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  1. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Actually it was a (accidental) shout-out to The Amazing Race as the Bethesda Fountain was THE starting line for THE first ever Amazing Race filmed back in March of 2001 and shown the following fall. That was the only thing really positive I could take from this episode. When I saw the Bethesda Fountain at the end I briefly forgot about the whole mess I watched the previous hour and went down memory lane happily thinking again about Kevin & Drew, Nancy & Emily, The Guidos etc as well as Phil taking off on what he termed "a race like none other in history" to find "the smoke that thunders" on Leg 1 again. Maybe next week I'll pull out my Season 1 TAR DVDs and watch those on Monday night instead.
  2. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Man I detest the Ben and wife/wife's lover/daughter/son storyline of infinite and incredibly boring angst. I don't give a crap about any of them and never will. Sister cop woman and former love of her life are one step behind in the not caring department. Can we just have aliens abduct this whole loser family? They add nothing to the show and bring it down every time any of them are in a scene which is like 95% of the time. The weird stone angels were more interesting than any of them and better actors as well. The doctor and the fight attendant should be the leads with poor shattered Thomas along as the lost and lonely sidekick. But they never will have two female leads one of ethnic Indian heritage and the other an Afro-American. That's not allowed on American TV, sigh. No, we are stuck with white, middle class characters of endless boredom instead. Also while fixing the show will you please get the NSA out of the picture. They have giant, mega, state-of-the-art computers and zillions of data they collect to sift through back in Maryland and don't run around in the streets with "agents." They are analysts, not gun toting idiots. I hate it when we have government conspiracy stuff and they can't use an agency that might remotely be involved. It takes me out of the storyline totally.
  3. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Unfortunately the writers have been dropping anvils about those two ending up together.
  4. Survivor In The Media

    We already saw Jeremy's version was right. She couldn't order production to shut up and not show this on the show which they did in the very first episode.
  5. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Well that seals the deal. Angelina, if you don't want to be seen in a showmance right after getting married in real life then don't try and be in a showmance period let alone with a zillion cameras around. Did she think the cameramen, story editor and video editors as well as Probst and Burnett were all going to do what she wanted like she demanded everyone on her tribe ... to not mention it publicly. If you don't want something mentioned then do NOT do it!!!! Talk about totally entitled and thinking everyone else exists for her. She makes Natalie seem as sweet as a kitten in comparison. She is definitely the snotty and hypocritical villain on this season for sure. And then releasing statements when it was Jeremy's turn for an interview. How low can you go. What a creep she is.
  6. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Yes I can since pretty much all the bosses I've ever had have been the male version of a Natalie. Yeah Philip was fun. But no I'm fine with normal people on reality shows that were suppose to be about the rest of us and not about Z-List wannabes. I really never notice anyone's looks on these shows anyway. I had no idea if these people were in underwear or bathing suits which quiet frankly pretty much look the same anyway to me. But then I never have understood what the big deal of being "pretty" or whatever is suppose to be about other than the ancient Greeks thought it was a mathematical ratio aka the Golden Mean. I hate judging from the outside whether it is skin color or gender or some imaginary "pretty" stuff. I'll take Gandhi over the latest Hollywood flavor of the 15 seconds fame routine any day. I'm guessing boss lady's league was her company league where she was manager, player captain and "star" player of same as all her employees flattered her about the latter rather than having to take a physical bullet for her.
  7. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Yep those are the only 4 I know too on that tribe. The rest are generic mactors or mactor wannabes like clueless cop guy. (I know there is a cop guy with the idol but I can't tell him apart from the other generic 20-something white males). Natalie the bossy one has one of the generic while males wrapped around her little finger? Members of your tribe: "Hey there is a person wanting to know how to spell our names. Red alert! He is targeting every last one of us!" You so would be voted out the first tribal council for sure. Bi knows. Nick explained it away by giving a detailed lie about how Gabby ran up to him and Christian right before tribal and said they had to vote out Jessica. Bi seemed to accept that explanation as yet further proof of her theory of Gabby being the mastermind behind the blindside. It was part of their conversation on the raft.
  8. S01.E03: Turbulence

