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  1. Lip just annoys me more and more as I watch Telling MIT he doesn't want to go to class, because its beneath him, and giving a big speech about how they all aren't as smart as him because they aren't as innovative? Screw you Lip. Plus he is completely wrong with his analogy about the steam engine and how innovation happens via revolution vs evolution, which is an age old argument. At least in terms of the steam engine, it wasn't not a bold innovation but a series of progressive steps that added up over time, the opposite of what he was claiming
  2. Man Lip is an arrogant prick. I know they all have their issues, but he annoys me more than anyone.
  3. The Middle in the Media

    As speculated, seems it will focus on Sue post college and before marrying Sean. And she will live in Chicago. Will tune in to see how it goes.
  4. Just started the show and half way through season two, really enjoying it so far, trying not to read too much here because I don't want to know more about what happens. In terms of the house, it seems it has been in the family for a long time and they have just kind of legally or illegally inherited it from.....whoever, the aunt? So I don't have too much problem with it and them being poor In terms of the other parts of them being poor, thankfully, by the grace of god, I've never been that bad off myself, so I can't say. Interesting perspective though. I think It is true most Hollywood writers are completely out of touch with what this life would be like, so I can see them being inaccurate on those details. Lip so far kind of bugs me. If he is so smart and his family is in such desperate need of help, test out of high school and go onto college, just like he was offered in season one. Also in terms of his scam of taking the SATs for people, he was stupid for two big reasons : First of all, miss some questions!!!! Don't make it so obvious by getting near perfect scores for everyone. Second, don't finish in 2 hours for a test that takes twice as long. Those were bound to arouse suspicion. In general though he seems full of himself and trying to act all too cool for everyone. Too cool for college. Too cool for the military. Too cool to help on projects for the military for "moral" issues, even though he has no problem selling weed and alcohol to minors. Also, its a high school girlfriend dude. Move on. Stop trying to ruin her life for finding someone else.
  5. Favorite and Least Favorite TV Couples

    Also dislike : Piper and Alex, OITNB. Again, not believable to me.
  6. Favorite and Least Favorite TV Couples

    I too think marrying cousins is icky and gross. But it is way more common, and way more legal, even in the US, than most would think. https://gizmodo.com/the-science-of-marrying-your-cousin-1522745684 Not all from this article, but for example : 10% of all marriages worldwide are still between first cousins, though this is mostly in muslim countries now Many states do not ban first cousin marriage. The practice only started falling out of favor in the mid to late 19th century. Prior to that, it was common everywhere In 19th century marriages in the US, the husband -wife were on average either 2nd or 3rd cousins The risk of genetic defects in kids is not as great as one would think. Its about double the risk of an unrelated couple for first cousins, by the time you get to 3rd cousins its about that of the general population And I know......"Man on website knows way too much about consanguineous marriage". I forget why I went down this rabbit hole awhile back and read all this, but I found it interesting. And no, I am not married to my cousin In terms of my favorite "couples", On Friends the best couple was actually Joey and Chandler. I know, not sexual, but they were still my favorite. The series of episodes where Joey moves out because he is a big soap star and then finally moves back in are some of the best. The end when he shows up and starts telling Chandler why he moved back makes me kind of tear up. Phil and Claire on Modern Family I always liked. Burt and Virginia on Raising Hope. They were great. Again non-sexual : Leslie and Ron on Parks and Rec and Liz and Jack on 30 Rock. Least favorite : Penny and Leonard on Big Bang. Never found them believable.
  7. NFL Thread

    The Panthers had their best season recently the year Kelvin Benjamin was injured. Cam was MVP and made the SB. Conclude what you want from that information in terms of who was holding who back in that relationship. Personally witnessed Benjamin cost the Panthers a game as well almost single handedly with a stupid fumble deep in their own territory with less than two minutes left in a tie game against the Chiefs. Trying to dive or extend for useless extra yard in the two minute drill and he gives the Chiefs the ball, Chiefs kick a FG and win
  8. NFL Thread

