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  1. I keep forgetting he was even in New Edition, and they were big in their moment, but to me, legendary is someone who is so successful that their career spans decades at the same level of fame and prosperity, and whose songs are considered classics that will get radio play all over for a lifetime or more. There are a lot of artists/bands/groups who enjoyed great success in the ‘90s but are not considered legends today. Even in different genres, bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Lifehouse were HUGE, and now they play nightclubs, amusement parks and fairs. There’s no shame in it, they had their time in the big spotlight and now they are only playing to small audiences of true fans. No reason why she and No Brows shouldn’t be happy enough to understand they are formerly successful artists, and not at the top of today’s Hot List of Ones to Watch. I think they expected this show to give them the kind of exposure that will refresh and propel their careers anew once viewers are reminded of their existence, but maybe they should talk to Kim Fields about that. Or Erika Jayne, who is known internationally within her target demographic but is still funding a lot of her expenses as an artist with her husband’s money. Kenya Moore thought she was going to star in her own sitcom, but nope. Melissa Gorga thought she was going to be a hit singer, as did Kim Zolciak. Heather Dubrow thought her acting would take off. How many RH daughters have decided to become models but found out they weren’t going to be models? Granted, some of these people have no talent, and I know Shamari and husband (I truly can never remember his name) do, but it takes more than talent and arrogance to be a true legend. The Real Housewives does not shoot has-beens and never-weres back up into the sky like fresh fireworks. The only people under the impression that they will be the exceptions are the ones who never had a legendary status to begin with. Shamari and No Brows would be a lot easier to watch if they didn’t take themselves so seriously. Things like, “My 1 year old King Royalty Toddlers DESERVE their own thousand dollar cakes!” and all the other crap like that she spouts, comes from an ego that outsizes reality. I was hoping she would only be like this at the beginning, but clearly she really does hold herself and her family in the highest possible regard, all of them VIP status, including the magical anointed babies that came from her Very Important Womb. Just act like normal people, because that’s all you are. And don’t bring those sweet boys up believing they are to be treated like National Treasures simply because they exist and breathe in the rarified air of the home of their legendary parents. I did think Shamari sounded better singing than Kandi, but I wouldn’t want to tell her that because she’s so damn cocky. I missed either one or two of the last seasons of RHoA, because I didn’t want to see even one minute of that fucking Kim Zolciak monster when she came back - another arrogant, self-proclaimed superstar. Somewhere in the episodes I missed it must have been explained why Marlo goes on all the trips and is at all the events, but she’s not one of the Housewives. I’m not complaining, she’s interesting enough to watch, but for a Friend of Housewives, she’s around a LOT. NeNe did her Fire Marshall Bill chattering teeth laugh a few too many times. She won the host competition because she chewed up all the scenery before Porsha had a chance to take a bite. I do agree that NeNe got an extra point for putting on actual clothes instead of showing up in her pajamas and slippers. No way could I have taken one sip of that flat soda-apple juice concoction Porsha made. My god, that was disgusting.
  2. Shamari throws around words like “huge success” and “legend” much too liberally. Michael Jackson is a legend. Marvin Gaye is a legend. James Brown is a legend. One of the guys from Bel Biv DeVoe is just one of the guys from Bel Biv DeVoe. Big fans of BBD might have known before this show that her man was the one with no eyebrows, but he’s certainly never been a household name. Just like she was in a group that had a couple of hits in their genre...that qualifies her as mildly successful but generally unknown, decades ago. Her group never made it to mainstream or crossover status, so even though there were similarities to TLC, the levels of relative success are worlds apart, and she needs to stop trying to convince people that she and her browless man are so famous, and the next Beyoncé and Jay Z. It’s embarassing.
  3. Dang, less than a thousand?!?!? Oh, how it warms the cockles of my heart to know that he’s still locked up for this, and that it must be killing his ego that now potentially millions of people know he’s not rich. I hadn’t known that Elizabeth was the one with the real money. This is fantastic news! No wonder he was living in the pool house - and he was lucky to get that. He might have to go stay with fellow sexual assaulter TRav after this. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when they are in a room together, talking about how unfair it is that the good ole boy justice system is failing them.
  4. I can’t get enough of seeing TRav and JD getting arrested. Couldn’t happen to nicer guys! I wonder if this has anything to do with owing the location of his bar all of the back rent. I could see him writing them a bad check to pause the lawsuit, and then cackling about his genius move with TRav, a glass of his stupid bourbon in one hand and a cigar in the other. Hope no one posts bail, that overstuffed boar could use some time without the finer things in life that he clearly can no longer afford.
  5. Wheel Of Fortune

    When Matt said “rememberable” instead of remarkable, I just know his mother died inside a little.
  6. I have so many questions about the bleeding hole in Danielle’s tongue ... more time should have been spent explaining that weirdness. If only it had been enough to shut her up. I get weary of all the “you always side with family” and “you have to spend lots of your time with your parents or you are a terrible person” stuff on this franchise. Joe and Teresa’s father has never come across like a great guy to me, and if Joe doesn’t want to spend more time with him that’s his prerogative. Sometimes parents are assholes, and I don’t think anyone should be obligated to spend their own free time with people they don’t want to. Joe prefers to focus on his own family, which seems pretty darn happy, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to have a better relationship with his own kids. I worked hard to make my adult life VERY different from my early life which included distancing myself from toxic parents, so if that’s what Joe is doing, he has my support and empathy. Teresa gets more hideous by the episode. She looks like she’s going to crack and break apart any minute to finally reveal the amphibious demon underneath.
  7. S01.E04: Shrapnel

