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  1. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Yeah, a send-up on soap opera and conspiracy dramas it is though unintentionally. I don't think the English lady can be totally ignored. Or good writing wouldn't as in she was hired (research grant was it?) post plane ride by evil corp for a reason. And I immediately thought she was the one who should be THE main character on the show. Ditch the Boring Family of Endless Soap Drama totally and give me her, the Indian doctor and Vance and reboot the show that way asap. Writing direction to investigate evil corp is good. Execution of same was F-. In Ben's Most Excellent Two Days at Work we have him hired in 5 seconds flat where he never would be hired in a million billion years in real life. Then he immediately starts goofing off at the job he was hired for to go all Jack Bauer meets Doctor Who meets Mr Robot at turbo speed. All his "moves" were more unbelievable than say a plane disappearing for over 5 years then returning. And how the hell was Vance INSIDE evil corp's accounting firm physically? He should have been outside or just took his own flash drive in himself and done the job. I would pay to see that! And that would at least make Cal useful for the first time ever on this show. God there is not one single person in this family that I can stand. Maybe Michaela is a little okay when she gets away from the others on occasion. But Ben, Grace, Danny, Olive and The Golden Child can all take a flying leap into oblivion. And don't try to come back in 5 years either please! Good catch on the data dump which again ties the English woman into the storyline. Which leads back to my plea to make HER the lead character. She had more screen presence in her small role then the whole lot of the other actors lumped together. She seemed down right chillingly dangerous and sinister then turned on a dime and seemed innocent yet still mysterious and pulled off both takes in less than a minute on screen. She is the one with the acting chops. She also has the backstory to be tied in with everything. Like her research was/is being "used" without her knowledge for evil and she has to make things right but not without temptations and complications along the way. Oh I so would watch that show for sure.
  2. Who cares to wait around a couple of days to play a saved game? It is like a writer on a jag inspired by their muse. The excitement within you is amazing. The focus. You go for it in the moment. Nothing worse than pausing an exciting movie in the middle to go off doing daily grind stuff other than saving a game and going off to do daily grind stuff. Live a little before you die. Break out of stiffing routines. Play hooky some. Ditch work just once and go to a ball game. Ride in the back of pick-ups. Backpack around the world. Just don't get locked into endless routines all your life and then realize on your death bed you never really lived at all. And with the totally fictional character in this show? Best thing for Sheldon the Routine King is to break his patterns and rituals. Hooky was the most anti-Sheldon thing imaginable. Good to see him embrace the moment in the end.
  3. LOL, good one. I've been playing computer games -- never had a console -- since the original Elite came out on the Commodore 64 in the mid 80's wireframe spaceships and all on a 5 inch floppy. I played the original Guild Wars online for years and still go back for Wintersday and other game holidays events til this day and the person who originally taught me the ropes in that game was a lady in her early 60's who ran a big dept at a big ad agency. Most online gamers aren't anywhere near teenage males and haven't been for years and years. More and more women play RPGs etc online than game manufacturers realize too. And bottom line is no one knows your age in these games. Or your gender, race or religion. Or if you are a real life star athlete or confined to a wheelchair or are rich or poor or live in the US or Malaysia or Chile. They only know what you care to share with them. It is like the most democratic platform in the world. And in Guild Wars there are multiple character slots so most people in the game have both male and female characters they play. Different races too. Also STEAM is great for buying and storing games and I have a nice stand alone game of Elders Scrolls Oblivion going on my lap top right now from them. Nice to be able to choose to play with others or just play alone. My ancient workstation couldn't handle Oblivion back in the day so glad to catch up on it now. Man why am I posting here come to think about it? I need to go off and help out on a Thieves Guild quest right now. Long way of saying this was my favorite episode of Young Sheldon ever. No one would remember just a normal school day 20 years later say. Or a regular meal with the family like any other. What people remember are out of the ordinary grind events. And playing your very first video game day and night and thinking about it in bed and tearing around at odd hours doing adventurous things in your real life to make it through the game? And with your grammy besides? Wow! Now that will always stick with you as a special memory forever. That is what makes life worth living.
  4. S01E06: Off Radar

    The whole idea is they aren't gov't scientists. They are employees of this evil corporation just like the private, Blackwater-style guards are. This is suppose to make us ask the question of whether they are "officially" sub-contracting for a gov't agency, working for rogue elements within the gov't or are they the big bad themselves.
