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  1. Scientology?
  2. I thought it ran on dilithium crystals.
  3. Well, now I do too. ;-)
  4. Small Talk: The Wagon

  5. Rachel Dratch needs to be shot. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.
  6. Small Talk: The Wagon

    Oh, that just sounds lovely Mandola. My SIL lives in Crewkerne, Somerset, I'll have to ask her about their village lunch.
  7. Yes, yes. I remember the chicken dress very well.
  8. My grandpa and both uncles are dentists, we were taught not only to brush all sides of our teeth but also our gums, inside of our cheeks, the roof of the mouth and tongue.
  9. Can you imagine if the tables were turned and Sharon slept with Jack or Billy? Nick would throw her off a cliff and dance on her grave. But I suppose if Sharon reacts with any sort of anger she'll be the bad one. Fuck you in advance Mal!
  10. I wonder if Dummer will go back on her deal with dad and blab the whole sordid mess in front of the gathered guests. And Faith gets screwed again.
  11. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Lol, Fox News put up a picture of Patti LaBelle with Miss Franklin's name over it.
  12. Seriously. Have they ever, even hinted that those two have sex? They come across like brother and sister to me.
  13. A ha ha ha ha ha ha *wheeze* hahahhahahahah. Whew.
  14. I love the ep where Mrs. Kim helped Zack with his song writing. She really grew so much.
  15. And another thing I could do without forever: Radio ads that use sirens. Fuck, I about jump out of my skin every time I hear one of those things when I'm driving.