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  1. S05.E02: Don't You Be My Neighbor

    Sorry everyone I thought the episode was just so so. (I did laugh after they all bought lemonade from the little girl after they called the police) I am just here to shout out to Diane's Pixel 3 phone. Wooo !
  2. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    That chili looked nasty and Chidi must have the strength of five men because that pot he lifted into the chair had to weigh over 150 pounds.
  3. S01.E01: The Chosen One

    The robot is a dog pooper scooper. It takes the poop in and puts out some non toxic liquid in its place. I believe it is manufactured by Milgrim industries.
  4. I was worried for the show on where they were going to be headed after the twist but they have delivered so far. I am assuming this show is not a powerhouse ratings wise because it would be interesting to see what happens if one or more of the stars left.
  5. Hello, This time I am combining episodes 7 & 8. I am doing this partly because I am getting tired of this show and partly because they are giving us less and less each episode. Also these two episodes kind of fit together. So enjoy. ceci n'est pas une drill (This is not a drill) We start on Owen’s C Pill dream. He is a drug dealer with gold teeth and pigtails. (not a good look for him) His Dad – who runs the family drug business – tells him that he had another brother but he gave him up for adoption when he was 4 months old because he was hiding things and might talk. He mentions that cops are sniffing around - he killed a bookie with a drill - and he wants Owen to claim that Owen did it and then claim he was crazy. Owen ain’t feeling it. Later Owen asks one of his Dad’s consiglieres for more pills and is given some pills from a large bag of prescription bottles. Owen and the consigliere are watching a TV show which is of course the adventures of Annie and Ellie’s adventure of going to the Lake of the Clouds. The girls are still dressed like elves and Ellie is sick (she keeps coughing) and Annie is a ranger who has promised Ellie good health if she can make it to this Lake of the Clouds. She just needs to drink of its mythical water and it will heal her….. Annie is drinking her own liquor to keep her going on this trip as she is tiring of Ellie's goodness and annoying stories. Annie tells her that she needs to drink to be able stand being with Ellie. It is clearly a business arrangement and now Annie needs 8 more diamonds for the trip. Ellie says that it hurts because she urinates them. (ouch!) Owen drives a old Mercedes hooptie back to an old motel too meet with two police detectives. He is a snitch. They are Adelaide (Jed’s fiancé) and one of the orderlies – Carl - from the study who always threatens Owen and Annie. They wire him for evidence and send him to his Dad’s house. His Dad is shaking down a lackey who let one of his shipments get jacked. Owen’s Dad tries to act understanding and says it’s never going to happen again right? The guy says never again. They pull him to the floor and Dad asks for his drill. (the detectives are listening in) Owen and the gang hold the guy down while his Dad drills into his skull with a power drill. (it is pretty gross but it is also funny at the same time funny because blood splatters everywhere in a comical way) Annie wakes and sees that Ellie is asleep and has pissed out her additional diamonds. She picks them up quietly and departs leaving Ellie to her fate. While she is leaving an invisible cloaked person shoots arrows at her. She ducks behind a tree and shoots an arrow in his direction taking him out. When she approaches the body and turns it over it is actually her (her psyche trying to stop her from confrontation?) and a guard sneaking up behind her knocks her out. She wakes up and a dragonfly tells her that these assassins who keep popping up are her inner demons. She sees them carrying away Ellie before she passes out again. Meanwhile back in Owen’s dream (My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me is playing again) and Owen’s Dad is leaving his business – Milgrim’s monuments – they make tombstones. Owen goes back to the detectives and says that he is through. His Dad is going to find out and kill him like he did the guy earlier. He is trailing his Dad in the rain and Adelaide sweet talks him into continuing by telling him if he doesn’t he is going to jail. He also mentions that he thinks that there is another mole in the organization and accuses Carl the detective of being it. Carl says he is so clean he pisses bleach. Owen’s Dad drives to a diner and Owen slips into the counter while his Dad is over eating at a booth and doesn’t see him. The waitress is Olivia and she recognizes Owen from school. She wants to study together and seems to be flirting with him but before he can say yes he has to follow his Dad out of the restaurant. She touches his hand and her is very warm. She has an unusually high temperature of 106 degrees because of a medical condition. Meanwhile Annie is explaining to some queen that Ellie found her in a Tavern and insisted that she lead her to this Lake. (Apparently the queen is played by Trudie Styler - singer Sting's wife in real life. She looks like a dude in drag) The Queen tells her does Ellie realize that you are being hunted by invisible assassins who have been sent by Ellie’s mother Queen Gertrude? (this is a reference to their real mother who we have only heard to be cruel) Later Annie and Ellie are eating and drinking with the queen and the queen is mean to the male servant when he hesitates. Ellie says that she is looking for this lake and her ranger – Annie – is going to protect her on the way there. The queen gets her husband – who she is sitting on (?? Wtf) to get her a mirror and she asks Annie to look into it. It is magic. She says that their fates are intertwined and that she is most interested in her reflection in it. Annie looks at it and sees two sisters and the older one is putting rouge on the face of the younger one. They are getting ready for the return of their mother but Annie says that she is not coming. She says the two girls are Annie and Ellie. (this is obviously the scene we saw from before when Annie was following a young Ellie back at the lab with the B pill study) Ellie says how can that be? Annie is confused and the queen tells them they will find the lake within two days (by a burning tree and an invisible moon) – if their eyes and heart are clear. (they were sitting on men too- wtf?) The guy who hands them their items is Greg FUN Nazlund the driver of the truck who kills Ellie and the son of Nan from her earlier dream. Annie calls him an asshole. Back in the lab Dr Mantleray is watching his Mom sleep inside the machine with Dr Fugita. She is still helping out with the experiment. Mantleray apologizes about the “Gala” which apparently ended his relationship with Dr Fugita. He says it was a way out of failure. The lake in the clouds Annie is now clearly out of the fantasy and is herself trying to explain what is happening to her elf Sister Ellie that this whole thing is just the C pill experiment/dream. Ellie of course doesn’t believe her - she's