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  1. Shark Tank in the Media

    Alex Rodriguez was once an extremely talented shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. He left them for a mega-contract when he reached free agency and went to the Texas Rangers. It was there that he got into illegal PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) though he had no need of them. He had a lock on going to Cooperstown period. But still he got into the crap just like Barry Bonds and Mike Maguire before him for no good reason. He didn't get caught however until he played with the New York Yankees -- who gave him even more money -- living a bigger than life man about town douche life style. He was involved with a Miami clinic and not only took PEDs himself but "referred" a good half dozen other players to the clinic some of whom were young, impressionable Latino players who worshiped the earth he walked on. Some of them never got their careers back after they were caught. Alex? Well he sat out his long suspension while collecting his fat check from the Yankees. When he came back he was crap on the field and could care less. After retiring he has been "punished" in the public eye by being hired as a pre/after game commentator on Fox Sports and now a member of the prime ESPN Sunday Night Baseball announcing team. Now the douche goes on Shark Tank. And why? Because he is a charmer type. These types get away with anything and are still given more by a society who seems to have lost all moral and ethical values it seems. Yuk!
  2. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    The Amazing Race thread has all 11 teams listed via a website but they stuck it in the spoilers (locations only) thread. They do mention the starting line and first location but that is it in the article. They have 5 TAR teams, 3 Big Brother teams and 3 Survivor teams. I only recognize one TAR team even though I have seen every season but the latter seasons kind of go in one ear and out the other. And only one individual "Survivor" because the same with that show. I haven't seen much of BB so I didn't recognize any of them not even the ones that were on TAR before. The three people I did recognize are: For those of you that want a link to the article so you don't have to go into the Spoiler - Locations Only thread over there, here it is. Again, it does spoil the starting line and the first destination but that is it for spoiler stuff period in this ultra short article. No eliminations and nothing beyond the first destination: TAR cast - 3 teams from BB
  3. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    No no no she wasn't. hinking that at all. Ever. We saw her tell Wendell and Dom that at the reward to "explain" why she was remaining loyal to them. To pacify them so they wouldn't take her out because they were growing more and more suspicious of her as Wendell had related. But during that segment we heard her voice over from a confessional where she stated clearly that she did NOT believe that in the least. She went on to explain that she would probably have to stick with them and not turn at the coming tribal because she couldn't trust the other side or she would be a target of them sooner than if she stuck with Dom/Wendell but she FULLY realized she couldn't beat them in the final three and still hoped to get them out before the final three.
  4. S02 Talk

    Forgot about your posts here since I haven't been in the TAR thread recently. So I'm glad to catch up on all of this. Thanks, as I continue to enjoy your posts if belatedly. Just wanted to say yes it was a 36 hour pit stop here but it wasn't planned this way. They had to stay the extra 24 hours so Phil could stay and eliminate Peggy & Claire who were that far behind by then and then still get to the next mat in time to greet teams. The thing is that the Grannies' route would actually have worked out well for them if they hadn't encountered those headwinds across the Atlantic between NYC and London. That prevented them from making their Heathrow connection. Had they made their connection the Boston Boys and Cyndi & Russell would have been the last two trailing teams running several hours behind the Gutsy Grannies and so most likely the latter would have been eliminated in South Africa since Chris & Alex could have out run them to the pitstop mat. About Russell above. I do have to disagree and don't think he has social anxiety at all. I just think he isn't much of a chatty type of people person and doesn't much care for big cities which I agree with and is a country boy at heart who prefers nature and outdoor activity far more none of which are the same as social anxiety. I also don't think you can be co-pastor at your own church and give sermons and counsel people and still suffer from social anxiety. Just my take.
  5. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    Well I think their choices were more strategic than touchy feeley myself. Dom and especially Wendall, who flat out stated it, said they had to take Laurel to "reassure" her and keep her in their alliance. That she had been sending mixed signals to them. As for Sebastian I think he originally chose Dom and Wendell in the last reward before this one because they are in a final three alternate alliance Dom-Wendell have set up as well as their final four alliance. At the reward they officially formed the Bro Alliance to include Donathan to pacify him. Why we haven't seen what is cooking between Sea Bass and Dom-Wendell all along is a bit of a mystery. Maybe Sebastian makes it to final three and the editors want to have some kind of surprise to trot out in the finale so that will be it. Or maybe nothing comes of it and that is why we haven't see the three together too much. BUT they did show us at the merge that Wendell had rescued and held on to a shell that Sebastian had found and wanted to keep but in a tribal swap was separated from same. We saw how emotional he was that Wendell gave it back to him and their whole interaction seemed to indicate they had been close since the beginning. Weirdly I think Sea Bass is now the pivot point of the game. Depending on how long he can use his extra vote, he may well determine who the final four or even final three will be. Of course his edit throughout the game as the stoned doofus seems to set-up him misplaying the advantage too. But still his "play" may well figure into the finals one way of the other.
