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  1. S02.E05: Existential Crisis

    All I came here to say was.. Janet....... Dat ass! Smoking as Ted Danson's girl toy.
  2. S02.E03: Dance Dance Resolution

    I loved Ted Danson sitting in his office in sweats. It was a funny scene. And don't forget ... "Bees, Bees, Bees, !!"
  3. I had not realized that the premiere had happened. I thought it was interesting seeing things from Michael's side of the world. He really is a guy out of his element. I did enjoy seeing him frustrated dealing with the "demons" that he was stuck with. I hope they don't constantly reboot this each week as I feel that it would turn into some sort of gotcha show with twists every week and that would suck IMHO. It is nice that the 4 are showing real growth though. I am pretty sure i recognized the guy torturing Tehani about the cargo pants. Wasn't he one of the ones helping Eleanor clean up last season on garbage patrol?
  4. S01.E07: Nest Box

    I agree with you here. I know they have some thugs working for them and all but it is not as if a lot of people there (lowlifes, thugs, and boatchruch drug dealers) couldn't plot and take them down. When his wife started with the "Let's all have some lemonade!" line I rolled my eyes. Lady that trick can't work more than a couple of times to be honest.
  5. S03.E05: Make Believe

    Joe in those purple silk pj's was quite a sight though. It did like it when he talked back to Spencer about going forward with the VR and not hesitating. It is good to see Joe when he decides to get serious about something and make it work.
  6. S03.E05: Make Believe

    I thought the virtual reality stadium looked pretty cool. I have never tried the virtual reality games that are out - I don't spend that much time with the games I already have - but I can see why this is a growing market. The virtual reality sex? umm... no. I don't want any of that yet. What was the meaning of Spence's look at the end of the episode? Are we to believe that he is even more worried than he already has been? Did he think that he was really out of the woods when they were pulling this deal together? How many more shows this season? Also - how could dude let the coach get all of the way up in the manager's face and assault him without getting in between the two?
  7. S03.E02: Bull Rush

    Oh and I forgot to give a shout out to the producers of Ballers for using Barry Goudreau's "Dreams" from his solo album back in 1980. Barry was rhythm guitarist for the band Boston.
  8. S03.E02: Bull Rush

    Ok so was I the only one who thought that Spencer would double over in pain when he climbed out of the truck? I am seeing more pills in his future.... of course i could be wrong.
  9. S03.E01: Seeds of Expansion

    Desperation? I guess he really needed his clients when he was down and now feels obligated to come through in some magical big brother sort of way.
  10. S04.E03: Intellectual Property

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the book that Gilfoyle was reading when he was teasing Denish about the text message? The cover somehow looked familiar to something that I had read back in high school. I could be wrong of course.
  11. S01.E12: Mindy St. Clair / S01.E13: Michael's Gambit

    I concur on this one. I actually remember Shawn saying that he didn't appreciate looking like a "weenie" in that judge's outfit. It makes me believe that after the pitch by Michael, Shawn was on board but owing to the 4 acting better than expected then Michael - and his crew - had to keep running interference in order to keep them in the dark. Shawn looked to me like he never signed on to be so involved "for only 4 people" like this.
  12. S01.E12: Mindy St. Clair / S01.E13: Michael's Gambit

    Well I just got finished watching it and I liked it! It was definitely different than your normal fare. Also the last scene somehow reminded me a little bit of old Scooby Doo and that is not a bad thing. And Bad Janet ........ with all that ass!!!! Am I right?
  13. S04.E02: The Lying Detective

    Peace 47 thank you for the information. I will have to rewatch some of the earlier seasons after this one is over.
  14. S04.E02: The Lying Detective

    I have to agree with this. I read on here - the first 4 posts - and said to myself I have to see this first. I almost turned it off after the first 30 minutes. All of that superfluous edgy graphics when Holmes was running around apartment. Also who was that "John replacement" who quit? Are we to assume that he is part of the plot too? I finished well although the serial killer really turned into a real disappointment. All he did was threaten to fire people. it is hard to be afraid of someone if you don't even actually see him murder anyone. Oh and Mary is gone for good right? we are starting to run out of space onscreen for all of these characters who stick around. /grump ran off.
  15. S01.E01: The Big Bang / S01.E02: Streets On Lock

    The scene when Darius came to bail out Paper Boi in that head wrap, for a second I thought it was Dave Chapelle. He doesn't look that much like him but the way he stood there in the jail made me think of a Chapelle skit.