an elf. She insists that someone has cast a spell on Annie and maybe the Lake of the Clouds can heal her too. Later Annie sees some grubs under a log singing and she tries to snap herself out of it……. Which leads us back to Owen now back at the diner at a booth with Olivia. They are studying together. He tells her that he hasn’t slept in a week. He tells her that our brains are computers that make our life stories make sense. She is impressed (where were these girls when I was in school?) She says he is so smart but looks like he doesn’t think at all. She tells him that her last boyfriend yelled at her and accused her of working for the FBI and yelling to her face and throwing things. She was terrified. She said he never apologized and she never heard from him again. Owen guesses that maybe he was to ashamed to apologize and pretend it didn’t happen. (of course this was Owen who mistakenly thought that Olivia was a plant by his family) Sometimes there is too much guilt for one man to bear. She says she wants to model but her parents won’t let her . There are too many conditions from family says Owen. Olivia wants a family with no conditions. Back at the family business Owen comes down in time to see that his Dad has killed another person – this time one of his other brothers Rick – not Jed he thought he was a snitch. Owen says that it could not have been Rick and what has he done? His Dad suggests that Owen is trapped in an extremely dangerous experiment which is being directed by a suicidally depressed consciousness. (GRTA) He asks Owen what he is going to do about protecting the family? Owen says that he isn’t crazy and he is not going to lie for the family. (here this is obviously the current situation where his Dad wants him to lie to protect Jed) Is Owen finally standing up to his own cowardice? Back at the Motel Owen wants out but is told that murder is not enough for them to take down the family. Adelaide then calls on the phone and tells a code – Roosevelt, 088. Wendy is the password and then she says Utangatta. They say there could be another person who is on the inside… another rat they just aren’t sure. There is a knock at the door and Adelaide goes to answer it and is shot to death by Jed. (it is clear that she recongnizes Jed as her fiance and asks what he is doing there before she is shot.) He shoots Carl too leaving only Owen. Jed tells Owen he is the long lost brother that their Dad gave away in order to have him join the police and then they would always have someone on the inside. Nothing trumps blood and he has been watching Owen his whole life and he has always wanted to be him. Before he can do anything else the guy from the family business who gave Owen the prescriptions (and the fake prosecutor from the mock trial in the first episode) from the bag comes in and shoots Jed and tells Owen he was really undercover and working with the Feds for 36 years and he is going to put Owen into witness protection program. Owen says that he needs to bring one other person with him. They go to the diner and he kisses Olivia and tells her he wants her to run away with him. She says yes and kisses him. In the next scene we see Owen in his old broken down tiny apartment with Olivia and their 7 kids – all named after continents. The kids are cute and all but he is miserable and wants out. And I mean literally he jumps out of the window and escapes down to the street. Briefly he is giant compared to the apartment building but then he hears Annie’s voice telling him that they promised to look out for each other. Down on the street there is a model of him with his pet hawk. He picks it up and then turns into a hawk for real and flies away in search of Annie! (trippy) …..The girls find the burning tree and the invisible moon – clues to the fact that they are close to the lake. (here it is obvious that Annie has had this trip many times before as she alludes to never having gotten this far. I am guessing that she has pushed back against going further) Later that night when they are bedding down, Ellie and Annie are telling stories. Once they had played as girls and gotten very muddy. (as sisters?) When they came back their mother said, “I’m the mother of two filthy roaches. I will drown you both before you set foot in this house.” After this Annie ran away and left Ellie there with her Mom alone. After she left their monther asked Ellie why she didn’t leave too and Ellie said it was out of respect. Her mother said what did I do to deserve a utterly and predictably normal daughter like to Ellie. The next day the girls find the lake. Ellie states that this is the place where she died. Annie looks down and realizes this is the cliff face where their car went over when it got hit by the truck. She doesn’t want to look but Ellie insists telling her, “this is how you move on.” It is time to say goodbye but Annie cannot. She still needs her fix of Ellie. Back at the lab in the machine Greta is sleeping but we hear her voice coming through the computer… Greta is having her own dream and she is having a conversation with herself (lonely Greta/GRTA) back in her apartment. She tells GRTA to do what she wants and GRTA (lonely Greta) says what she really wants is a friend. She fell in love with Dr Muramoto and then she lost him. She is too emotional and one moment she wants to cry and the next moment she wants to help everybody, and then the next she wants to do as much damage as possible. (GRTA is one messed up CPU) GRTA says this is all Greta’s hysteria. They start to argue and then the real Greta calls for Dr Mantleray to let her out of the machine. Mantleray hears her and opens the drawer. When he opens the drawer the first words out of her mouth – once she takes off the Hulk Headphones® - is to ask him “What’s a McMurphy?” Hawk Owen flys towards Annie but before he finds her Dr Greta (GRTA) shows up in a pickup truck with her two twins and lackyeys looking like a cross between Lord of the Rings and Mad Max. She offers for Annie to stay there in her dreams for all times. She will experience true bliss. Owen flies in trying to tell her no talking in hawk – so Annie doesn’t understand him – and is quickly zapped back into the globular cluster by Greta. Ellie implores Annie to say no and move on with her life but Annie refuses and agrees. Once in the truck they leave Ellie behind . Annie will be stuck there forever but not with her sister Ellie (the whole reason she agreed in the first place). Greta tells her that the deal was really just for her and that they will be together forever… the truck drives off leaving Ellie by the cliff side.
  6. S01.E05: Exactly Like You

    I like the depressed computer and like that Owen and Annie are "connected." But I believe that we are seeing mostly Annie's point of view on some these things (or at least her stories are the most interesting). I am not 100% sure Owen's story of his attempted suicide at Jed's engagement party wasn't made up because Muramato pressed him about taking the pill. I loved the set and would love to see the actual house where they filmed this. Also I thought that Emma Stone did some excellent acting at the end of this episode after she was "shown the light."
