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  1. I really don’t understand Shannon’s law school story. She stated in law school because her boyfriend didn’t want her to. Then they broke up so she quit. So Shannon was in law school out of spite? Was that the point?
  2. Oh Shannon, you can’t even take off a ring without dramatics.
  3. Kelly is a complicated one. I actually think she might be the kindest one of the cast deep down. Deep, deep, deep down. But she has significant anger management issues and near zero self control. I think she’s mostly reactive in her bad behavior. I don’t recall her starting much, but she escalates arguments beyond reason. She’s a conundrum wrapped in a riddle dipped in vodka.
  4. You could have a point. Maybe the reason I stand puzzled at the “but she has such a good heart” narrative about Shannon (really, I do not see the basically good person so many others do) is that I was never the pretty girl. I’m not that far from her age and I’m certainly close enough to notice the change of time, but I was never that girl. I was never pretty enough for pretty to be my life. So i remain puzzled at this woman who expects the whole world to stop and notice whatever she is feeling at any second she is feeling it. I always had to have ways to navigate the world outside of a smile and a relationship. It was just never going to be possible for me to be pretty and well breed and have the world do what I want. So yeah, Shannon’s constant surprised that others don’t like her, or don’t care about her, or just want a damn night off from talking about her is hard for me to realize as loss. I don’t know if I can ever really “get” Shannon. To me, she is s spoiled brat raging at not getting her way. I am willing to admit that is probably grossly unfair, but she is so exhausting. It’s hard for me to want to delve deeper.
  5. As a current doctoral student, I can attest, not all academically inclined people are good communicators. I have left meeting with professors near tears because I could not get them to answer simple questions. Some absolutely do talk in vague circles just like Peggy. All that being said, Peggy is a special combination of crazy and boring.
  6. This. I don’t even get what the argument is here. Don’t let the Bible tell you what to think, let a psychic do that instead? I’m not into psychics and other spiritualism type stuff myself but it certainly doesn’t upset me. To each their own. Life is goddamn hard and if something gives you peace go for it. I just honestly, don’t understand what Meghan wanted Lydia to do. She came and was perfectly nice to the psychic and when asked in a TH, said she didn’t believe in it because of blah blah blah fish cakes, but didn’t really belabor the point. What was the problem? I said this in the episode thread, but how would Meghan have felt if Lydia had invited her to a party so her pastor could pray over her and then accused Meghan of being intolerant if she expressed any discomfort? And I don’t mean to pick on Meghan exactly. I’m just constantly amazed at the mental gymnastics all these ladies can do in order to take things personally.
  7. Thank you! I died laughing when Vicki, Peggy, and Shannon of all god damn people were talking about not letting men control their lives. Say what?
  8. I thought it was fine for Shannon to go in. Sometimes you care about a person because they are a person, not because they are a person you like. Plus Shannon is such a hypochondriac that I’m sure she has experienced every medical emergency under the sun. Girl loves being ill like...well like I love not being ill. i just didn’t get why Shannon was upset Peggy was in the room. Why wouldn’t Peggy be in the room? Who else should have been in the room? One of the many women Vicki has managed to piss off? Also Kelly was a little over the top in her defensiveness.
  9. I think Lydia and Peggy were being dumb about the psychic, but on the other hand if Lydia had planned a party around her pastor praying and blessing everyone I bet a few of the ladies would be a little uncomfortable. sometimes I struggle to pin down what it is about Shannon that rubs me the wrong way. The dinner conversation reminded me. I don’t think Peggy or Lydia were right, but Shannon always expects to be in charge of the emotional temperature in the room. When she’s upset, the temperature rises. When someone else gets upset, they’re picking on her. When she wants to keep talking about something, you have to keep doing it. When she’s done talking about something, everyone has to be done. I always feel like in Shannon’s world there’s no room for anyone else to feel anything. It’s always about how she feels. And nothing is ever her fault.
  10. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    I made that mistake once in my life. It’s not something you can really compromise on. If you really want kids you won’t be happy without them. If you really don’t want kids, it’s never going to be the right time. I honestly think it’s an issue where couples are better off going their separate ways. It’s not like other issues where there are graduated rates of doing or not doing something (I’m a homebody, you like to travel. We’ll do 1 trip a year that we both decide on, etc). You either do or don’t have kids. You can’t be a little bit pregnant.
