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  1. Battle of the Sexes (2017)

    I do think it’s kind of funny that men tend to belittle the accomplishment and believe the conspiracy theory reejs of thrutger bullshit. Riggs had more to gain by winning the match then losing. There was a ratch in the cards and beating King could have revived his career. Plus she didn’t “barely” beet him. She won every match and had him running the whole time.
  2. One of the things often said was no one likes the agility obstacles. Look at Calderio he won the whole thing a couple years ago and fall on an agility obstacle during finals. If I was designing the course I would stop with all the strength obstacles that only benefit the men and add a few agility ones instead.
  3. S03.E12: Homecoming

    At these conspiracy theories are a waste of time and honesty I think people are reading too much into simple interactions. I never saw any reason to think Pope was Lena’s father and never understood why anyone did. When her mother had sex with Pope she was already a baby and Vaz was an asshole. There is also no reason to believe Pope is J’s father. Again Baz is an asshole with zero attachment to his progeny. Pope has some feeling for him for the simple fact that he is his twins kid. There is zero evidence of twinsest there weren’t even vague illusions of it like with Smurf and the boys.
  4. The Women of American Ninja Warrior

    Some of the men had trouble with “slippage”. We don’t know if the women could have done it because we havent seen any of them try. If anything I think the 9th obstacle should be changed to a less “my god the horror” obstacle. I think Jesse Graff has made it to #9 almost every year since she broke through even the year she was one of two people to get past the wedge but #9 is always a killer. Make it less Armsy and maybe more jumpy or something that uses all your body. Then the final climb even with the trap doors is doable.
  5. S03.E12: Homecoming

    Dammit I liked the actress who played the lawyer. But I guess she had to go knowing J was playing both sides. Still having him kill someone. Even though he did it in some cruel ass way it was somewhat passive. It will be interesting when he actually sticks a knife in someone. Frankie is starting to grow on me. I like the idea of her and Craig working together. Of course eventually Smurf is going to put a stop to it. Until then they are fun and pretty together.
  6. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    The Versace childhood scene was only ten minutes or so but it showed quite well a huge difference between Cunanan and Gianni. Gianni’s mother loved him without condition. It was a short scene but a necessary one since the show has in a way been comparing the two. If there was more scenes of young Gianni I would see the point of having them speak Italian. But for a few scenes in a single episode it would be a huge expenditure hiring a team to write the scene in Italian and then get Italian speakers. And then people would be upset if the accent wasn’t correct or the sentence structure was wrong. For a ten minute scene it a bigger lose/lose then it should be.
  7. S03.E12: Homecoming

    Did we just witness J's first murder? Smurf sure does have her boys spun doesn't she. I mean they are playing checkers while she is playing chess. Pope sets out to murder her and she counters with adopting Lena so he can't. He tries to do the right thing by letting her stay with her foster family and she counters by making him live with her so she can control him again which is probably what she wanted from the start. Frankie and Craig make an interesting pairing.
  8. The Women of American Ninja Warrior

    The Top 5/Top2 rule makes more sense then the random picks which was mostly women that the show use to have. Most of the random female picks flamed out pretty quickly at least with the Top 2 rule you know they are the top two females from each city that year and not just whoever NBC/ANW likes best. Yes it is better when they legit make the top fifty? but even if they come in fifty five that is still nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. In all honesty I kinda wish they did a better job with the Chloe Davis story now. There was a time I thought they were going the other way with Chloe and making her the girl Clark couldn’t save kinda like Lex. Now I kinda wish they went like that.
  10. I think there are ALOT of strong females. I use to think maybe Jesse Graff was the only one who had a real shot of even getting to stage 3 but lately the female pool has gotten ALOT stronger. I think we need a topic to discuss just them. If I am wrong please feel free to remove it.
  11. S10.E11: Philadelphia City Finals

    Which is why we NEED a woman to beat the finals course next years. Then she won’t be the only one to do it. Regardless of the fact the course was a lot easier she still is the only female to do it. Once she isn’t her name will be mentioned ALOT less.
  12. I think a movie is good or bad if it means to be what it means to be. I always thought Flash Gordon always intended to be cheesy fun. No one went in thinking they were doing Shakespeare. Then there was Battlefield Earth where it looks like several of the actors thought they were doing a serious movie. Therefore I think Flash Gordon succeeded where Battlefield Earth failed.
  13. I have been obsessed with the NXIVM cult story in large part because Chloe was my favorite character on Smallville and throughout I was hoping she would be written as more then just some add on character. “Oh hey she really is Lois Lane.” When she was dating Davis I was hoping she would be written as some sort of protovillian. None of it was to be though. Still it amazes me at all the actresses and such connected to the cult. Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica one of my favorite shows ever was a member of the cult although it is unclear how deep. Alot of people are trying to quitely dustance themselves which maybe we should let them. It looks like Alison Mack tried to recruit ALOT of people from Hollywood into her sex cult. I am not sure how much I blame AM. Abuse victims do sometimes become abusers themselves. When they do they need to be punished as well. It doesn’t cancel out their own abuse but they are no longer just victims.
  14. I think there are two possibilities when it comes two AM. 1. The most likely is: When you break someone badly enough you can turn them into whatever you want and need them to be. The twist of AM mind was a long process and it didn’t go from love bomb to sex cult overnight. There has been interviews by people who knew her who say that by the end of Smallville she equating everything good about her life to Renier and bad on herself or the people around her. Her becoming Renier right hand gal only happened when several of his inner circle left or died. He needed soneobe he trusted and someone who could bring in Girls he could sleep with. AM became that person. 2. Less likely but still possible is that AM was never a good person to begin with and like Renier was good at pretending. The thing about psychopaths and sociopaths is that they are good at Mirroring. AM could have found a genuine soul mate in Renier who saw those dark desires AM had and told her they were ok. This is less likely but not impossible mainly because it looks like AM did have a sexual relationship with Renier so I think there was blackmail on her as well and there would not be the need of there was an understanding. Side note the only show show/Movie that I have any trouble watching us Cosby. An actors behavior usually doesn’t bother me. Oh and Tom Cruise. I hate Tom Cruise. Second note: I’d have walked away the minute I had to call him “Vanguard”. 😹
  15. Annihilation (2018)

    This was a weird movie with good actors. Not sure if I understood it or not especially the ending. Some of it was riveting but some of it was too confusing. Still not a horrible movie if you get the DVD on Netflix