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  1. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    Saw this today. Was enjoyable, I liked it. Best line was about "Asian ellen". She really did look like that. Probably not as in love with it as others are though.
  2. NFL Thread

    STUPID move by the Raiders. I cannot believe they actually traded him. I thought it was just all posturing for contract negotiations. Two things you absolutely must have to win in this league. QB and pass rushers. Mack is one of the best in the league of the latter. You don't just give that away. Pay the price. The 18 game schedule COULD be used if they made some other tweeks with minimal increased risk of injury to players. First, you add a second bye week. Put one about a quarter way though the season and a second one about 3/4 o the way through. Second, these stupid Thursday night games, you either end them, since you now have two more weeks to sell on Sundays and no one likes them anyway, no fans or players or coaches or anyone except the owners, or put all teams on a Thursday game after a bye week. I've been saying this is how it should be for years. No more games with 3 days rest. If you keep the Thursday games put them after a bye week. Still two more games, but it would minimize the increased injury risk. And at least then season ticket holders would only be screwed out of 10% of season ticket money (9/10 games paid for being real ones) instead of 20% (8/10 games). Of course they would then raise season ticket prices anyway.....so that's a wash
  3. Shameless in the Media

    As far as what happens with the family with Fiona leaving, if the show continues, I assume Lip would care for them until they are older. Really Carl and Deb are not far from 18 and that just leaves Liam to worry about long term. I would prefer seeing Fiona go off with Steve. He has always been the one she connected the most with and has the most chemistry with, plus he fits in with the rest of the family. I have to assume they announced this before the season started as some PR for the upcoming season, letting people know Fiona's story arc this season will see her leaving in some fashion
  4. Characters We Hate

    I never thought of Bart as the main character of The Simpsons, not even in the beginning. He was the one that got most of the media attention when the show first came out for being such a bad influence of bad example for kids, which seems utterly preposterous now looking back when you consider other shows that have some long with far more troublesome child characters (Cartman on South Park most prominently). But in reality the show from the beginning was a family ensemble and if anyone was more the focus of the show, it was Homer. Homer has always been a brainless dolt. Marge not so much.
  5. S08.E04: Fuck Paying It Forward

    I don't really get what Fiona wanted from Sean First she thinks he showed up to try and get her back in her life and she is pissed Then she finds out he showed up just to apologize basically and that he doesn't want her back, and.......she is even more pissed???? Trevor was a total dick IMO. the girl came to Ian, not the other way around. And how is he supposed to now all the rules of the shelters, that she has to check in? And make sure she doesn't sleep in his bed? That is her fault, not his. He is not allowed to help out someone who asks for it? Sanctimonious jerk.
  6. Shameless in the Media

    The show really peaked in Season 4. They could go on without her. I don't believe by any means that she is the heart of the how that just couldn't survive otherwise. But its just come time to end the show, running out of new stories. Or they could just do a Kev and Vee spinoff.
  7. Hospital drugs before surgery work very quick and are more like a truth serum than pain meds. You give them to a patient and suddenly they are revealing their true thoughts and deep seated feelings to all those around them! Also someone wakes up from a coma on TV and they look great!!! Not bloated and smelly and needle stuck and muscle atrophied like in real life, but like they just woke up from a short nap after getting all dolled up to go out for the night. And they can talk perfectly, not hoarse or straining their voices from the intubation. OH they might have a little nasal canula oxygen or a peripheral IV stick here or there, but other than that they are perfect. But of course they can't remember anything or anyone
  8. The Idiot Plot is helped by the fact that in TVLand, you can't hear through doors, walls or even into the next room. A couple can step three feet away from someone and suddenly they can't hear anything you are saying. Conversation in the kitchen with someone in the next room? No, they can't here, there is a flimsy revolving door there!!! Its soundproof!!!
  9. S08.E03: God Bless Her Rotting Soul

    Also what is up with Carl and military school? Is he not going back? I thought maybe it was summer, but Liam is in school. He just kind of came home for the funeral and has stayed since.
  10. S08.E03: God Bless Her Rotting Soul

    I knew at the end of last season when Fiona put the meth in the coffin they would end up digging her up at some point Fiona lucked out with the laundromat when it was really a bad investment she didn't think through. Being a landlord sucks for the most part just for the reasons shown already and she has no experience on this side of it. Plus I do wonder how she has time to run the building, spending lots of time there, and run the diner. Debbie is as clueless and selfish as Monica, thinks only of herself at all times, and is a user of people just like her dad. I don't really care about Ian and Trevor. I keep waiting for the Francis/Frank to go back to his old ways. I was thinking what would happen is he was ACTUALLY going to get hurt on accident on his new job and end up out of work again despite him wanting to work now. no fake injuries or purposeful injury, a real accidental injury.
  11. They just keep coming......now Mr Robot is ending after one more season too. That's about 10 major shows ending in about the next year and a half. I still watch HIMYM reruns despite the bad ending. Just skip the last season
  12. Orange is the New Black also ending next season, one I forgot before. I am going to need some new shows to watch in a few years. Losing a lot soon. The best summary of the HIMYM finale was that the show should have just been called How I Met your Stepmother. But that is not as romantic. I think Ted truly did love Traci, but yes, the whole story telling your kids would be horribly inappropriate for so many reasons. Plus the entire last season was dragged out for Robin and Barney's wedding, then like 10 minutes in the finale and after a year of marriage, they end up divorced. Total fucking waste and pointless. The last season should have focused on the time between when they met and when the mom died. That would have been a much more moving story. Not 22 episodes all focused on a wedding for a marriage that lasted a year, even if that is how they met.
  13. Season 6 Discussion

    That's a good idea.
  14. Put it in spoilers jut in case. And there was another article that now I can't find confirming that is her (Mindy Kaling) in the trailer. Also Glenn Howerton has appeared on her show in the past,, I just realized. I have only seen The Mindy Project a few times. It was OK. As for if and in what capacity Dennis will be back or not, reports are all over the place. If you watch the trailer you see him in some form.........just have to watch to see
  15. S07.E10: Ride or Die

    Continuing my month long binge catching up on the whole show. Lip is following his fathers path of addiction and alcoholism and not doing well. Ian is now following his mom's path with Mickey and its not going to end well either Glad Fiona sold that place for the $70-80K profit. Its one thing to try and make a small business a future for you to end the endless hassle of working for others. Its another to be stupid and not take a 100% profit in less than a month. I hope she doesn't change her mind in the next episode, like she did about 3 times in buying the place.