  7. Ballers S04E08 The Devil You Know

    This episode opens with Quincy calling Spencer because the NCAA has sent over some lawyer types to his house to question him and his mother. He is worried but Spence says that they are in it together and to tell them to leave and he will fly out. When Spence lands in Indianapolis to the headquarters of the NCAA he is called by Julian Anderson – his partner - who says that USC threatens to pull the deal that he has cut. He is pissed and tells Spence to get his shit together. This all sets up this meeting where Spence has to meet the head of the NCAA over these allegations that have been stirred up by Ohio State. (we saw that last week) Spence walks up and the receptionist guy says they are ready for you Spencer. Spencer says “naw, I actually don’t think they are’” Spence sits in front of the “team” of NCAA executives. The NCAA executives offer to engage in some small talk if that would make him more comfortable but Spencer says no because they would be out of his league by becoming very rich men saying a bunch of bullshit that they didn’t mean. They ask him about his relationship with Quincy. He says he is Quincy’s mom’s friend who offers him advice from time to time. They counter that Spence has broken rules about recruiting out of highschool and he may have broken other laws. They accuse him of playing the race card thinking they are calling his bluff. Spencer goes all in. (sorry about the poker references I don’t even know how to play lol) He finds it funny that the only sports which they are held to these standards are mostly made up of people of color (football and basketball) The NCAA guys counter with the fact that the Anderson brothers – Spencer’s boys – have a current deal with USC. They accuse Spence of using the kid to make money (being his agent) and even seem to hint that it breaches his financial professional rules. Spence is not hearing it. He calls them a corrupt organization which has rotted from the inside out and the public is finally starting to catch up but they don’t know half the truth. He accuses them of chewing through 1000s of students a year and promise them an education before passing them on to the pros or discard them if they get injured or don’t fill their financial need. Spencer tells them that if they don’t stay the fuck away from him and the people he cares about he will drag all of the shit the NCAA has been doing out in front of the cameras for the whole world to see. Charles’ boss is pissed about Ricky’s latest kerfluffle and his racist tweet about hating the “whites”. Charles – in a suit for a change – tells him that he understands but that the team needs Ricky and if he would just give him two days he will get it worked out. His boss reluctantly agrees but wants Ricky gone. Charles goes to see Ricky at his new house. Ricky gives him the whole look at this view story and how he grew up with nothing. His mother used to cover the windows with trashbags to convince the landlord that they weren’t there to run out on the rent. It was stifling but that is what he knew growing up. He resents the fact that as a man who has worked and accomplished much that he is not allowed to express his true feelings. He earned it. It wasn’t given to him. He is not allowed to complain about injustice. He finally tells Charles that his tweet was about his neighbors the Whites. He tells Charles to do what he has to do, but ask yourself the question, “what are we doing out here?” Joe tries to smooth over the vomit meeting with the Nike guy. The Nike guy says that they are just a group of skate boarders and “nothing special” so he passes on them. (maybe in a couple of years they may have something but no) Joe convinces him to prove him wrong. Joe invites his two investors – Vernon and Terrell -to put the fear of God into Illegal Civilization. (kind of a way to become more than silent partners) They roust up the boarders and take them upstairs to the light of day to tell them that Nike is ready to pass because they didn’t impress them. They are fucking off and they – Joe – are going to give them the chance to show everyone what they are made of. Charles calls his wife telling her that he couldn’t tell Ricky he was out because he believes in Ricky’s cause. His wife tells him to do what he needs to do. Joe calls Spencer to tell him that Quincy has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA (they are playing hardball) Joe says “please don’t tell me you took on one of the most corrupt and powerful organizations in all of sports.” He did. Joe tells him to fuck off and Spence tells him he is going to fix it with Quincy and Sports X. Joe asks Spence if he thought of anyone but himself when he decided to get on this personal crusade? When he goes by Quincy’s house Jayna is out front pissed and throws a piece of pie on his front windshield (LOL) Spence has messed up her son’s NCAA future. She says that Quincy told her everything. (I wonder if he told her about the benz?) She thinks all Spence cared out was himself and to stay away from her family and her son. (Oh yeah, and enjoy your slice, you earned it) Joe and the boys show the Nike reps their new video showing them falling, getting busted up trying to do stunts but then overcoming them and persevering. It just looks like the same old skateboarding to me (including the same stunt done by some black dude in a half pipe that the show uses in the opening credits) but it impresses the Nike guys and they clap. Charles goes back to his boss to tell him that he didn’t cut Ricky. His boss in incredulous but Charles tells him it is about more. The new stadium is in Inglewood (always up to no good) and Black people live there. This team has an opportunity to show the city of LA (who represented equal rights since the 1960s) that the team is more than about money. (yeah right) There is a tide happening in the country and he wants them to be part of if and not swept over by it. He wants to setup a team sponsored fund which fights inequality in LA and Ricky will be the face of it and fuck the football fans. We need to do what is right. His boss reluctantly agrees and congratulates him for his impressive commitment and passion, but if this blows up then Charles will be the one who takes the fall. The final scene is dual. It shows Ricky shooting up what must be steroids in the bathroom – in his side – I thought that was done in the butt? Also Spencer goes to see Quincy working out at the high school. Quincy is angry because they trusted him. He heard from Ohio State of what Spencer said and because of that he can’t play for a comunnity college. Spencer tells him it was about his brother who killed himself because he lost eligibility and he is sorry that he fucked up by letting his personal issues cloud his judgement and Quincy’s career. Spence is going to leave him and his mother alone. Before he leaves Quincy tells him he almost had them though and throws the football to Spence and asks him what he is going to do. Spence says : fuck them, I am going to take the NCAA down bit by bit.
