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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy UO: I hope Gamora and Peter never, never, ever pair up. They'd make an awful couple... also, I just want to subvert the fanboys' expectations. >:) And here's an old UO I finally have the guts to share: In Starship Troopers, in spite of her flaws, I greatly preferred spirited, capable Diz over that nightmarishly vacuous and dull Stepford Wife Carmen.
  2. Re: Being told to "smile" If you encounter someone who does that to you, remind them that their behavior is on par with a certain fictional character whose specialty is forcing people to smile against their will...
  3. My opinion of Amy is well-trod ground, and River Song set my teeth on edge. I liked Clara. Not sure I loved, but I certainly liked her, and hated Twelfth's treatment of her so much ("I miss Amy!") that I stopped watching. For the record, loved Donna, loved Martha, and I liked Rose a bunch, but I agree her "specialness" was a bit excessive, and she was the Doctor's One True Love? Look, nothing against the character, and Billie Piper definitely has her charms, but... no. No. NO. Of all the companions the Doctor's had through the years, out of the dozens upon dozens of strong, interesting women he's encountered, including hyper-intelligent alien women he would have way more in common with (Nyssa and Romana come to mind), why does ordinary Earth girl Rose set the Doctor's hearts aflutter?
  4. That last state warrants a mic drop, it's so awesome.
  5. Donna Noble is one of my all time favorite Doctor Who companions, if not my favorite, period. Catherine Tate is a gem of an actress. Similarly, I loathe Amy Pond.
  6. I'm a big gum chewer, mostly because I had to have braces TWICE as a kid (don't ask), so, yeah, I missed it. However, I never chew gum at work (really, no one should if they work with the public), and my husband tells me I chew it in such a way that it isn't too obvious. Also, I always, always, ALWAYS dispose of it properly (spit it out into wrapper or piece of paper, into the trash it goes). I seriously don't get the assholes who just spit it out on the ground. WTF? How about co-workers who loudly proclaim how sick they are (um, go home?), or who cough, hack and wheeze without covering their mouths (seriously, go home!)?
  7. They just weren't a good match, plain and simple. It sucks that Charles couldn't marry the woman he really loved at the time, but from what I've read, he was an utter dick about it (the infamous "whatever [being in love] means" line). Diana wasn't to blame in the slightest. In the end, it was just idiotic, arbitrary royal protocol and crap that resulted making everyone involved miserable. That said, it's time to let Diana just rest in peace and move on.
  8. You know what movie The Family Stone is desperately, pathetically trying to be like? Auntie Mame. Auntie Mame is a beloved classic, and with good reason: Mame Dennis a forward-thinking, zany free spirit (one of the few tolerable ones, IMO), eschews closed-minded snobbery, and humiliates her stepson's snooty fiancee and her parents in the film's climax. But here's where Auntie Mame succeeds where The Family Stone fails: Mame is a flawed but genuinely good person who is often right, but suffers the consequences when she's wrong, makes some semblance of effort to get along with people who are different than she is, and most importantly? At the climactic dinner scene, the future in-laws completely, 100% deserve their humiliation, not because they're conservative, unimaginative snobs, but because they're thoroughly awful people! They're racist, shallow bigots who patronize restricted clubs, and try to close their neighborhood off to the "wrong" people! How can you not root against them? Even if Meredith does in fact have a prejudiced streak (which feels so clumsily written in), she isn't really a vicious or mean person; in fact, I'd feel like a grade-A sociopath rooting for her to be dragged over the coals the way she is in the movie! Everett should have defended her and/or changed the subject, pulled her aside afterwards and tactfully say "y'know what? I don't think this is going to work. Nothing personal, I hope you find happiness with someone else". But he's complicit in her emotional abuse, making him just as bad as his family.
