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  1. S05.E13: A New God

    Yeah I don't think anyone is rooting for Ivar. Well maybe Putin since the show is really popular in Russia. And Bjorn has been pissed about any and everything since they lost the big battle. I have no idea why Hirst has changed him as a character so much of late. Sulk and look pissed. Then look pissed and sulk. I don't know why Hirst has changed Bjorn into an old grump so suddenly. But then I never understood why he turned him into a lust machine starting a few seasons back either. Neither make sense. Poor writing. Bjorn deserved better.
  2. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Just logic. If your were Burnett or Probst would you want to trust your editors to do a good job totally blind to the final outcome? That's playing Russian roulette with your show. You can't frame a good storyline unless you know how the book ends. You have to know the winner or the whole edit will be off. The editors are professionals. They aren't lowly production assistants out on Twitter gabbing away and giving up secrets. They are under contract and no way will they break their contracts and screw up their lucrative careers and reputations in the industry.
  3. Done Episode 9. And after these 9 episodes I still don't know how earth knows about some alien race and knows their name even yet has never met them before. And actor playing lead selfish jerk guy I want to clobber you every time you do your "I'm Batman" hoarse whisper crap which is about 9 out of every 10 lines you utter. That annoys me totally and is NOT acting. It has gotten to the point that I am rooting for the biologist with the axe to take out the whole entire cast. And please don't stop there. Keep going into the writers' room while at it. There are really bad shows that are fun to watch and make fun of and then there are really bad shows that just plain stink. This is the latter. No wonder SyFy is burning up the episodes one a day to get this show over as quickly as possible.
  4. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Huh? The editors certainly know who has won. The final votes are read on the live show but they vote for the actual winner while still on the island months and months before the live show finale. If you know the final three then you know the winner. The editors aren't editing in the dark here. That is what gives me hope that either Nick or Davie or even both make it through to the F3 and maybe one of them wins because they have gotten really good edits. I lean to Davie now. And no I read NO spoilers. This is my guess based on the editing alone up through this episode. Like I think maybe Nick won't make it now because we got two quick edits tonight right after tribal ended showing him really upset and muttering under his breath that he wasted his idol. It is also why I don't think Kara is in the mix because she hasn't had much air time or any real storyline compared to the other 5 players left. It will be interesting to see if the edits were tells next week because the editing has been better this season at hiding stuff.
  5. S05.E13: A New God

    I really like Alfred, Ubbe and Torvi. Glad they are all three locked into a close alliance now too. I'm all Team AUT! (But yeah not so much anyone else). Welcome back, Magnus. Bjorn will be using your life up no doubt fostering his own agendas but nice to see you. Too bad you don't know better and just go and talk to Alfred first since he was just a young kid and probably simply forgot you like most of us viewers likely did. Aethelred, why can't you stay out of stupid plots? You were kind of sympathetic at first since you had the same fate as your father being stuck as the loyal second banana and all. But as we all know there is only one king in all of English history that gets "the Great" added after his name and it wont be you so stop with the backroom treason meetings, okay. I have no idea who these people are with Floki. I have never learned a single name. And it doesn't seem worth it to even start. It is so weird an inter-cut when we go there to see a 30 second clip of yet one more of Floki's In Great Distress speeches of sorrow and sadness. Even Iceland went from spectacular scenery to totally miserable looking. Please end this silly plot line. It is going on forever and no one cares.
  6. S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    No, Hvitserk loved her. He even went to the cabin to comfort her and make sure she stayed warm. Ivar alone decided to kill her after his dream that she had stabbed him to death.
  7. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I'd love Christian on The Amazing Race. But with his beloved Emily who I think a LOT of fans would love to see. Or if she is really too shy then with Davie or even Nick. I NEVER want to see Gabby on my screen again EVER let alone on TAR! Farewell Christian. I will miss you. Can't wait until you are asked back on Survivor. The Finale Night is already a major letdown without you. In other news what are the chances that Angelina's password to all her online accounts is RICE? Can't stand Mike or Alison and again they mess up things for me the viewer. Mike is a stupid player who flew under the radar because he is a zero threat and would never get a single vote in a F3. Nor would Alison the Dummy. Kara is ... there ... as in not annoying but not interesting in the least. The fun final three would be Davie and Nick (either can win though I lean a little to Davie) and Angelina for comic relief because I'd love to hear her before the jury begging for their votes (and jackets) and promising them rice in return.
  8. Well this show is just a bundle of joy now, isn't it? Sadism, torture, torment, endless pain and angst on everyone's faces all the time. And the jerk main character off in Daughterland not giving a damn about whether anyone else in the universe lives of dies. Reminds me of the jerk main character in Manifest who only cares for his son and screw everyone else on the planet. Both are self-absorbed idiots. Run, aliens. Run fast, run far from these crazy humans. After Episode 8, which is when I am posting, they had their aftermath where the author of the original book said the magic of it all is making people care about fictional characters. I don't know if he managed that in the book but the TV series sure hasn't. At this point the only being I'm rooting for is the black mold. And then only to rid me of the rest of these miserable characters.
  9. Okay this show just became a total laugh riot in Episode 3 when it officially became "My Mother the Car" but in space. If you are too young to get the reference, from Wikipedia: At the rate Nightflyers is going it may soon make that list too. PS: Hope the aliens refuse to answer their doorbell when this crazy group actually (if ever) reaches them. "It's those nutty damn Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons again, dear. Let's turn the lights out until they go away."
  10. S01.E02: Torches and Pitchforks

