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  1. S26.E02: Week 2

    And Kristi Yamaguchi. And this American was quite fond of Midori Ito, who didn’t skate for the US.
  2. S02.E12: Clooney

    We must be sisters. I’m 5’, highest weight close to 280, post gastric bypass 135 now around 165. I have been at 165 for 15 years. I’ve kind of resigned myself to being fat...it seems like 165 is where my body wants to be. I’m not happy about it but I can’t figure out how to change the part of me that resists regular exercise. My food choices aren’t bad, portions are probably too big but 56 years into this life, I think it is what it is.
  3. S02.E08: Number One

    I had my gallbladder removed in June. Because of my alcoholism, I was concerned about being prescribed pain pills. I did not want anything highly addictive and I am allergic to codeine and morphine. The doctor prescribed tramadol and gave me a written script the day of the surgery for three pills. That's what we agreed upon, just enough to get through the night if needed. He usually gives the scripts in advance but based upon my concerns, he asked that my husband remind him the day of surgery to write it. But no matter what each state requires, it's an important part of the story that Kevin not know or understand the law. His addiction is new and he doesn't know the ropes yet - if he did, he certainly wouldn't ask for fentanyl. My guess is he'll probably try it again and get caught and that will be his bottom....TMZ mug shot.
  4. S02.E08: Number One

    Sandyskyblue...my deepest condolences. No a day goes by when I don't thank God that I'm alive and sober today. I pray it stays that way.
  5. S02.E08: Number One

