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  1. The Conners

    I want to be more excited about this then I am, I think this is a bad idea for several reasons. That being said I leave my final opinion for the pilot because I am curious enough to at least check it out. Honestly I think ABC biggest mistake was renewing the (first?) remake after the pilot. Who knows this might actually work taking out the firebrand politics and turning it into a show about Dan’s pain about losing the love of his life and Darlene’s struggle to raise a family on her own. Hell even Becky finally moving on from Mark’s death has potential.
  2. There are a lot of people who look like they would be pompous asses and it doesn’t surprise me all all that Cordero is one. I didn’t like Drew Drechel because there was something off putting about him but recently my opinion changed I am not sure what it was. There are others that look like genuinely nice people. Regardless of what you think of her skill Kacy has always seemed like a nice person to me who just got overhyped and she just hit a....(warped) wall.
  3. Roseanne: Aftermath

    The Connors is a baaaaad idea and has a vague whiff of a money grab and honestly I am curious who would agree to be on it. It seems like exceptionally bad publicity for everyone involved down the line. That being said I am curious about the pilot which I do admit makes me part of the problem.
  4. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Sorry for the double post but just saw yours but it’s weird but a lot of shows seem vaguely wrong but if you look at them they are all so ahead of their time. I am watching Charlie’s Angels which has a vague misogyny to it but there is a lot of #MEtoo to it as well. Night Court also deals with issues before it’s time and so did MASH.
  5. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I am actually kinda happy actors/actresses on teenage shows aren’t actually teenagers. Just finished watching season 2 of Riverdale (I dont know why I didn’t watch it live that is a different conversation) and I am currently obsessed with Cheryl. I checked and the actress who plays her is 23 and that isn’t quite jail bait so I feel less like a dirty old woman for having a crush on her.
  6. I have no issue what so ever people folding this into a career. Good for them if they do. There are plenty of people who have gotten recognized either on their community or by other people who watch and it has benefited them. For most of this I doubt many of them have made any money off this. It is just something they enjoyed doing so a couple of them figured out how to make a living out of it or because of it....good for them.
  7. S03.E04: Wolves 2018.06.19

    I’ve alwYs liked the idea of Nikki more then the way she has been written because damn girl you are stupid. Honestly maybe I think this show is way too dude heavy for my taste and with Smurf mostly out of the picture a girl in the mix had potential but Nikki is too stupid to make a real mark and I don’t like Mia.
  8. Season 3 Discussion

    The girls bring it!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have an irrational hatred of Caldero that goes before him winning the 1M so not happy to see him back. I was expecting him to clear the mega wall because why the hell not? Did like that LaBreck tried it even though she wasn’t even close. Good for her giving it a shot.
  10. 2018 Winners

    Ok now I don’t feel so bad The Americans were 2nd or 3rd place for most categories they were in. (Face it There was really no way they would beat out GoT or The Good Place which will continue to eat awards whether they deserve it or not). I still maintain the Americans is one of the most underrated shows ever especially with one of the best series finales I have seen in awhile.
  11. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I actually do want to see Jenelle through Jennelle’s eyes. Barbara would be like Medusa with snakes coming out of her hair turning everyone who looks at her to stone...or maybe get stoned. David would be Prince Charming the handsome prince who rescued her from her desperate life. And she would be Snow White. Mirror Mirror on the wall.... Now I don’t watch the show but do i have the gist?
  12. Oh yeah tonight and I was gonna Netflix and chill....but instead gonna do this.
  13. 2018 Winners

    I am curious if Roseanne “won” so many TheWorst awards because of well Roseanne Barr or if people actually disliked the show. Personally I thought the show had potential once it wandered away from politics which it was supposed to do.
  14. 2018 Winners

    Always disappointed when The Americans loses out. I personally think GoT is overrated while The Americans is underrated and even here it failed to win even when it should have.