  5. S01E06: Off Radar

    Good point. Either that or sister cop and ex-future-whatever cop spooked them since they didn't believe the flat tire story because who would. But probably one of those two guys with Vance is in on it. Maybe the younger one who tried to poo-poo the fuzzy picture of the woman as a Bigfoot sighting hardee har har boss. This is the episode I had HOPED the show would be like all along. Episodes about what the hell is going on. Mystery. Conspiracy. Black ops. Not boring horrible soap operas. Now we have an evil mega-corporation with its private "Blackwater-like" private army who may or may not be doing stuff for shady government agencies and/or shady people within them. It actually would be cool if the corporation was the Big Bad because gov't conspiracies have been done to death. Also I'm a fan of Mr Robot though they have done/are doing it a thousand times better. In fact I wonder if Manifest is ripping them off some what with "NSA Agent" (hahaha) Vance set to become like the female FBI agent in Mr Robot. And when I say this episode was what I hoped this series would be like that is of course minus The Golden Child and his two equally stupid parents. Especially hubby this episode who has been hiding everything from the wife all along and then expects her to believe all this in one short sentence without any examples as Brian C said above. And while she is in a non-rational, highly emotional freak-out mode besides. Neither of these two have had an honest conversation with each other since Mystery Plane landed. Lazy writing to have principle characters always hiding stuff from each other so the plot is moved along by such-like lousy writing.
  6. The person who was targeted by some posters as having a negative reaction when the Davids boarded was identified strongly as a doctor which I believe is Allison. Just Allison seemed to disappear from episode 2 on until this last episode so I could see how people thought it was Angelina. Quite frankly I didn't know there was an Allison on the show until this episode. Still loving Christian. I want MORE Christian airtime, not less. I also like that he and John have bonded and I like Nick and his multi-alliances of silly names. Hope he pulls Mike over and the four work together somehow. Gabby can join too if she stops crying every 2 seconds. She is really getting on my nerves. Like most people I'd like to see Angelina out but first I want to see Mr Two Idols blindsided out. The third tribe of bamboo splitting infamy I just don't have much feelings towards one way or the other. They are just there right now. Could be because I don't hear any real game talk from them. Just bad back talk. Maybe after the merge someone from there will start standing out more for me if they step up and play the game more.
  7. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    If you are referring to this: These aren't REAL police officers no matter the terminology. They are security guards period. They have no authority or jurisdiction off NSA grounds.
  8. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    See below. Honestly a post like this needs to be posted at the top of every episode of every season because every episode of every season some people always go on and on about what someone should have packed and why is this person running around wearing this thing etc. We could thin down the thread by at least 25% most episodes if people would read this basic info tacked at the top of the thread.
  9. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    Try https://ew.com/tv/2018/10/25/survivor-jeff-probst-david-vs-goliath-cyclone/ Part of the article quotes Probst as saying:
  10. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    The NSA does NOT have police officers. They monitor "traffic" and collect zillions of pieces of data in the form of emails, phone calls and chat room and game chat stuff using some of the most advanced computers on earth and code breaking software. They use algorithms to sort through the stuff looking for needles in the mega-hay stacks. They have no "police officers" or field agents. They are cyber nerd desk jockey analysts and mathematicians and super hacker grade programmers. I'm just watching because it is so bad it is fun to snark on here. So are a number of other people posting in this thread. Sometimes bad is fun.
  11. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    Oh but they have one single NSA agent on the case. An agency that has no agents even. But that should be enough, right. Maybe the main mystery going on is not about the magic plane but how the NSA was finally allowed to have one lone field agent. And one that supersedes in authority anyone in the FBI, the FAA, military intelligence or any other agency under the umbrella of Homeland Security etc etc. I'm going with this "Vance" being some alien who has hypnotized the entire planet into believing the NSA has agents as step one for taking over planet earth. And only Golden Child Cal stands in his way of succeeding since everyone else on the flight seems to be too busy involved in stupid soap opera triangles stuff.
  12. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    Probably. But maybe it is the monster on the wing of the plane that William Shatner saw in that super famous episode from The Twilight Zone. Monster dude is back and glows this time around. I totally agree. And good for Mom helping to ease those two feeling guilty when they should NOT feel guilty. At that point female cop was "dead" for two years. A truly "dead" Michaela would surely want the best for her bestie and her love interest back on earth. Time to move on. "Mom" is the only person I like in this series so far outside of the Indian-American doctor. Well the flight attendant and Thomas are okay so far too. But the two leads suck. Especially the character of Ben who, as mentioned by someone above, is the most self-righteous jerk. And also totally selfish outside of his son. Screw everyone else in the world though until he is forced to help. Guy is a total prick. And again, no the NSA has no field agents, no ability to arrest anyone, no life outside the buildings with all the mega supercomputers their employees work in. NSA on this show I'm gonna define as the Numbskull Screenwriters Agency. Nothing maddens me more about this show as much as the NSA running around in charge. It takes me totally out of being able to suspend belief for even one second. It is so bad that I can find a whole plane disappearing for 5+ years then magically re-appearing more realistic than the NSA suddenly having field agents running around. There are plenty of other agencies these nitwits could have used starting with the FBI and military intelligence agencies. And even the CIA which yes is not allowed by law to operate within the borders of the US but being black ops they have violated that prime directive a lot over the years. But the NSA? Nerds gone wild? No way!