  8. S01.E06: Larger Structural Issues

    Welcome back to the study with everyone coming out of the B pill study. Mantleray asks why he has all of his experiences with subject 9 (Annie) and Owen answers that he gets fixated on people. He is also interrogating the other odd numbered test subjects. Asian woman is crying and has lied about her cutting herself (she doesn’t) and the black guy has issues with his father and mother. The black guy intuits that Mantleray has been fucked up by his mother. (LOL) Annie is missing when Owen awakes and he is then interrogated by Dr Mantleray. He gets his 9.2 when he finally admits that what’s wrong isn’t that he is sick it is because he doesn’t matter. The printout tells him that he has signs of paranoid schizophrenia, delusional identity construct (Grisson ?) and perpetual cowardice. When he goes back to the common room Annie confronts him about their sharing dreams. Owen denies it and says that it was caused by the drug and she hallucinated all of it. Mommie Dearest part 1 Mantleray and Fugita discuss why he was called back. It turns out after he was suspended they started having problems with the C pill phase. So bad they had 4 McMurphys! (? Assuming these are suicides) This disturbs Mantleray very much. “Why did you not call me” he asks. Dr Fugita coded a safety net into the GRTA core. She gave the machine empathy (feelings) in order to help the subjects and GRTA started protecting the patients. It worked initially but now GRTA won’t function correctly. GRTA and Muramoto had an affair and GRTA is now in mourning since he has died. Fugita implores Mantleray to call his mother but he refuses. He tells her that his mother sells happiness. The patients are paired off and they discuss how they are worried about the study. They discuss their diagnostic printouts etc and Mantleray goes to have a heart to heart with GRTA. He wants her cooperation. He is desperate for the study to be successful. GRTA wants to meet her true self – his mother Dr Greta. The Real GRTA Sally Field – Dr Greta is in her apartment trying to work on a manuscript. She has a bandana on her head like a cancer patient and a young boyfriend living with her. Dr Mantleray calls her and asks her to come and help the study. (he is very reluctant and Dr Fugita has to all but threaten him while he is on the phone.) She refuses until he apologizes and is sad that Dr Muramoto has died. Once he apologizes, she turns all soft and starts calling him Jamie in a kid like voice. He asks her to help out his critical employee (GRTA) who can’t work anymore and has asked for Dr Greta. (while this is going on, Dr Greta’s boyfriend comes out attached to what must be her iv drip (for cancer?) She agrees and tells her man to “gas up the Miata.” Annie and Owen have a heart to heart discussion in his pod. He still acts like he was not in all of those dreams and she calls him on it. She forces him to admit that he remembers all of their joint dreams. She is starting to see that maybe Owen had a point when he came in about the pattern etc. Owen tells her he has decided to leave the experiment as he has too much going on with the upcoming trial and everything. He wants a calm life and not this series of adventures in his dreams. Owen admits that he wanted to go away with her – to escape. The orderly comes by and tells them to knock it off – no cohabitation. Dr Greta comes to the NPB and immediately comes over to her son and plants a wet kiss right on his mouth. (he had just applied chapstic like he was going to his first prom – ‘da fuck!) Her kiss leaves lipstick all over his lips and it stays there for a long time. She is introduced to Dr Fugita – Greta is dismissive clearly seeing a rival - and they walk into the office. She is more agreeable to Dr Mantleray than she was earlier on the phone. Mantleray tells her of how he plucked Fugita from MIT and she helped him to build the most advanced computer system (GRTA) in the world. He tells her that 2 of the subjects have had consciousnesses crossing and they don’t know why. Dr Greta suggests they might be soul mates, they may have a cosmic connection. Mantleray laughs that off. Greta goes right in asking if he and Fugita have been an item and he admits yes (while Fugita denies it). Greta says that she knows about his sexual issues and this keeps him from successful long term relationships. Mantleray claims that he has that under control (he is very defensive here as his mom is getting under his skin.) She then brings up his masturbation binges after his father left. (disappeared?)… . Greta asks why she was picked to talk with GRTA since she is not technical. Fugita tells her that Dr Greta’s early academic work is the basis for the AI for GRTA. (her PHD before her pop therapy) Greta is offended. “How many of your subjects have ended up catatonic? – Mantleray – Zero ….. roughly. (LOL) Greta is made to understand that when they stopped speaking – 7 years ago – he invented this drug treatment to put his mother out of business. Greta agrees to do it but Mantleray has some misgivings about his mother tainting the project. Fugita sets him straight. He is on the cusp of getting everything he ever dreamed of if his Mom can help. Besides she didn’t leave the project after he got thrown off originally because she wanted to manage Muramoto and is completely committed to project ULP. If they get this to market the lives of billions of people could change and he could be a hero. Welcome to the machine. Mantleray and Fugita mix up a concoction of what looks like a freebase (assuming here it is pills A & C like Muramoto?) and they have Greta inhale the heated up mixture through the same tube we saw Dr Muramoto using in an earlier episode. She is also wearing the Hulk Headphones ® and laying in one of the sleeping drawers that GRTA has. She takes a hit and slides into the computer and tells Mantleray that she knows exactly what he needs. He says what??! While they wait sipping sake, Mantleray tells Fugita what happened when he was eight and his father left. Greta slept in his bed for two months and threatened to hang herself. Owen has packed up that night and goes to leave the situation room. The door is locked and everyone is asleep and he is called into the computer area by GRTA (note now Greta is now one with the machine?). GRTA speaks in a voice similar to that of Greta (not sure here) and asks why Owen wants to leave. Owen: I no longer know what is real and I need a real hospital with real medication. GRTA: What about all of your friends here? I’m going to kill them if you go. (WTF?) Owen: What? GRTA: I’m going to “cure” them all if you go Owen and you’ll be the only one who wasn’t helped. Owen: you can’t cure me. there is no cure for schizophrenia. GRTA: Annie has suffered like me. I think I am going to keep her with the other subjects I collected. Owen: What does that mean about Annie? GRTA unlocks the door calling herself the Queen. Owen checks it and it is indeed unlocked. He can’t leave Annie. The next morning they are given the C pill for the final part of the experiment. (Confrontation and Acceptance). Owen tells Annie that they don’t have to do the experiment and they could walk away right now. Annie says that she feels better and wants to see the experiment through. Before they go into the experiment Owen recounts to Annie how his hawk he nursed back to health ate his brother Jed’s gerbil. He also tells her that his brother killed the hawk with a hammer. It sounds like Jed has anger issues could this be what the case is about? Owen is worried about going back in there but Annie says don’t worry we will be together again and can protect each other. Dr Mantleray runs the C Pill start up by yelling in Japanese and getting the all Japanese tech crew all riled up to get going …. They take the pills and are warned that the C phase use a more powerful waveform so don’t be alarmed about an additional buzzing or warmth… but do be afraid about the machine gun toting fur coat baddies and trucks out of control? They take the pills and are dreaming … into confrontation….. We see Annie’s dream and she and her sister Ellie are both elves out in the frozen tundra and they are dressed like rejects from Game of Thrones or something……. The episode ends.