    I nearly just gave up and turned this off when Debra said to her mother, “He never actually did anything to me except lie”. Um, does stealing $80-90,000 in cash not count????
  8. Teresa looks like some kind of hairy bottom-dwelling fish now, especially when her mouth hangs open, which is pretty much all the time. Danielle’s daughter has always been so lovely, with her beautifully delicate features and mature, elegant demeanor. She sure didn’t get any of that from her gross mother. The only part of this episode I enjoyed was Jackie’s family dinner. Her kids aren’t awful, her parents’ dynamic is unusual and interesting to me, her relationship with her brother is sweet, and I’m very curious to hear her reason for being estranged from her sister for 15 years.
  9. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    It was disturbing to me that on WWHL Andy Cohen kept bringing up Ashton’s stripping in the past, over and over, and even had a game designed to make him take his clothes off right there. Ashton was a good sport about it, but he very obviously did not want to take his pants off, and it was awkward with his shoes, socks and mic pack that had to be dealt with. Andy didn’t even ask about Ashton’s ankle, or if any permanent damage was done, how long the healing took ... nothing like that. Just always brought the dialog back to stripping. I felt so bad for Ashton, and I don’t understand why it’s allowed that Andy can regularly do this to men on his show as if it’s somehow okay because he is gay. He’s using his position of power to pressure men into showing him their bare bodies. Is that not part of what the #metoo movement is about? Doesn’t he always pretend to be very serious and supportive about the #metoo movement? Doesn’t he want equality for the LGBTQ community? That means the rules should apply to him, too. He’s disgusting. Now that we have finally seen the full overboard story, I am absolutely SALIVATING to see how Kate responds to Laura next week after saying she’s been cleaning up after Kate and Josiah this whole time. Oh girl, did you see the look on Kate’s face? Get ready for both well-deserved barrels. I can’t wait!!!!
  10. S32.E23: CT's Getting Married - Part 1

    This show is proof that the amount of CT we get on the Challenge is just the right amount of CT.
  11. This was just another episode of Battle of the Inflated Egos. I’m so tired of watching women on reality TV declare themselves to be special, fabulous and important. You’re supposed to show that, not tell it. This new woman, who is definitely not memorable, can please go away now. We don’t need Shamari and her in the same season. Kandi clearly enjoys talking shit about Dennis and Porsha, she should stop trying to act like it pains her to have to pass along this information in the name of rebuilding their friendship. If you can’t talk about it without a wicked smile creeping across your face, then you aren’t talking about it to do “the right thing”. Yes, Greg is in denial, and it’s tough to witness. I feel like I’m watching him march slowly to his death, and I’d rather not. I want to yell DO THE CHEMO!!!!! at the TV, because my mother did the exact same thing he is doing, and died right on schedule instead of giving herself a fighting chance for more. I don’t love seeing someone make life or death decisions, even though it’s his body and his right, because I feel helpless and sad sitting here spectating.
  12. Sally4Ever

    I’ve reached my limit of watching Sally not have a backbone. Also, her having sex with Nigel was really handled clumsily...until then I never saw her show any reciprocal interest in him, suddenly they banged and are heart eye emojis together? The therapist must be a plant of Emma’s, to so clearly and unprofessionally favor Emma and try to push Sally further into this unhealthy relationship that she has said makes her unhappy, but why would the ER doctor also be so pushy? Emma shows herself to be a total asshole immediately, why are so many people on her team?
  13. S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    It amuses me that Vicki Gunvalson isn’t even embarrassed to admit that her desperate need for male attention and validation is why she was so vulnerable to Dirty Brooks. I would be mortified to tell the world that I was that needy. Debra admits the same desperation for love, but unlike Vicky, she doesn’t seem to be a toxic narcissist. She’s kind, generous, loving and trusting of everyone, not just romantic partners. Vicki is selfish, arrogant, greedy and delusional but incredibly insecure. Also, I think Vicki is probably jealous that Debra managed to get so many men to marry her - Vicki has only been divorced twice and now she can’t pay a man to put a ring on it! Doesn’t matter if you marry 4 scumbags, the most important things is that getting married proves that Vicki is the good catch she keeps screeching herself to be.
  14. S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    At this point, I’m almost rooting for John because all the women in this family are either too stupid to live, or they are so spoiled, whiny and abrasive that even if they are right, I don’t like them or care if something bad happens to them. I forget now, what was the order in which the “break in” leading to security cameras everywhere, and Debra showing John her duffel bag full of cash happened? If the cash was revealed first then I’m not getting why John would want constant video footage in their home that could show him stealing it? Or was it to keep his eye on Debra? Why push for security at her business? She needed some kind of security there, but why the cameras everywhere? Am confused. Eric Bana did a great job with the facial expression of someone who finds out someone is on to him...again. Not nervous at all, just recognition that the nephew is now his enemy. Why is Veronica always such a nasty beeyotch? There was no need to be a snotty hag when selling the Chanel purse. I wish the shop owner would have said, “Sorry, not interested”, but then we wouldn’t have the private investigator.
  15. Camping

    I definitely want nothing more to do with them. I’m trying to find my next favorite quirky show that is uncomfortable but funny, and I keep coming up empty. The only good thing I can say about this show is that it’s a little less annoying and disgusting than Sally4Ever, but that’s not really a compliment.