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  1. Honestly I don't care about realism when it comes to this show. Should the Amazon society realistically have enough time to get set up? Not really. But it was still one of the best overall storylines simply because I enjoyed the Domi and Cliff stuff and the douche in the cage was funny. I also kinda liked the overall idea of Karma being the one to start the upheaval in the mental institution. Do I think she is really dead? It could go either way: But it worked for the overall story. This is ultimately Grace's story so having Karma either be dead or alive works. It also works for her to ultimately be in charge of Heart Industries and therefor Arthur's #1 enemy. Just to hear the line "Karma's a bitch."
  2. A part of me is now hoping Domi and Cliff win the whole thing. Grace and Arthur can take out Heart Industries all they want. i would do watch a spin off of Domi and Cliff in the early days of their relationship when the murdering together was fresh and new.
  3. Is it weird that I think Domi might be the perfect woman? So how much sex did it take for Christopher to get that security job? The Amazon plot was not as entertaining as some of the others but it was worth it hysterical to see Grace and Nomi rampaging.
  4. Actually I thought the opposite. There were crowds gathering. It was taking too long. People were starting to ask questions. They needed to speed things up. Neatness didn't count. They weren't planning on coming back. A certain amount of suspension of disbelief is needed for this show. Unless you want the cops stationed outside the Cody's house. Which I think J did a good job of getting rid of with his stunt with the teacher. It got rid of all of obstacles in one act. The cops right now need actual proof before they accuse the Cody's. Plus robbing a church isn't their style which is true. It's not something Smurf would do. They don't know Smurf isn't in charge at the moment. If they learn about Pope what do they actually have? A guy with a criminal record going to a church that has been robbed. Maybe they can bring him in for questioning. But remember he has an Alibi.
  5. I am usually the unpopular opinion when it comes to the backstories. I like them more often then I don't. Especially for those who do well or better then expected. The Souter 7 did horribly. Yes it was nice to see a bunch of siblings compete but when only one does reasonably least time wasnt waisted on all seven runs.
  6. That was always going to be the plot of the season though. I am not sure if she is As in as you think though. The house plan isn't really that stupid just not as well thought out as it should be. Security of most houses isn't hard to get around. People are netoriously bad at giving physical descriptions of people. Their main problem is DNA and that is only if the woman can actually get cops to her house which probably won't happen. If anything it will be put down to a simple robbery and cops have bigger fish to fry.
  7. Javi reinforced it as well by telling him that Smurf would walk over her own kids to save herself from drowning and Baz isn't her kid. Baz is a pretty good #2 guy but he isn't a mastermind. He tried to make everyone happy but Smurf easily out manipulated him. Smurf has always been the mastermind of the group. The question is has she been skimming from their jobs or just been managing her money better?
  8. I have ADHD and I wondered if that is what I look like to people when I get excited. Less long suffering more use to. ADHD runs in my family. I have it and so does my dad. When my father gets excited my mom tells him to take a breath. Sometimes you just have to deal. Plus she was cute.
  9. The thing that occurred to me was that Baz was more concerned about Javi then either J or Smurf. J was standing there beat ass up and Baz was more interested in Javi's hurt feelings and how Smurf did him dirty. I dont think Baz would have particularly cared if Javi had killed J.
  10. The choices awards tend to be popularity contests which is both good and bad. They are voted on by people who actually like and more the likely watch the shows voted on. The Emmys there is no guarantee that the voters have ever heard of the show before voting day.
  11. I think there is a middle ground. I don't want to see people run who I know aren't going to get passed the floating steps. I think its a waste of time and that time should go to someone who is willing to wait on line for two weeks and has a snowballs chance in hell of getting through. The "joke" runs are the run the annoy me. Every so often the are ok. Like the family that ran in Denver Qualifying. Six people in the same family. I think maybe one of them made it past the second obstacle. I actually prefer the "inspirational" runs like the wrestler with one leg who made it pretty far a couple years? back. And the old guy who does pretty well. I mean yeah they are never going to make it to the end but they are still awesome to watch, Like I said a middle ground. I don't ever expect to get rid of the crazy people or the pre-run stories. Its TV and some of the stories are actually fun. Like the one again Denver with the kid with the mother who seems like she drinks waaay to much caffeine. And he made it to the buzzer.
  12. I didn't have a problem with the Stanger story and I didn't even consider a con and still don't. There are others that have used exercise as a way combat diseases and if that works for them great. It had nothing to do with the vaxxer bs because these people aren't denying a form of treatment as legitimate they are looking elsewhere of other legitimate alternatives as well. I am all for medical marijuana. If it works why not allow the sick to use it? Why deny it to them? To me it's the same screwed up logic the vaxxers use. If exercise works then awesome. Really awesome.
  13. It's not bad and I did enjoy the first few episodes. The actors on it can actually act. The problem I have is that every episode...every episode is a big emotional circle jerk. After the fourth episode I got annoyed and dropped the show.
  14. Alot of surprising falls. I am glad Meagan did well. She is one of my favorites. My favorite run of the night though was Andrew the guy with the mother who seemed to have drank way too much caffeine. Sometimes the best part for me is watching the family members of the ninjas....and she was awesome, Also of note three women made it into the top thirty which is great.
  15. There was a marathon awhile back and they did this thing called the hot seat where #30 regardless of how well he did would be in jeopardy of losing his spot. A couple of times 30 people did hit the buzzer and last runner!!!!! It was later seasons they fixed it to anyone who hits the buzzer but then they also made the courses exponentially more difficult. i think I also am liking the new woman rule now that I am understanding it better. 5 women make it to finals from each qualifying. Two make it to Vegas. Drop the random card that had people run in Vegas who had no chance of finishing.