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  1. S.08 E.04 Strangers in Paradise

    ... Sloth sanctuary?
  2. S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    The friend who referred me to this show is married and his husband does the same thing. Husband had a field day with the Utah Black woman from last season who never wore shoes. "Most hurtfulest." I CANNOT. (That little girl is adorable.) I agree with y'all who said that maybe it's unwise for Brittany to violate her parole on television.
  3. The Neighborhood

    Him doing some gig economy jobs and the family's response to that could be really funny.
  4. My friend told me Kandi was going on Celebrity Big Brother and I said "Wait, Kandi Burruss?" She's got to have a new project to promote and the timing of CBB made sense or something, because I'm sure she a) has fuck-you money and doesn't actually need to work at all (she seems to legit like the hustle of having lots of stuff going on at once), and b) makes way more than winning that show would net her from literally everything else she does, including RHoA. Like, the equity she has in Joyce's house is probably more than that! I can't wait to see Tokyo. It's on my bucket list.
  5. Single Parents

    I think those twins are such assholes. Their bad behavior isn't cute, and "apologies are for the weak" is some psychopath shit their dad is teaching them.
  6. The Neighborhood

    "I don't have to go to work until Monday!" "I don't have a job!" That was my favorite exchange.
  7. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Yeah, I kept waiting for Terra to mention The Walking Dead and/or zombies during the show. Then when she threw it in as she was talking to the cop I was like "Oh, THAT'S how they're gonna shoehorn it in?"
  8. I mean, the country as a whole is pretty segregated. Boston is super segregated. I don't think the Boston couples would have known each other were it not for the show. I got that vibe from the guys in particular (though Jephte and Jon seemed to bond over mutual dislike of Ryan). Really looking forward to seeing where this cast all lives and works. I've spent almost my whole life living in either Philly or NYC (and half my family is from one, the other half is from the other - urban northeast through and through over here) and you see NYC on TV and in movies all the time. Philly is far less common.
  9. I grew up in Philly (as did my father's whole side of the family, as far back as I know of) and this is true. It's also pretty racially segregated, which can add to the small town feel of it (Kate and Luke may have seen each other before but I bet $5 Kate and Jasmine have not). I think Will said he lives in Mount Airy, which is famously integrated - it's the neighborhood I grew up in (my dad's family is mostly from northwest Philly - Germantown and Mount Airy). But a lot of Philly is very segregated and you have a lot of people who stick to their neighborhoods. I once met a woman who was maybe 65 and she had spent her entire life in South Philly, and she basically only left to go to work. Someone mentioned a restaurant in another neighborhood to her and she was like "I know of that neighborhood but I don't know how to get there." I don't find it surprising that Kate and Luke crossed paths before - and as I said, it wouldn't surprise me if we see some "oh, I swiped left on him - shit!" meetings at the altar if this show keeps going. (Wouldn't have surprised me if Amber and Dave had seen each other on an app.)
  10. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I agree. In my opinion, Debra needs years of therapy before she should even consider dating and if that means she never dates again, so be it. There are worse things than being single (like your husband trying to murder your daughter, for instance). Treat dating and love like an addiction (because I think for her, it is) and go cold turkey while she really digs deep to find out WHY she chases love so much, why she thought it made sense to marry a man she'd known for two months, recognize that her mother fucked her up by siding with her sister's killer and untangle that ... If I were either of the daughters and she came to me talking about "I met someone," my impulse would be to clock her. Especially Terra, who is still battling PTSD from the last man Debra brought around and will likely wear the scar from the knife wound forever. John was the worst of the worst, but Debra was perfect for him - she was able to shrug off the red flags because she's straight up desperate for love (again: not a coincidence that she has four ex-husbands and who knows how many boyfriends) AND she and her sister were clearly raised to put men first. Until she gets all that sorted out, she has no business dating. Buy a vibrator or hire a gigolo and keep it moving.
  11. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Yeah, it's not about online dating at all. I can think of at least six married couples I know personally off the top of my head who met online; I'v been a bridesmaid in several Match.com weddings. It's increasingly become how people meet nowadays, at least people in my generation (I'm on the older end of the millennial generation). (I ran into a high school classmate at a mutual friend's party last year and she was newly married. Her husband was there too. I asked how they met and he said "How does anybody meet these days?" and mimed typing.) Debra was very, very foolish - she didn't do any due diligence (a cursory Google search would have turned up all his crimes, at the very least) and she shouldn't have married him after only knowing him for two months, but John would have been John whether she met him online or in the grocery store. I mean, Tania met him at a bar. The NA leader he was blackmailing met him in NA. He was a bad person, period. I found the attack scene fairly underwhelming. I thought Connie Britton did a great job in the scene in the bathroom stall where it was all washing over her how stupid she'd been and how bad it could have been. The scene where she was surprised he was already online dating, as though this was a real breakup and he wasn't just trolling websites looking for his next victim, made me want to smack her.
  12. Married To Medicine

    I didn't think he had ED for three years. I got the impression that they stopped having sex for three years (which: yikes) and then when they tried again, he couldn't get it up due to stress. I had the same thought. They were violent with each other. That's the beginning and the end of the story. The hows and wheres are irrelevant. Toya also said straight up during the back tax fuckery that they were the first people in their families to have money so they didn't know what they were doing and fucked up. Like, we KNOW they're bad with money. We've seen it; they've said it. We also know they make bad choices when it comes to housing, so yeah, I would NOT assume they had their kids' educations planned and paid for.
  13. God Friended Me

    I agree but I think a big part of it is that Brandon Michael Hall is so charismatic, he has chemistry with everyone. I thought he had it with Nia too (although moreso with Cara).
  14. God Friended Me

    My friend and her husband had to move out of their Brooklyn apartment after the owner sold the building and they could stay until the end of their lease, which if I recall correctly (this was maybe a year and a half ago) was three months. I think the new owner was planning to do the luxury condo thing, which was out of reach for them. I've also known people who had to move when their buildings went co-op and they couldn't afford to buy. I'd bet that some of the older tenants who had lived in the building their whole lives and thus have rent-controlled apartments would be able to stay. My grandmother lived in her apartment for 30-some years and the landlord never messed with her but when she died, the rent on her place quadrupled (small 2 bed, 2 bath in Flatbush). NYC renting is such a minefield. That apartment Miles and Cara looked at was gorgeous. (Miles's place is nice too.)
  15. God Friended Me

    I completely agree. The Mayor was an underrated show. I'm glad he landed something else though. He's one to watch, I think. Ha - when Miles said "I work at an identity theft prevention place" I was like "Oh right, he does." Completely forgot. Also Cara can just roll up in there and hover when they probably deal with sensitive personal data? Okay!