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  1. No, he has said over and over again he hates fondant. He is quoted in LA Weekly, I hate fondant. I don't like eating it. Like banana peels, they look nice. They don't taste good. Same thing with fondant. It's there to look pretty," Goldman says.
  2. Agreed 100%: ex-pro Allison is a great example of this. She was wonderful on SYTYCD but not good on DWTS. The one thing a trained dancer has over the other contestants is musicality. That is something that you have or not and every professional dancer has it, among other skills.
  3. I think the worst part of this show is that each bake is judged separately and not a combination of all of the bakes. One bad bake shouldn't eliminate someone, and one good bake, like the cake, shouldn't make someone a $50,000 winner. If I was going to score the competition, I would have each baked good from each round ranked and added to previous round's ranking and the lowest overall baker would go home. So, in the first round, if you were #10/10, you would go home. If #9 in the first round was #1 the second round, they would have a total of 10. If someone had a combined score of 11 or less, they would go home. They should also give three scores 1) did it meet the challenge (hello John, you would have failed in this every time), 2) taste 3) decorating. I think if they had scored this way, Daniella would have won, or Adam, but not Jordan, who had some great tasting and some awful tasting things, who's decor was great or awful but who often struggled with the challenge (as stupid as some were). I also think they wanted Jordan because he was the most camera-ready. Plan on him being the next host, or on Chopped, or Beat Bobby Flay, or some other Food Network show.
  4. Amen!!!!!
  5. A technical writer knows proper grammar, spelling and punctuation but I probably wouldn't want to read their writing for entertainment :)
  6. No truer words. And I'd be signing them too!
  7. My mother and I were obsessed with those Olympics and I was in my 20's so I remember a lot about them and the incident. First, she wasn't hit by Tonya (this isn't to you directly but to another commentator). She was hit by someone hired by Tonya's husband, after the competition in Detroit (not during). Nancy's parents were not well-off and skating is an extremely expensive sport (this was before they were allowed all the sponsorships they can get today). She had worked extremely hard and as I recall, she really was fairly introverted/awkward. What was missing was a killer attitude and confidence, like she wanted it too much and was so afraid to fail. So she didn't skate with a confident attitude. And I think she was genuinely pissed that Tonya still got to skate in the Olympics and that all the attention was on "poor scrappy Tonya" and "poor orphan Oksana" instead of the skating, and I don't really blame her for that. Her reaction to getting the silver was complete disappointment mixed with anger...all those years of hard work, expense and practice ruined because of outside influences. I still remember thinking that she wasn't the best skater but I could see how she felt her Olympic dreams were ruined by others.
  8. I love David too but the inspiring speech was given by Jason Heyward (ex-Cardinal) according to Cubs management and the press that overheard the speech. David's main roll was to catch for Jon Lester (as they played together in Boston) and to mentor the younger players, for which he did an amazing job). From Fox Sports: And that’s where some magic happened. Heyward’s message, via MLB.com: “I told them I love them. I told them I'm proud of the way they overcame everything together. I told them everyone has to look in the mirror, and know everyone contributed to this season and to where we are at this point. I said, 'I don't know how it's going to happen, how we're going to do it, but let's go out and try to get a W.'” Kris Bryant, who got the assist on the final out, offered some additional insight: “It was the best thing for us. We all got together in the weight room, we all supported each other. [Aroldis] Chapman was a little upset. That guy works his butt off. Jason Heyward led the way, talking us up, getting us ready, and you saw what we did there.” What they did there was score two runs in the top of the 10th to take an 8-6 lead, then held on for an 8-7 win that gave the franchise its first World Series title since 1908. Credit Heyward, whose most valuable contribution to the Cubs this postseason might have come from his mouth and his heart — not his bat and his glove.
  9. I don't think it has ever bothered them to have someone with exceptional training in the finals or winning. They've had plenty of people with oodles of dance experience that they've tried to push into the finals (Chelsea Kane and Nicole Scherzinger come to mind). I think in the case of Rashad and David, they are going along with the audience votes. I suspect that if there is anyone who is killing it with votes it is David Ross. When that happens, the judges go along for the ride, giving the greater vote-getter awesome scores to validate their continuation on the show and win. You could very well be right; I think time will tell because the judges actions and comments become as transparent as saran wrap.
  10. He's been fighting addiction issues...was arrested for a DUI and had a strange incident on a plane. I don't know if he's sober or not but by his behavior, I'd say probably not.
  11. I hope she is gone next week. At first it seemed like Tom was going to have fun with her over-the-top personality. Last night he looked absolutely annoyed. She needs to learn when to let a joke go -- her shtick wasn't funny after the third time she interrupted Len/the judges. While she can still move well for someone in her 60's, early 70's or late 70's depending upon who you read, she was out of time in the clapping and stomping during her paso, which according to her is in her blood.
  12. I bolded for emphasis because you hit the nail on the head. The judges often given remarks and scores to drive a particular narrative the producers want. There is always a bit of backlash for what people perceive to be "ringers" and Heather is certainly seeing her share of backlash. So the narrative will be "score her low, being hyper-critical" or like Julianne did, "explain that her prowess in hip hop doesn't translate to automatically being good in ballroom." Then, in a few weeks, when her vote totals are low, you will see this big redemption arc about how much her ballroom has improved, that she's no longer one dimensional, that she's letting her personality show, blah, blah, blah, so that they can propel her into the finals. How fast we see this will depend upon how low her votes are. They aren't trying to get rid of her; they are trying to muster some sympathy and outrage from the voting audience to come out and vote for her. They definitely want someone of Heather's caliber in the finals (see Sabrina Bryan and Chelsea Kane).
  13. If there was a dance style that I thought was incongruous with Nancy it was Latin. She really surprised me tonight. Her hip action actually existed (which I didn't expect) and her foot placement was quite good. Too bad about all the confetti on the floor; I think she slipped around a bit too much because of it. I always enjoyed her skating because of the grace of her spirals and spins but she never looked like she was having fun. She sure looks like she's having fun here.
  14. This wanna-be needs to be the first voted off. Edit: Right after Nick. Where's the double-elimination when we need it?
  15. I think she's just used to being steamrolled by someone. First her mom, then Jack. As a child, she was taught that her opinion doesn't matter, what she wants doesn't matter. It's carried into adulthood. She orders lunch? Mom changes it for her! She orders a pop? Mom orders her a diet pop! This apartment won't work? Jack buys a house! Need to mourn a child you carried for 9 months? No time for that - let's adopt!!!! IMO - she's passive because that's how she was taught to be. To be different is to be ungrateful for all everyone has done for her. Rebecca tries to keep the peace, stuffing her feelings while the resentment keeps building until she explodes. You know what probably kept her from exploding at her mother? The car broke down and they had to celebrate Thanksgiving is a cheap motel.