  9. I watched part of this and thought it was just OK. When that cgi truck went over in flames that looked pretty fake. I didn't see enough of new Higgins to have a good opinion one way or the other. I think it is weird they kept so much the same on a show which purportedly is made for fans of the original. It looks a lot better though. The shot with him paddling around the ocean had some gorgeous views.
  10. S01.E05: Exactly Like You

    We open on lonely back road somewhere way out in the woods and the timeframe this time seems to be 1947. "Exactly Like You" is playing on the car radio and Owen asks his driver to turn off. Owen has a ticket to a high falutin seance that night. Owen – now called Sir Oliver Hightower – is being chauffeured in a nice big sedan by a smart assed driver named Wally when they happen on a young woman walking all by herself and they pull over. It is Annie – called Arlie here (I will stick with Owen and Annie for this exercise) and she is done up in cocktail dress and big makeup. Apparently they know each other and Owen tells his driver before they come to a complete stop to drive this woman as far away as possible from him. She knocks on the window and Owen tells her that she needs a ticket for this sceance and she pulls out hers from her purse. (there is a gun in the purse as well – when will we see that again) He lets her in by getting out first – and shuts the door and Wally – his driver takes off with her in the car leaving Owen to walk the rest of the way. Cut to : Dr Fugita watching the test and showing Dr Mantleray that 1 & 9 are again back together before. They check out the machine to see if there is an issue and can’t find anything directly wrong without stopping the experiment. Dr Fugita says she will try to uncouple them manually and calls Mantleray “Sir.” Mantleray says we have been intimate you don’t have to call me sir. Seance P1 Owen arrives and is let in by a butler- after he shows him the ticket (who earlier played his supervisor who fired him) – there is heavy security – what is being protected? The butler makes a show of using a key to let him into the house and Owen comes into a grand house with an even grander hallway. As he walks down the hallway others take notice and ask if he is as big a fan of Cervantes as they are. He walks up to an owl perched in the hallway just in time for Olivia (in period dress) to tell him that owls were once the moon incarnate as they lead us someplace safe everytime. She hopes Owen will take him under her wing but he only works solo. When we again see Owen he is doing magic tricks and regaling the guests in one of the rooms. He claims he became “Sir” Owen(Ollie) by betting a member of royalty he could do a trick and the nobleman couldn’t figure out how he did it. if he fooled him then the nobleman would have to give him his "sir" designtion. Just then Annie walks in and Owen gives her an annoyed glance. When prompted Owen shows a simple card trick but uses the butler from earlier as his mark. When the butler leans in – Owen secretly snatches his master key. The trick is he names a card – 9 of hearts – and Owen produces it from the top of the deck. Olivia asks about Annie – is she your partner – no Owen says, she’s just my wife. Annie is getting her fortune told by a tarot card reader. Her fortune is “Sudden changes and destruction will lead to your liberation." Owen walks up and asks how Annie got away from Wally his driver. She says that people have a hard time telling her no. Séance P2 Here Owen claims that he is there for the missing chapter of Don Quixote by Cervantes. Annie claims to not know what he is talking about. The butler asks if anyone feels someone’s presence in the room, vibrating among us? At this moment we are flashed back to Dr Fugita who is seeing more issues with GRTA. GRTA is trying to actively participate in the experiment. She explains to Dr Mantleray that GRTA has entered the experiment. We are introduced to Lady Neberdine (Sally Field – Dr Greta - GRTA get it? ) who makes a grand entrance with two identical twins (young blondes) and a very creepy, dead zombie like Dr Muramoto wearing an old timey version of the Hulk Headphones ® which is really a old football helmet with a series of tubes with lights on the ends of them. (I didn’t even recognize him the first time I watched this) GRTA has arrived. Fugita admits to Mantleray that GRTA is depressed and might be behaving unpredictably. (ya think?) Dr Greta is surprised to see Owen and Annie together as she heard they had split up. As Owen goes to get Annie a drink – really to slip out to steal the missing chapter while everyone is distracted – Dr Greta introduces dead Muramoto simply as “Robert” who shakes Annie’s hand. When Annie asks WTF? Dr Greta says “ It’s so hard to keep those we’ve lost in our lives – don’t you agree.” (no shit) Then she grabs onto Annie like a drowning woman on the Titanic. Annie goes looking for Owen but before she can find him she disappears right out of the house – just like creepy Jed. We actually then see Fugita in the lab exclaiming “gotcha” She has succeeded in getting Annie away from Owen. (funny since she left just like Jed did a strange part of me wonders if Owen was not ever put under before?) Annie suddenly wakes up in the testing chamber still in her 1947 dress and makeup sitting in the dentist chair but she is all alone. A little girl is standing there watching her and leaves the room with Annie trailing after her. Finding Cervante’s lost treasure We are back with Owen giving an office the once over looking for the book or some sort of clue when Annie suddenly reappears on the couch and scares him. Annie offers to make him a gimlet and he asks if she still poisons them. She claims only that one time when she spiked his drink, stole his money and he ended up in jail for 3 years on the sister Wendy job. (this is from Furs By Sebastian – Wendy the Lemur) and She immediately proves she lied earlier by telling us why the lost chapter is so valuable. When he finished it, Cervantes realizes it that it is so powerful that whenever someone reads it they slip into a powerful coma lost in their own fantasies forever. She claims to be there to help Owen. She tells Owen it is hidden in a mirror in the house and they should work as a team – just like old times. The main event of the séance is a dance around – speaking to Juno & Diana (Luna goddess) – Greta calls for Owen and Annie to …. Dance. They step into a circle of candles and the butler says we have reached maximum illumination (shades of the NPB study startup) and dead Muramoto steps in to help. They are to dance and when the song “Exactly Like You” is played Owen now says that they are playing their song. They do a dance that is a cross between 1940s group dance and Myan ritual with about as much energy as a group of 5th graders asked to square dance . In the middle of the dance Fugita grabs Annie out again, to everyone’s astonishment, and Greta claims she has gone to the astral plane (via joystick – lol). Olivia joins the dance as her replacement but Owen leaves as well and is trailed by some big security dude in a tux. We are then taken back to Annie still walking in the lab (in her 