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  1. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    It was also the subject of an early Blondie song! He was also a Harvard (and several other universities) mathematician. In Buckaroo Banzai, he was the attendant in the mental hospital killed by Emilio Lizardo. And he had a full head of dark hair, too.
  2. S04.E01 Smoke

    Yes, completely! Although my grandma was in Ohio.
  3. S04.E01 Smoke

    Sorry, for the late, late post (we've been saving shows on the dvr and binging them). Did we know what Gene's last name was before? I only ask because it's basically one letter off from my maternal grandmother's last name, so it really caught my attention. I think it would have caught me equally well if I'd seen it before.
  4. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Oh, that reminds me. Etsy lady's comment about wanting Billy's flag to be 3D. Whaaa? It's a flag. He had the voodoo dolls for the 3D element. A 3D flag is just stupid.
  5. S01.E08: Milk

    Heh, he never did anything strenuous enough to break a sweat!
  6. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I didn't hear anything about the "topless" shed and don't know why Simon would care, since he's gay. Although he did make that comment about negligees. Maybe that's what he wears when he's lounging around??? Amber's mannequin heads looked like something you'd see in a discount beauty supply shop, and I hated that she reversed one of the wallpaper sheets. It looked so shlocky. And why use a paper with such a HUGE repeat in a teeny tiny space? Again, her place look very "Etsy" and on trend, rather than anticipating the trends. Her hula hoop wall shelf is a style that's very trendy right now. And why was Etsy judge so shocked it was made from hula hoops? I'm sure it's one of the items in their stash of materiél. I didn't mind Billy's that much -- at least his signage was much MUCH better done than his taco truck -- but he left on body of work, I'm sure. I'm with others. Shocked he made it so far. Jo's shed is something I've seen before. I liked the paint brushes as a look, but it would be expensive to do for real. The shim colors were a bit too juvenile for me, and the way she mounted them to her window box was kind of useless since the flowers draping over them obscured the design. LOVED the lathe jokes. O.k. folks, see you lather! P.S. Oops, meant to say all my vibes are going out to Khiem!
  7. S01.E08: Milk

    Translation: money. Yeah, I get it. :-)
  8. S01.E08: Milk

    I was really disappointed to see them do a season 2 of Big Little Lies. I loved the show, but doing another season seems unnecessary and, as someone said, greedy. Also, self-congratulatory. I'm not even sure if I'll watch it. Sequels are nearly always inferior. Sharp Objects does not need a second season, either. Why?
  9. S01.E08: Milk

    They ate so many of them, they're extinct! I first heard about them in Gigi, and I couldn't image eating it bones and all. Ick.
  10. S01.E08: Milk

    Love this entire post and the thesis. It's so sad when you see women who should never have had kids being crap moms and damaging their kids. My mom said her mom hadn't wanted to get married at all, but my grandfather pestered her to death. She ended up with 7 kids, and my mom was not terribly close to her -- she was raised mostly by her grandmother (my gm worked). And my mom tried, but she wasn't a natural mother at all. Heh. I knew pretty early that the idea of a universal "mommy" gene was pretty much a myth. Now, my upbringing was not 1% as unhinged as Camille's and the Crellin girls, but I'm so glad I live in a time when marriage and motherhood is a choice. I think I'd like to think I'd be a good mom, but I'm nowhere sure at all, and that's not enough for me to potentially screw up some kid's life. My favorite scene in the whole episode. The tiniest changes Patricia Clarkson makes to her face to let you know she knows what Camille's gaze is telling her. Masterful.
  11. S01.E07: Falling

    This show is driving us nuts!
  12. S01.E07: Falling

    Heh, I mentioned this back in the episode 3 or 4 (or 5?) discussion. Hope I didn't implant the idea!
  13. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I actually told my sister that Amber was going to win it all. She's the pet. But nothing she's done interests me or even wows me. Love Khiem. He was robbed by not winning the Halloween porch. That looked awesome. The bark on the trees and the smoke effect. Very cool. Robert is boring. Joanne does "mommy" crafts. Meh. Wish the contestants had more interesting thought processes. Khiem is the only one who is a true original.
  14. S03.E10: The Final

  15. S01.E06: Cherry

    Nice house, but I like the interior from the show better. Even with the weird bannister landing!