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  1. I can't find anywhere else to post this, but since it's a question I figured Questions was the best place. Can someone clean up The Challenge Forum? There are threads from 3 seasons ago that have yet to be moved to the Past Seasons area.
  2. I looked up edgic, and it's very interesting. I don't know how useful it would be for The Challenge. I feel like the majority of them are assoles anyway, so I don't really pay attention to the edits. Hehehe
  3. Thanks! I know OTT means Over The Top, but the N threw me and I had no clue for UTR.
  4. OTTN and UTR edits? What do these mean?
  5. My issue with people commenting on Alyssa Beird's clothing is that's what she wants to wear on her run. I remember one poster commented during her city finals that she was "prancing about" as opposed to running the course like everyone else. Why does her clothing even matter, or dictate your opinion of her abilities? She's awesome, and that's all I really care about.
  6. I was about 9 when this movie came out, and had just started playing softball. I was a pitcher, my sister was the catcher. (For reference, our oldest sister played first, was lead off hitter. I batted 3rd, catcher sis batted cleanup.) She was older and infinitely better than I was, so this movie resonated a lot in our household. We played together for over 10 years, and I love that Dottie dropped the ball on purpose. It always made me feel like if that me and my sister, she would choose me over the team. It sucks that she let her team down, but it helped repair her relationship with her sister, and that's important too. I think you can say this movie helped shape my childhood. Our dad took all 3 of us to see this in the theatre, and to this day, one of us will text the others if this is on tv. I can still sing the song, too. "Batter up, hear that call, the time has come, for one and all... to play ball!"
  7. @jhlipton, I don't watch DWTS, so I'm curious as to why he was a controversial figure on that show. Any particular reason?
  8. DittyDotDot, I feel the same way. There are episodes I definitely watch more than others, but there are none that I actively wont watch. I do skip around sometimes when rewatching, but I don't actually say "No, I don't like that episode." There are no worst episodes for me, just ones I don't love as much as others.
  9. "It's Washington Black." Lassister: Whispers in wonderment "Washington Black?!"
  10. The MTV app can be chromecasted, so you don't have to watch on the small screen if you have a chromecast. The app may also be available on Amazon Fire TV or through the Fire Stick.
  11. Rebecca, thank you for the recap. I keep checking to see if anyone transcribes these for the hard of hearing, but still no dice. I appreciate those of you who do this, as it helps me enjoy the show more and helps to fuel my hatred of John. ETA: I agree Wes has had shitty partners for the most part. I think his one good partner was CT. Even when he had Kenny as a partner, Kenny became Mr. DQ, and they ended up in at least 2 jungles.
  12. For those wondering how Tonya found out, it was speculated that Kim was the one who told Tonya about the incident, and production's reaction to it (simply replacing the toothbrush, which I think belonged to Katie) was the sole reason Kim never came back to a challenge. IIRC from TWoP, sometime after filming ended, someone told Kim and thought she would think it was funny. Kim, being the upstanding woman she is, did not find it funny, and told Tonya about the incident when she found out. Did we ever find out if that was true? I believe it was poster Manhattan who posted it, and was usually a reliable source. I could be remembering wrong though.
  13. Does anyone know if Sarah and Susie's podcasts are transcribed somewhere for people who are hard of hearing?
  14. This is very old, but I always thought the implication was that no one could ever actually confirm that Shawn wasn't a psychic. That would call into question all of the cases he closed while claiming to be a psychic and could possibly overturn any convictions as well. I thought that was why he never confirmed it to Chief Vick, too.
  15. I have chronic leukemia, and my shitty insurance (United Healthcare) still pays $9,000 a month for my medication. There is no lifetime cap on cancer treatments as far as I know.