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  1. Oh, I never watch commercials. What is it about?
  2. I say it both ways depending on my mood. I'm born and raised SoCalifornian. That's what I was trying to tell her, too. I don't mind a non-buttery pie crust -- flakiness is more important to me there. And I LOOOOOVE butter. With a butter crust it's almost more like shortbread, which has its points, but I really prefer a lard/shortening flaky crust for pie. Sherry/Sharon was toned down this week, but she still had to remind people she's Canadian. Why doesn't she tattoo a maple leaf on her forehead? Douglas seems like a good person, as well as an awesome baker. I'm rooting for him. Larome (sp?) and Chantal, I agree, are the other ones to beat. Sara seems sweet without being too fakey cutesy. Charlotte Russe guy seems nice, but doesn't seem to have the speed or competitive edge. I didn't see the cookie show with the Brazilian lady, but she seem mostly o.k. and fairly talented. Maybe she saw herself and learned a few things (which always reminds me of Tiffany from Top Chef Season 1).
  3. Those tight-fitting suits are the style now. I first noticed it about a year ago when watching Colbert's show. His suits were really snug. And all his male guests (who were wearing suits) had really snug-fitting ones, too. I was having a laugh at men having to deal with silly fashion edicts while they were tugging and pulling at their too tight suits. Your last sentence? Amen. I knew they wouldn't get rid of the home baker in the first episode. They get sympathy points. It's irksome. I sure wouldn't like being graded on a curve like that. If they really want home bakers, why not do a competition just for them? Or, as someone mentioned, get ones who can actually bake at a professional level!
  4. To my mind, Jon Henson was the best Talk Soup host EVAH. I haven't seen enough of him lately, so more More MORE Henson! Glad to see everyone agreed on Michelle's mermaid monstrosity. Even after her story I couldn't tell what it was. Her clown face last week was nearly as lame. And she has annoyed me since the season began. When she made that crack when she was assigning the dreams to the other two and Lyndsey gave her a comment right back, she had such a nasty look on her face. Damn, Michelle, if you're gonna dish it out, you gotta learn to take it. I like Jamal a lot, and I think he'd be great on a show of his own. Sadly, his cake had issues tonight. I think it was close between him and Lyndsey. Notice how he made the face on the running man character? So clean and well done. Michelle didn't even try. I will admit I LOL'd at Jamal's skull with a nose on it. Ha!
  5. Yeah, the home baker thing is truly annoying. I was bummed Steve was eliminated, because I thought the only reason he was was so that Michelle could go into the finals. They have to have a home baker in the finals. And, yeah, her schtick has gotten even more tired and annoying than at the beginning of the competition. Lyndsey is so much more subtle and Jamal so much more personable, so their personalities are the ones with the most appeal to me. That and they appear to be vastly better bakers.
  6. S04.E10: Winner

    Thanks! I only watch most episodes once so a lot of the details float off into the ether.
  7. S04.E10: Winner

  8. S04.E10: Winner

    Eh, Howard would have been a legacy wherever his dad went. I'm sure he went somewhere "good." Or... I'm completely ignorant on law school admittance policies. Do legacies even exist in that universe? Bannon???
  9. S04.E10: Winner

    It looked like a Maxfield Parrish painting. He was also in Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind. He (and his wife, Annette O'Toole) wrote a couple of the songs. He has a wide ranging musical pedigree!
  10. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Viktor. :-)
  11. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    It was also the subject of an early Blondie song! He was also a Harvard (and several other universities) mathematician. In Buckaroo Banzai, he was the attendant in the mental hospital killed by Emilio Lizardo. And he had a full head of dark hair, too.
  12. S04.E01 Smoke

    Yes, completely! Although my grandma was in Ohio.
  13. S04.E01 Smoke

    Sorry, for the late, late post (we've been saving shows on the dvr and binging them). Did we know what Gene's last name was before? I only ask because it's basically one letter off from my maternal grandmother's last name, so it really caught my attention. I think it would have caught me equally well if I'd seen it before.
  14. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Oh, that reminds me. Etsy lady's comment about wanting Billy's flag to be 3D. Whaaa? It's a flag. He had the voodoo dolls for the 3D element. A 3D flag is just stupid.
  15. S01.E08: Milk

    Heh, he never did anything strenuous enough to break a sweat!