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  1. I would have preferred that ending; it's horror tinged with devastating sadness, reminiscent of the best Twilight Zone episodes.
  2. Downton Abbey UO: I never thought Edith was the knuckle-dragging troglodyte everyone made her out to be; similarly, while Mary was nice-looking, the idea that she was this Jazz Age Helen of Troy when Sybil (sniff) and Rose were around is utterly ridiculous. I may have been able to buy it more if Mary had a more charismatic and attractive personality, but I found her immensely dour, dull, and unpleasant.
  3. A and Men. Season 2 was such a waste of time.
  4. Her rendition of "Dream a Little Dream" is the quintessential version, IMO. Love the Mamas and Papas, though I think "Creeque Alley" has it all over the dreadfully overplayed "California Dreamin'".
  5. I could never understand why Benji (Mark Linn-Baker) was so ga-ga over KC (Jessica Harper) in My Favorite Year. Sure, she's cute, but she's also appallingly dull and vacuous, has the personality of a dryer sheet, has nothing in common with him, and can't even tell a joke. Seriously, when they go on their first date, all I could think was that it would also be their last. Apparently, the screenwriters agreed, because KC is practically forgotten about at the end.
  6. Man, that sucks... it's also vaguely disturbing. It makes you wonder what's going on in their little minds.
  7. Lost in Translation's title should be changed to Tokyo is Wasted on the Wrong People. Seriously, if I were in one of the most exciting cities in the world, you can bet your next paycheck I wouldn't be moping around my hotel room in my undies.
  8. I feel your pain, I'm 35 years old and have had adult acne for 14 years. It's especially ironic because I had AWESOME skin as a teenager; I'd get 1 or 2 really bad zits a year and that was it, so I don't know what the hell happened. Okay, that's as far as I'm going to gripe about it, because it's a small cross to bear, but it's still a nuisance.
  9. God, I love Ronald Colman. Those eyes, that voice, that slow-breaking smile... dammit, I drooled on myself. Random Harvest is my absolute favorite of his movies; I don't care how preposterous the story is, Colman and Greer Garson are friggin' magical together.
  10. I have no patience or respect for people who are habitually late. It's one thing if you just have shitty luck and circumstances beyond your control make you late; if nothing else, you're making the effort, so you can't really be blamed. It's another if you're just a thoughtless, arrogant, flaky space cadet who doesn't care one iota about the concept of punctuality and other people's time. Maybe I'm just an uptight people pleaser, but everyone's time is important, not just yours (the generic "yours", this is not directed at any of you guys). Get to work on time, show up early for that job interview, ween yourself off the snooze button, and for fuck's sake, meet your deadlines! When I worked at the library, some dipshit teenager tried to turn in an essay for a contest one day after the deadline, and her mother was right there and saw no problem with this! That vacuous little twerp is going to grow up thinking the rules don't apply to her and that she's impervious to failure! Soooo... they were hoping you would Manic Pixie Dream Girl him out his habitual lateness, instead of expecting him to own his problem and fix it himself like a damned adult? Huh.
  11. Happy Birthday to 2 lovely legends still with us today, Olivia de Havilland (101) and Leslie Caron (86)!
  12. I've never been a Kim Novak fan; in fact, I dislike her quite a bit (despite my love for Vertigo), but she had my sympathy when Donald Trump trash-talked her appearance on Twitter. Yeah, he's one to talk. Look, whatever actresses choose to do to their bodies and faces is their business, and if it keeps them from pissing and moaning about their looks, then all the better. Still, I hope they know that Botox takes its toll and will impede their acting. Nicole Kidman is free to pump all the food poisoning into her brain cavity as she sees fit, but when you compare her bland, frozen facial expression in the trailer for The Beguiled remake, and compare it to the wonderfully complex, far superior and effective performance given by Geraldine Page (who, never being considered a "beauty", was free to age naturally) in the original, well... On the other hand, whenever I think of Tom Cruise in his recent and upcoming movies, pathetically trying to swim upstream with his fillers, veneers, and hair plugs (come on, no man has that much hair at 55), I can't help but beam with schadenfreude.
  13. Thank you! I dislike Frozen more with each passing year. Yes, I appreciate what Frozen was going for (the central relationship is between the two sisters, not a romance), but it falls flat. It's established Anna and Elsa aren't that close and it shows, so the chemistry doesn't come through, and when Anna sacrifices herself for Elsa, my sister awesomely observed that Elsa probably wouldn't have done the same if the situation were reversed. And, jeez, isn't Idina Menzel's line reading of "You risked your life for me?" just awful?! Honey, Anna nearly died for you, you want to up the emotion and pathos a notch?! She gave you your life, not a Starbucks gift card! And I hate the trolls. HATE. Like, sic the Incredible Hulk on them hate. I greatly prefer Tangled and Moana, warts and all. Rapunzel's way more fun as a character, and Moana is more badass (hey, she didn't abandon her responsibilities like a little bitch).
  14. With all due respect, I don't consider 4 years to be "several". Other than that, I agree with you. It sucks Sela Ward was denied her chance to be a Bond Girl, she would have been fantastic. Trivial UO: My favorite of Belle's dresses is the green one when the Beast gives her the library.
  15. *Slow, tearful clap* I have never, ever, ever gotten the appeal of Firefly (and by extension Serenity), and, if I may be momentarily rude, I wish everyone would shut the hell up about and quit treating me like an uncultured freak for not liking it.