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  1. FBI

    I still haven’t decided if I like thisshow or not. OA is a pretentious Ass. He annoys the hell out of me. I like Maggie though. And the inside people.
  2. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    Stories like this make me happy sometimes that I am a bit aspergers. Everyone seems weird and pushy to me,
  3. The Passage

    And here I am thinking if you would experiment on a child that doesn’t have anyone to protect them maybe we don’t deserve to survive. That’s the point that kept going through my head. And I am the person who roots for Heisenberg and The Jennings. (sorry different shows) There is just something about this show that is making me root for the destruction of humanity. That just makes me sad.
  4. Honestly I think the funniest moment this award season was when Christian Bale thanked Satan. Not that I watched the movie or anything but for that alone....I hope his luck holds.
  5. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    But in the end we do victim blame. I didn’t watch either the podcast or the show but I found the 2 hour special interesting. There was a psychiatrist who made a point to say people in an abusive relationship go back an average of seven times. John took advantage of every single one of Debra’s insecurities. When that stopped working he went after one of her daughters to prove a point. I actually liked the part where the first wife said she knew this would all end like this but she never thought it would end with some hundred pound girl taking him out (Paraphrasing a lot) Also what kind of psycho puts a hit on a cop?
  6. I haven’t seen an actual movie in an actual theater in years so I used to use The Oscars Best movie category as a way to dump movies on my Netflix DVD queue but I dumped that as well. So......not gonna bother to care but kinda still hoping Gaga wins just to see everyone’s reaction.
  7. The Passage

    I am still not sure. Every time shady government lady says she has thought long and hard about experimenting on a child and that it’s horrible but will do it anyway I want to punch her. But the other guy I think is worse. He is that guy who would burn the earth to save his wife. At this point I am rooting for the vampires.
  8. Deadly Class

    This was mire fun then I thought it would be. It took me awhile to actually watch it but it is the kind of show I enjoy. The characters are mostly entertaining and I really like the idea of a school for assassins. The main character is kind of...just there right now but not in a bad or boring way he has room to grow into something more. Honestly I like this a lot more then I like The Passage so far.
  9. Bird Box (2018)

    News footage from American disasters are used all the time in television and movies. They are often used as a measuring stick simply to say....yeah this take place here.
  10. S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    From what I read it’s not completely impossible for women in their sixties to have babies. They have to do it via in vitro though. I am not sure how I deal about Carl being the potential father. It’s a retread of season 1 where Lip thought he might me a dad but it would be interesting if he would out he was unintionial the father of Ingrid baby considering how mentally ill she is. Would he be ok with that considering that and having Frank raise his kid...unintentrd or not? It would be an interesting story for the actor to play
  11. S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    The only story I didn’t like was Kevin and Vee and their adoption story. It was way too on the nose for me. The rest at least had the potential to be interesting. Lip and his low class sensibilities dating someone who doesn’t like slumbing it. Debbie going around with not quite enough money but still managing to pay the bills. Carl and his girlfriend steeling scooters to make money and Fiona and her continued downward spiral. Even Frank and Ingrid were entertaining. What I really like about Shameless is that the story lines all show how the Gallagher kids both are and aren’t like their parents. They may all screw up epically and hit rock bottom but what makes them different is that they all eventually do ask for help. Fiona never really hit rock bottom even with her prison story she more then anything got scared straight. I am thinking this is her rock bottom. The question becomes will she get help before she becomes Frank.
  12. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Was watching the show on a delay so I was able to rewind the joke a couple times l. It was hilarious. Eating at a fast food place means you hate gay people.... Is the food worth going to the bad place for?
  13. S05.E03: Penguin, Our Hero

    Jim has always been able to work with Penguin for a short period of time when it serves both their purpose. Penguin wants to be King of Gotham and he need a certain order to be that. He is not like Jeremiah who revels in madness and chaos. Where Barbara stands is anyone’s guess.
  14. Bird Box (2018)

    I think people are insanely easy to trigger. It’s almost....triggering 😂 I think people are looking for reasons to be upset and find controversy. But I also think we are on a slippery slope with our fear of offending people. We’ve tried this morality clause bullshit wih Hollywood before and it gave us the Hays Code and personally (and with only a few restrictions) when it comes to a Hollywood movies I would rather have something then not have it. You don’t have to watch it. And it was a two minute scene. There is a fast forward button.
  15. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    She was a really bad lawyer? I think but then got really high and decided to give all her money to charity but before she could do that...died. So you can ponder the good things attempted but no unintended consequences. It’s a big quandary of what if’s.