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  1. If by the Gym Guy you mean Eleanor's new "Soul Mate" he has a bigger part now that might be to complicated for him. This is a guy who likes his simple job of twisting people. I don't think the writing is weaker. I think it has the potential to be stronger because we are dealing with some of the demons just don't want to be doing Michael's grand new scheme and watching them back stab each other to get bigger (like the former real Eleanor) or smaller parts. I mentioned something before of this feeling to me like a corporate setting where everyone got use to doing something in a certain way and might even like their jobs then a new guy with bold new schemes shows up that does nothing but makes everyones life more complicated. Gym guy seems like a guy who doesn't particularly want a complicated job like being Eleanor's fake soul mate.
  2. Even if the police did collect forensic evidence which they all but said they wouldn't she was still defending her home and her son against a perceived threat. No one waa going to press charges against her. Plus the stand your ground law pretty much covered her even if she just perceived a threat to her safety. It gives her almost complete immunity. The only thing that might be an issue is the illegal gun no one will call her on that.
  3. What physical evidence? The only real evidence is that Ivy sent one of her employees to her home in the middle of a blackout when people were talking possible terrorist attack. Plus there is a stand your ground law in play. The only thing in favor of an arrest is an illegal possession of a gun. This was a tragic accident not a crime. What makes it hinky is everyone's behavior after. Ally should have stayed away from the protesting crowd and let it die down on its own. Lack of self awareness is not a crime either though.
  4. I respectfully disagree. I am starting to see everything come together and I am really enjoying this season. This may actually turn into one of my favorites if I am right about the direction it is headed. I dont want to put spoilers on the episode thread but I put my wild speculation on the speculation thread.
  5. Chidi wasn't just undecive. He made everyone's life miserable because of it. It wasn't that he couldn't make big decisions but he couldn't make any decisions. He was frozen by in indecisiveness. Tehani sin was pride and envy and she is all kinds of superficial. She did donate tons of money to a charity but only did it to be better then her sister and to snog an actor (I forget which one). She never did anything unless she was going to get recognized for it. these aren't horrible murders, this is a light breezy dramedy. We need to "like" all four of them especially dirtbag Eleanor so she can't really be that big of a dirtbag. For this to work They all need to be exceptionally redeemable.
  6. I don't think Tahani is coming off worse. I think Michael is playing to the groups most obvious failings for picking their "soulmate". Tahani is superficial by nature but she had some growth last season so she was able to at least partially adapt the her new wardrobe and less then perfect guy. Jianyu and his silent monk routine allowed her to be with a hot guy who didn't talk. That could be seen as an early ideal for her. I am liking the demons. They seem more like corporate drones and Michale seems like that executive who wants to shake things up but only makes things more difficult for the drones who just want to go into work and do their job. "This job is weird. It's all talk and no twisting."
  7. This is just wild speculation on my part but in Kai's "Join Me" preview thing one of his lines is "If you get people scared enough they will set the world on fire." It made me think of Ally. What if that is his plan for her. How do you build a terrorist? What if that is the storyline for him/her/them that he is trying to scare her enough that she sets the world on fire leaving him there to be the savior. Every villian needs a hero as you will. He is gas lighting Ally to be the villain of the story and setting himself up to be the hero. Well if I am right. It will be truly interesting if he succeeds. Plus....horrific.
  8. I am not going to play the "Who's in on it game" all that hard. I think it kind of ruins the fun. At least for me. There are some obvious choices of course. The shrink is involved directly or indirectly. The cop is involved directly or indirectly. I don't think Ivy is anymore. I think she is just tired of Ally's shit. If she is involved then she must have gone to Kai and he played that pinky game with her and she must have told him how tired she was of knuckling under to Ally's phobias and Kai would have been intrigued by that. Other then that I don't think she is involved. What interests me about this season is how everyone is miscommunicating with everyone else. I think that is the true horror. The danger we all face when we don't talk to each other. When we can't talk to each other. When we won't talk to each other. The violence it causes. Its turning Ally into a monster. (Yet I am in the seemingly unpopular opinion that I do still feel for her because I do see where she is coming from. I don't agree with her and I think she has zero insight but I do feel for her.) I fight her spiral intriguing. I also find Kai to be intriguing as well. What is his connection to the murder clowns and the glowly truck? Is there a connection or is it all one big coincidence. Is Kai just taking advantage of people at their weakest moments and a serial killer. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if the murder clowns turn out to be Ally. There are no murder clowns just Ally being crazy and that is why Kai is so intrigued by her.
  9. Well at least he's a pretty car. Pretty pretty car.
  10. On a purely superficial level (and because I am rewatching Murder House because Netflix is probably losing the series next month) Evan Peters has grown up nicely. Despite the ugly bun he is a handsome man and I don't usually go in that direction but his smile might make me put him in my exception pile.
  11. I am guessing you mean Winter the babysitter. I am more likely thinking that Winter will show up to "pick up her things" and Ivy will catch her and Ally in a compromising position that will make Ally look like a predator and possibly make Winter into a victim and throw Ally out leaving Ally with nowhere to go but into the loving and open arms of Kai.
  12. Ally showed complete lack of self awareness by driving up to the protesters. I don't think she did anything fundamentally wrong with the shooting. It was a tragic accident but her reaction to it is what is interesting. I don't think she did anything wrong but people were angry at her and confronting them served no purpose but making them angrier. Well would have except they were probably plants by Kai. Still my point stands. I am really enjoying the season but I am having my own problems explaining why. It has all the Ingredients of what I adore in horror. I actually love psychological thrillers plus unrealiable leads. Sarah Paulson is awesome and Ryan Murphy just gets me. i like the idea of one thing turning into another through strife. And Ally turning into something else or maybe into what she really truly is is interesting to me. Not sure if I am explaining it well but this season is mostly working for me.
  13. Yeah. I am in for this season. So very in. I loved how everything got turned in on Ally. She got away with killing her mexican employee because of the stand your ground law but then protesters "her people" protested her. By the way her shrink is looking more and more creepy. He is so going to be a killer clown or something to that nature. I am starting to think everyone is wrong about Ivy. That she isn't a bad guy and more just an exasperated wife of someone who is spiraling out of control. The scene where she found last weeks bathroom romp between Ally and Winter was very well done. Plus with the cop there thinking Ally is completely bat shit insane works to the shows benefit. My guess is that the season is going to continue the downward spiral of Ally (and I LOVE a good downward spiral which is probably why I adore this season so much) with Kai being the only source of real comfort for Ally. And irony being Republican soundbites. God I love this season. If it keeps going on like this it may turn into my favorite yet.
  14. Reading some of the posts I am not sure if I am alone but I think this may turn out to be one of my favorite seasons. Then again I think the only two seasons I didn't like were Coven and Freak Show. I don't really care that the police "should have" been called to the restaurant its a horror movie trope (and damn you all for making me use the word "trope" in a sentence.) that the police are never there when they are supposed to be and never believe the people who are telling the truth. I let those things go to move the plot along. I know alot of people aren't me. I have a former friend who got caught up in moments like this and will spend a week obsessing over a detail like that and forget everything else about the episode. Its kinda the reason he is a former friend. Anyway I thought the episode for the most part worked and the storyline continues to work. Ally continues to spiral as Kai continues to rise. Its gonna be entertaining to watch.
  15. This is on end of the reasons why I find Asylum the best in the series. It fits into the genre of psychological thriller which has always been my favorite kind of horror. The horror grounded in reality was often the best part. Of course the season had its issues. The alien storyline never quite gelled but other then that I thought Asylum was put together nicely as a good old fashion psychological thriller.