debate. Ramona accused Bethanny of having sex on a waterbed and I must know what that was about!
  3. Holy shit. I’ve always thought Bethany was more photogenic then pretty and this just knocks it out of the park.
  4. There you go, Ki-in, holding Carole accountable for the things she says and does! i think Carole wrote What Remains by any industry or just reasonable standard. I also think her first draft was much rougher then she would care to admit and she probably worked closely with an editor to clean it up. That’s why I think she went scorched earth on Aviva. Aviva was wrong, but touched on something Carole didn’t want to talk about either. i also think Carole is not funny. Her sense of humor makes me cringe it’s both cheesy and self-satisfied all at once. Like those poems. She’ll make the corniest joke and then sit there smugly while all of our much smaller hippocampuses try to process the amazing wit. We get it Carole! You think anal sex with tourist dressed as pirates is terribly scandalous!
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    I actually kind of liked that they cast an actress in her 30s to play a woman in her 30s and didn’t bother to try and make her look younger. She looked like a very beautiful 36 year old woman. Now I’m not saying I think Abbie Cornish was amazing in the role, but I was able to buy her as a Dr at least.
  6. I remain constantly amazed how with makeup Ramona looks crazy good. Like could pass for 20 years younger. Without makeup she looks like a crazy bag lady collecting cans in a shopping cart.
  7. The was hard to watch. Carole is too busy being a “truth teller” to give a single fuck about Tinsley’s feelings. And why is her interpretation of “close” the right one? Why is she right and Tinsely wrong? Why does she feel the need to win an argument about how she was never really friends with Tinsley? It’s crazy how she seems willing to burn down anyone and anything to expose Bethany. When you hate your enemies more then you love your friends you need to take a breath. Carole, what is wrong with you? I really hope she walks all that back once the whole episode airs.
  8. Yeah, I feel the same way. I color my hair to the color that was “natural” when I was 12. I think that’s what most middle aged women mean when they refer to coloring to their natural color, the color that was natural when you were a kid. It has a tendency to look more natural and less harsh. Especially as you age, doing a hair color that clashes with your skin tone can be harder to do well.
  9. This is always my sticking point with Carole. I don’t begrudge her the way she choose to mourn at all. And what she went thought is a complete trauma that I have no doubt would fundamentally change anyone. But Carole’s complete lack of self awareness about how her privilege impacted the way she was able to mourn is strange to me. She just seems almost blind to the realities of dying in America for the middle and lower classes. When my cousin’s husband died suddenly leaving her a single parent to 3 small children she realized their savings and life insurance would be whipped out completely in 6 months. She started substitute teaching within a month of his funeral until she found a full time job. When a close friend’s wife died after a year long battle with cancer he went to work the day after her service because their saving had been decimated and he needed the money. That’s how most people in America deal with death, if they’re lucky. It can be far worse then either of those scenarios. No one is going to pay them to write a book no matter how talented they are because they are not famous. And while I am sure What Remains is a very good book, no one was likely to pay someone in Carol’s job who didn’t have a famous connection to do so either. I wish she could be a little more generous of others and a little more aware of the ways that many people could label her #richwhitegirlproblems
  10. Ok, 1. That made my laughter out loud. Applause. 2. From my perspective on the show (and this is just my perspective) that actually sounds more like Ramona then Bethany. I think Bethany could have had that conversation. I’m not saying she would like it or that it would have been a pleasant conversation, but I think she could have walked away knowing that she and Carole aren’t friends anymore and sort of moved on to a party chit-chat relationship. Bethany spent half the season practically begging Carole to have this very conversation so they could be done. Carole wouldn’t do it.
  11. I actually thought Sonjia’s toaster oven was a good idea too. I loved toaster ovens, but they’re a little out of vogue so your options are often either cheap or expensive. I thought a mid-range toaster over in a updated design with maybe a toaster over cookbook or other accessories was a cute idea. If she had focused on that I could have seen it being a hit. I did not feel as optimistic about the soccer team.
  12. So I will say that Bethanny kind of excels at this. She has told cast members “I don’t like you and we’re not friends” multiple times and then gone on to film the rest of the season with them. Often she’s not even all that mean to them either (on both the sliding scale of Real Housewife behavior and Bethany behavior). She just exists near them. I’m not saying it’s the “right” thing to do, but I guess that’s how you do it. Of course, I’m not sure Carole really had it in her to tell Bethany she just didn’t like her and release all her anger and then move on. Carole has been my BEC since her first second on the show, but I sympathize with her here. I try to imagine myself having that conversation and I just can’t picture it. It’s really not in me. I have a real life example I’m going through. Nothing as extreme, but a friendship I am reevaluating. So I get the thing Carole says she was trying to do with just sort of restructuring the friendship because I’m in that process myself. Of course I’m also aware that I’m contributing to the dynamic and that this person hasn’t changed and isn’t actually doing anything she hasn’t been doing for years. It’s fine for me to say “I can’t do this to the extent I have before” it’s not ok for me to pretend I’m an innocent victim of a machevellian plot. I need to be honest with myself about what’s really going on. I don’t think Carole is.
  13. I don’t think Bravo/Andy fires the talent much anyway. That doesn’t seem to be their style. They seem to like to keep people around in some capacity just in case. Luanne got demoted, but they never fired her. I don’t think Bravo/Andy fired Kelly, I think they started enforcing every inch of her contract until she quit.The death of a thousand cuts I think is more their style. That way they still get rid of the problem child in the long run, but may also get some good breakdown/hissy fit footage along the way. Usually the out and out firing are from being boring, not difficult; Cindy the vagina bedazzled, Whatsherface from S1 Atlanta. Other cast members swear they decided to leave, which I have a tendcy to believe on a sliding scale. Except for Katie from S1 Potomac, she was fired. Which I don’t get. That crazy chick was TV gold. I think Carole wanted something (I’m honestly not sure what. Money? Her own show? Not to have to film with Bethany?), Andy gave her a hard no, she walked. I think that’s part of the reason she went into the reunion guns blazing. She was pissed at Bravo about whatever she wasn’t getting.
  14. I’ve been curious about these photos for years. Not that I’ve done an extensive deep dive on the subject or that I harbor any real doubts that she was close to JFK Jr and Carolyn, but this series of photos of them getting into that car together are literally the only ones I have seen of her with the 2 of them. It seems like every time someone posts a picture regarding her friendship with them, it’s this same fairly non descript picture of the 3 of them standing around a black car. I’ve seen it so many times? Why this picture? Where they going someplace important? Was the day important? Was the location important? Why do these particular photos keep coming up?