    LOL, The Redshirt Kenny in Space. Another confusing episode about people I don't care about. 2093 continues to look like a year I don't want to ever see. The only interesting character to me is the biology guy who didn't have that great an into in the prelude in episode 1. Sigh.
  11. S01.E01: All That We Left Behind

    I just started watching this by watching re-runs of the first 3 or 4 episodes today. With just this first one I had no idea what the opening was about. At first I thought it was a flashBACK to some ship heading to earth then suddenly they wanted to go away from earth for some quickly mumbled reason aboard the ship that just came back to earth. It took me a while to figure out that the artsy fartsy crowd who produced this was trying to show off their video-making "skillz." It didn't work. And why should I care now for the two characters we flashed forward to? I guess that was what they were going for but who really knows. One is shown offing themselves and the other as a crazed maniac. Not characters you want to settle in with for the long ride. Then there is some main character who talks normally sometimes but most other times talks like a poor Batman impersonator with that hoarse whisper crap and can't decide whether he wants to be clean shaven or grow a bread so settles for some mess in the middle instead. Don't like him at all. The bossy character or the actor. In other news 2093 doesn't look like a year I'd want to live through.
  12. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    This was addressed to me and I have no idea what it even means. Friends hang out together and play games, eat food, see movies. Friends help each other in times of need. Friends sit around someone's living room in the evening trying to figure out why we live and die. But I have no idea how my friends make or should make me feel "special." What the heck is "special." More that they make me feel like, you know, well like their friend. People to chew the fat with and vent about work. People to plan trips with. People to go hiking with. People to laugh and cry with. People to be nerds with. People to be sports fans with. People to discuss books with. You know, humans being human.
  13. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Totally 100% agree. Why would anyone shun half the human race by not hanging out and being good friends with people of the other gender? Seems totally unbalanced to only have friends from your own gender only.
  14. S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    Thanks for the Forbes review link btw. Good points there. And it gave me Princess Not-A-Virgin-Now's name too. Elsewith. Princess Elsewith. Else+With. Maybe I can remember it now. Or not. The show lost it's way when they killed off Athelstan. There was no contrast left between the good and the cruel or crazy or whatever anymore. Ragner without Athelstan's balancing him was written as going down the drain into drug addiction and self-absorption. Bjorn went from a young man protecting his mother and dreaming of voyages of discovery to humping any woman he cared to give "the look" to. Lagertha and Judith and Torvi never aged. Helga went crazy. Floki went from an eccentric free spirit and sometimes scary fundamentalist to ... well I don't even know what to call him now. The only characters that really interest me now are Alfred, Ubbe and Torvi. They are the only ones that seem complex enough to be part of a real history.
  15. S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    It is pretty obvious to me. He has been fluttering back and forth having major second thoughts of having chosen Ivar over Ubbe. This will push him over the edge into his own storyline because he seemed to really love Margrethe despite her being totally insane. That scene with him visiting her and gently assuring her that no crazy woman you are not really crazy set that up really strongly. He will now hate Ivar but being weak he will have to stew in it for awhile before he decides if he can take on Ivar and avenge his insanely insane love of his life. I like the Ubbe/Alfred stuff. It is Ragnar/Athelstan Lite in the making. Despite Bishop Bad Actor who has become untended comic relief to me at this point, I still like hanging with the Saxons far more than Kattegat these days. And what to speak of the Floki Loses His Faith storyline. Will he find it again in time like Athelstan before Over-The-Top Bad Guy Viking In Iceland kills him (oh the irony) or will he die a bitter old man? How does a kid who was deeply and rightfully offended when his father had sex with Aslaauuug (forget her spelling) in front of him grow up to become Mr Lust? And why does he just look at the woman in question and they all melt before him? He has bizarro, matted hair, ugly tattoos all over him, a very straggly looking and graying beard and must stink worse than a Saxon even. Yet all these woman are all "Oh Mr Ironside, you are the hotty savage of my dreams." BTW what is Princess I Used To Be A Virgin Pre-Bjorn's name. Didn't catch it. Also how do all the Vikings in Wessex have their own quarters and hang around doing nothing in the market all day? They didn't stop to loot and pillage on their way to Wessex and they certainly didn't stop to nab any treasure left in Kattegat. Speaking of which neither Ivar nor Harold commented on the fact that there was a couple of dead guards and one of their large longboats gone a-missing which means their scouts may be looking in all the wrong places for Lagertha and Company now. I did like when Ivar asked Harold why the hell was he sitting around in Kattegat freeloading on his hospitality and food etc when he had his own kingdom to go back to. Harold should have replied "Because it was in the script Hirst gave me." Also a shout out to nodorothyparker. Love your posts and as always you nailed it on all your points.