  9. Garson and Olivier are the bright spots in that... I'll be generous and just say "flawed" adaptation. I adore the archery scene; it's a delightful bit of character development, and Garson gets to show off her subtly comic, mischievous side (check out the twinkle in her eye as Olivier is mansplaining to her). I really like that version, though my biggest complaint is Betsy Joslyn as Johanna: the shrill, histrionic singing and acting, the distractingly obvious wig (seriously, are blonde actresses in such short supply?), the dumpy, Holly Hobbie wardrobe, the crazy eyes, just... what?! George Hearn is my favorite Sweeney Todd. He brings such a sense of menace and Shakespearean tragedy to the part, and how about that from the depths of hell bass singing voice? I love Len Cariou's sining voice, but it's almost too beautiful for the role (just my opinion, of course).
  10. Because God forbid Mal has character development that isn't at poor Inara's expense, or Joss Whedon (and, indeed, writers everywhere) realize that rape is not to be treated lightly, that plenty of women go their whole lives without being raped, and indiscriminately using rape as drama is amateurish, disgusting, and utterly insensitive. And one more thing: I think the greatest, sexiest badass on any sci-fi show will always be Marcus Cole on Babylon 5. J. Michael Straczynski knows how to write strong men and women characters in a way Joss Whedon will never, ever achieve. Marcus could buffer the floor with Mal and Jayne on his worst day. Bonus? Marcus knew how to treat a lady.
  11. So much shit going down in the world today, it's a genuine pleasure to start the morning with some good news for a change. :)
  12. What did you expect from a guy who frames asshole characters such as Xander, Mal, and Jayne as sympathetic and just wonderful paragons of masculinity, whose Wonder Woman screenplay is a laughable disgrace with no regards to who Wonder Woman is, and who created Dollhouse, a show where our heroine taps into her inner badass as a result of being a brainwashed sex slave?
  13. I missed the eclipse, don't even care. Now, if there was a rainbow big enough to cover the entire sky? That I'd regret missing (though a sky-covering rainbow might be cause for concern)!
  14. My Top 10 hopes for Season 3: 1. More Cat Grant. I never, ever thought I'd say this, but I've missed you, Calista Flockhart! 2. Less Guardian. In fact, no more Guardian, that storyline was beyond stupid. 3. I want to see more of Kara developing her reporting skills. I loved seeing her win Snapper Carr's respect. 4. Hire writers who know how to write relationships, because all of the relationships on this show are friggin' weak. No one has chemistry, couples break up and get back together every other episode, no one knows how to behave like a rational human being (or even alien), it's just getting embarrassing. 5. Maybe this is a UO, but I happen to really like Kara and Lena's friendship, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. I don't know if Lena's going to turn evil (she is a Luthor, after all), but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, so I wouldn't mind seeing the one decent relationship on this show play out a little longer. 6. Can't they find some way to write Winn out of the show? I'm sick of his whiny ass. 7. I've read rumors from last year of Power Girl appearing on The Flash. Who knows if they'll do it, but how about having her appear on Supergirl instead? It would make way more sense, I would love to see Power Girl fight alongside Supergirl, and the contrast between their personalities (Power Girl's spice to Supergirl's sugar). 8. Can they please find a better actor to play Superman?! Tyler Hoechlin is just awful; he has the wrong look, wrong physique (his Superman is rather twerpy), and he always looks confused. 9. End the Jeremiah Danvers storyline. Enough is enough, it needs to run its course. 10. More appearances of DC heroes and villains, because I don't care how gimmicky they are, I love 'em. Heck, I would love a cameo by C-list characters like Booster Gold, because no one would ever see it coming.
  15. Re: Miriam Hopkins Hopkins was at her best working with either Ernst Lubitsch and William Wyler; both were excellent directors who brought out her best and helped reign in her tendency to overact. As a result, she makes for a charming thief in Trouble in Paradise, and a genuinely sympathetic victim of vicious gossip in These Three. That's not to say that, in The Smiling Lieutenant, I wasn't rooting for Claudette Colbert all the way (she was always good and lovely, but, wow, she's heartbreakingly pretty in that one).