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  1. NYPD Blue rerun thread: At least 2 cases at a time

    I have never even been to a bachelorette party.
  2. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    It's so frustrating when pets are under the weather and they can't tell us where it hurts. Hugs to you and Steve. Hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
  3. Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Looks like Noah is coming back.
  4. Got it. Wow a lot of stuff happened. Thanks, valley!
  5. Shit still won't work for me. 😭
  6. Why do so many actress' on The Young and the Rosales act like that with Jack? Is there something inherently squicky about PB? I wouldn't have thought so.
  7. dayum, look at those gams!
  8. You just need to cover your horns better. 😈
  9. Yeah, he used to get that a lot too when he was in high school. I wonder if valley will be in a humoring us mood today and link the Canadian spoilers. /hint, hint
  10. Yes, Mia can be gone yesterday. I liked Kerry's dress though.
  11. My son always had really long hair, he was such a pretty child people thought he was a girl. I asked him once if it bothered him and he said no, I know I'm a boy.
  12. I love it too. I don't see what gender has to do with how long or short one wears their hair.
  13. Boy howdy, I hope she's not his sister.
  14. Right? He comes across as the sleaziest NYC con man stereotype.