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  1. His delivery is fantastic. The way he simply placed the ball in the pocket and gave himself a million points was great.
  2. "Screw this, let's fight!" She was straight brawling! Ted Danson gave a sexy little head nod when he and Janet teamed up to push the demons through the doors.
  3. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    I disagree re: issues. (I do think Black culture is, and has always been, more pervasive. The challenge there is Black people getting the credit they're due.) All white people, no. A lot of white people, yes. There are a lot of very insular white communities out there in which white people only ever live, work, and socialize with other white people, so they don't think about stuff that happens to people of color because they don't have to. I've encountered a lot of white people who think we solved racism and are shocked if I mention the micro aggressions I face every day, and the overt acts of racism I've encountered. Melissa DePino, the woman who posted the video of the two Black men being arrested at a Philly Starbucks for nothing, said she got calls and texts from white friends who didn't think stuff like that still happened. Odds are great that the only Black people Dre's boss, who has been portrayed as a lifelong 1%er, knows are people who have worked for him, and IRL they wouldn't have as many personal conversations as they do (WAY too many for my liking, I would last a week at Dre's office). For people who associate only with the majority, they have to make a conscious choice to think about the struggles of the minority. Many people don't do that. Now, Prince is something else - if nothing else, the Super Bowl is watched by bajillions of people (and as ad execs, Dre and his colleagues should all be watching the Super Bowl for the commercials if not for the game) and his halftime show was BOMB.
  4. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    I said "ANGELA BASSETT!" Angela Bassett is one of those actors that I am always happy to see. Switching her twists and her hips. Excellent.
  5. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    General question, as someone who is watching this show for the first time this season: are all the episodes 2-3 hours long?
  6. S05.E07: Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils

    Andre owes a couple of prisoners favors. I assume we'll see them come to collect at some point.
  7. S05.E07: Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils

    It took me a while to figure out who is playing Franklin, Vivica Fox's son. It's Damon Gillespie, who was on the short-lived show Rise. That was a horrible scene. I like Joss Stone's voice, always have. Well, I said I hoped Andre didn't sleep with the kid's mom, but deep down I knew he would.
  8. S11.E2: South Peach

    I don't think she's playing dumb. Remember, she thought the Underground Railroad was a literal train.
  9. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The oldest son was very cute. Teenage me would definitely have had a crush on him. I liked the mom a lot but when she said she loved the ketchup and mustard paint in the first house, I fell out. And then the boy liked the lime green! I thought she'd go with it both because she wanted a fixer and because it was in the neighborhood she wanted.
  10. S03.E07: Sometimes

    I think it's probably that it's just much easier and cheaper for him to go between China and Vietnam (like 1500 miles) than it is for him to go between China and the East Coast (maybe 7000 miles and a brutal 12-hour time difference). There are lots of reasons for him to be an American expat in China (work, military service, married a woman from there, etc.). I have friends who lived in Hong Kong for a bit for work (they loved it). Zoe said he tries to contact her every so often to make amends but she didn't say that he's been in China since she left his house. I hope we don't hear more about him - I don't think it's necessary, and as Zoe said, he's taken enough from her.
  11. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    The other reason I didn't like this episode is that Dre's assholishness when it comes to his kids was on display. The episode started with a voiceover about his kids disappointing him, he talked about how Jack was going to disappoint him on his first study date, and then when Junior said the Prince lectures had worked on him, he looked Junior dead in the face and said "I don't care about you." I just don't find that stuff funny.
  12. S03.E07: Sometimes

    I've said this before but one of the most frustrating things to me about Mandy Moore's late-60s acting is that she doesn't change her voice at all. Nope, I thought "I hope she's not pregnant" when she was sick. She and Kevin just decided they go together for real ten minutes ago, they don't need to be parents. I hope it was just the food and the heat. I wasn't expecting the Zoe reveal either but I'm glad we know. It explains a lot about her - if she was a man-eater before, as Beth said, it may have been because she didn't trust men after her father betrayed her trust in the worst way.
  13. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    This was not a good episode, and I agree that while lots of people don't know that Prince wrote "Nothing Compares 2 U," it's WAY more likely that Jack would know who Prince is than who Sinead O'Connor is. She's not even making music anymore. It feels like the show creators were like "We wanna do a Prince tribute episode!" and just tried to make it fit. Right. You may or may not like their music, but there are artists that are just part of the cultural landscape. Prince is one.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    I laughed out loud several times during this episode. I'm with you - I give new shows at least two episodes unless the pilot is so egregious that it's a clear no. This is one of those shows that was worth hanging in for, particularly once I realized Tichina Arnold was in it. "Are they stolen??"
  15. Eric & Leida: Put it in proper!

    Yeah. It says a lot that the photographer was comfortable enough to suggest it in the first place. You don't suggest that a group of people throw up the Sig Heil sign unless you know they're not going to check you on it. And given the fact that those kids both made the sign and that they're fucking beaming from ear to ear in that picture, he was right.