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  1. The NBA

    I don't know why Lebron would want to go west either. But I still think he will. And for one I think he is arrogant enough to think that if he surrounds himself by the right players like he did in Miami, better players than in Cleveland once again, he can beat the Warriors. I don't think that's true. But I think he believes its true.
  2. The NBA

    Its obvious going to be Lebron, Kawhi and Paul George in LA next season. Whether that means Lonzo staying or being part of some trade to obtain the others I think remains to be seen.
  3. I, Tonya (2017)

    I watched the move recently on Hulu and found it interesting and enjoyable. I still don't believe everything they say in the movie and feel like they tried hard to make Tonya a sympathetic figure. And certainly with the way her mom and ex-husband treated her, at least according to the movie, at the very least, she deserved better I still think she knew more about the whole plan though than they let on in the movie. I didn't realize Nancy had such a rough background as well.
  4. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Gilead : You come for the Sadism You stay......because you have to
  5. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Yes I tend to agree with BradandJanet about the tourism While I acknowledge both that there are certain people that would want to see it and there are ways Gilead could TRY to accomplish it with guides and limited access, it would be FAR too dangerous for me at least from what we have seen. The guards or whoever they are that are patrolling the public places think nothing of shooting, imprisoning, attacking, hurting or doing whatever they please to anyone that dares to speak out or act out in any small way. Just wouldn't be worth it at this point. Plus I'd be afraid you get there and then they don't let you leave.
  6. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Turns out I was wrong on the other one I think the song was The Ballad of the Green Beret, but it is Green Berets, plural, which is what the contestant said. I just guessed on FJ tonight based on the 40 days and got it right. Though if they count off for spelling I might has missed it. Asencion. Also guessed on Tudors for DD. Only English one I could think of for that time period, seemed about right
  7. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    A minor point, but I also thought it was........'risky' I will say this time.......for Diana to even answer the final question before FJ. She had 27600 and second place was 10800. There was one 2000 clue left. If she answers wrong and Katherine got it right, she falls to 25600 and Katherine goes to 12800, exactly half, so she could have been caught in FJ. Even if she just sits there and does nothing and Katherine gets it right, she is still at 27600 and Katherine at 12800, she is still too far ahead at the end. In the end did not matter. And maybe she was ABSOLUTELY sure of that answer and the $2000.
  8. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    I don't recall hearing that anywhere in the TV series, though I did find it reading through the book thread. Maybe I missed being stated it in the show.
  9. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Right, that is the only way they could do it. But even then I think it would be risky in Gilead. Even on the most controlled tours and with guides you never know when a guard and a citizen or handmaid or anyone are going to have a very public and physical confrontation. And they would like still get some "tourists" this way, but it would not be a "tourism" industry like currently exists in the US or like what existed in whatever physically consists of Gilead like before the new regime took over. It would be not anything close to it. But I know I am also reading way too much into an offhand comment made by Waterford to try and defuse a tense situation when meeting the Canadians. Its possible they could do it, but at first thought, it certainly would not be the type of "tourism" currently enjoyed in most of this country or most parts of the world.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I know!! That bugged me. Its Daylight SAVING Time. As any fan of VEEP knows thanks to Gary Cole. Its neither plural nor possessive There was another one as well where the same contestant added an 'S' to a title and they also accepted it, I forget which one now.
  11. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    I know what you mean by the tourist angle, but there is no way the leaders of Gilead could simply let people in the country and travel around without government officials escorting or watching them. They are executing people in the streets. They seem to be under martial law with guard everywhere waiting to beat up the first person that gets out of line. Any guest or "tourist" in the country would have to be carefully monitored or escorted around to prevent them from, quite easily, seeing the wrong thing and exposing the totalitarian nature of the country.
  12. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    The official talking to Serena at the bar was a representative of the "US" government, whatever that means anymore. So some part of the country survived separate from Gilead. I didn't think about that male doctor and what he stated before, I thought it was just an offhand comment but you may be right. The scientific community probably does know its more the males than the females.
  13. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Nick is an ass for the way he treats his wife. I know its a bad situation, but its not her fault. He could be nice to her at least. He kind of redeemed himself with his meeting with Luke at least. This was the first confirmation of what I suspected and seemed implied but was never stated explicitly on the show, which is Gilead did not take over the whole country of the US. I have been wondering, how big is Gilead? How much of the former US did they take over? I couldn't get past the thought of "tourism" to Gilead. What on earth would anyone travel to Gilead to see? I keep trying to think of a snappy tourism tagline, can't come up with one. And so its not the women that are the problem for the infertility, so basically Gilead is just using it as a big excuse for male dominance and a power play. If they really wanted to "fix" things they'd make male handmaids and put the women in charge based on this information. I seriously doubt they were going to give any serious consideration to returning illegal immigrants to Gilead. I think that was wishful thinking on his part. Would still love to see Serena leave Gilead for pretty much anywhere. Still hoping she does this with June and the baby once born.
  14. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    It was not a "big bet" that was needed by the person in first place though. It was just $400 more than what she actually bet for a chance to win, and we have certainly seen all sorts of strange betting from contestants where that just might happen. Maybe she loves the FJ category, feels confident to bet more but then misses. Maybe she just miscalculates. Who knows. But I would take a chance for a $400 swing. I am not saying its likely, I am saying it could happen and stranger bets we have seen, so I certainly would not just eliminate myself from at least a possible win just based on what I think someone else should bet or will likely bet. And again it does back to philosophy, but I would play to win, don't care if I come in whichever of second or third place because no one remembers those people and its pretty meaningless. Playing to maximize a chance to be runner up and in the process giving up any chance to win is, in my opinion, a waste on this show.
  15. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    If his plan was to try to win, which I would think is the goal of most who go on the show, it was a stupid wager. I agree its more likely Catherine was not going to bet that much, but it was not a huge margin ($400 or so) between what she was likely to wager and how much she would have to wager for him to win and we have certainly see stranger things than that happen. If he was happy coming trying to come in second place rather than third place, it was the right wager to make. I would just never play like that if I actually made it on Jeopardy and I would think most people would not either. I wouldn't care about 2nd vs 3rd place if there was even a small chance to win the game. And yes, we probably aren't going to agree on it. It comes down to what your goal is at the end of the game. 2nd vs 3rd place would not mean anything to me. I don't even pay attention to who ends up in 2nd/3rd place in most games. I knew FJ and have heard before about how The Lion King is like Hamlet, though I have always thought that to be a bit of a stretch. Sure there is the killed father and the son returns to be King, but its not like that is unique to Hamlet or has not been done in many other variations and forms in other movies.