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  1. Sex with Peter Hastings is never a good idea, He is my new crack pick for being A.D. He is has been around since the start. Creepy as fuck. Plus my guess is crazy as fuck as well. I mean serious. Three kids all with different mothers. That's impressive. Is there a number 4 out there?
  2. That is the most disappointing thing about the show. Also meant to add: Bette and Joan may be the show's hate story but Joan and Mamacita is the show's love story.
  3. This isn't really a documentary so I wasn't expecting every moment to be spot on correct. I understand that Joan and Bette have their fans and those will tend to look at this more unfavorably then those who go in blind. I knew the general story and have seen a couple of the movies (including Baby Jane and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte). I was also aware of the. what I always felt was a mean spirited even if more true then people felt comfortable with Mommie Dearest. I was completely unaware of Bette's daughter' book that came after. Considering what came of B.D. I am happier then I should be that it was mostly ignored. Although Ryan Murphy did keep a lot of the facts in tact I think he did masseuse certain details and timelines to tell a particular story and make a particular point. Again this isn't a documentary so I didn't expect a word for word account of either woman's life. I thiought the season was an amazing success.
  4. Were people expecting history to change? i thought this was all very fascinating and told a compelling story about what Hollywood does to actresses. Of course this wasn't going to end well unless Murphy decided to change history. Both women died sad and alone leaving behind angry children. However the show did a good job of showing what drove both women and the finale was a sad reminder of what age does to us all.
  5. I think in the end it's the one regret AND Aida direct interference. She actively kept people apart who were good influences on each other.
  6. I like Bill and all her silly and yet kinda obvious questions. I didn't think I would like her but I like the dynamic between Bill and the Doctor.
  7. I kinda do. In a big picture tv way it is a very good story that has some basis in reality. One decision can change a life and a destiny. Asking/Not asking that girl out. The parent that raises you. The big moment where you either became a great hero or a mighty villian. Tge only thing I miss is Skye/Daisy's parents. Seeing where they would be in a HYDRA ruled world would be interesting.
  8. Liz has no memory of her mother. She had her memory messed with by Red or...,someone.
  9. Lifetime is awesome. Never did like Hallmark movies. Does that say something about me?
  10. A lot of these people probably "just vanished" too. Done probably with warrents and/or hits out against them. Even a dead body showing up means an investigation. Even if the investigation goes nowhere. Add to the Black List crew are law enforcement and even if they can't prove it that little ear worm will continue whisper that Red has killed people. How long until they can't live with Red's shananigans and cut him lose? If they do that the Mr. Kaplan has a clear path toward Liz.
  11. That's my understanding do. What makes Mr. Kaplan so dangerous to Red is that she has not only been there pretty much from day one (maybe day two is a better number). But she knows where all the bodies are buried because as his personal cleaner she was the one who buried them.
  12. I so hope the internet explodes with Annie and Kate fanfic. I know it won't but damn!!!! The few scenes of that relationship made my cold dead heart melt a little. I guess it did with Kate's too huh. I am well aware of the retconning but this is the kind of retconning i don't mind. The kind that fleshs out characters instead of rewiring them. It is possible that Kaplan knew Masha even though season one she pretended not to. Lizzie had her own memory wiped so it is also possible she just plain forgot she had the best nanny ever. Again it's fleshing out not rewriting completely. It gives Kaplan a big reason to hate Red beyond a bullet to the eye socket. And a reason to want to protect Elizabeth and her child even with her life.
  13. I would so watch Mr Kaplan in her own series.
  14. I think Olivia and Fitz deserve each other. (And not in the good way!!). My God can two people turn something not remotely about them into something entirely about them any harder? I actually felt bad for both Mellie and Cyrus In this. They are both horrible people but both actually thought they were running a clean race and wanted to win a clean race but kept getting hit over the head by the fact the clean races are probably not a reality. Trump's win in real life probably sent the show's writers into a tail spin "uhhh well their goes our Russian storyline. No Todd we can't write that hacking storyline....Seriously bugged microwaves? No one would believe that. Ok assasination. We will go with that."
  15. It's been awhile since I watched the show and I caught it on a whim but I loved this and the idea that Mr. Kaplan has known Liz for as long as Red. That her history with both of them is so very complicated. A lot of the reveals were both sweet and very sad.