    I still don't think she was the one that did it because I want conspiracies, not hard working housekeepers involved. Yeah the dialogue listed above may indeed point to this woman but I still hold out hope the being in the underground garage is behind it. No way in hell would they do that. Besides Grace and the guy she was talking to in the beginning both referred to someone named Dan.
  9. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Nope. She said she didn't. Just stole the necklace and wasn't all too sad someone else killed Conspiracy Lady because something about getting close to Conspiracy Lady's Hubby over the 5+ years etc and then Conspiracy Lady comes back and she is thrown back down into just being the lowly servant again. So she didn't like her. But she didn't kill her either. And she certainly wasn't the one in the car in the underground garage last episode who followed her home. That person is the killer. So totally!
  10. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Yeah I agree. It was less soap opera "luuuuv" crap than the other two ... but still too much for my taste. Still that makes it better than the other two since we at least learned their brains are different now as in something similar to some near death change. And the government is finally getting serious as in body snatching the dead. Of course we still don't know who killed Conspiracy Lady since both "suspects" didn't. Also the first suspect in jail gives Sad Cop some good advice which leads to her saving the woman whose daughter died with Sad Cop at the wheel. He is part of some "Watchers" (hello, Highlander) group I guess who are watching "The Chosen" maybe? They seem more fun and interesting then "The Chosen" themselves. Why does the NSA have field agents all of a sudden? They are the indoor cyber sleuths nerd herd agency that sit behind desks all day. They are not in the field a la the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence or even the FAA. At least they didn't make them NCIS butting into everyone else's turf but that is just because it is a different network.
  11. S01.E02: Reentry

    Well he needed a car to catch up with her in the underground parking lot and follow her home so I assumed he was human and always had been unless they are giving out driver licenses to aliens or ghosts these days. Also this. You definitely saw a form and heard the shot ring out and the blood spatter forward of where she was sitting all the way to the TV set. Nice to know Conspiracy Lady had a name if belatedly. She seemed far more interesting in her 15 seconds of fame than any of the main family people. Looks like any interesting people will be killed off on this show instantly and only the bland and the boring will be allowed to remain.
  12. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    I totally agree. I LOVE when they search other people's bags and clothes and stuff. It is playing the game and what all of them should be doing quite frankly. Jeremy is right, knowledge is power in this game. And love him and Mike as the happy amateur sleuths. Clueless and arrogant SWAT Cop is the person I dislike the most in this game so far so it helps it was his arrogance that lead to the discovery of his idol too. Kara doesn't exactly have him twisted around her little finger yet if she couldn't get him to do what almost every other Survivor idol owner always does ... bury the damn idol. And to someone up thread asking about a buried idol being found by someone else. Yeah production does NOT let the second person claim it so it would be perfectly safe to bury it. (This question comes up every season so that is why I know the answer). As for Natalie, she is comedy gold so far. Yeah I couldn't stand working for her for even a second but on my TV she is a hoot. Good luck to Wrestler Mike trying to use her though. It would be like trying to herd cats trying to get her changed enough to survive and on track. I like Christian and Nick working together though as others said above, Nick is not a student of history. Mr Mason was from Pennsylvania and Mr Dixon was from Maryland and they were surveying the state boundary between the two though in the Civil War context later Maryland ended up "north of the line" thanks to Lincoln's fudging a major legal concept but maybe saving the Union as a result. It certainly saved Washington DC in the short term. I hope the Davids win something soon too because otherwise it will be "drop your buff" time way too early like last season and I want to see Christian "play in the sand" with Gabby first.
  13. S01.E02: Reentry

    Actually that is the one and only thing that makes sense to me on this show so far. As in NOT telling anyone that you are hearing voices telling you to do things. You are already on the gov't's radar coming back from a non-aging five and a half year flight to The Twilight Zone. All they need is something odd like this leaking to put you away forever in a secret facility full of probing devices. That's because we are not being paid as part of a network's ad agency dept of endless promo silly lies. I bet I already would have fled except I like to come here and make fun of the show now. Six year plan is hilarious. Yeah, sure, like this show won't be gone by mid-season at the latest given how soap opera boring the first two episodes have been. Now when Shadow Stalker drove up next to Conspiracy Woman in the underground parking lot I was so hoping the guy would get out and tell her to "follow the money." Then we might have had something. But no, he was just following her home to kill her. Boring.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    Yep every new show every single year. Worded differently per show but the same thing. All lies of course.
  15. S01.E02: Reentry

    What happened? My post from page 1 ended up here minus the people I had quoted. I just removed the whole thing. Shadow Stalker must be a hacker as well.