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  1. This wanna-be needs to be the first voted off. Edit: Right after Nick. Where's the double-elimination when we need it?
  2. I think she's just used to being steamrolled by someone. First her mom, then Jack. As a child, she was taught that her opinion doesn't matter, what she wants doesn't matter. It's carried into adulthood. She orders lunch? Mom changes it for her! She orders a pop? Mom orders her a diet pop! This apartment won't work? Jack buys a house! Need to mourn a child you carried for 9 months? No time for that - let's adopt!!!! IMO - she's passive because that's how she was taught to be. To be different is to be ungrateful for all everyone has done for her. Rebecca tries to keep the peace, stuffing her feelings while the resentment keeps building until she explodes. You know what probably kept her from exploding at her mother? The car broke down and they had to celebrate Thanksgiving is a cheap motel.
  3. Not to split hairs here (and yes, I know I am) but anxiety disorders are considered a mental illness. As someone who has seen it up close at varying degrees of debilitation, I think we should call it what it is if for no other reason, to de-stigmatize what mental illness is and help people realize what percentage of the population suffers from some type of MI, even if it is not severe. Mental illness is much more than "big issues" like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, it can be smaller and less severe though I would say Randall's MI is fairly severe in that when he has his breakdowns, it's lead to temporary blindness and hospitalizations. From a story line standpoint, I think they've done this part a great disservice. He was in the hospital for two days and now he's A-OK! Two weeks with a therapist and medication adjustments is not long enough to be back to normal. And then to lose your Dad and not delve into that effect on Randall's emotional state is unrealistic at best. Heck, most SSRI's and other meds take at least four weeks to get into your system to work. That being said, I would agree that what's happened to Randall won't close a lot of doors in life.
  4. I think I read on Tony Ortega's site that she probably left with LMP.
  5. Very true. I am 40 pounds overweight but my BMI is 35 and I am considered obese by the medical community.
  6. I was that slightly chubby girl at 15 (size 11 jean in a 5' body) that needed to diet and exercise more. Starting at 18, I gained 10-15 pounds a year and ended up morbidly obese. Not every morbidly obese person is morbidly obese from childhood. Take someone with a problematic relationship with food and exercise, combine that with a rotten metabolism and horrific genetics and then add a psychologically devastating event to it and before you know it, you're looking at morbid obesity.
  7. My bold. That would make so much sense. Because Kate knows girls like her!
  8. +100. I remember going along with two girls that made fun of someone for their weight (which is ironic as I struggle with weight now). I was nine and they were the popular girls and I wanted to be one. I am not a jerk now; in fact I'm pretty nice and always reflective of my behavior and how to be a better person. Nine and 10 year old kids should not be expected to be perfect, thoughtful, and never hurtful. Heck, I know very few adults like that. We're human. We're flawed. It's not what we do wrong as much as what we do to make amends and become better people.
  9. Thank you!!! I didn't get the punctuation either and this makes perfect sense! Yes, Rebecca found the note (the ink was smeared due to getting wet) and showed it to Jack. He wanted to say something to the girls and Rebecca stopped him so out came the magic shirt.
  10. I wonder if she just didn't want to put her family under additional scrutiny. Maybe her mom is getting some hate for exposing/raising her and her sister in $cio? It's just conjecture but I'm guessing it's more personal to her than anything else external.
  11. I completely agree with this. I think that Leah thinks some of the "tech" of the practice works and are good. During the last Q&A, Leah said that she wanted the practice of abuse to end, not the "church" itself. Many of the people that have left implied they left because of the Mighty Midget. (in fact Rathbun continued to do independent audits and teachings of LRH's principles). Apart from the Xenu stuff, the basic principles of $cio are much like talk therapy (delve into what is bothering you, learn how to fix those things, learn to tune out those things that can't be fixed, etc.), very mind of matter. That probably works for lots of people where they feel like they finally have control over things and over their life. If they all keep digging, however, they will find out that the Mighty Midget learned how to operate his little shop of horrors from LRH himself.
  12. Like all fashion, everything comes around again. Yes pointy nails were popular in the mid-late 70's but it fell out of favor to square nails, which has been the trend for at least 20 years. Then a more hybrid look became fashionable, a mash up between squared sides with rounded points. Unfortunately, completely pointed, like Leah's is the style now.
  13. My first recovery books were gifts from others in the program. They were used, dog-eared and some notes were written along the sides but they were essential to my recovery. And meetings cost nothing (though most people throw a few bucks in the basket for rent if they have it)! You can go to as many meetings in a day as you wish. Now, whenever I go to a conference or meeting where literature is sold, I buy some daily reading books and paperbacks and hand them out to those that can not afford to buy their own.
  14. This story is ridiculous. Anyone that's had surgery (and I've had 3) knows you don't get to ride in a wheelchair afterward it's over. Doctors make you walk, and then walk, and then walk some more. And you wouldn't be allowed to fly post-op until you were strong enough to do so and were healed enough internally. Heck, they won't let you drive for a few weeks. I'm sure she hurt her knee. Of course she hurt her knee. She has probably close to 400 pounds resting on that knee, a knee not designed for that type of weight. And I'm not shaming, it's just a fact.