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  1. There’s something about watching Ramona do almost anything that I find repulsive and fascinating at the same time. It always looks like she’s doing an impression of a human. Damn Lou looked good in those dresses. I’ve always been enamored of her body. It’s voluptuous, but toned. Just beautiful.
  2. I agree. I’m not even sure she would want to marry him, but I think she would LOVE it if Adam was dying to marry her. I could totally see Carole spending an entire season engaged and hemming and hawing about setting a date and going on and on about how she’s not a wedding girl. Again, I’m not even sure she wants to marry Adam but I’m pretty damn sure she wants to spend an entire season debating if she wants to marry Adam.
  3. I’ll try YouTube! God I loved City Confidential. It was the perfect mix of actually interesting cases and information (and I stand by the POV of examining how communities as a whole experience crime as a pretty good idea) and the best batshit crazy voice over ever heard. It was such a joy. To paraphrase MASTAS Enya episode, the thing was also the parody of the thing.
  4. How about the Elizabeth Haysome case? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Haysom?wprov=sfti1 I remember watching the City Confidential episode (god, I miss that show. If anyone knows where I can find it please let me know) about her back in the day. And Hulu has a documentary about the case airing. I’ve never been 100% sure what to believe about it. I mean, I don’t believe her, but I don’t exactly believe him either. And what about the abuse she claimed. Was any of it true? Did she exaggerate an actually abusive homelife to make it sound even worse to justify the murder? Was it all true and her brothers were lying? Or somehow didn’t know? Did she make all of it up? And if she did, why? If there wasn’t anything wrong at home why did she want them dead? For money? Because she’s a psychopath? Was it actually his idea?
  5. S02.E14: Reunion Part 2

    I don’t think Ashley’s motivation regarding Robyn is purely altruistic or purely malevolent. I think it kind of goes back and forth. I don’t think Ashley particularly likes Robyn (I have no idea why since I think Robyn is pretty likeable. Maybe she took offense at some of the debates that Robyn and Katie had about biracial identity. Maybe she thinks Robyn is just too uptight. Maybe she has an issue with women who stay in unhappy relationships), but I don’t think she actively disliked Robyn until the fight at Oz. In the beginning of the season I think her interest was a combo of WTF curiosity, not being completely sure if Juan being out with other women was “cheating” and therefore something Robyn should know about, and just her being a lover of hot gossip. This doesn’t put her in the right, but I can relate! If Robyn was a friend of mine I would probably spend a good chunk of time trying to figure that shit out. Now I would also just come up to Robyn and ask her straight out “If I know of Juan being out with other women is this something I should tell you as a friend? Do you want to know?” And then ABIDE by what she said. Ashley didn’t do that because she can be kind of the worst (even though I really like her) so she never made her reason she was talking about it clear and Robyn is super defensive about this subject so she let Gizelle work her up about what Ashley was or wasn’t doing. I think at times especially toward the end of the season, Ashley was just poking at Robyn over what a dumb shit she thought she was being trying to play both sides of the marriage fence with a man who clearly just wants a caregiver while he goes off to fuck whatever “out of town” commitments may prevent him from signing for a new bed. And bad on Ashley because she should have just let the whole thing go. But Robyn, really. What the fuck are you doing?
  6. S02.E10: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle

    I’m watching s2 for the first time. I wonder if the boys behavior is what is really pushing her to look at the situation between her and Juan. Maybe it’s one thing for her to live in denial but when she sees her boys picking up negative attitudes it’s time to rethink things.
  7. S02.E10: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle

    In addition to being gorgeous, Robyn has an amazing sense of personal style. Even though I would guess most of her clothes are probably not super expensive they always look expensive. There have been a few times that I’ve just gasped at how lovely she looks and it’s always in this low key I Just Woke Up The Stunning kind of way. Please, Robyn, please bring that same fierce to your personal life.
  8. I feel like that’s common among a lot of models. They can have a sort of masculine bone structure that goes to drag with lots of makeup and posing.
  9. I’m still a fan of Bethany but her first 2 seasons back were rough and made me much less ride or die for her. It wasn’t Heather though. Truth be told I also find Heather really annoying and probably would have gotten into it with her too over some of her bossy pants mama bear tendencies too. It was Jules. The way Bethanny and Carole went after her was just cruel and they never really owned up to it. I felt like Bethany was at least able to admit Jules triggered childhood shit for her while Carole would not admit to anything, but it was still awful and they owed her a huge apology.
  10. Yeah. I don’t know these bitches. I’m not in their kitchen at 2am so of course I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing away from the cameras. I’m also not a Dr so I’m not willing to diagnose anyone with an addiction, nor do I think complete lifelong abstinence is the only way to deal with problem use. Whatever Sonjia is doing she seems better. Same with Luanne. Keep it up girls. Not getting sloppy drunk on camera is a positive thing, no matter what else they’re doing.
  11. Could be Sonjia and Dorinda. Could be Bethany and Dorinda. Hell, it could be Bethany and Carole.
  12. Wow, what the fuck is wrong with Ramona? No normal person needs to be told that a friend who has 4 felonies pending wants to keep a low profile and probably stay off social media in general. And no one who has been dealing with press for 10 + Years needs to be told this. Posting that picture and pretending not to understand the problem is crazy. Is she insane? Stupid? Sociopathic? Out to get Luanne? I mean What. The. Actual. Fuck. I’ve been asking this for 12 years, but honestly what is wrong with her?
  13. I’ve been having the same moment. Carole has always rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve never trusted her. And a super petty part of me is happy that all her deflection is finally catching up with her. I’m not proud.
  14. I also think ther was a raw sadness to Jules that frightened both of them. Neither Bethany or Carole are exactly great with inconvenient emotions like regret or insecurity. Bethany goes on the attack and Carole freezes people out, but neither one is really good at emotional ambiguity. Jules was so deeply sad and so deeply ambivalent about her sadness. I really think both of them freaked the fuck out about being near someone who was so willing to live in an emotion before she decided what to do about it. Horrible behavior from both Bethany and Carole. I like Bethany (hate Carole), but there was no defending how they treated Jules.
  15. Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    “The emotion is so sincere that the hair must be huge.”-Mark on Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs. And I have a new life’s motto.