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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Kaycee isn't upset at Tyler. It is entirely physical. Her arms went numb during Part 1 and they still are. Tyler asked her how she was doing and she said they still are numb. She had a hard time lifting her arms last night to comb her hair even. I posted upthread from Jokers about how she was in a LOT of pain just trying to carry a tray to the storage room this noon their time. And about 4 hours later Jokers has about the cooling med:
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Looks like Kaycee's arms/shoulders still hurt from Part 1 yesterday. From Jokers:
  3. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    Heck I call him a little rat which makes troll a giant in comparison. If you don't want to be referred to as a troll (or a rat) don't act like a troll (or a rat).
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sam said in her interviews she would have taken Kaycee to F2 and she didn't trust Tyler anymore. I think Kaycee has Sam's vote as a lock. I see Scottie's going to Tyler. Maybe Fessy's too given Hay's influence. Brett might go for Kaycee since it was the Tyler/Angela combo that sent him packing. You are totally right about JC. He will be totally Mr Bitters and especially against Tyler.
  5. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    But that in itself is strategic ironically because a lot of juries over the years on both BB and Survivor vote for the person who has been loyal throughout and honored their pacts with others. The jury members then say to themselves that the player wasn't a backstabber but was playing with "integrity" and without betrayal. Never underestimate the "integrity card" in these two games.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I would so love to see that. Kaycee could stand there and root them on with "Let's Go" while Winston dies a death in slo mo because "Brent" chose Blockstar over him. Then Kaitlyn can perform some new age wedding vows complete with her animal spirit guides as witnesses and thus would conclude the best BB in ages.
  7. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    If misting is the name of the game then what is wrong with it. Again, it is a game. This is how you play the game. Just like bluffing and deceiving is part of poker and stealing bases is part of baseball. Does anyone think Ricky Henderson is busy stealing stuff from Walmart these days? But The Hive were winning all the early and early mid-game competitions. Level 6 survived that stretch by old fashioned wits. So I disagree that it was all about competitions this season. It was all about outwitting the competition until it was decimated enough through your crafty game play so that your side could then win the comps.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Looking at it from Tyler's POV and from what I read was that JC fell and Tyler was going to drop but was waiting for another "jolt" effect as he described it to come and then to fall and make it look like a real slip to JC. What he didn't know was that Kaycee's arms had gone numb and when she was yelling to Tyler to drop he thought she was just acting for JC's benefit and it wasn't real. But she dropped only 2 minutes after JC apparently so why would Tyler imagine a comp beast like Kaycee going so quickly for real? And if he thought it was an act why would he drop so quickly after JC and make JC suspicious at how quickly he dropped? (See PS below). He and Kaycee are trying to put JC asleep, not wake him up with suspicious behavior. Also IF Tyler did stay for "selfish" reasons then good for him. He is finally playing the game again and grabbing destiny with his own two hands. If you have a chance to win a segment of the last HOH you take it. He had told Kaycee earlier that he was worried abut beating JC on "days" (the mental part) and Kaycee just brushed it aside and said not to worry that JC would get "frazzled" in the moment. But everyone should be worried about everyone else at this point and not take anything for granted let alone counting on someone getting frazzled to get you to the end. Also if JC goes out Tyler sure doesn't have his vote at this point. The little rat is still upset at him. He was lecturing/berating Tyler again right before the comp but then went to immediately praising him and declaring him "the love of his life" right after Tyler won. If he goes out he will be really bitter for sure. PS: BTW JC accused Tyler before this comp during that "lecture" that had Angela remained that she and Tyler had a plan for her to win the physical and him to win the mental so Tyler knew JC would be suspicious of any quick drop right after JC dropped. Meanwhile Kaycee's arms still hurt big time and she had trouble lifting them high enough to comb her hair after the comp.
  9. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    It was? The few comments I've read already are about 50/50 whether she was or wasn't. I didn't really look because I don't care at all one way or the other. Plus some women get big fast and some don't ever so I'll check back around Christmas time and find out then.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Hope you enjoyed tonight's game, heh. Signed, a long time Sox fan. :-)
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I'm sorry for you live feeds people. They always cheat you guys out of the really good stuff. And LOL about the set-up having been "tested." We know how their testers have done this season. I'm not a Hay fan like I've posted here in the past but I must give props to her in that she was actually thinking about game play logically and rationally unlike Bay and Rockstar. Even Fessy seemed sane next to Bay. You'd expect Rockstar to be dumb like that. But Bay I thought would be better than that. However she really seems to have gone off the deep end into Lake Bitter.