    I don’t want to go on OT here but the speed of his addiction is very real to me. I am an adult child of an alcoholic and if you look at my family tree, about 50% or more going back to both sets of grandparents were alcoholics. I was the good kid; I didn’t drink or do drugs and throughout my adult life was a casual wine drinker. By 41, I had only been drunk twice in my life. At 41, I had major turmoil in my life. One day I came home from work and opened a bottle of wine while preparing dinner. I had never had a drink by myself. Within one month, I was opening a bottle for me, hiding it, and then opening a bottle in front of my husband for us so he couldn’t see how much I was drinking. In two months, I was a daily drinker. In three months I had my first morning shakes after switching to rum and Diet Coke in the previous two weeks. In two years, I was in rehab. I think I was always an alcoholic. I just didn’t feed the disease. But when I did, it was like a light switch turned on and it was broken open. Sadly, it took me a total of almost six years to get sober, laying a path of destruction behind me. Part of the reason it took so long is because I didn’t have a history and believed if I could get the turmoil in my life under control, I could get the drinking under control. Alas, I was a pickle and could not go back to being a cucumber again. Opioids are even easier to get adddicted to; for some, it’s nearly immediate, thus the opioid addiction epidemic we are seeing in this country today. Every path is different. Addiction is a strange bird and what we know about it compared to its complexity barely fits on the head of a pin. I find his story heartbreakingly believable and all too familiar down to the scene in the lawn where he’s crying and saying “I’m in so much pain. Someone help me.” That could have been written about my life some 14 years ago. It broke my heart watching it.
  6. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    I love his dancing and I LOVE his choreography which is indeed poetry in motion. He is the most talented pro in terms of dance ability and choreography from the show, imho (with Mark being a close second) but it's when he takes his shirt off that turns me off. I even enjoyed his critique in that horrible World of Dance show he was on this summer. But for me, no to sexy. And that's OK because different strokes and all that.
  7. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    Completely agreed on all of this. Very well put. Me too!!!!
  8. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    I didn't explain myself very well so let me use an analogy that I'm more familiar with, which would be learning a song on the piano. When I was young, there was a song by Chicago called Color My World, with a great piano part that consisted of basically major and minor chords. My friend really wanted to learn the piece so she sat down and memorized the keys. She practiced it over and over again and with the help of another friend, she learned the dynamics as well. The friend who took piano and played flute helped her and together we performed that piece at a talent show (I sang). She worked hard on it, she was taught some things by our friend and me and she performed it pretty well. But she wasn't really trained on the piano in that if she sat down and was told "Play a C major chord, crescendo in the fifth measure, drop to a pianissimo at the end", she couldn't do it because she didn't have the basic knowledge of piano or music for that matter. So I agree, Lindsey (ay?) was taught that dance, the steps, the movement, but but her account, she didn't have dance training, learning the basics from which all dance is emanates. I am not defending or excusing anything. I just think there's a big difference between learning a dance and having training. Heck, I could go to Arthur Miller and learn a killer first dance for my wedding but that wouldn't make me a trained dancer. That would make me someone that learned one dance really, really well. I hope this makes more sense but I'm fine if people don't agree with this analogy. I will say that formal training and lots of it does not a guarantee one will be a good dancer. I had a dance teacher in high school that had oodles of experience and training and she was a marginal dancer at best because she just didn't have that innate talent. I was a violist by training and could never do it professionally because I didn't have a "musical gift" that so many musicians have. Lindsay does have one thing going for her that I don't think can be taught and that is musicality and the ability to be "in the beat" and move appropriately to music. I understand if not everyone agrees with this analogy but I totally agree with you about one thing and that is that Derek is not sexy :)
  9. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    That's what I was trying to say. You said it much for succinctly.
  10. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    I’ve seen the video many times (big fan). It is clear in her earlier videos she has had no formal dance training. It seems clear to me now that she has not as well. If one is musical and has natural rhythm/dance ability, one can be taught a dance or a few dances or routines (Rashad is a great example of this). Being told “move your arm here and your foot there, arch your back and point your toe) is not the same as lessons where you learn the names of steps, jumps, turns, etc. But if you think she has, I’m ok with that.
  11. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    He didn’t say she didn’t have experience, he said she had no training. He said she danced in her videos while playing violin and the proceeded to show an earlier video where her movement is pretty bad. If she is to be believed (and I do),she said she has never had a dance lessson until this show. And I think her arm movement and placement confirms that.
  12. S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    Victoria is a lovely person (and yes, reminds me of Princess Di) and I’m so happy that she is better from a health standpoint but it was time for her to go. She reminded me of Amy Purdy, whose story was also inspirational but who did very little dancing. As soon as they said her iconic dance would be one of Amber’s, I thought, “Of course, since Amber didn’t do a whole lot of dancing in that dance.” Hand movements, facial expressions and moving your feet while sitting down can be fun and entertaining but doesn’t demonstrate dance ability to me -musicality yes, dancing no. And Victoria could not hold a candle to Amber’s musicality. I’m sorry she was so sad but she probably improved her income level better than 100% being on this show. The judges/producers really have to stop propping dancer’s score to send them out on a high note. It just sets them up for disappointment with the expectation that they’ll move on to the next round. I wish they would just give honest scores and let the votes fall where they may. The audience is the ultimate decider. So if Drew or Frankie wins, I don’t particularly care because they are both trying hard and putting in the time and if the voting audience likes them best, so be it. It does not take away my enjoyment from watching others that I think dance better. This show has never been about the best dancer. Frankly, for me, I enjoy something about everyone that is left whether it’s their dancing, ability to emote, attitude or work ethic.
  13. S02.E02: A Manny-Splendored Thing

    Wishing you all the best as you work through issues with your daughter. Glad you are gaining some insights from the show.
  14. S02.E06: The 20's

    I don’t think there’s been any retconning of the Miguel/Rebecca story. All we know is that Kevin and Kate are hostile to him and Randall is lukewarm/trying to be kind to him. They wouldn’t be the first or last children, even adult children, to be hostile to a parent’s new mate no matter how much time hasn’t passed. For Kate, no one could replace her dad plus it gives her another thing to be angry with Rebecca for. For Kevin, it speaks to his inability to talk about, grieve and move on from Jack’s death. For Randall, we see that he may be more understanding because of his bond with his mom, that he may see more of how she feels, how she’s doing, and that he doesn’t want her to be lonely anymore.
  15. S02.E05: Brothers

    Thanks dreamboat....sorry I didn’t read further along. PS - I like Madison too.