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  1. All Episodes Talk: Sanctioned Criminal Activity

    Stabby needs Jane to get the promotion she wants (as evidenced by her killing her rival for said promotion).
  2. All Episodes Talk: Sanctioned Criminal Activity

    I thought it was the interior musings of the character played by Lee Tergesen. Do you mean Jane, stabby's boss?
  3. Small Talk: What DID Happen?

  4. S01. E02. Escorpion/Dzec.

    Right, the season that started with Jax with short hair...he and Clay were incarcerated.
  5. FYI, Michelle Goldberg has an excellent column in today's NYT, it mentions her appearance on RTwBM.
  6. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    Neither did Ali Wentworth!
  7. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    Same here, I've been listening more closely to him ever since. I loved when he brought up the huge number of the non-voting public. That's who Dems should be reaching out to!
  8. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    No View in the NYC area, 9/11 memorials today. I'm sad I missed Emma, she would've been a ray of sunshine on such a bleak day. Robin Thede is on BET, maybe it's her.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Sanctioned Criminal Activity

    Kids? They all looked like adults to me, albeit young adults.
  10. I rarely watch this sleazefest anymore, but I noticed the lovely Laura Linney was scheduled to appear, so I DVR'd it. I'm so glad I did! Despite AC's best efforts to push it in the gutter LL kept it classy and witty. Troye Sivan, someone wth whom I am not familiar, was charming and delightful. LL & TS shared a very easy chemistry. One of my favorite episodes.
  11. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    The real idiot was the first winning contestant who discounted OH's suggestion of Wheel of Fortune.
  12. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    Seriously, Meghan has no power at all in hiring. Why would ABC execs give a shit if Meghan threw a major hissyfit? They don't have to deal with her, only the other panelists and production has to deal with her. ABC didn't hire Ana or Tara because they're too rational and calm. They hired AH because she's MM's bestie, and besties fight together against the nasty liberal wing of the panel. ABC's vision of the View is far from Baba Wawa's original vision of the View. ABC wants The Real Housewives of The View, complete with panelists throwing glasses of champagne in their faces.
  13. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    Right! Thanks!
  14. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    Thanks, but I knew all that already. My point was 46% is darn close to 50%.
  15. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    So the timeline is pre-SOA?