  6. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    About Laurel above. What times? She was in an alliance with Dom and Wendell and Donathan since the first few days of the game and has never betrayed any of them. Putting out feelers everyone does. That always happens. But she never went against them nor cast a vote against any of them in tribal ever. And any moves against them at this point would be seen as proper final game moves too. No, she has been about the most loyal soldier ever on this show. Since the merge I'm also sure every last person not named Dom or Wendell have talked about voting one of them out at one time or the other and those people were "whatever strong!" people who believed in loyalty to their tribe. Laurel isn't in that bind so she would be expected to put out feelers by the jury members. And if they called her on it as being disloyal to Wendell and Dom she could say she was an undercover agent for her alliance too which turned out to be true a couple of times as well though only because she knew she couldn't make the move. But they don't know that. So she could say her job WAS to put out feelers and see who might be coming after her alliance-mates and then report back.
  7. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    Totally agree with this. She can't make the move because like she says she couldn't trust the other side who have been planning to get her out. Especially Kellyn. You got to hang in and hope you can blindside either Dom or Wendell without them using their idol in one of the next two tribals then use that "leader of the blindside" on your resume at final three. Like Nashville reminded everyone above, she was lying about those two splitting the votes giving her a chance because she clearly stated she was lying to keep them pacified. She knows she has no chance against them together and her only Hail Mary is to get one out though right now she is probably playing for second place and knows it. She never flip-flopped once in the game and has been the most loyal player of them all. The jury might think she did but her job at final would be to point out that she was ALWAYS true to her Alliance of Four throughout the game that the others didn't know about. That and she was the one person from loser tribe that survived (Donathan just basically committed suicide this last episode) against all odds and if she can take one of Dom or Wendell out then that too. Had to re-post this because it was such a great post in my opinion. Actually editing has set up a confrontation between Dom and Wendell before final three for several episodes. Their confessionals a couple of episodes back were all about just that. It was the episode where they were the final two for immunity and Dom won. They both said they had to play for their families first and so needed to take out the other one before the end. Now this could be editors' misdirection and it comes to nothing but then again the editors haven't been too subtle this season so I look for one to try and take out the other in the next two tribals. The key to this all happening pretty much lies with of all people Mr Sea Bass and his extra vote as well. You have to have complete secrecy to pull this off and we have seen Donathan cannot keep his yap closed between paranoia at camp and "truth bombs" at tribals. Sebastian maybe could since he always presents at least a mellow, laid back persona. Angela would go with whoever has the numbers thus protect her. Yes. Dom played one of his extra advantages already. I forget what it was now. But on top of his real idol he still has access (he re-buried thus hid it) to his fake idol he found and he did say at the time he was the guy who would know how to make it work for him. I don't think they left all that longish footage of him finding it and talking about it in that episode if it is just a moot point and doesn't figure into the game. I'm going to listen carefully to the "previously" intro this final episode to see if Jeff mentions it in passing. Eh, you play the hand that is dealt to you and who wouldn't want your opponents to either not have good cards to play (loser tribe) or have them and misplay them for you (the "strong" whatever tribe). I'd like to see both of them back again to see how they can play against better players but I don't blame them for dealing with some really big time "whatever strong!" idiots this time around. They made a "final four" pack of the four remaining males during the last episode's reward. I don't imagine it was necessarily real but Sea Bass must seem like an easy goat to Wendell and Dom and an alternative to Laurel who Wendell said they took on this episode's reward because she keeps sending them mixed signals. He has also said that about Laurel in a few other episodes. But with Laurel remaining loyal and Sea Bass still in the Bro Alliance and Donathan blowing-up and acting nuts it looks like Donathan is the one no longer in the Alliance of Four now.