    Colts preseason tonight, Andrew Luck finally has returned. So far his recovery is going very well, word is that he looks great at camp. Will see if he can keep it up. OL is still a question mark though with the Colts due to injuries and they need to keep improving it. THey drafted Quention nelson, so left guard is good. Drafted another guard, but he will be playing RT for now due to injuries and Anthony Castonzo is out. Ryan Kelly coming back from injury. The defensive is just full of question marks. At least get the first chance to see what the draft picks can do tonight and if they have any potential,
  9. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Just getting caught up from weeks of being out of town. Could not stand Ryan. I can't believe he won 7 games or whatever. At times he gave really stupid answers. I know part of it was he basically got two chances, but still. And now he will be back again in the tournament of champions. "Name the most recent year two former governors ran for president" 1962!!!! That was not even a presidential election year! Not watching the tournament of champions rerun. Or any reruns.
  10. NFL Thread

    This Forbes article is a great review of the whole Papa Johns controversy : https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesdigitalcovers/2018/07/19/the-inside-story-of-papa-johns-toxic-culture/ It really goes way beyond a recent conference call where he used the 'n' word in whatever fashion, which is always stupid. It sounds like really that was just the last straw in it all and they wanted him (John Schnatter, founder) gone. Its nothing shocking in the article but just reviews the, as it describes it, toxic, controlling, sexist culture and manners of the founder that no company can afford to deal with in this day and age. Or really should have to deal with in any day or age. Described it as a 'bro' culture where Schnatter used a close friends to do his dirty work, protect him as best possible and act as his henchman and enforcer
  11. NFL Thread

    TO managed to make me hate him even more in the process of getting inducted into the HOF. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24286030/terrell-owens-held-own-hall-fame-ceremony-alma-mater And he contradicts himself. First he says this : "I would like to set the record straight: It's not because how many times it took me to be voted to the Hall. It's about the mere fact that the sportswriters are not in alignment with the mission and the core values of the Hall of Fame.'' But then later in his speech says this : "And when they ostracized me and tried to keep me from what I rightfully earned not once but twice, I remember the text,'' Owens said, referring to his mother. "You texted me and said, 'You ain't got to worry about nothing. You were always a Hall of Famer to me.' But Mama, you are the real Hall of Famer.'' It was not about how many times it took him to get in, but then he complains about being "ostracized" for being left out twice. Screw you TO. I many not always agree with the HOF decisions, but the NFL HOF I think out of football, baseball and basketball does the best job of electing who is worthy. There are a few I can argue if they should be in or not, but even those, I can understand why they are in or out. "Ostracized" from the HOF? What a load of BS. No one is OWED a spot in any HOF. And he DID GET IN, it just took him 3 years. Oh boo hoo, I had to wait two extra years to make it in the HOF, as if that is the worse injustice anyone in the NFL has ever suffered. Yeah I sure feel for you. You are so mistreated, you selfish ass. And then he gets up there and tries to claim that "this is for all of you" to those who attended. No, its not. Its about making it all about TO once again. He didn't want to share the spotlight with anyone and refused to be lumped in with the rest of the group that was elected this year. Wanted his own ceremony all to himself. He is first ballot in the All About Me HOF. It took Jerry Kramer, a multiple SB winner with one of the great dynasties of the game and one of the best guards of all time, DECADES to get elected to the HOF basically because the HOF felt there were already enough Packers in the HOF from that era, no other real reason. He attended and humbly accepted his award TO has to wait three years and he tries to turn it into a "statement" and act like he is Nelson f******* Mandela for the 'travesty' of being left out for two years.
  12. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I apologize for not reading the other thread and knowing you already posted it. I don't go to that media thread very often.
  13. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    In general I agree Ken Jennings can be pretty dull, but he did have a great line when he heard about these rumors again about Trebek :
  14. College Football

    Tressell was caught and fired for pretty much the same thing. Wasn't what he did, or the kids did, but the fact he certainly knew and did not report it to the AD or anyone at the school. So he is probably thinking what goes around comes around, or some such phrasing
  15. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    No I don't need any of that and I am not a millennial. But for one, I need someone who actually sounds excited about their topic, not droning on monotonously and non-passionately like they are discussing the lunch menu for next week. And for example in episode two of the Civil War, why do I care what the whole beginning to end army chain of command is for a random soldier on each side? I have watched many other documentaries. There was one done on the US presidents, beginning to end, that was fascinating. Learned a ton and kept me interested the whole time. I don't know bells and whistles and flashy things. But I need more than he does. Just because you use some period music and pictures doesn't keep me into the story. I can go to museums for that. Factually, yes, they are great documentaries. Trying to watch them and make it through them is another story. Dull, Dull, dull.