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  1. Gotham in the Media

    I double checked and my source is actually a crappy twitter source that is saying probably definitely almost certainly so I am probably wrong. It’s @Gothamhub which has been right in the past so take it as you want.
  2. Gotham in the Media

    Despite dwindling viewership Fox has greenlit Gotham for a season 5
  3. while Nygma And Penguin showed what happens when two people are willing to give up revenge for each other I actually really enjoyed the line by Sophia to Jim on the reverse “Was it so important to rob me of my revenge ?” Which is actually a really good tag line for the show in general. Revenge played a very important part in the episode. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure the entire episode could have been called “Revenge” and it would have more or less been appropriate. Except for maybe the Bruce and Selina story which was them just circling around each other like they will do all their lives. However I did like the ultimate revenge was gotten be Lee. Dark Lee is my favorite Lee. For want of a hammer.
  4. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    I think I missed the last two episodes. I am not sure why I didn’t Season pass this show being that I enjoyed it but I did tape the reunion. I did catch a couple minutes of it and am surprised a couple people did show up and checked out twitter. My guess is that is that everyone was required to make an appearance to not break contract. Twitter paints Alan as a racist but from what I have seen of him he might have misspoken a bit but he was able to maintain good relations with the gang population. I don’t think he was or is a racist. Anyway i will have more when I watch the rest of the episode.
  5. Well that was fun. As someone who really likes Dark Lee I appreciate the fact that the show isn't back tracking on her decent into evildom. Especially since she is technically the last Falcone standing. Even if it is by marriage. I am enjoying her storyline this season. And Barbara has gotten herself one hell of a migraine hasn't she? Plus we get Nygma and Oswald as friends again.
  6. S02.E09: Alone

    I think there is a difference between a show trying to make a character "likeable" and trying to make a character "understandable". We inherently don't want to understand evil or evil deeds and when bad people show even a little bit of humanity especially on tv people balk and say that the writers are trying to make them likable when it fact they are just trying to keep them human, relatable, and maybe even sympathetic. That doesn't mean we have to like them. Just understand why they did what they did. In Andrews case he was in alot of ways a product of his upbringing. And no I am not solely blaming his parents. However they did play a part. Especially Modesto who showered Andrew with empty praise and no responsibility. Andrew grew up expecting to get what he wanted just because he was special and when he didn't he didn't know how to handle the rejection. He felt is as rejection of his entire being. Telling Andrew 'no' regardless of the reasons made him feel invisible and for someone who needed to be in the spotlight that was a fate worse then death. I also think he might have been a product of his time. Honestly if he grew up in todays climate I can see him as some sort of reality tv star. Reality TV was made for a narcissistic personality like his. However in the 80's he was without money and too lazy to get a job and to proud to be kept for long periods of time. The one thing I don't understand is how and why things blew up with the guy (and I forget his name now) that he was living with before his killing spree. That is the one aspect of the story that seems odd to me. Andrew had everything he wanted but I guess he couldn't swallow his pride or maybe he couldn't accept that he wasn't getting more. Either way I don't need to like a character to understand them. As a matter of fact I tend to be better at understanding characters I don't like.
  7. S02.E09: Alone

    Although now I am vaguely curious at the Lifetimeque documentary Modeso would have come up with that would have Andrew as the hero. Actually from what I understand Modesto is the hero of the story so.....still I am weirdly intriguied at how bad it sounds.
  8. S02.E09: Alone

    Trials don’t always bring closure. Add to that the media circus Andrew Cunanan’s trial would have created. The media would have had a field day digging into Lee, David and Jeffrey's lives. Andrew would have probably enjoyed a trial and being the star of the show and Modesto would have racked up whatever profits he could from it. The whole point of the story is that there really is no closure for anyone when you kill good people like Lee, David, Jeffrey and Gionni. Besides I don’t think there really was a motives besides internalized homophobia, greed and jealousy. Andrew was vain. Andrew was lazy. Andrew was a sociopath . Sometimes that is enough.
  9. S01.E10: A Whole New You

    Connie Britton only signed on for one season so as of now she is the wild card for returning for season 2.
  10. S02.E09: Alone

    I honestly thought this came just shy to being on par to People vs OJ. The only thing that was lacking was really not its fault and came down to semantics. Everyone who was even remotely connected to the OJ trial either wrote a book or went on to fame and fortune. Sometimes both. No there is not much not known about the case. The reverse is true about the Cunanan murders. A lot of what happened is rumor and innuendo which makes for a much harder storytelling. Still in a lot of ways I enjoyed this more then I enjoyed the OJ story. I found it all so fascinating and sad because so much was unknown and unknowable. I wrote off Darren Criss because of Glee. That might have been a mistake.
  11. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    My uncle owns a bus company that does tours. I went on one of the tours once during a bad storm. About half the seats were empty because people didn’t show up. My Uncle ended up losing money because most of the people asked for their money back. If airports are not going to overbook then their needs to be a no refund policy except in cases of flight cancellation by the airline. Airlines overbook because people don’t show up and flights have gotten so inexpensive that not having every seet full is flying at a loss for them.
  12. S01.E09: Trapped

    Eventually you are going to have to let your kid sink or swim on his own. That was their storyline. I don’t think she was a bitch at all. She got him an apartment and let him know she believed he could succeed but that he needed to succeed on his own. I think in a way they were trapped together like they were in the elevator sinking together and the only way to both succeed was to let go. Some times you have to let go.
  13. S04- Alan Police Officer

    Cops are human like anyone else. He is under a lot of stress just like everyone else and has a young kid at home. From what I have seen he has been handling himself fairly well mixing in with the gangs. Yes there have been a few hickups but nothing to put him on the idiot list with Matt, Stephanie, Emmanuel and Angele
  14. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    I think the whole idea was it going Lord of The Flies until someone gave up their seats but Nicole and Ronnie’s idiot boyfriend kept getting in the way. I think my favorite line was by Benard when Nicole handed them their cut of the money paraphrasing “We’ll all be working for her some day won’t we?”.
  15. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    It actually depends for me but if I had to chose I would normally pick dubbed. I don’t hate subtitles but with subtitles your eyes go towards reading and end up missing half of what is going on. With dubbed once you get passed weird lip movements you can watch the entire screen.