  8. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    No Sebastian did not use his extra vote yet. They didn't say for how long he could use it either. If it could be used through the final four it would be huge for him. And Angela is still in it because she is really a shapeshifter and spends most of her time looking like a bump on a log. Tonight I just finally learned her name she has been so good at not being there. No way was Wendell trying to throw an individual immunity challenge especially this late in the game. He wasn't suicidal, just dehydrated and fried like most of the others. I've been in situations in that kind of state before and it is like everything is in slow motion and you have to think every move through instead of automatically just acting. Actually this is one of my most favorite seasons. I can't remember ever having the four people I liked best early on ALL last this long though Donathan was wearing out his welcome a little there. Throwing around "truth bombs" is NOT the way you play Survivor. But other than that it has been a really, nice pleasant season where the people I wanted out went out and the people I wanted in are all still there. I personally like pleasant over unpleasant any old day myself.
  9. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    I don't find her boring at all, love her confessionals and she is way better than the endless blonde 20-something look a-likes. Also though casting never will allow many Afro-Americans on the show at once they will have at least one and she is far more memorable with her "David" edit than a lot of black women who seem to go out in the first 2 or 3 episodes of late. And who says she doesn't make a big move? I don't think she has been featured as much as she has this season without some kind of a payoff coming up. And quite frankly throwing a money wrench into Kellyn's hopes and schemes two times running is good enough for me.
  10. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    Typical Survivor misdirection editing. To constantly SAY this specifically says to me that Laurel could well be the winner. She already has the David vs Goliath edit going on so I would not be surprised at all if she wins. If not she has already assured herself of a call back on a future Survivor. One where she hopefully won't get the "luck" of ending up on the Sucky Tribe. Also she wouldn't be with BOTH Wendell and Dom. Those two have said in confessionals they know they can't be with each other in the finals and the editing has already set up a Dom/Wendell throw down starting several episodes ago. Once one leads the charge to take out the other -- probably Dom will make the first move since he said he knows how to use his "official" fake idol he found -- one of them will go home. Then all Laurel needs is enough players left to engineer the biggest blindside move of the season, taking the other out, and the money is all hers. Especially if she is sitting next to Donathan and Sea Bass and doesn't have to deal with the Nafiti (or whatever it was called ) All Women Tribal Alliance that Kellyn thinks she is the cult leader of. Final tribal. Each are asked to say why they should be the winner. Donathan: "I was the mumble and then I mumbled and blew up mumble then I mumbled him and mumbled some more. Sebastion: "Wow look. Like if I like move my hands my fingers like make trails in the air like, dude!" Laurel: "I don't mumble and I am not a stoned Sea Bass."
  11. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    I totally don't. They weren't interesting people and as we saw Jenna had no real effect on the game. Probably the same is true of Chelsea. No sexism in not showing them at all. Any sexism on Survivor lives in the area of casting these blank slate, 20-something, blondish types as "eye candy" only instead of casting for personality or savvy or game smarts. And I never really saw a "hateful" person on Survivor ever but if you mean someone edited as a "villain" then of course they are going to get a lot of confessionals because drama equals entertainment since the ancient Greeks and Drama 101 says you have to have a very visible "villain" in the mix. Also this.
  12. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    This. Other than the double elimination stuff the only other thing in this episode was Dom finding the "official" fake idol and saying he would know how to make good use of it. Then Dom's confessionals about how he would take his best ally Wendell out in a heartbeat in order to win the money for his family etc. I believe Wendell made some comment too but the Dom one(s) were longer. To me this means the editors are setting up a Dom vs Wendell throw-down storyline starting in this episode. And it will be somehow tied into the "official" fake idol somehow and Dom will either get Wendell out with this ruse or will be blown up like Wiley Coyote by the attempt. The other MAJOR edit we have gotten ad nausea for like forever is the N-something Strong crap. As far as I can tell the two people left not original N's are Laurel and Donathan. Some people here in the past posted they don't see Laurel and Donathan gaining anything by being with Dom and Wendell who would both easily win over them. But I respectfully disagree. Here is why: 1. Say one of Dom or Wendell takes the other out because they know they might not win against their buddy and because editing is setting up this showdown big time now. So only one remains at the end. In a three way or two way finale either Laurel or Donathan or both (three way) could be sitting next to the winner of the showdown. 2. Enter the Bitter Jury of Former N Strong Cult Members. The ones that see their exits being orchestrated by either Dom or Wendell. They won't blame Laurel and/or Donathan for their demise since they didn't betray the N tribe. 3. Also on the jury will include some members of the M Weak tribe who may well love to see N Strong FINALLY go down and one of "theirs" win. Anyway that is the possible path I see either Laurel or Donathan having a chance to win. Probably won't happen but I figured Dom and Wendell would have to confront each other before the end before the "final confrontation" storyline editing even started up this episode. *** [Edited to add that if it is a final two and one of Laurel or Donathan win the last immunity they would choose the other to sit next to over whoever survives the Dom/Wendell showdown earlier using this scenario above]. I agree. There is still a possibility one of the makes it through as a goat I guess. Kellyn has become the annoying "villain" I guess after Chris and that other ego maniac got voted out in a row. The one who I already forgot his name. None of these three are traditional "villains" but they have to have someone play that role and so this season the "most annoying ones" become the villains. Anyway she could survive a few more episodes to drive the audience crazy unless the Dom vs Wendell drama starts up super early. The editors have to have someone to use as the villain or foil or whatever and they haven't used any of the others who I can't remember at all in these roles at all. The girl that wins immunity twice gets no "edit" at all. Hmmm, says she does nothing to me. Only Sea Bass gets some play as the funny, stoned guy.
