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  1. Even with the normal show they do cut successfully runs so that they can show the more "heart warming" runs which I usually do appreciate. Honestly watching people you know will do well time and time again gets boring after awhile but watching those who are underdogs do better then they should is why I love the show.
  2. I am incredibly invested in Paige's storyline. Sometimes more then P&E's and definitely more then Oleg's. I have loved her this season and her continued ambivalence. She is still young and doesn't see the big picture so of course she needs to be told to keep on her cross until Pastor Tim leaves but I have enjoyed her overall storyline. Just like I have enjoyed the overall seaso. Even though it is the weakest of the series. It is still far better then a lot of television. i am looking forward to see what Paige does in the finale...,and next season.
  3. If anything Claudia is treating P&E the way Philip treated Martha. They are useful to her so she gives them just as much as they need to do their job. At that moment they needed her to be accepting of their idea to move back to Russia. If she had done anything but nod her approval they would have dug in their heals. This way she looks like a friend and she can dissuade them later. But at that moment they needed her to give them a tentative yes. So she did.
  4. I actually enjoy the early Goren episodes. I kind of get annoyed when the show turns him into a big ball of angst.
  5. There is a difference between the court of public opinion and the court of law. Even for someone who lives their life in the spotlight. We can all say what we like about Jenelle but that doesn't make it true. The fact is we don't really know what the truth is not really. If this ever went to court it would be a public record and regardless of how it shook out would be bad for Jenelle. Every supposed misdeed would no longer be entertainment rumors but be fact of law. I don't see how that would ever be good for Jenelle.
  6. I guess my L&O unpopular opinion is that my favorite has always been Criminal Intent. I liked the premise and I really liked Alex Eames. When it comes to procedurals I never cared about how accurate the police work only that the storyline is compelling and Criminal Intent had the most compelling storylines. I never liked SVU. Anyone who knows my viewing habits knows I am no prude but a show about sex crimes kinda turned me off from the start. Original Recipe depended on who played the main cop pairing. Oh and UO I hated, loathed, abhored McCoy. I thought he was a pompous ass. I almost always hoped he'd lose.
  7. Red Nose Day event was actually a lot fun. Stephen Amell was impressive completing the course then wanting to do the Salmon Ladder just to prove he could. As impressive as he was though I enjoyed the runs by Erika Christiansen (who rocked the course) and Mena Sulvari (who was scared out of her mind but then was just like "fuck it lets do this thing.") alot more. Something about beating the odds and watching both women just hit the right spot with me. I wouldn't mind seeing more "celebrities" try out the course.
  8. I didn't find the dogs getting torn apart overly graphic anymore then I found a woman getting repeatedly shot. These were attack dogs for one.bit I know how some people are about animals. Dutch ripping people's heads off and kicking their corpses is funny but kill a dog is somehow crossing a line. Zerk falling for Charlottes was sweet but her reaction to it was pure her. I do think having Dutch be Woodhouse's killer and doing it for no reason fits with the way Archer sees Barry. His nihilism and violence fits.
  9. I have got to stay off of twitter. Its a dark dark rabbit hole. Especially reading tweets where people claim Jenelle deserves her son back simply because she is his mother. I don't even watch this show and I know that's not true. If you want a laugh or to hit your head against a wall then twitter is the place to go.
  10. Not a bad ending for what amounts to one of the best seasons of Archer. I am both surprised and not surprised that Archer didn't come out of his coma. It leaves room for another series of Comaverse. You know where Lana is alive again even though according to Archer she is dead in every you know he is. Ironically the last episode is probably my least favorite. I didn't really like the ending all that much. I did like Charlotte's jokes about toast. All Krieger's stuff was fun as always. The madman with a heart of gold was gold. I have never liked Barry as much as when he is Dutch. Honestly I am not sure why I just didn't care for the last episode as much as all the rest. Poor Poovey not getting her Chinese sister wife happy ending. Cecil and Trinette ending up together was a nice touch.
  11. That isn't what bothers me. What bothers me is that Barbara has been relegated to a secondary character in the first place. I don't need her to be the star of the show but she has been on the show since the pilot and I just think she deserves better.
  12. This show has never been especially gritty or well written but it has been fun and on occasion there have been storylines I have genuinely liked. I really enjoyed Liz gets framed/goes on the run dual storylines. I also really like the Mr Kaplan storyline. As a matter of fact I have always liked the Mr. Kaplan character. My big problem with the show is something that show has actually dabbled with but seems to be outright ignoring. Red has gone too far way too often. I don't care that the entire premise is a bunch of FBI agents work with a criminal mastermind to catch other criminals. My problem is that they turn a blind eye as h murders and kidnaps people right in front of them. I've been one of the people who have always like Liz Keen and thinks she makes a good pair for Red but honestly this last season or since the birth of her kid she has made zero sense. Which is a function problem for the show.
  13. Despite everything Paige is growing up and growing into herself. I did don't think she was going to kill herself atvall.. if anything I thought the moment was her signaling her being finally ready to fight. What is that expression about "Childish things?"... Anyway I think it is interesting that Henry is the one who isnt the least bit conflicted about what he wants or needs. He knows who he is. Ignoring Henry might have been the greatest gift P&E could have given him.
  14. It is possible to read the Pastor Tim story as a man just as conflicted as everyone else. He likes the Jennings but believes P&E is doing harm to Paige. He is trying to counsel them all as best he can without blowing up their family because he still believes that despite everything they are good people. Being a man of God he wants to help them all.