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  1. Jessica Jones: No Alias Required

    I love that Jessica was using a cheap-ass Acer laptop. So real.
  2. S02.E09: The Castle

    Count me in as someone who loves the literal, dripping-on-your-face UFO! Contrasting this with True Detective Season 1, , I think this took serious guts. I wonder if Peggy's perfectly intonated rational response to Ed was really Hawley's message to the audience. I read a quote by Hawley basically saying he wanted to own the UFO, for better or worse, and I really admire that. (Of course, I thought LOST was at its best in the insane latter seasons, so ymmv).
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/ Pam, you'll thank me later.
  4. Speculation: The Next Avatar Series

    Why would Asami remain single? I can see her and Korra in a long-term partnership like Aang and Katara's.
  5. I took Korra losing her connection with past Avatars as Bryke making her analogous to avatar Wan: a new cycle of harmonic convergence has begun, and with it comes a new cycle of avatars. Korra needed to learn to look within herself for solutions to her and the world's problems, and I think that's the underlying theme of the series.
  6. Bryan Konietzko, Co-Creator of The Legend of Korra: Korrasami is Canon An elegant, touching, and unusually substantive explanation for an epic series finale.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Stephen Collins: "I'm absolutely not physically or sexually attracted to children" Welp, alright, why don't we just take your word for it.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I hate to say this, but in a world where prolific pedophiles die before their victims receive justice (Savile) or get convicted and still swear innocence against all evidence contrary (Sandusky), Collins' openness is almost refreshing. We're so used to the gaslighting that occurs with these types of high-profile sexual assaults that hearing a simple "yeah, I did it" is almost other-worldly.
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Supermodel Beverly Johnson: "Bill Cosby Drugged Me" http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2014/12/bill-cosby-beverly-johnson-story
  10. S04.E08: The Mountain And The Viper 2014.06.01

    Killing off Ned was "messed up" but "daring". "Wow, they killed off a big time actor (even though Sean Bean dies in everything, so we should have known)! How cool!" With this, it's just getting old. Give me some Jack Nicholson's Joker to temper this Heath Ledger. Or a "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" one-off.
  11. S04.E08: The Mountain And The Viper 2014.06.01

    Elaria's actress Indira Varma is one of those "well known (to me)" actors, so I'm hoping she ends up killing all of those MFers, but who knows. I really wanted Oberyn to chuck his spear at Tywin, too, but alas...
  12. Someone in the S04E08 thread mentioned that Sansa had done herself up to look like her mother. Do you all think she's playing "the game," or do you think she's legit falling for Littlefinger? I was actually surprised by how convincing of a liar she was when speaking to the Vale lords; she played it so deftly that I let out an audible "daaayummm". However, she's still what, 15? 16? Littlefinger's been at this for a long time, and has had his creepy obsession with Stark/Tully women for a long time. I hope this plays out in her favor, but knowing this frikkin' show.....
  13. S04.E08: The Mountain And The Viper 2014.06.01

    You know what, fuck this show. I get it, it's "the Wire of fantasy," which means it's morally gray for the sake of moral grayness. But tell me how in the hell is a scene in which a guy practically springs back to life to then crush his opponent's skull not a complete farce? I mean, that's either meant to be gross-out comedy of the most annoying kind, or this writer honestly thought something like that adds "edginess" to show that already beats you over the head with how fucking dark it is. Arya's exasperated laughter summarized my feelings about this show: no hope, nothing to look forward to, no fucking point to it all. Actually, that dovetail's well with Tyrion's story, doesn't it?
  14. S04.E07: Mockingbird

    Thanks, AlphaLine. Thought I was either going nuts or coming down with a memory loss disorder. That lack of clarity is probably why Stannis's storyline seems so incredibly boring to me. I need him to cross paths with one of our main players again, or quit hogging screen time that could go to an Arya and Hound heart-to-heart (to-knife) chat. Speaking of which...I wonder what would happen if Brienne and Pod really do find Arya and the Hound. I mean, show logic says at least one of those two groups will definitely not make it to the Vale/Erie (or whatever--Crazy Lysa's place, sorry!). Because show logic says the Stark kids can't be reunited. So, if Brienne and Pod meet up with A&H, I wonder if that will become a battle. Why would/should Arya trust Brienne? Brienne and a Lannister's scribe were sent by a different Lannister to "protect" the girls. Wouldn't that sound mighty sketchy to Arya who's never met these folks before? Would the Hound want his bounty "rescued" from him?
  15. S04.E07: Mockingbird

    Can someone remind me where the hell Stannis is sailing to this time? Have they filled us in on this part of his plan?