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  1. Episode v. Feeds: To Tell the Truth

    The latter. Despite JC going after the 5K from the start he still couldn't get that tube filled before Fessy won the HOH (not veto).
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Aren't they still down one person because Kaitlyn lost to that big, mean, super complex, brain twisting, all of 6-piece puzzle? It would be so funny if it was Fessy picking Tyler to be a Have Not that cooled down Tyler enough to concentrate more on his game again and, you know, planning Fessy's demise. No no no no no a thousand times no. Do NOT unleash Swaggy on the world. America is hated for enough stuff abroad without Swaggy adding to the mess.
  3. Chris Williams: "Swaggy C"

    Six figures as in 6 one dollar bills? Wonder if Swaggy is still mooching off of BB19 Kevin in Boston still or if Kevin finally chased him out after the EvilDick posting online yesterday that said EvilDick had heard second hand (with disclaimers added) that Bay was for real pregnant. Well it sounded more like this "confirmation" of the endless rumor was more like third hand as in he knew someone who knew someone "working the jury house" but it has been burning up the BB niche of the internet to the point Kevin would have seen it by now.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    BB doesn't even have to go out looking for them. They beat a path to BB's door. A lot of these people actually apply to get on this show so they can have live sex in front of the entire country. I'm sure the final move by production in the DR of that "incident" before the Bay eviction live show was BB shooting Sam up with a double dose of happy juice. You don't turn on a dime from trying to flee the studio house to being "just fine" a few minutes later on national telly. Is Swaggy actually bragging about making a baby on live TV? Does he think Tyler and Angela are going to attempt to make one too? And what do all those weird faces mean? Yeah that was my first thought too. B19 Kevin posts that Swaggy is freeloading off of him the last 4 days (and nights, cough) right after the post about Bay maybe for reals being pregnant. There isn't anything prohibiting Fessy from having sex in Islam. Or if there is it is no more adhered to by young Muslim males any more than remaining chaste until marriage for young Christian males. Females in the fundamentalist wings of these religions have to be more careful of course because fundamentalists are into traditional male domination and are all for females walking the straight and narrow though they don't give a fig if males run wild in their youth. Tyler is a Have Not so will be sleeping in a separate room for this week which is probably a good thing for his game.
  5. I think he said by putting up the two of them he would find out who was the liar. Or what he was trying to say. Not that what he was trying to say made any sense at all. Next week should be an easy week for the House if Hay can't win HOH. Everyone else will just put her up next to Fessy. If a renom is needed either Kaycee, as the designated renom or Sam, if she goes deeper into madness, will do. If Hay wins then they will just have to figure out a way to get Fessy out on her watch or Sam will go totally bonkers and be removed from the game.
  6. Scottie hasn't said that and I see no indication he is. He certainly had a thing for Hay but he is shy about relationships and that isn't a bad thing either. Not everyone is consumed by sex 24/7 despite what the media -- and Fessy -- wants you to believe.
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    If she self-evicts it might make a montage. Or if it happens again and becomes more of a story point. But right now they have plenty of game related Sam craziness that I'm sure they will use in the next episode with the Sam/Fessy scenes about putting Hay up.
  8. I don't think the secret is really out. These three were seen working together because Bay targeted them so they were forced into a group of three by circumstances caused by The Hive. They have never caught on to Level 6 existing let alone existing since the beginning. Neither has JC or Sam for that matter. Of course Scottie thought he was in an alliance that never once invited him in because they didn't trust him since he wore the Swaggy shirt while voting Swaggy out. It also lead to him being blamed for the other hinky votes, the ones actually cast by JC, which lead to the mistrusting him more. Then Scottie should have seen the showmance taking place and kept more of a distance as in don't sit around stroking Hay's hair in front of Fessy the Ever Jealous. In the end Scottie just isn't a very good player. I'd comment on how utterly dumb Fessy is but everyone above me in this thread already hit on all the talking points about same, hah.
  9. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Well Scottie started it with his hinky vote against Swaggy while wearing the stupid tee shirt. Scottie thought he was oh so clever casting a vote to shake up the house. Hinky votes are not the best thing to play with if there is absolutely no need to use them. And there wasn't. So the result was every last one of them after that that JC used ended up landing on Scottie too. And I'm cracking up outside. Props to JC being the main engineer of the maneuver to get Scottie up this week. Guy is playing a good game and is a handy Plan B for Tyler. It seems so. Credit where it is due. Though a supporting Oscar to Brett who made a final 2 with Rockstar speech actually stick and then wandered into their alliance as a lost loner and therefore earned some cred with the other side. Not much but more than enough to confuse Fessy totally. And an honorable mention to Tyler's Operation Best Friend that Bay bought into and shared with the others that cast more shade on Scottie. Hilarious that Fessy was asking Tyler to promise not to take Scottie down if he won veto. But yeah JC brought all this stuff together like a good musical conductor into a coherent crescendo of bamboozlement of Fessy this week. Thanks but no. I hate soap opera stuff and certainly dont want it on BB along with showmances and crap like that. I am glad that this showmance nonsense has lead to Fessy's insanely stupid moves as HOH though. (Future BB contestants, take note and avoid this shit at all costs. Take Brett's advice and keep it -- and the emotions that come with it -- in your pants for a hundred days).
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    No. Sam is someone who is legitimately around the twist as the Brits would say. Period.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Really? Sam wanted Brett to use the veto on Scottie? What in the hell was her rational for that move? Brett then gets voted out and Sam follows him to "the little house" through "self-eviction" where they get married and live happily ever after? Maybe they could take the dead cricket with them and give it a decent burial in their new backyard.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Who is this she? Sam? Hay? Angela? Jule Chen? The dead cricket?
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I saw it but I don't remember much about it though I remember Peter O'Toole was swinging from a chandelier as some sort of Errol Flynn type of actor. Or I could have made that all up in my head like Sam.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I have read many funny things on this thread but this is definitely one of the funniest. Thanks. Adding to the three posts below ... The best bit about all this is that they decided to add the Survivor people to the mix after first just going with a TAR vs BB theme. So a couple of BB teams got bumped at the very last minute. One of those teams was actually Paul & Josh who gave way to, among others, Rupert and his wife ... hahahahaha. Yes there is justice at times. I really liked Colin too but I was a Charla & Mirna partisan first and foremost. Colin vs Mirna was epic stuff. So was Colin vs The Broken Ox for that matter. Colin & Christie were asked back for the first TAR All Stars but Christie was pregnant then so they had to decline so glad he is finally getting a second chance. I'm not spoiled on any Race results but I do know this season is in the can having been filmed during June. And we will probably have to wait until February to see it air since the last two years they have had TAR wedged between the two Survivor seasons. That's a long time t ohave to live with the nondisclosure contracts they all had to sign what to speak of no check for whoever ended up winning until the show airs.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    With Sam it is that they trashed the house in general and her dreamcatcher in particular.