  13. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    Amen, amen, amen! Yeah last week she was so SURE Des was telling her the truth and Laurel was lying. This week she was so SURE Michael had an idol because ... well ... he said he did and he would never lie to her, right. Just like Des would never lie to her. And why would she ever think to trouble Michael to show her the idol. God, she is dumb. Years later at the reading of the Last Will and Testament of Kellyn: "... and on my tombstone I want carved Naviti Strong!" (Grand Kids: "Grandma always seemed a little out of it. She used to wander around the house mumbling that strange phrase over and over again under her breath. Who knows what it means"). And Dom was really cool too by saying he can read people -- which he can -- so he knew Michael didn't have the idol. Someone else would have spilled the beans that he found the new idol that isn't an idol so that was why he knew but he didn't give it away. Props. Love Dom and the other three (Laurel, Wendall and Donathan) and like other posters here I'd love to see one of them win it all and would be happy with any of these four. But back to Kellyn. She was probably crying because (1) she had read the situation totally wrong (again, see Des above) and so went against Dom and Wendell so they won't trust her any more and (2) she finally realizes that Laurel is allied with them. Also she wasted the extra vote. I'd like to think that she also wept in a moment of self-enlightenment about how dumb she has been playing the game but I don't believe she would ever realize that. Excellent point you and some others made. He didn't waste his idol at all. He would have been gone in the re-vote had he played it for that Jenna (who I don't even remember) who laughed at him going to save her as she voted for him. Also Donathan may well have saved Laurel by not letting Michael show around that idol. It was also kind of funny to see "Sea Bass" look totally surprised to see someone wrote down his name. Like he assumed Donathan would be voting himself out? Either that or Sebastian was so stoned he forgot his nickname and was trying to figure out who voted for a fish. There's a Chelsea? And she won an immunity or two you say? I had no idea. Actually someone posted in an earlier episode thread that that is kind of a traditional name in that area of the country aka eastern Kentucky and parts of West Virginia and that they knew one or more people with that first name in real life. Who said Survivor isn't educational. Totally hilarious yet true. Just had to re-post this because I can see it in my imagination. Thanks for the laugh.
  14. No I didn't say that. But then I saw no abuse. Dogs outside without secure fences are always tied up or should be. A fish that bites me will be dropped on the floor in the process of getting myself un-bit as well it should be. And in real life no way would I let a squirrel out of a bag. The pissed off little bugger would tear my fingers off and give me rabies both. Let them chew the bag open and not my flesh open. To equate this mild TV stuff with real abuse does not compute and to accuse me of condoning "gross aberrations" ... well isn't that abusive on me when I never said any such thing? After all I'm an animal too. And a vegetarian one to boot so I don't abuse any animal larger than an occasional annoying mosquito I just can't put up with any more. :-)
  15. You do know that no animal was abused on this show? There was NO squirrel. It was some wind-up toy or mechanical device put in the bag by the prop department. Same with the so-called fish in the bowl for the fish biting scene segment. That take of the fish on the finger was a prop fish. They don't have fish trainers in Hollywood training teeny tiny fish to bite on cue. And no dog was left tied up all day every day on their set. A TV show is not not not reality. This is fictional. Just like when Homer strangles Bart every other Simpsons episode. No biggie. They are both comedies. They are there to help people relax and unwind and have some laughs. I didn't find any of it "sick" at all but I did find all of it pretty damn funny.