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  1. Again, I feel like the whole storyline between Danielle and Bobby is totally fake because they get along well and have no drama. I bet you his family really does not care that much about the sahm situation. I remember Bobby being quite proud that Danielle made more money and was more established in her career than he was. They are too well adjusted to become reality tv fame whores so they will probably also need that income in the future. As I said the drama between them seems manufactured and I can see her doing some producer driven grand gesture for him in the last episode sort of like when she said I love finally on decision day. I think he has some sort of sister like affection for her and hope that would grow into romantic feelings. Perhaps the cheating was his I’ll advised passive aggressive way of having her end the relationship?
  2. I just saw this episode and was shocked at his gaslighting and treatment of that poor woman, whose only crime was being a little too bubbly. I would of rather taken my chances with the jungle animals then being alone with that guy. She had an amazing attitude and spirit. I honestly thought something about that guy was a little evil.
  3. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    It would explain the need to always make over the top attention-getting gestures of romance and the coddling of Kate make more sense.
  4. I know Christy looks very youthful looking and had Violet crazy young, but how many people would peg Christy for the mother in the optics department? My guess is that most people would think they were sisters and might even think Violet is the older one because of her bitterness. Violet's childhood seems horrible but the only thing the audience has ever seen since the beginning of the show was a sweet and loving Christy willing to do anything to make it up to her bratty teenage and now young adult daughter. I am sure the whole plot is that the audience does not peg Christy as an absentee mother for not having Violet in her life. The truth is the audience probably stopped caring about Violet a long time ago, though a throwaway line once in a while about Roscoe doing well would be cool.
  5. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Thank you. Jack is going around asking local who have probably been through Hell because of foreign soldiers to give him a ride and then gets put out because the guy has the nerve to ask for a little compensation. This is a place where gas or petrol probably costs a fortune for the average person. It makes me think that Jack is a simple man and only thinks in term of black and white, at least at this stage in his life (which is not unrealistic for younger people). It is so funny. I remember Mandy from her "Candy" debut, even though that really was not the type of music I was usually interested in. The song was silly but I thought she was sooo pretty. In fact, a lot of people thought she got a record deal because of her looks and dismissed her as another Brittney/Christina wannabe. I also remember she had a show on Mtv and even hetero girl me thought her lisp was cute. I was talking about this show with a work colleague who had never heard of Mandy Moore either as a singer or actress. He kept on describing Rebecca and "an ungainly lantern jaw women with linebacker shoulders". He thought Kate had a much prettier face and actually thought Jack could do much better since Rebecca was "flaky and not that great looking". I disagreed with him in that I thought young Rebecca was not flaky as she seemed pretty focused on her singing career. This episode proved me wrong. One record company executive rejects you and you are ready to head back to Pittsburgh (my husband's favorite city)? What the hell...where's your drive? It is okay if you are content to be a lounge singer in Pittsburgh but don't pretend you gave the big time a fair shot because you left after one little rejection. Fred Astaire first casting call had this comment "Short, balding, and can dance...a little". Artists have to get used to rejection. If you had been in LA for years (and she even had a friend who would let her crash at her boyfriend's amazing house) I could understand you going back, but turning back so quickly just seemed stupid and only done for plot purposes. I think he finds Nicky's child and we will get another Pearson that Kate will have to assassinate because only she is allowed to pass on the Pearson genes.
  6. I think Marlo is a label whore that does not realize that half the high priced shit her supposed sugar daddies give her looks stupid on her. She is the type to wear a potato sack if it means she can flaunt a high-end designer's name to prove how "classy" she is.
  7. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    This should have never happened and it has nothing to do with the actor being a little thick. I remember just being horrified and confused when I saw it.
  8. Maybe nuDwight is old Dwight's son? Father and sons don't always look alike.
  9. I would have never recognized Violet, she looks so much more mature. I have sympathy for her but the problem is the actress that plays violet is so much less appealing than the adorable actress that plays Christy. This is silly, but Violet just always seems to rub the audience the wrong way. I am glad she seems to be doing well.
  10. S06.E07: Puzzle Club and a Closet Party

    Also, even though American movies and film don't like to mention social class, it makes sense that petite, pretty, and blonde Jill moved around in wealthy circles and therefore married a wealthy man, wherein comparison petite, pretty, and blonde Christy married a guy like Baxter. I like Baxter (fan of the actor) but he was pretty aimless until he married his well-off wife.
  11. The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    Wanting kids when you are totally unprepared to raise them is not a dream come true, but a horribly selfish self-serving decision. I raise two small kids and I love them dearly, but even with being ready for them it is a stressful 24/7 demanding job. I also work with addicts and alcoholics and stress to them that they have to get their life in order before they can consider having children. If they have children in the middle of the disease and alcoholism is a disease, then they will ruin two lives instead of one. I am afraid the show will imply that having a child "will cure Becky" of her problems and that is a very dangerous thing to imply. This is a woman who can not get over her husband's death even a decade later and her only means of financial independence was to scam another woman into thinking she could be surrogate by pretending she was 10 years younger than she was. Amen to this.
  12. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    I agree because Prince was so particular about the way his music should be used. He was not just an amazingly talented artist, but also a smart businessman. Prince would have hated everything about this. I think his sister and half brothers are managing his estate in a manner to just make as much money as possible from his catalog.
  13. You might be right. Perhaps, Isabella blows up about stupid little things because she wants a man to push back because that what she equates with strength. Maybe this behavior is her idiot version of the strength test or she just could be someone who loves messy drama. In both circumstances, I would suggest Tyler run fast and far away from her. I thought the conundrum that most men faced was they like a woman who is attractive, classy, and slightly demure in public but an absolute wildcat in bed. Some men with Virgin/Whore complexes can never have sexual thoughts about the women who gave birth to their children (think Elvis). Though I guess like women, there are some men that are attracted to bitches or trainwrecks because these women will always "need them". I actually know a guy like that. Lovely, kind, and intelligent women are interested in him all the time and the idiot always picks the stupidest nastiest woman on the planet...his funeral.
  14. It makes me wonder what type of dynamic Bobby's parents have at home. I have noticed that Bobby's mother is much more attractive than his father. I also have heard that the Bobby's father made and then deleted some comments on social media about how "smoking hot" Danielle was, though I have never read these comments myself. As I have said before Bobby sort of feels like he hit the jackpot and right now is doing whatever he needs to keep her happy. Maybe his dad was the same way with his mother? That is how I felt during my final months as well. I am a very petite woman and both my babies gestated 10 months.
  15. Jack Sampson, first I want to say that I have always enjoyed reading your comments. It is really nice to get a male perspective. Actually, all the intelligent commenters on this site is the main reason I can get through all these stupid type of shows. I am a woman of color and Isabella would get a lot of attention and leeway from the men in my community. However, this might be a moot point since she seems to like only blonde/red headed white men. I really don’t know why so many women waste time with “bad boys”. Maybe some women are programmed to associate cruelty with strong masculinity and kindness with weakness? If it this is true, then I feel sorry for these women as they are in for a world of hurt. Bad boys were never my thing so I can only speculate.