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  1. I was confused by the scene at the end between Will & Sonny....Will said they were breaking up a "partnership"...and that he was leaving and not coming back? HUH....aren't they Co-Parents to Arianna and why wouldn't Will still go over to the Kiriakis house to visit his daughter, Arianna?
  2. I agree with you that I thought Rachel was pretty aggressive in her questions to Mr. Brennan. Especially when she brought up about 2 NBC employees tried to interview him(last year I think) and he would not talk to them or help them out, that seemed to bug her. I thought he came across as calm but steely. I liked that he said Trump is "Drunk with power".Rachel wanted to pin him down about what he meant saying Trump's actions were treasonous & he seemed perplexed why she was asking him that, he thought it seemed obvious. For me, I am just glad that so many people are supporting Mr. Brennan.
  3. MSNBC

    Thanks for posting this...interesting. I always liked Thomas Roberts on-air...
  4. Kelly Ripa

    And now they have Michael on "Riverdale" too! Saw an article that Michael will play a younger version of his Father's character. There was a picture of Michael & Mark together & they do look remarkably alike...more like Brothers than Father/Son.
  5. The scene of Ben, the Serial Killer, eating Cereal out of the box, was such a Pun, it made me laugh. The scene between Ben & Claire was funny...he knows exactly what Claire is up to. I did not like seeing Patch searching his wife's phone...talk about not respecting boundaries.
  6. S03.E09 Goodnight, Sweet Prince

    Ray Liotta did an interview with KLG&Hoda too, and he indicated that he was surprised by the announcement that the show was ending...he seemed disappointed, and said he wished the show could continue, but made some vague statement about JLo had so many commitments to do other things that she didn't have time to film this show. Maybe they could do for this show what NBC is doing for "Timeless"? I think I read that NBC is going to film a special wrap-up episode to placate the hard-core fans.
  7. Shin Lim got my votes....that was really Cool! Courtney does sound like Janis Joplin but she doesn't do much for me, I liked Amanda better(she did the Pink song). And Vicki the Trailer Park comedienne was rather funny tonite...I actually laughed at a few of her jokes. Tyra dressed like a Gold Oscar statue...it was a very dramatic look.
  8. S03.E09 Goodnight, Sweet Prince

    Yikes! That was an intense scene with Stahl & Harlee! Finally, he got what was coming to him! I am going to have to go back & re-watch this episode, I am confused as to where Woz is, the house looks like it is under construction? How did Tess know where he was? I thought Tess was going to rat on her crew, but I think it seems like she is staying loyal to Woz? Will Woz's son ever figure out the truth? So many questions, so little time left. Ms. Lopez impressed me in this role...but I see she has a Rom-com style movie coming out in the Fall...I guess she likes those.
  9. Thanks! How could I have forgotten her?! I really wish Belle & Shawn would return to the show...I like both of them and Claire could use her parents....
  10. I am having a "senior moment"....I cant remember Marlena having 3 daughters? I can only think of Carrie & Sami....
  11. S13.E10: Judge Cuts 4 - 2018.08.07

    Most of the picks tonight made sense, but I did not understand how the "body sounds/feels so good" guys made it through....I just don't "get them". I would have picked the Quick Change couple or the Father/Daughter balancing act.
  12. I enjoyed Claire's scene with her Papa(I think that's what she called John?), he was kind & listened to her woes. Claire is too much into a 'woe is me" stage....she has said the same thing to numerous people(Hope, Julie among others), she feels like she is not good enough to have a boyfriend, lamenting the fact she will be a single at her Grandparents wedding, etc etc....I hope they give Claire a story line where she can really shine and prove that she is more than a silly teenager obsessed with Social Media(although I guess that's realistic?)
  13. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    That was Such a Weird comment for a sister to make....don't people usually use the term "Soulmate" in a Romantic sense? You call a Lover or Spouse your "Soulmate"....
  14. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    So now they address the "Big issue"! Garrett apologizes, Becca looks uncomfortable, he says he is sorry for the Instagram likes, Becca says they have talked things over.....hmmm...I'm thinking this does not bode well for the future.
  15. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Why do they make them wear a suit in the tropics?! Poor Blake is sweating up a storm....