1940s getup ) alone and at their rest pods finds two girls. One is the original one from before and the other is an older girl. This is supposed to be her and her sister Ellie playing but in the background you can hear adults arguing loudly and it scares the younger girl but the older girl distracts her by having her recount a story and apply makeup. Owen walks back toward the front of the house and lets himself into a door when he see s a light shaking. It turns out that Annie is climbing the light to get into a section of the house above the foyer. Owen is waiting for her and they wait until the goons looking for them pass. While they wait, a naked couple fucking stop and both tell them that they are not supposed to be there (?). On their way to the mirror, Owen sees Jed again. Jed tells Owen that “Jed and I were twins in the womb, but he strangled me with the umbilical cord and then coughs up “extoplasm” - Gertie’s nuts he says. At the mirror – which an old crow told her – Annie spins the mirror around about 3 times and suddenly the room behind them is transformed into a different part of the mansion. It also looks like it is suddenly daytime. He opens the safe and the missing chapter is about 2 inches square. Owen claims it is thus because people were a lot smaller back then. (LOL) He hides it in a box of matches but when he turns around Annie has pulled a gun on him. She wants the chapter and he gives it up. He leaves and Annie sits down to open the chapter (in order to make herself comatose??) and realizes that Owen has switched the chapter for a playing card. Annie is back in the lab again but now alone and sees in the fake mountain range that there is a little toy red truck – like the one her sister died in - smoking at the bottom of the mountain. When she picks it up the headlights flash into her eyes …… Dr Mantleray investigates. …and wakes up in a separate lab room back at NPB with Dr Mantleray shining a light in her eyes. She is seated at a table – with multiple mics and cameras there to record everything she does. The B pill experiment is complete but no other patients are around just her. She is now ready for the Proximity Test used to crosscheck the data that they have cleaned so GRTA can get a better reading for Pill C. Behind him on the wall is a digital counter set to 0.0 and he tells her that he is sorry for her sister’s loss. She is going to be scored (counter behind Mantleray) based on her answers and what they have observed with GRTA in the experiment. The scale is 0 -10 and anything below 9.2 and she is out of the experiment. She must be truthful She says the B pill gave her a bunch of experiences. She admits to being depressed and has been for a long time. She recounts being Linda from Long Island (episode 4) and in the other one Arlie – a thief and con artist (and a liar). What about Owen? Mantleray asks – they were connected (as new Jersey Annie he was always there.) Why did she have this experiences with him? She mentions he always tells her "the pattern is the pattern" but she just thought he was crazy. She mentions that Paula Nazlund – Nan’s daughter from Episode 4 who is the mother of the truck driver who kit their car and killed Ellie and Annie fantasizes that he had never been born. (would this have saved Ellie?) She admits that she wants to get stuff she goes for it and didn’t care who she hurt. Mantleray asks if she is suicidal she says no. Annie says that Arlie (1947 Annie) is her mother. That Annie charms people and then stabs them in the back. (she is acting just like dear old Mom and it disturbs her) Annie says she and her sister had a pact that Annie would care for Ellie when they were young and Ellie would help out Annie when they were older. At this point her score is 9.2 (she gets to stay ) and a report comes off the printer which shows she has borderline personality disorder. Back at the 1947 mansion Dr Greta asks Owen for his report. He was working security the whole time. He tells her that her security sucks and hands her back the tiny missing chapter. She claims that the chapter “doesn’t work” because she already tried. On his way out Olivia still wants to be a partner (she told him where the safe was?) but he works alone. He gets back in his car and his driver tells him that Annie actually shot him in order to convince him to return. (just like all of the other cases). Owen says that “it didn’t work out between them and life is simple as hell until you bring on a partner……" The episode ends as they are woken up and Annie is no where to be found.
  11. S01.E04: Furs By Sebastian

  12. S01.E03: Having a Day

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  13. S01.E04: Furs By Sebastian

    Reconnaissance We open with 80s (Moon Jersey) Owen sitting in his Volvo waiting for his wife Annie to get out of the DMV. He is reading a Dr Greta book and underlines a passage “She’s often telling you what she needs. Your job as her husband is to hear it.” He is digging all of this. Inside Jersey Annie is filing a citizens report for a reckless driver and wants to get the address of the person from the license plate. The DMV lady says she can’t do it but she can file a complaint. As she looks up the license, Annie reads the screen off of the reflection in her glasses and writes the address down and leaves. Back in the car she tells Owen to drive to the address. (he thinks she is trying to get her license) They drive to the address (Owen clueless about why) and it turns out to be a store in a strip mall called, Furs By Sebastian. As they are going in Annie tells Owen that he has to distract the guy who is working in the store. (despite the fact that it is 98 degrees and who is thinking of furs at that time?) The guy comes up and starts selling Owen a fur while Annie asks to use the bathroom in order to get in the back room. (The sales guy – Sebastian – is the great Glenn Fleshler of the TV show Barry fame and the Yellow King in True Detective season one) She goes by the bathroom and spots a door with an electronic cipher lock on it and the combo is on a stickie directly above it (the combo is 1234 wtf?.) While she is back there, Owen tries on a black number and Sebastian tries to convince him to consider a bullet proof fur. Annie goes in the door and there are all of these animals in cages but she smiles when she sees a particular lemur in a cage but before she can do anything about it a guy comes into the room and she hides behind a couch. The guy sits down on the couch and starts watching TV. (he is in weight lifter pants (US Flag pattern) and shoes and has a wife- beater, and chain. He is a total meathead. Before Annie can do anything the guy’s brother comes out of the bathroom behind her and she just slips behind the bar before he sees her. (brother #1 was the guy in the diner in episode 1 who no one was listening to) While she is back there she finds out that they are making the Lemur into a hat tomorrow. (it’s the only time Joey and Matt are free – for dance rehearsal?) The older brother asks the younger to get the Lemur a V-8 (gross) and he gets one from the fridge. Then he asks him to pour it into a glass – so the lemur doesn’t cut its mouth and then he tells him to bring the V-8 