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  1. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Dan still has that dry sense of humor that makes everyday conversations more fun. His snarky comments are funny on the surface, and then when you look deeper, there is some truth to them. I know what you mean, Pete, but may I put a different spin on it? On Married with Children, Peggy loved Al even though she didn't know why. For her big hair, lack of cooking, and everything else, she never cheated on him, never set out to hurt him, and did want to be a good mom, in her own way. And Al loved Peggy and the kids. That's why he put up with his job at the shoe store, when if he was a single guy he probably would have quit long ago. One thing that the two shows have in common is that while it is often played up for laughs, there is a quiet dignity to going in to a job you don't like and grinding it out every day.
  2. All Episodes Talk: I Just Had a BRILLIANT Idea!

    And here is where Desi Arnaz signed the greatest deal in all of television history. If you are rolling your eyes at that statement, then please enjoy the behind the scenes history: Because of the time zones in the U.S., it was standard practice to broadcast a show live on the east coast, and then rebroadcast with a kinescope in the later time zones. Lucy and Desi did not want to move from California to New York, so instead of a live broadcast, they preferred to record each episode on high quality film in the early afternoon and then run the film at the broadcast time. Add to this Karl Freund and his three-camera technique, and the process made perfect sense. Except-- The network did not want to pay the extra money to record on high quality film, which was more expensive than simply broadcasting live. So DesiLu agreed to pay this extra expense on the condition that DesiLu owned all of the rights to the film. The network was only too happy to agree, because what value could there be in a copy of a show that had already been broadcast? What value indeed! It was because they owned the rights to the film that Desi Arnaz and Lucille ball literally invented the re-run. Think about how many times the show "I Love Lucy" has been re-ran over the course of time. But wait! There's more! DesiLu eventually sold the syndication rights back to CBS for piles of money. So Desilu made money on the original episode, then made money on the re-runs of the original episodes, then made money selling the rights to the re-runs of the original episodes! Oh yes, the greatest deal in television history is not an overstatement here.
  3. I was hoping that somebody else saw it as well! Don't be sorry. Just be Wally!
  4. S03.E08 Trophy Wife

    It's funny because it shows how clueless she is that Emblem isn't any more ridiculous than Insignia! And it will often be a burden on the kids. Do any of you have friends where you overhear them having this discussion over and over? "I'd like to place an order and I'm already in your system. My name is Mykel." "No, not Michael. It's Y not I" "No, M then Y" "No, it's M THEN Y then K E L. Mykel." Seems like that would get old fast.
  5. S03.E08 Trophy Wife

    "My daughter is in class with your daughter. Em. . . blem? "Insgnia. Emblem isn't a name" "Oh, yes. How silly of me!" And then to top it off with "Monogram is so lucky to have you as a step mom." "Insignia" "Her too!" I just love how Katie really tried to care about the name, but just couldn't care.
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    And here is the solution to that: Use the money from no insurance tickets to pay for the radar guns. To put a finer point on it: We don't have to watch Judge Judy for very long before we notice that certain cases come up over and over, such as people running around with no insurance. If we see this so often on Judge Judy, then it makes sense that in courts around the country they are dealing with the same thing over and over.
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I've noticed the trend of people with no insurance lately. The solution to this is so obvious that I'm at a loss as to why we don't do it: 1. Forget about paper insurance cards. When a person is pulled over or in an accident, have the police access an insurance database that shows them in real time if the car is insured. 2. If there is no insurance, that person is not driving home. They call a tow truck and impound the car. If an ignoramus like me can figure this out, why can't people like Judge Judy get this done?
  8. All Episodes Talk

    And this is another area where the show is missing an opportunity. Many viewers would be interested to know the permitting process and the safety inspections that the miners go through. I really enjoyed when the watching how Tony Beets did the stability test on his tug boat. Even with all of the high tech gadgets-- "We hang a string over this bucket, and see how far the string moves when we roll the weight over there." Sometimes, the old ways are the most reliable.
  9. It's fun to watch for Rance Howard playing different roles.. Especially since we have heard what a great dad he was, and how supportive he was on set.
  10. Charles Emerson Winchester III: You Can Call Him "Major"

    Charles Emmerson Winchester is one of those people you see in real life, where there is much more than meets the eye. Look at the position Charles found himself in: Surely this is a mistake! A graduate of Harvard Medical School, and on track to be chief thoracic surgeon at Boston General. Surely his fate cannot be wasting his career in Korea, And why can't Charles' family connections and family money help get him out of there? It is hinted that his rivals at Boston General, who are competing against him for the big promotions and exclusive positions have no interest in helping Winchester return to the States, where he might outclass them and receive the promotions they covet. Oh, yes. Charles has many, many layers, and the writers only allow us to see those layers as time goes on.
  11. S02.E09: Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero

    Yes! And a second tug at the heartstrings was Sheldon's voiceover when he realized what a sacrifice George had made for the family.
  12. S01.E06: Unexpected

    And this goes back to something that @debraran said about Jon not wanting to end up in prison, unable to care for his family. I'm a geek about true crime stories, and not that we should feel sorry for them, but most of the con artists interviewed have said the same thing. The one thing they feel bad about is the government seizing all of the ill-gotten gains, leaving their families not only penniless, but deep in debt. And they sit in prison, unable to do anything about it.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Freestylin'

    If you will indulge me, I'd love to share with you why some of us are into the gas and car stuff: To many of us, the old Texaco sign is not a rusty piece of metal-- It's memories of being kids on a car trip with Mom and Dad and them insisting that we look for a Texaco station and nowhere else to buy gas. And the old oil cans and gas cans have a certain feel and smell that also brings back memories. I'm no collector, but have stumbled across some really old oil and gas cans which I keep out in the open. You would not believe the number of people who literally caress them as they start telling memories of when they were kids.
  14. S01.E06: Unexpected

    There is one thing that the writers are (accidentally) getting right. In our town, we had a small business owner pass away the same way as Jon. We all figured, "People die all the time. Business owners die all the time. Surely, somebody will take care of the details such as closing the checking accounts and picking up the leased car." Nope. I was younger then, and more naive, but I remember being surprised that mail kept showing up, the electricity stayed on, and the leased car just sat there. But I agree with you, a person as sophisticated as Jon would have a lawyer who would have stepped in by now, if for no other reason than to collect billable hours.
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    And we can add this to the list of things people can learn from watching this show. Getting paid "under the table" and not having to pay for workman's compensation coverage seems like a great idea until somebody gets hurt.