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  1. AHS Quotes

    Constance “I was out on this earth to raise the monsters.” Constance “up until that point I thought I was raising a garden variety serial killer. Even a gifted one.”
  2. S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    Murder House is not my favorite but it is in the list of the genuinely good ones so even if you call this episode “fan service” it was good fan service. I really enjoyed Constance’s story of raising Michael. I think my favorite lines of hers was actually “I was born to raise the monsters. “Up until that point I thought I was raising a garden vairiety serial killer. Maybe even a gifted one.” Her resignation horror and love were all well done. And I have no problem with Cody or for that matter Evan being aged down. The show has done it plenty of times with Jessica Lange. If you can age up an actor why can’t you do the reverse? Besides the Tate/Viloet shippers wanted a happy ending and I am ok with that. It was the house. It was always the House. I can actually buy that as an explanation. i don’t read spoilers so I was happy to see The Harmorns. The crossover would not have been the same without them. DM showed up pretty quick but I was actually kinda worried that RM wasn’t able to booK Connie Britton. I actually screeched like a little girl when I saw her. This was a fun episode.
  3. The Conners: Speculation

    All the Boycott The Connors people are assuming this is an evil liberal money grab by disloyal no talent frauds. Some are using the fact that the show is 33% down from the original Roseanne revival (which is true) but fail to also admit it is up 22% from critical and fan darling This is Us. It is also going up against NCIS. My guess it will make up a few points on DVR watch but no one ever expected it to do as well as the Roseanne remake but if it keeps doing as well as it is doing it isn’t in danger of failing.
  4. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    The actor who plays Mark Is 12 so I would place Mark at about that age which is around the age most kids get their first crush.
  5. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    If you were expecting hysterical laughter and are blaming the lack of Roseanne for that that is just silly. This is in the nature of “very special episode” and those tend to have a bit of drama to it. And I am guessing this was the episode to see Dan and Jackie mourn. Again I though this hit all the right notes considering what it was trying to do. I like Sarah Gilbert so i have no issue with her leading the show but I think with Roseanne gone this will actually become a true ensemble. You know “The Connors” and not just focus around one actor with no previous acting experience. The drug swapping thing worked because it does happen and Roseanne has the personality of thinking everything is on her. And Dan was essentially right Roseanne did what she wanted. I thought the line by Becky about the pills being the only thing in Roseanne closet she wanted being inappropriately funny. But in retrospect I think my favorite scene was Dan helping Mark decide what boy he will sit next to on a bus and therefore have s crush on. The entire scene was hilarious in an otherwise melancholy episode.
  6. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Sorry Boycott The Connors people. This was actually funny and heartwarming and even a little heartbreaking. It is already so much better then anything put out last year. And so far even Harris has been softened a bit. The jokes were funny and on point. And everything worked for me from Dan’s anger at the woman he thought was responsible for Roseanne’s Death to Jackie’s eventual breakdown. This all just worked for me.
  7. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    As much as Avery possibly having issues with sexual harassment is important, I think the show wanted to deal more with Murphy’s (and older people in general) idea of the lack of romance of “asking” and what constitutes sexual harassment. Would all those old classics lines like “Here’s looking at you kid.” Be considered harassment? When Avery says he asks before he touches a woman Murphy asks him if that removes the romance. It’s a fair question. And one of the reasons Baby Boomers and the ilk have trouble with some of the MeToo Movement. Was that bad date they had decades ago and laugh about with their friends now sexual harassment? I thought that entire conversation was very well done.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Sanctioned Criminal Activity

    I think Jane in alot of ways is a hero of the story. She wants to do the right thing but in a world where murder and rape is a viable option what is the right thing to do? She can murder her sleazy boss with zero repercussions or she can have him make her life miserable. When murder is in the toolbox even the best of us will consider using it.
  9. Spoilers and Speculation

    Is it weird that I wouldnt mind that Callen and Joelle form a relationship based on honesty now that they both know who and what each other are? I miss Hetty. The show isn’t the same without her.
  10. The Conners: Speculation

    I am actually looking forward to this in large part because it’s mere existence pisses of so many people. I have seen tv shows that parents though they could watch with their kids that turned out to have cussing and nudity with less outrage. Twitter is hilarious.
  11. S02.E04: Awful People

    Damn it Gloria! I liked you and your muffins. I missed a bit why didn’t Buck or Bobby help the racist guy? I am Glad that the guy who was Hen and Karen’s kids biodad turns out to be not fha ass Eva is. I am also glad Hen didn’t let her die but didn’t show up when she was being led off to jail. Athena is awesome
  12. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Wow I really liked this an as someone who watched the original Murphy Brown I can see her being 19 and like Avery said "groomed" by a professor which is what happened. She was groomed. Add to the fact the times were different then. My grandmother was strong too. That didn't stop my mother and her sisters from having to deal with grabby men. Times were different then. It was't sexual harassment. It was a bad date. I can buy all that coming to the surface now with the MeToo Movement and alot of women realizing that some of the things that happened to them weren't right and alot of men getting self righteous about things that "everyone else did."
  13. S09.E06: Face It, You're Gorgeous

    Forgot to add to my previous post. This has been the best episode all season. I know I am one of the few people who liked the Gay Jesus storyline especially in the beginning but I also think it ended the way it should have and in good form. Having most of the Gallagher kids come together to spend the day with Ian was fun and definitely the highlight of the episode. I had my doubts but Courtney Cox was fun this episode. I really enjoyed her scenes with Lip and all the Gallaghers (except Fiona who is definitely spiraling) back at the house. I thought she melded well with them. I hope she sticks around for awhile and has more interactions with more of the family.
  14. S06:E03: Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook

    My point would be if Adam can’t trust Bonnie then he really shouldn’t marry her. It might be different if he had a large trust fund or a company that she would be entitled to half of but my thing is if you can’t trust your spouse they you should marry them. Plus Bonnie will never be perfect but she has been making a lot of effort to be better. She was even proud of Christie during last? Episodes gambling thing and cane immediately when she called. She is helping out a neighbor she likes. All this take compassion Season 1 Bonnie didn’t have.
  15. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    The show has done its share of historical periods and figures. Martha Met Shakespeare. Donna Noble was there in Pompeii on volcano day and she met and saved the life of Agatha Christie. So having something else going on during the background of an historical even is in line with Doctor Who. And there was that whole thing with Amy Pond and Van Go i know a lot of people may not be a fan but with a female doctor it lays the way for a lot of female historical figures and future stories.