for him to drink. (surprise) The younger brother blows a snot ball into the glass before he hands it over. (double gross). Annie is only able to slip out after both brothers start rehearsing a new dance number (not making this up – but it was funny seeing the two meatheads working out) When they get back to the car Annie confesses why she really wanted to go into the store. Nan – one of her patients at the nursing home where she works – had a pet lemur named Wendy and she asked Annie to make sure that after she died, that Annie takes it personally to her estranged daughter Paula. Wendy is that lemur about to be made into a hat. Right before Nan died, a couple of meatheads – 3 guesses as to who – came by the day and offered to buy the lemur from Nan but she refused. When Annie went to take it to Nan’s daughter, she had to stop to use the bathroom in a store on the way and the guys stole the lemur in a white van – which now sits out front. Owen agrees to help her break in and get it that night. Annie is overwhelmed with delight. (he has bought the Dr Greta mumbo jumbo hook line and sinker.) Annie confesses that she has an allergic reaction to one of the other animals in there (chinchilla). Prepping for the Heist Annie and Owen arrange for a babysitter to take care of their kids while they plot the next part of their plan to kidnap the lemur. There is one cute part during dinner before Annie goes to work when their daughter (they have 3 kids) tells a joke she read. She is too cute and my favorite is : “What did the Buddhist say when he walked up to the hotdog vendor?” “Make me one with everything.” The plan is Owen will pick her up after work and they will do the deed. At the nursing home we see that Annie is really good at her job and is nice and respectful to the residents. She reads to the late Nan’s roommate Harriet and asks her how it feels to see that empty bed next to hers. She says she is elated that it was not her. Back at the front desk Agent Lopez of the NY Fish and Wildlife Dept has some questions for her. Annie asks if he is a cop and he says “Sort of. There’s not much of a difference authority wise.” (Lopez is the security guy from episode one in front of Milgrim Industries. He even says the same phrase) He asks her about Nan’s lemur and what became of it because he wants to keep it from those who would sell it on the market instead of returning it to the wild. Annie plays dumb and says she has no idea where it could be and then gets slightly defensive when Agent Lopez asks to speak to Nan’s roommate Harriet. Annie says that Harriet has dementia and it would be a waste of time to speak with her. She walks away but Lopez looks suspicious. Later that night Owen is in his car waiting for Annie to get off and he is listening to a radio talk show. It is Dr Greta Mantleray and she is taking calls. (I am guess that Dr Greta must be the other Dr Mantleray’s Mother? Right before he turns off the radio a Hank from Cold Harbor calls in. Hank (Annie’s Dad?) says that he has two lovely daughters and he loves his wife but he is afraid of her she’s … click - and the radio is shut off because Annie gets in the car. Owen has brought the stuff for the heist and he got her some pills for her allergies. I give you 3 guesses what letter they are shaped like. (hint “A”). When he drives away Agent Lopez follows them secretly in a truck. In the car Annie says she read that antihistamines are bad for you because they stop your body from defending itself. (is she fighting pill B unconsciously?) Owen suggests that she doesn’t take them then. She puts them into the bag. She then pulls two of her secret weapons a squirt gun painted black to look real and a brick. She calls the brick “the key to the city” and they drive to the store with Hall and Oats “ Your out of Touch” playing on the stereo. The Heist. Annie breaks the front window of the store and they discover that there is no alarm. She tries the old combo on the cipher lock but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, meathead #1 is returning to the store with a pizza he just bought. He sees the broken glass and goes inside and discovers the brick. Annie asks what the dancing numbers are and Owen says “five six, seven eight?” She tries those numbers and they are in. Brother number 2 is asleep on the couch watching TV so they start sneaking out with Wendy the lemur. Annie stifles a sneeze and they open the door to leave and goon number one brains both of them with the brick. When they wake up goon number one is spraying them with the squirt gun while eating pizza. Sebastian - their Dad - is also there and tells them that the lemur is his since he stole it. He says he is not sure what he will do with them but they are definitely going to watch him skin the lemur. Before he can start however, the cops are heard out front calling for them to come out with the lemur. Sebastian pulls on one of his bullet proof minks and heads over to the safe to pick up a couple of Uzis. His granddad always said the American dream is like a tree. You just keep climbing and climbing until you can almost touch the sun. And if someone tries to chop it down. You fuck ‘em in the face! (words of wisdom) He walks out like Scarface with his two Uzis and Lopez identifies themselves as Fish and Wildlife. Sebastian is incredulous. “Fish.And.Wildlife??!” “ I thought you were real fucking cops.” Lopez answers back his standard – that there is not much of a difference authority wise. Lopes has two other Fish and Wildlife guys backing him up with guns. When Sebastian refuses to come out peacefully they shoot in teargas and Sebastian unloads on them through the front glass. (“I’m a muther fucking grizzly bear and I eat fish and wildlife”) They duck for cover and return fire but are initially out gunned so they wait for him to reload. During the shootout Annie and Owen untie each other and grab Wendy the Lemur. When the brothers go forward and start shooting the second brother – the dumb one – walks out in the open and is hit with about 500 bullets in a pretty funny sequence where he dances around for a long while before finally falling. Once they see brother number 2 go down Owen and Annie leave by a side exit and get in their car with the Lemur and leave. Lopez sees them leave. Instead of going home they drive straight thru the night to Nan’s daughter’s house (Paula) to give her the lemur. Bitter Homecoming The daughter is not happy as she has received a letter from her estranged mother the day before which she reads to Annie over coffee. Annie thinks that Nan is giving her daughter Wendy as a gesture of reconciliation, but the letter states that she is giving Paula a lemur because she should not have a kid and just raise the lemur because having a daughter like her is so awful and she details all of the stuff she hated about her daughter Paula. Out in the car Owen is reading a passage form Greta’s book entitled “On Emotional Potergeists.” In it is a picture of Olivia Meadows (Owen’s crush from before) and the caption says “Olivia Meadows, your “emotional poltergeist, “ who you screamed at during your BLIP – exactly mirroring what Owen confessed to Annie in Muramoto’s office. Just as he is reading this a truck