  12. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    The Brett and JC ones he didn't go looking for. They were forced on him. What is he going to do? Say no I don't want to be F2 with you so just evict me instead? I mean Bay wanted to work with him too and he didn't make an official deal with her and she is still pissed from his rejection. I think it speaks to how he played the game that people were approaching him all the time. I think it is amazing that a F2 made before Level 6 was even created lasted the whole damn game. This dynamic duo of Tyler/Kaycee will go down in the record books alongside Danielle/Jason and Chill Town and a few others as one of the greatest of all times.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    They said they were going to tell her in their good-bye messages because if Kaycee gave it as the reason for voting out Angela, which she has to do publicly in front of JC, then JC would know of their F2 which is no bueno for them. They have to keep the little rat pacified through the last HOH.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    BTW they made JC move out of the HOH room before noon since it is being locked up for the season. JC was a little disappointed since he thought he would get to stay there in royal splendor until the end. I assume the feeds are down now since it is going on three hours until the live show.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    So from Sam's interview we have: Why would Sam think Tyler telling her about the power app was "a trap" of all things? It sounds like Kaycee has Sam's vote locked up until maybe Angela and her "tan abs" comes back into Sam's life anyway. Just read on the Juie Chen thread about how, according to a gossip rag, she won't be back next season. Nothing confirmed given the source but honestly I never thought she would period since her contract was up after BB20 and it would be up to BB/CBS to offer her another; not for her to decide to keep going on her contract. So if true then this Finale could get a bit weird if Julie knows it is the last time she is on the show ever. She tells them she doesn't need no stinking teleprompter anymore as she signs off one last time: "This is Mrs Les "Moneybags" Moonves Esq saying good-bye forever from the Big Bitches House along with Taylor, Candy, Jason, Angel, Sandy, Snottie, Hayseed, Fizzy, Blockstar, Bayleaf and, of yeah, good ol' Brent."
  16. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    No one should be throwing anything at this point period. That's suicidal.
  17. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think Tyler probably has post-battle back. We only see very highly edited for TV versions of the good-bye messages. And we haven't even seen all of those for Tyler either. Also I just remembered from the convos last night that both Kaycee and Tyler think that neither Angela nor Brett will be bitter about their game play and will respect that it was a game only. Just adding that on separate here.
  18. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    All this I learned from Jokers: JC told that to Kaycee. Then he upfront told Tyler he told that to Kaycee. Both he and Tyler agreed you can't press Kaycee too hard so he wanted to give her space. Then JC said he would tell Kaycee right before the eviction that Angela was a danger etc to shore up Kaycee voting her out. After that Tyler and Kaycee had their brief, quick game meeting. Kaycee immediately told Tyler she told JC she was 50/50 (which she did) on who she would vote out so JC thinks it will be a hard choice for her. She doesn't want him catching on about how it is a no brainer. She seemed totally committed to keeping Tyler. They were even planning on signals during the final HOH as to who should go for it in Part 1 during the competition. The signal will be a head nod though what the head nod will mean I didn't get from the person who caught that convo. Anyway Kaycee already congratulated Tyler on him making F3 so if she suddenly went back on all of this it would be a total shocker. Kaycee asked when they were going to tell JC about Level 6 and Tyler said it should be finale at earliest citing the loss of one of his balls to a well placed JC kick otherwise, heh. They are worried a bit about the "days" competition with Tyler saying JC knows his "days" pretty well. Kaycee says she thinks JC will get "frazzled" during the competition. But Tyler isn't taking JC's choking as a given. [So it is my guess only -- they didn't say it at all -- that if Tyler is better with "days" then Kaycee will go for it in the endurance and leave "days" to Tyler]. Kaycee says JC wants Kaycee to come for a sleep over (me: where I imagine JC will look for an opening to sell keeping Tyler to Kaycee, heh). And Kaycee wants for Tyler and Angela to have one last night in the house together anyway. Angela is a little worried that one of the secrets Tyler hasn't told her -- he said there were a couple of secrets before he told her he was a super fan -- will be that he is playing her. Her emotions are a bit stressed. He reassures her but hasn't told her the other major secret was the power app yet. Then everyone apparently went to sleep.
  19. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    Well they invited her but it was arts and crafts hour so she refused to come out and play.
  20. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I wish they were groaning. I heard surprise and even some pleasure in the surprise unfortunately. No way did Tyler throw it. This was for F3. You don't throw them ever! I can see Kaycee having second thoughts and evicting Tyler because I never believe anything is a slam dunk. I mean I hope she votes out Angela but she might start thinking about Angela being disliked by the jury and suddenly flip at the last minute. And Angela would take her to F2 as well. Being in the House all these days makes everybody over think ever single move like a hundred times over. Please, Kaycee, don't think. Just vote out Angela.
  21. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    I have to disagree here. No way did Tyler throw it. You don't throw something that gets you to F3 no how no way. Tyler is is danger of going home now and not making F3. Only JC is safe and officially in the F3.
  22. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    The one thing that separates BB from all other shows is that it is live and there are live feeds. They will never get rid of that aspect. If they are they are fools because she is the type of person I will forget within a week of the show ending and would have already except I'm reading posts like this to remind me that someone called Hay was in on this season. She was totally generic cookie cutter casting.
  23. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I hope you two are right. And JC still seems to think Tyler is a closeted gay so this would be JC's dream F3. The first three "gay" people in a F3 in BB history, heh.
  24. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I don't think Kaycee would automatically save Tyler. She and JC have gotten very very chummy this last week and have promised each other's backs etc with a lot of game talk with JC using the gay pride lever. She could see this opportunity as being able to make the big move and vote out Tyler. Then either Angela or JC would take her to F2 for sure since each of those two are targeting the other. I hope she remains true to her F2 with Tyler but I don't see it as any kind of given after this week with JC working her hard. Glad to hear that Sam went out with class. I still like her.
  25. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    "Hopefully" is the operative word here. Grodner's little pet all season hasn't been Tyler in the least. It has always been JC who should have been escorted off CBS property a long time ago but is instead showcased as "the cute, little guy" on TV. I don't put this last win past her manipulations until I see what that comp was so I can't put this next one past her either just yet.