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  1. Does anyone know what happened between Cara and Nicole Z at the reunion? I'm seeing some rumors online, but all they say are "Something happened." I wanna know what happened, not that something happened!
  2. Please do go on! One of my favorite one-liners is from American Duos "This car makes me want to weep and then die." One of my favorite physical comedy bits is also from Duos. It's when Lassie is interrogating Emilina and she hits on him for the first time. TO reacts by going over his chair backwards in disgust. I can't describe it well, but it makes me laugh every time.
  3. As you stated, we are Psych-os, we will read anything and everything you would like to post! This isn't a very active forum, so I love to see new posts. As an aside, my general rule in other forums on here (not this one), is if people have to scroll more than three times, it will probably result in a "Too long; didn't read". I'm not sure how other people feel about post length. And an unpopular opinion to stay on topic, I too love Season 7! Deez Nups, Right Turn or Left for Dead, 100 Clues, Juliet Wears the Pantsuit, and Office Space are immensely rewatchable for me.
  4. @BK1978, As far as my recollection goes, yes, Cara, Brad, and Zach are the only winners.
  5. I swear I saw somewhere that Devin takes out John. Can anyone confirm this? After his AMA bullshit "I'm basically a producer at this point", I can only hope Devin kicks his ass.
  6. S02.E15: The Car

    My father does not wear a wedding ring and only wears a watch on special occasion. Actually neither of my parents wear wedding rings, and now that I think about it, my mom only wears a watch on special occasions too. I'm the only one in the family who wears a watch every day. But that's neither here nor there. I felt like the whole point was that to Kevin, Rebecca giving Randall the watch was just another sign that no one cared about him. No one thought to consult him, no one thought he'd care, no one thought about him at all. Of course this was probably not what happened, but it's how it felt to Kevin.
  7. Season Five: Goodbye Liam James!

    The next line is the best! Father Westley: No, boys. I just got to town and saw the fire. I saw the tandem bicycle outside. It all added up.
  8. S31.E05: Guilty By Association

    Devin and Jemmeye should narrate. Her commentary on Dirty Thirty was the only thing that got me through that long-ass season.
  9. S02.E12: The Burrito

    I think case #00001 was probably Doug Forcett, the Canadian stoner who got the afterlife something like 92% correct. He was mentioned as being a legend in the first episode. Then again, as pointed out, who knows how much information from Michael pre-reveal can be trusted.
  10. Forum Cleanup

    I can't find anywhere else to post this, but since it's a question I figured Questions was the best place. Can someone clean up The Challenge Forum? There are threads from 3 seasons ago that have yet to be moved to the Past Seasons area.
  11. S30 Spoilers: Dirty 30

    I looked up edgic, and it's very interesting. I don't know how useful it would be for The Challenge. I feel like the majority of them are assoles anyway, so I don't really pay attention to the edits. Hehehe
  12. S30 Spoilers: Dirty 30

    Thanks! I know OTT means Over The Top, but the N threw me and I had no clue for UTR.
  13. S30 Spoilers: Dirty 30

    OTTN and UTR edits? What do these mean?
  14. My issue with people commenting on Alyssa Beird's clothing is that's what she wants to wear on her run. I remember one poster commented during her city finals that she was "prancing about" as opposed to running the course like everyone else. Why does her clothing even matter, or dictate your opinion of her abilities? She's awesome, and that's all I really care about.
  15. I was about 9 when this movie came out, and had just started playing softball. I was a pitcher, my sister was the catcher. (For reference, our oldest sister played first, was lead off hitter. I batted 3rd, catcher sis batted cleanup.) She was older and infinitely better than I was, so this movie resonated a lot in our household. We played together for over 10 years, and I love that Dottie dropped the ball on purpose. It always made me feel like if that me and my sister, she would choose me over the team. It sucks that she let her team down, but it helped repair her relationship with her sister, and that's important too. I think you can say this movie helped shape my childhood. Our dad took all 3 of us to see this in the theatre, and to this day, one of us will text the others if this is on tv. I can still sing the song, too. "Batter up, hear that call, the time has come, for one and all... to play ball!"