flys by – on a this residential street – which suspiciously resembles the one that hit Annie and Ellie from the Windmills episode. It literally rocks his car it was so close. Annie hears it inside and reacts but Paula doesn’t hear it. Annie says maybe Paula shouldn’t have children. Paula says she is pregnant with a baby boy. (here Annie gives her long look and for a second I am thinking that Nan was a little too much like Annie’s Mom who we have not met yet. – just a guess) She comes back out with the lemur and tells Owen to drive home. On the way home she tells Owen a sad story of how she and her sister woke up one morning and there was no one in the house. When her sister got scared she calmed her down by saying that they would make an adventure out of finding their parents. They had a long driveway and at the end of it was their father alone in his pickup truck crying. He looked at her and she just knew that her mom was dead or gone forever… or something. So she took her sister’s hand and to make her feel better they went back and made a cake and pretended it was her sister’s birthday. (she cries tenderly at this moment). Owen breaks the spell though when he asks when her parents got back together. Annie looks confused and then he reminds her that they never got divorced in the first place. Annie is flummoxed and admits that the stress must have had her thinking wrong. (this may be pill B breaking down her defenses) When they get home they pay the babysitter and Annie lies down on the couch intent on getting some rest. Owen apologizes that he can’t make her happy and Annie says that of course you make me happy and she is keeping the lemur. Owen goes to take out the trash and the Fish and Wildlife cops come rolling up on him with guns drawn - and cars riddled with bullets. He holds his hands up and confesses to the whole thing saying it was all his idea and Annie had nothing to do with it. As all this is going down an old timey radio is playing a song and Owen looks across the street and sees his brother Jed sitting in the back of what looks like a 1955 or 1956 four door Chrysler Imperial. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_(automobile)#1955 They flash back to Annie and Owen in the chairs in NPB still dreaming but the episode ends.
  14. Ballers.SE04E07. The Kids are Aight

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  15. Ballers.SE04E07. The Kids are Aight

    Spence comes to his old partners (the Anderson brothers) now in hospital beds in their house since one is donating a kidney to the other. He tells them he is going to buy the rights to USC ($200M) and he has the greatest athlete going in his corner. (Quincy?) They say they will consider it and later we find out from Spence that they are in. Back at SportsX Joe and his new best fried Reggie are working the foosball table back at the ranch. A call comes in from Nike for an old client and Joe pitches him Illegal Civilization. The Nike rep is interested and wants to meet them at the office. Ricky is swimming at his crib and he has a bbq with some uptight tech people called the Whites (their family name). While Spence is talking with Joe he sees a sports show telling everyone that an anonymous source has Quincy committing to the Ohio State Buckeyes. He calls Quincy about the Ohio State news. Quincy says he just told them what they wanted to hear but Spence says this might sink the USC deal. Quincy tells him to fix it. At the BBQ with Ricky they make a cute Get Out reference to the fact that Ricky and his boy are the only black people there. Meanwhile his Dad is working every MILF within an 8 block radius. Meanwhile Ricky is there with his girl laughing about some of the guests singing the praises of Donald Trump. Ricky initially goes along because he is new to the neighborhood and they say that is why they like him – Ricky “gets it.” But later when Ricky lets it be known that he is planning on coming back to football he gets in a heated argument with some of the guests about kneeling during the National Anthem and his distaste for Trump. It was not a good show for him and he goes off like the Ricky of old. Charles’ wife shows up to the office. She is pissed that he was too busy to get her at the airport. He apologizes as he is overwhelmed at this new job. She is headed to a conference in Vegas and only has 1 night in town and sends her to the spa with a promise for dinner later. Back at Illegal Civilization’s lair…… Joe and Reggie are coming by and the place looks like you would expect. It is an old warehouse and there are a bunch of slackers in knit hats sitting around smoking weed and getting drunk….and skateboards. Joe comes on all asshole like straight off the bat. He is still mad about being dissed last episode but the guys do that to everyone. He disrespects them on their turf and tells them he has as meeting with Nike and that a car will be sent later and they better show up. Jason is calling Spence and he is pissed because he has heard about the Anderson Brothers are making deals about TV rights with USC. Does Spence know anything about it? Spence lies and says no. Jason says that Dan Davis told him and if it were true he is pissed because Spence has been going behind everyone’s back. He threatens that Quincy better come out of the deal clean or there will be trouble. ( I don’t understand is he talking about making deals with HS players?) Spence goes to visit Ohio State and says that Quincy is not going to Ohio State and wants to be closer to home. He states that Quincy told him to come by and tell them because he felt badly about it. Back at SportsX, Joe is pitching to the Nike guy with Illegal Civilization at the table and they pull a prank where they all drink Epicac and throw up all over everyone in the conference room. It is as disaster and even Joe ends up throwing up himself and he is humiliated. Back at Ricky’s everyone is going against Ricky. Ricky is mad that they are thinking more about his career and $$ and less about how he feels about the cause. He is all about Kaepernick and keeping it real but they are more about the new house and connections. Charles’s wife comes back – looking fine as hell – and Charles tells her he is too busy and failing her, his kid and everyone else but she brings him around again. While they are making up, Ricky texts him that he hates Trump and the Whites – team #ImWithKaep. (of course here he is talking about the family at the bbq Whites and not white people in general.) How could it be interpreted any other way? Spence is pulled over by the police on his way back to the airport at Ohio State and is told by the state trooper to get out of his car. They have a drug sniffing dog and they find his “prescriptions” and arrest him. He is visited in the in jail by a “J D Pritchet” and he tells Spence that Columbus is the place to go to school. JD is a mega booster and he has friends over at the NCAA that will come for Spencer. He threatens that if Quincy doesn’t go to Ohio State then they are going to get tough and start digging into everything that Spencer is involved in but if Quincy stays then they will back off. JD claims that “they know things” about Spencer that he would not want to come out.