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  1. I love them. Dance is so much more than how many tough movements one can make. It is about expression and story telling. It is why I like Kinja's so much too and think the props and their dance identity is so awesome. It i why I don't care for the contemporary singles that show how flexible they are without any real expression of dance. This type of dancing really speaks to me even if it isn't the most technically difficult or perfectly executed.
  2. What I am thinking is that the judges can see how things are going just as well as we do, if not with a little more inside knowledge. Normani had been in jeopardy once prior. Heather got eliminated after a perfect scores so her vote total must have been very low. I can see them talking about who they want to remain and who they are concerned about and rewarding that person with the highest scores, worthy or not. Straight up know who's going? - no. Got a good educated guess as to who might go? - yes.
  3. I'm just wondering if they reboot how she'll have time to be on the show and run three restaurants. She's pretty hands-on at hers.
  4. I might be getting my weeks mixed up but if they had the best scores that night, it wouldn't help them from being eliminated as elimination was based upon the previous week's scores. So, just like Heather's perfect score didn't save her, Normani's may not have had the votes to keep her in so they gave her the immunity to keep her in and try to build momentum to keep her around.
  5. I'm sorry :)
  6. Sorry. I didn't mean to sound snarky. I just meant to say that there are lots scary fans out there. "Anonymous Twitter Freaks" is a perfect description and would be a great name for a band.
  7. This isn't so unique to Normani. I don't have Twitter but I do have Instagram and many of the comments to celebs are way over the top. So many fans that follow celebs on various social media are complete nuts. If I were a celeb, I would be afraid of these people. They are unhinged.
  8. I was rocking with everything you had to say. I wanted to high five you or buy you a beer. Until this ^ You had me until this. When are we going to stop deciding that how someone looks defines who they are. Red hair makes you trashy? Well, OK but I'm a red head. I guess then it's OK to say that fat people are untrustworthy and lazy? That people with tattoos are uneducated and racist? There is a difference between liking a performance and judging a person. I've gone too far off topic but I will say, once I learned about the ignore button, it increased my pleasure in reading posts exponentially. Outside of that, I want you to teach me how to do a Flying Mancuso Spin, a four step Zaljecko, a Sugared Swizzle Stick and a Hough Chaser or at least be my guest at a wedding as I also suffer from White Girl Dancing Syndrome.
  9. I have not been to her restaurant but ate at Spiaggia about six years ago and while the menu was "pasta centric" it wasn't anything like pasta I had ever had. The fillings were unusual as were the flavors. It was the farthest thing from traditional Italian pasta I could have imagined and it was delicious.
  10. She didn't just do pasta. She won a chairman's challenge doing a beet schnitzel. She also made soup, cardamom ice cream and a won ton, which while technically a pasta, is a different breed with different flavors. One could say that Nakajima only does Japanese or Bobby always does things with a Southwestern twist but that is a real simplification of their skills. I think Stephanie is the right one to go on because she is so daring but I won't down play Sarah's skills or her ability to be a IC. And before someone tells me what a bitch she is or whatever, her cooking skills have nothing to do with her personality...some of the best chefs are some of the biggest assholes.
  11. Or like some people I know, time would not have mattered. Some people are just guarded with their emotions OR they learn to stuff them lest they end up disappointed. She ended up with a pretty good life but it didn't start so positively and perhaps she learned early to not show anything but happy so she didn't get rejected. I realize I am arm-chair analyzing her but she reminds me of a friend who is really lovely and fun but guarded due to childhood neglect issues. Even at 50+ years old, she doesn't have it in her to allow herself to be vulnerable and I think it's vulnerability more than anything that is lacking in Simone. And quite frankly, I don't blame her and I wish that instead of the blubbering pile of mess I can be, I was more like that.
  12. Agree. I do not want to see kids crying.
  13. Yes to this.
  14. I've thought from the very beginning that David had the votes to get to the finals and potentially win. I will not be surprised if he does, not at all. You take the DWTS audience demographics and they line up perfectly with David. And I'm not saying he's the best, or that he should win, just that the judges know to go along with what the audience wants lest they completely tick off the majority of their views.
  15. I never said Normani was too trained just as I never said that Nancy hadn't taken lessons. I said I watch the show for the Rashad's, David's, and Nancy's, who show improvement and are a joy to watch. Normani is great. Normani is a powerful dancer. For me, I don't see that Normani has improved, perhaps because I'm not trained enough to see the little things she's improved upon but then I guess that makes me similar to most of the audience watching. For me, I like the improvement arc story. For me, it isn't about who's been trained, who hasn't, who is a ringer, and who isn't. I was speaking about my personal preferences and what I enjoy.