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  1. Well that was a quick and easy way to drop Neal a character who was always just a plot point anyway with no disernable characteristics except being disabled and ignored by Debbie. Even the breakup took all of a minute and I doubt Debbie really cared except she lost free medical and babysitting. i think the most interesting storyline was with Lip and his quest to get his old college professor help. It was actually interesting to see Lip help someone for a change. And yes It was fun watching Fiona go ghetto on the blonde.
  2. According to a fandom website Debbie is 16 which makes sense. She was still underage when she had that relationship with the older dude and then transitioned into a relationship into a relationship with the guy who got her pregnant. If Debbie was 17 or 18 it wouldn’t horrify Fiona as much as it did but Debbie being 15 made it the kind of storyline that works for the show and even incorporating Frank.
  3. But that’s what cults do they exploit the weakest link or find a common enemy for everyone to hate. That was the theme of the season. What made Kai so powerful was that he was able to exploit everyone’s weakness and then turn white male anger against women. Ally was able to do the opposite. She was able to find her own inner strength and then use female rage against men. Essentially it was a twisted mirror version of each other and what cults essentially are.
  4. Cult has officially made it to the top of my list. Yay new winner! 2). Asylum this has been my favorite for a long time. Lana Winters story is among the best written yet. 3) Hotel: This may mot be the best written but it is among the most fun. 4) Roanoke: and awesome home invasion story. 5) Murder House: the original is great but it is deeply flawed. 6) Coven: a good idea just badly developed 7) Freak Show: The only one I really hated and can’t find anything good to say about it.
  5. I really like the finale and the season as a whole. I think this might be my favorite season yet. Everything about the finale worked for me. Kai completely unraveling. Ally and her manipulation of Kai and almost everyone else. The final confrontation between Kai and Ally. The ending was a little too vague for me but other then that this is my favorite season yet.
  6. I think to a kid just stopping by who probably has helicopter parents the Gallagher home would seem like Disney World. Do what you want. Eat what you want. No bed time. A fun place to visit. Just sucks living there.
  7. Apparently it may not be that easy to write Kevin Spacey out of House of Cards since he doesn't have a morality clause in his contract. If Spacey pushes thing Netflix may legally be in the wrong for terminating him. The only way they could legally fire him is if he is "Unavailable to film" which essentially means other projects or been arrested. Since at the moment he is neither Netflix may have to cancel the show rather then cancel him. The execs could end up owing him more money then they are paying him if he decides to force the issue.
  8. Frank actually succeeding in life is a weird kind of funny. I think he is sincere about wanting to live a straight life but he is essentially a lifetime addict so my guess is it will last until it doesn't. Plus he will still show addict behavior even when not using. Debbie is definetely taking Neal for granted. Its weird that Debbie has turned into the most Frank of them all. The person who will take advantage of any person or citation. Maybe she is not an addict but she is a user. Of course Ian is most like Monica which is probably why he was having the most trouble letting her go. Fiona is a badass when she is not with a guy so I am enjoying her just focusing on making her new apartment thing work.
  9. Although not a fan of the comics I have seen all the Batman movies and even the old tv show so I at least understand the back drop. It is most definitely the richness of the show. There is nothing perceived about it especially for a network show. Of course everyone is going to get invested in pairings and the fact that there are so many pairings to get invested in says a great deal about the show. What makes the show come together is the emotional fallout when everything falls apart because everything is going to fall apart eventually. Like I said upthread no pairing is going to last forever except Bruce and Alfred but even that has the occasional rocky moments like Bruce trying to be the rich kid everyone expects him to be. Ultimately though most if not all other pairings are doomed which at least for me is part of the attraction of the show. I know for some they like a good happy ending but this was never the show for that.
  10. I think both Cahill and Trish work in their own way. Cahill got Riggs to start thinking about his life but due to other things he ultimately told Trisg about it. Cahill works as I wine who gets Riggs to open up ultimately this time he just opened up to someone else.
  11. If you ship any pairing at all you are eventually going to get your heart broken. When it comes to almost any relationship on the show you would have better luck buying a ticket on the Titanic. The whole point of most of these relationships is watching them blow up. Penguin and Nygma were never going to work out. I don’t understand why anyone thought they would. Bruce and Selina will spend their entire lives circling each other but with polar opposite world views they will never really be a thing. Butch/Tabitha/Barbara’s whole point was watching a love triangle implode. Jim and Harvey were bound to fall apart eventually because of different views of Gotham. The ONLY pairing that has the long haul is Bruce and Alfred but even that is going through growing pains as Bruce tries to decide the Bruce he wants to be.
  12. Have I not been paying attention? When did they change the opening pictures to include all the women in the group? I like Ray. I am not sure he will be a regular but maybe a recurring character. They’ll hear from the addicted brother and we’ll see an addicts life as more then just the occasional joke. They can’t really have Bonnie or Christy use at this point so having someone else who is essentially likeable that they can’t help is a good plot device. Although I am still waiting for Christy to crash and burn. I think the show is missing something if they don’t let her take one last downward spiral.
  13. I found this very funny. My mother asked about this show and if she would like it and I ultimately had to tell her no in large part because I don’t think she would like Seth MacFarlane’s humor. I don’t usually like it either not being a fan of Family Guy or any of his movies. And the first few episodes were kinda awful so I get the negative reviews but I think the show has found it’s sweet spot. Wacky comedy atmosphere with real danger and drama mixed in. I am just still not a fan of Scott Grimes or his character. I think he is the one thing that makes me really dislike the show. Weird. I didn’t mind the sleezy blue guy. I thought he was more of a dude-bro kinda of guy but when he realized things had gone dangerously far with Ed he put the breaks on and agreed to help. This episode actually reminded me of the “drunk” episodes on TOS and TNG. The one where Tasha Yar apparently slept with Data that one time.
  14. And this brings the end to the Jim and Harvey bromance. It was fun while it lasted but Jim is like Bruce Wayne in a lot of ways. Isolated from everyone else. Penguin giving that mute boy “villain” lessons was actually kinda sweet in a weird Gotham way. Is it weird that Lee and Barbara have more chemistry together then they ever did with Jim. Good for both of them making it in the big bad Gotham Underworld. Hey looks like Lee is running fight club now. This itself has a lot of potential if allowed to grow. This felt like a filler episode it in all the good ways. Plus lots of females that interact with each other and well....”Jim who?” I like this Lee.
  15. I heard about him getting basically body snatched from roll already in post production. I was like “that’s hard core”. As much as I think the show could end with last season I am more then ready to see Claire Underwood as president and I think she can hold the show on her own. At least for a final chapter which this show deserves. its only been this last season that has been off its game and I think that was in large part because reality trumped anything fiction could think of. Now we have settled in some so I would love to see if the show can pull itself out of some deep holes and well Robin Wright deserves the chance to pull out a victory.