  11. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    When Lala was talking to Lisa V and said “I don’t have a daddy anymore” I honestly thought she meant she broke up with her boyfriend and didn’t have a Sugar Daddy anymore. Then she said her father died and I felt bad.
  12. S07.E28: Modern Families

    So I’ve been thinking a lot about Cait and her petting zoo (what? I’m in the middle of finals. It’s either obsessed about reality TV or think about all the papers I have to write. Or, god forbid, focus on work) and what’s going on with our own little codependent hot mess attack. I think most people are spot on that the animals are a bid to fill the void that she thought would be filled by her and Tyler getting married and having another baby. Didn’t work because; 1) nothing is ever going to fill the void of giving up Carley. It’s not that way for everyone, but it is for Cait. It’s never really going to be ok. I think she needs to lean into that pain and work with a really good trauma therapist to learn to manage it. And 2) she doesn’t find being a SAHM and housewife fulfilling. That one is at least an easier fix. Lots of really good parents don’t want to be a SAHM or a SAHD. It’s ok. Just admit you love your kid, but you don’t really want to do the traditional mom thing and get on with finding a career. But Cait’s not going to deal with either of these things anytime soon so we’re at “MTV Money Bought a Zoo!” That brings me to point 3) Cait would have been so much better signing up for ridding lessons instead of buying a horse. Not only would it save her thousands of dollars to put toward her next denial project (I vote for soap making) but I honestly think ridding lessons would have been really good for her. It would have given her a little bit of a schedule to keep and some reasonable, attainable goals to meet. I think this type of thing might be good for Cait. She has the money (I think. They seem to spend a ton so maybe not) so enroll in some adult education and learn basic coding or sewing or welding or something. Maybe after a few classes she’ll be ready to look at some real goals, like enrolling in a trade program or learing about money management. Anything to give that girl something to think about other then how shitty her life has been.
  13. I sort of do and don’t believe that story. I think it happened, but I think there is likely more to the story then Shannon said. I’m vaguely remember David confirmed it happened at one of the reunions, but it was in a way that made me think there was a lot of context he wasn’t talking about. I feel like David is usually really reluctant to say anything bad about Shannon, which is kind of strange given how little problem he has being nasty to her face. I always wondered if Shannon had told the girls to ask him if he wears his ring when he’s having his affair or tell him he shouldn’t wear his ring if he’s cheating on their mom or something like that in some play to guilt him back into the marriage and he told the girls to give the ring back to Shannon.
  14. Lydia is annoying and she was wrong in this instance...but I can’t stand Shannon either and I kind of get where Lydia was coming from with just the sheer exhaustion over dealing with her. It’s always something with Shannon. She’s just so much work. And I don’t personally appreciate Shannon’s sense of humor. I think she’s kind of mean. Her excuse was she wasn’t making fun of Lydia, she was making fun of Peggy! Great! I swear the only time Shannon is happy is when she’s picking on someone else. If I had to deal with Shannon I would probably have a tendency to say “Ok, whatever. I’m going home.” ALL THE TIME. I know I’m in the minority, but I do not see the good person in Shannon. I think she’s a nasty piece of work.
  15. Yeah, there seems to be an assumption that Shannon is needy because of the affair and I’m not sure that’s true. I think it’s possible that this has always been their dynamic and David had the affair out of frustration (not Shannon’s fault! He had other options to deal with their issues. He choose the worst one). As far as I can tell Shannon is a needy, neurotic mess with everyone. Not just David. And her nitpicking behavior goes back to her first season when she claimed she didn’t know about the affair. I think it’s all more of a messy ball of stuff then a straight line of cause and effect. And I just don’t see any affection between them. A sense of duty and maybe mutual admiration, but not affection. I wonder if they got married too quickly and had the kids too soon after that and by the time they realized they really aren’t a good match they both felt trapped and sunk into this passive agreessive dance they do. But I can’t stand Shannon and have never liked her so take this with a grain of salt.