  13. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Why do you think I watch it? Because it is stupid and I can come here and make fun of it. If I liked it I wouldn't be posting here, heh. As for the 5+ year old phones bit if this was a real problem and not an endless loophole in bad writing ... they wouldn't work because no one around was there to pay their phone bill so their phone service would have been disconnected years ago. In the case of Ben's wife, she would have told them to cancel out his phone because she didn't want to pay his phone bills any more. So they would have had to have had to at least buy new sims (numbers) before they could work again which if you do that then just buy a new updated phone at the same time. It would have been funny though in episode 1 if we saw someone trying to use their cell and not understanding why they didn't have phone service anymore.
  14. Yep I agree with this answer. All we have to do is remember the classic case that outed how all this works way way back on Season 4 of The Amazing Race where, in interviews after their elimination, the "NFL Wives" let us know: 1. They were forced to start every comment in their confessionals with "As wives of professional NFL players ..." or ilk of that kind which they hated doing. 2. And to the point above. They were told to bring replicate jerseys their husbands wore on the Atlanta Falcons. They got the jerseys but decided they wanted to be their own people and purposely did NOT pack them. When they arrived an the hotel for the week long indoctrination into rules and how to wear their mics and interact with their cameramen etc the producers went through their luggage and when they didn't find those jerseys they forced them to call up and order them shipped next day delivery to the hotel. They were then "featured" wearing them at the starting line where they had to wear them for the first leg So I assume Elizabeth was told in advance to pack jeans, a bandana and take along a cowboy (girl) hat. Except Probst said there was an extra buff he put back on the spot after Bi left. Maybe the two not selected would have had to play some challenge to win that buff and the other would be sent to Exile Island or something like that. That is my speculation, not a fact of course. But he definitely said there was an extra buff on the beach that was not used because Bi quit.
  15. Yeah they are forced to reference their theme endlessly in the confessionals. What does being a "professional" have to do with this though. Any human being would feel this way. As a blue collar person I certainly would. Maybe more so since working class people are at the bottom of the food chain and have been ordered around and often humiliated all their lives. Okay then there we have it. Thanks for confirming that was what production forced her to wear. Either rub and rip the flesh on your leg raw wearing damp, soaked denim or save your legs. Physically suffer constantly and open up your legs to infections or go with the underwear. She had no choice. This is totally on production.
  16. A torn ACL is nothing to mess with. Ballplayers can be out a half year or more with one. She was crazy to have stayed the extra night but she probably needed to let her injury sink in psychologically and accept that it would be insanity to try and continue. Also she would have only hurt her old tribe if there had been no draw that day since they were already down so she would have had to play and cost them another loss by staying thus effectively decimating them. With the draw she most likely would have had to play unless one of the three new tribes had 6 players instead of 5 and the stats favor that not happening.
  17. She can't any more than Elizabeth being able to change her attire. It is production that selects the clothing or lack thereof, not the contestants. In Elizabeth's case she was probably assigned a pair of jeans which would rip apart her skin when soaked and worn on a rainy, humid island. Sorry but it has been annoying to read people "ordering" her to wear something other than her underwear. I am sure she would LOVE to do just that but it is not an option for her. And yes production could choose horrible to wear in these conditions jeans. They did for the guy trying to do the dig under for the Davids on that first island challenge too. Production including Probst and Burnett are all heavily of the male gender and still live back in the 1950's it seems. So yeah it is humiliating to women to be used that way. Aside for the psychological reasons cited above where this makes perfect sense it is just plain fun. I'm really liking Nick's hilarious overplaying and want to see him make up alliance names for every person left on Survivor. She could damage it further if she stayed. And her staying would NOT have helped the Davids had it not been a "drop the buffs" day. They were already down numbers and she would have had to play. And with the tribe switch she would have had to play for her new tribe too since the numbers would have probably been even. It would have been stupid to stay period both for herself or her tribe(s). No, Jeff said he had an extra buff he removed and put aside after her announcement and before the draw so one tribe would probably have had an extra member. I'm guess the extra buff he put away was green since that tribe had to start over with building the shelter from scratch etc. Also when was the last time that there was only ONE reward for the two tribes that avoided tribal council. Methinks the winning tribe may have had the choice between the reward and somehow deciding the fate of the extra tribe member. Maybe "capturing" someone if not on their tribe already or sending them to another tribe if they thought the extra person would have helped out some people from an old alliance there numbers wise. Yeah I agree in general with this except that there was an extra buff in the pile BEFORE the new tribal pick according to Probst thus my guess above. Still liking the future Comptroller of Slamtown (I'm sure John will be blown away by Christian's resume) and his Mayor. Also still like Nick and his alliances of many names and hope he and Mike end up back with Christian/John/Gabby after the merge in a new mega-alliance of the Slamtown School of Nerd Rock or something. I don't think Alec screwed up his game necessarily. Rather he is trying to build an alliance. Who really cares about Davids and Goliaths other than Probst and Nuclear (Goliath Strong) Natalie.
