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  1. Everyone and their pet monkey knows and has an opinion on O.J. and his murder trial but most people will probably not know as much about Versace. I know I don’t. I have no idea who he is really. I didn’t know he was murdered. I know nothing about the guy who murdered him. While the O.J. case was looking at characters we already knew in a new way. This is My guess it is already shaping up to be cops more interested in a celebrity’s sex life then solving his murder. And an important family more interested in protecting a reputation then getting justice. Question what is justice? What is love? What is success? What is failure? Who ultimately decides?
  2. Also apparently there really was a dove found next to the body of Verace. So saying it’s a little on the nose doesn’t really apply. What makes this interesting is that although I heard if Versace I don’t no nearly as much about his life or death as I do about PK and his exceptionally infamous trial. Everyone and his gramma watched that. This is a blank slate for me.
  3. People are going to compare this to People vs OJ which is unnecessary in my mind. That’s the great thing about these kinds of stories you can like them both the same. Glee is one of the only products of Murphy’s I outright hate so seeing Darren Criss play a character so far from Blain is interesting. I buy him as a psychopath and continuing to buy him as a cunning one will be what makes or breaks this show.
  4. This is actually turning into a pretty funny show. Or maybe I am just easily amused. I can see "regular" flights forming on a discount airline for people on a regular schedule. A gambler, a girl who strips on the weekends, and a guy who visits his kid are a perfect group to travel on the flight. It makes a kind of sense that they would see each other, have nothing in common but quickly for bonds because why the hell not?
  5. I guess I am contrary or maybe a bit of a psychopath myself because when people complain about the killing of animals on shows it just makes me want to watch it more. I was on the fense. Teenage angst is not my thing. Anything that triggers people kinda is. .
  6. And I would put Fringe in one of my "best" series finales categories. Which is why i say Finales and final seasons are tough. You are never going to make everyone happy. I thought the show Fringe did a good job keeping with the basic premise of the show which is why I thought the ending was fantastic.
  7. Final seasons of shows are tough. Some are are great while others completely ruin a show for me like How I Met Your Mother did And that was because it basically changed the story and tried to be clever. Yeah the story was never about your mom kids. I was telling you about how I always was in love with was someone else. Sorry kids. I always felt that if Robin showed up any time during Teds marriage he would have dumped his wife and family to run off with her even when his wife was sick and dying. Then there is Dexter which didn’t just have a bad last episode or season; it had a bad last half a series. After season 4 it went on a steady downward spiral when it started to change its focus after the death of Rita. I actually liked the Luma storyline so if it stuck with that I would liked the idea of Dexter moving on with a partner/lover who truly understood him but the show didn’t do that. It just got more and more boggled down with Dexters dark passenger which actually was the least interesting thing about him. His need to belong was where the drama was. I am not sure why the writers and show runners never saw that.
  8. If any of the main cast was going to have a Cult it was going to be Ian.
  9. I enjoyed this. And yes Dom has a sense of honor about him that would cause him to go to extreme for a woman he once loved. She may not be “the one” but Dom would still have feelings for her and would do what was necessary to save her life double that once he realized she was the mother of his son. The rest of it was fun F&F fair. If you watched the franchise since Fast Five then you pretty much know what to expect. Flying car, flying bullets, and flying dialog. The fight scene with the baby was hilarious.
  10. I know its a fun plot point even if the show goes nowhere with it. There was also the first episode in season 2 "The Drowned Book" with the Italian Diplomat. Eziekel was supposed to get some hot female Italian diplomats earings for something or other but couldn't figure out how to do it and eventually just told her outright that he was going to rob the place which intrigued her a little but then lost track of her. It was Cassandra who finally got the earings....and her phone number "for coffee" if she was ever in Italy.
  11. Nope I do too. I think she is a fun character. Her centric episodes tend to me the most fun for me.
  12. Emma having magic worked for me as a shorthand for how she was feeling. If I remember correctly there was a storyline where she was feeling kinda jealous of baby Neal and she nearly killed him a couple of times because she couldn’t control her magic or her emotions. Eventually Snow just had to take a leap of faith that Emma the elder wouldn’t hurt her little bro who was getting the childhood she never got. i always thought magic in regards to Emma was a good shorthand for emotional growth.
  13. Sometimes I wonder what a Sheldon and Penny relationship would actually look like. They are polar opposites but they get each other and they have hella chemistry.
  14. As someone who genuinely enjoyed the show from start to reboot (which I refuse to watch). I think the shows biggest mistake is that it didn’t focus on the main cast of The Charming Family, Regina and Rumple. It continued to throw Disney product after product with different degrees of success instead of focusing on family drama which actually had a great deal more potential. I know people have different views on Regina but her relationship with the The Charmings, Emma Henry and heck even Rumple was often the foundation of the show but was often just written badly. It could have been so much more. Still I did enjoy the vast majority of the show.
  15. I have never watched a show that could constantly reinvent itself and still keep the soul of what is and remain incredibly well written and acted like this show does.