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  1. I don't hate Weezer, but I desperately wish I liked them more than I do. Also, I find Pinkerton a boring, overrated album.
  2. I think trying to set up any modern-day actor as the "next So-and-So" is a recipe for disaster (think poor Julia Ormond). Besides, real stars are never "the next" or "another"... they're original. They're themselves, they have their own light and charisma, and no one can add or detract from that. There will never be another, say, Audrey Hepburn (again, poor Julia Ormond), and comparing Rooney Mara to her or anyone is a mistake.
  3. Especially since the chances are good Tom Cruise will not be playing Maverick as the nearly 60-year-old retiree he should be, but as an ageless, Dorian Grey-like badass who's still flying the young bucks, Kelly McGillis's character will probably be killed offscreen and replaced by an actress born after Top Gun's initial release and OH, DEAR GOD MAKE THESE NEEDLESS SEQUELS STOP!!!! The only thing more asinine than the fact that Roseanne is being rebooted at all is that Sarah Chalke- yep, Becky #2-will be on the show as an entirely different character. Just... *long, defeated sigh*.
  4. I'm probably going to get heaps of criticism for this, but here it is: I don't have one shred of sympathy for Serena Joy on The Handmaid's Tale. Not. One. That sanctimonious, short-sighted, morally warped harpy is unhappy with her role as a Wife in Gilead? GOOD. Serena is 100% complicit in rape, attempted kidnapping, and basically in making Gilead the Hell on Earth it is. She's part of the reason the Handmaids are treated as sex slaves and prize livestock for the purpose of their children being taken from them, and she treated poor Offred the way you wouldn't dream of treating a rabid cat. Yeah, I'm not exactly going to drown myself in tears over Serena's so-called "plight". I get that people find her compelling, or watchable, or even get some sick thrill rooting for her, but I steadfastly refuse to find her "sympathetic", no matter what anyone says or how well Yvonne Strahovski (I still wish they cast an older actress) plays her. Serena Joy deserves every bit misery thrown her way, and I'm pissed as all get out she might be returning for Season 2.
  5. The way a character dresses only bothers me if the clothes are egregiously ugly and unflattering (poor Peggy in the latter seasons of Mad Men comes to mind), or anachronistic. Other than that, if, say, Abby from NCIS wants to wear Goth clothes and pigtails despite being properly middle-aged, then so be it (only just found out Pauley Perrette is leaving the show, couldn't think of a better example. Sorry).
  6. Oh, God bless you, I thought I was the only one. The film of hers I love is All About Eve, because she's on for fewer than 10 minutes. Am I the only one who thinks there's something gross about the way Monroe moved her mouth when she talked? If I had my way, actresses would be prohibited -by law!- to play any character like Marilyn Monroe... unless they're actually playing Marilyn Monroe.
  7. This is such a pretty cover of "Halo" that was featured in an episode of The Young Pope.
  8. Re: The Osmonds *small voice* I kinda like "Soldier of Love" (but that's cause I like '80s cheese of any variety).
  9. I've heard people criticize Shelley Duvall's acting in The Shining as "theatrical". Sooooo, I take it that she should have done what actors nowadays do, which is stand slack-jawed and bored while her husband is waving an ax at her?!
  10. Karen Carpenter's version of "The Rainbow Connection" is simply lovely.
  11. I hate that episode, because it rang maddeningly false. Hey, Marie? You're the mother of Baby Boomers, and you yourself are a Great Depression baby, you're from the generation of parenting where parents prided themselves on their kids hating them, because that means you did your job as a parent! You're not like today's helicopter milksops who try to be their kids' friends! What the hell, woman??! And all kids hate their parents, at least once in a while, it usually means nothing! Get the hell over it!
  12. God, Marie was hateful... and creepy. Not only was there that icky, Manchurian Candidate-like vibe I got from her relationship with Raymond, but someone on TWoP put it best: Marie is the type of person who could stab someone to death right in front of you, then turn around, smile, and convince you that you did it.
  13. Preach it. I am mortified to admit that there was a sizable chunk of my childhood where I not only never missed Family Matters, but I actually found Urkel funny. Trouble is, the show lasted way too long, jumped the shark way too many times, and worst of all? I grew up, and came to the exact same conclusion about the character you did. I have noticed the double standard that when a guy pursues a girl who is uninterested in him, we are meant to root for him or their relationship, or just think the girl is a bitch, but when a girl does it to a guy? Oh, what a pathetic, desperate loser/potential bunny boiler! Don't misunderstand me; no one, regardless of their gender, should ever, ever, ever, ever try to win someone's affections by stalking them, harassing them, "wearing them down", whatever. If someone's not interested in you, make peace with that and move on. Trust me, you'll be happier, they'll be happier, everyone will be happier. I've made this point on TWoP, and maybe I've made it here, but I'm going to make it again, because it bears repeating: no one has to like you. You copy that, Urkel, Xander, Leonard, Ross, and the legions of Nice Guy characters polluting the waters of TV? No one. Has. To. Like. You. It's called free will. People like whomever, hate whomever, and that's the way it should be. What a terrible world it would be if we all "had" to like each other. I for one would hate it if my husband was married to me because "it's only right". I want people to love and care about me freely with all their hearts, not out of some terrible sense of obligation. No relationship should ever be akin to a shotgun wedding. I don't care how smart, talented, or "nice" you are; if people can hate and criticize Mother Teresa, they certainly have the right to not like you. Get over yourself.
  14. In the spirit of the holidays, Josh Groban's rendition of "O Holy Night" is my all-time favorite. No self-indulgent riffs, just straightforward and hauntingly beautiful.
  15. Scandal aside, I found Spacey's performance in American Beauty just dreadful, and I'm still baffled that he won an Oscar for it. Not only did he fail to make us overlook what a pervy loser Lester Burnham really was, but what was up with his voice in the more emotional scenes? He sounded like Inspector Gadget on 'roids! To be honest, though, I've always hated American Beauty, and it's even skeevier now in hindsight. I mean, it's a two hour validation of narcissism and attempted statutory rape. I think if it had been about middle-aged Annette Bening lusting after Wes Bentley, American Beauty would have come and gone without a trace.