  18. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Actually it was a (accidental) shout-out to The Amazing Race as the Bethesda Fountain was THE starting line for THE first ever Amazing Race filmed back in March of 2001 and shown the following fall. That was the only thing really positive I could take from this episode. When I saw the Bethesda Fountain at the end I briefly forgot about the whole mess I watched the previous hour and went down memory lane happily thinking again about Kevin & Drew, Nancy & Emily, The Guidos etc as well as Phil taking off on what he termed "a race like none other in history" to find "the smoke that thunders" on Leg 1 again. Maybe next week I'll pull out my Season 1 TAR DVDs and watch those on Monday night instead.
  19. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Man I detest the Ben and wife/wife's lover/daughter/son storyline of infinite and incredibly boring angst. I don't give a crap about any of them and never will. Sister cop woman and former love of her life are one step behind in the not caring department. Can we just have aliens abduct this whole loser family? They add nothing to the show and bring it down every time any of them are in a scene which is like 95% of the time. The weird stone angels were more interesting than any of them and better actors as well. The doctor and the fight attendant should be the leads with poor shattered Thomas along as the lost and lonely sidekick. But they never will have two female leads one of ethnic Indian heritage and the other an Afro-American. That's not allowed on American TV, sigh. No, we are stuck with white, middle class characters of endless boredom instead. Also while fixing the show will you please get the NSA out of the picture. They have giant, mega, state-of-the-art computers and zillions of data they collect to sift through back in Maryland and don't run around in the streets with "agents." They are analysts, not gun toting idiots. I hate it when we have government conspiracy stuff and they can't use an agency that might remotely be involved. It takes me out of the storyline totally.
  20. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Unfortunately the writers have been dropping anvils about those two ending up together.
  21. Survivor In The Media

    We already saw Jeremy's version was right. She couldn't order production to shut up and not show this on the show which they did in the very first episode.
  22. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Well that seals the deal. Angelina, if you don't want to be seen in a showmance right after getting married in real life then don't try and be in a showmance period let alone with a zillion cameras around. Did she think the cameramen, story editor and video editors as well as Probst and Burnett were all going to do what she wanted like she demanded everyone on her tribe ... to not mention it publicly. If you don't want something mentioned then do NOT do it!!!! Talk about totally entitled and thinking everyone else exists for her. She makes Natalie seem as sweet as a kitten in comparison. She is definitely the snotty and hypocritical villain on this season for sure. And then releasing statements when it was Jeremy's turn for an interview. How low can you go. What a creep she is.
  23. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Yes I can since pretty much all the bosses I've ever had have been the male version of a Natalie. Yeah Philip was fun. But no I'm fine with normal people on reality shows that were suppose to be about the rest of us and not about Z-List wannabes. I really never notice anyone's looks on these shows anyway. I had no idea if these people were in underwear or bathing suits which quiet frankly pretty much look the same anyway to me. But then I never have understood what the big deal of being "pretty" or whatever is suppose to be about other than the ancient Greeks thought it was a mathematical ratio aka the Golden Mean. I hate judging from the outside whether it is skin color or gender or some imaginary "pretty" stuff. I'll take Gandhi over the latest Hollywood flavor of the 15 seconds fame routine any day. I'm guessing boss lady's league was her company league where she was manager, player captain and "star" player of same as all her employees flattered her about the latter rather than having to take a physical bullet for her.
  24. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Yep those are the only 4 I know too on that tribe. The rest are generic mactors or mactor wannabes like clueless cop guy. (I know there is a cop guy with the idol but I can't tell him apart from the other generic 20-something white males). Natalie the bossy one has one of the generic while males wrapped around her little finger? Members of your tribe: "Hey there is a person wanting to know how to spell our names. Red alert! He is targeting every last one of us!" You so would be voted out the first tribal council for sure. Bi knows. Nick explained it away by giving a detailed lie about how Gabby ran up to him and Christian right before tribal and said they had to vote out Jessica. Bi seemed to accept that explanation as yet further proof of her theory of Gabby being the mastermind behind the blindside. It was part of their conversation on the raft.
  25. S01.E03: Turbulence

    I still don't think she was the one that did it because I want conspiracies, not hard working housekeepers involved. Yeah the dialogue listed above may indeed point to this woman but I still hold out hope the being in the underground garage is behind it. No way in hell would they do that. Besides Grace and the guy she was talking to in the beginning both referred to someone named Dan.