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  1. Yes, but most men looking for the second supposedly trophy wife are not looking for 35-year-old women who look 40 (not that forty is old...far from it) on a good day. Plus I would imagine Amber would insist on having her own biological children so she will not always have to compete for affection with the real "mother" of her step kids.
  2. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I agree. It shows how delusional Jimmy is that he is still looking at bungalows and "practicing his pitch" to sell Kim on an idea that she has moved way past. This would be true if Jimmy was acting like an angel and patiently working in the cell phone store while waiting out his PPD in a dignified manner. He really should have taken that job as a copier salesman. That way he could be out meeting people and making contacts. A bored Jimmy is always trouble.
  3. Farrah

    My skin actually tingled from second-hand embarrassment. This is not Palin but it is the closest we are going to get and it is a million times better than Deb OG.
  4. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I was also the one who made comments about Jimmy not having any superficial or real friends. It was painfully obvious that he considers Huell, an independent contractor that he hires for security and pickpocketing, the closest thing he has to a friend. It is too bad that he did not keep in touch with that paralegal from Davis and Main...the one who helped him move his cocobolo desk. That guy seemed to really like Jimmy and would have given him an honest opinion about how Kim is probably never going to be partnering with Jimmy, no matter how nice the office, again unless he cleans up his act and stops acting like a buffoon.
  5. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Chuck had his issues for sure, but Jimmy has been so gosh darn lovable these past seasons that it was often hard to see that he might have had a point. As much as I disliked him, Chuck has made a remarkable and distinguished career for himself by using his brains. He like, Jimmy came from humble beginnings and was able to turn Howard's father's firm into a great success. When the prosecutor made the comment about a "lowlife sleazy disbarred lawyer selling phones to criminals" (I do not remember the exact quote but that was the gist of it) you could see Kim kind of flinch in subtle pain (great acting). Kim was flinching not because of the comment but because she knew the comment was at least somewhat true. Jimmy is refusing to confront his emotions on Chuck's brutal death and Kim becoming partner at a large law firm, which he sees as a betrayal. He is acting out like a spoiled child and it is very unbecoming to a man in his forties but looks like he is in his fifties.
  6. I think Amber's insecurity with Dave is justified in that he is not into her and that can not feel good. The show is trying to gaslight her into thinking otherwise but she is not a fool. Dave will only stay married to her if there is some financial incentive involved, otherwise, I think he was done after the honeymoon. Everyone seems so befuddled about how fast Bobby has fallen for her, he is really head over heels. When I say everyone, I mean the so-called "experts", his mama, and Danielle. As for women marrying assholes, there has been some proof that despite what they say, some women actually find a guy who is a little cold and distant "manly" and I guy who waits on them hand and foot "weak". This is obviously a stupid way to think but I have seen it again and again in real life (not with me but with people I know). On the other hand, I have seen guys reject very nice girls and run after bitches because they "enjoy the chase and drama" even though they say otherwise. I know a man who loves that his girlfriend was so possessive that she would actually send threatening emails to women that worked with him. He actually was called into HR and almost lost his job. He would complain about it but you could see that he loved the drama.
  7. I usually do not care about the marriages on this show but if they break up, I think Bobby will legitimately be broken hearted for a while. If it does happens I hope he does not become bitter towards the next woman he dates seriously.
  8. I think a copy of the letter is on twitter and it was more about "I love how you do things for me" than "l love you". Of course, this just might be producer driven drama so when she does say the words it will be more dramatic. Bobby is much more smitten so she naturally just holds all the power right now. It has been suggested that Tristan had financial issues that did not make it easy for him to walk away from the money that this show provides.
  9. This is a common power differential when one person is so much more invested in the other...the less interested person literally holds all the cards. Bobby honestly needs to step back with the pampering and see how the relationship progresses. I think Danielle is just not feeling him the way he is feeling her. He is kinda coming off as the young kid/lost puppy that cannot believe that the cute older girl in school is his girlfriend. Of course, this could be producer bullshit so that when Danielle does declare her love on decision day it will be more dramatic.
  10. S03.E06: Ready-Like

    See, the open relationship thing is so weird but the few couples who do it are really okay with it. It seems like the woman always has one steady boyfriend and the husband usually has multiple ladies. Candice might have side dick and is perfectly fine with Dro messing around as long as she can keep hers. I do think Candice might be pissed that Dro dipped in their inner circle of good friends since most people do not like the idea of shitting where they eat and that might be a reason why Dro might not tell her about Molly. It would be hella risky since all it would take is one phone call from Molly to Candice to mess up the situation.
  11. I was getting a weird vibe that she was sort of happy that she was going to get a break from him. I do think she will miss her dog but not so sure about Bobby. Does anyone else think the ladies in Bobby's family do not really like her?
  12. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Company parties are horrible but I show up bright eyed and bushy tale to my husband's stuff and he does the same with my work parties. It is usually once or twice a year at most and is part of the work culture. When I see the resentful spouses, I wonder why the hell they can not suck it up for a couple of hours, just for the sake of the paycheck? Jimmy was purposefully trying to make Mr. S look like a fool and everyone knew it, hence "the something stupid" of the title. Kim is a far kinder woman than most because I would give my husband an earful in the car (particularly since there is a good chance that she is the higher earning partner and her salary is probably what is keeping them afloat).
  13. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Jimmy looks at Kim going to the big law firm as a betrayal and that is causing him to pull away from Kim. Kim has always had a "live and let live" attitude towards Jimmy and is not pushing him to seriously confront his emotions. Kim did not even really get too mad at Jimmy for acting badly at Davis and Main which cause her to be banished to doc review hell. I hate to agree with Chuck, but people really do let Jimmy get away with too much.
  14. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Jimmy does not need to be acting this way. Kim is perfectly fine with him doing his thing but he is the one being an asshole at her work for no reason. I imagine the Kim is bringing in most of the income of the household. If the genders were reversed and Kim was being a jerk to Jimmy over a perceived slight most people would be raking her over the coals for messing with his livelihood. Jimmy could be happy for Kim's success but now in his rigid worldview, she has become one of "them" (the status quo) where he will always be on the other team (the rule breakers). This is a very black and white way to think.