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  1. S05.E18: Gray Star Mutual

    And the best thing about Redboxes is that you can return at any box. Great for traveling.
  2. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    Then his skin has been burning for many years! Dan has always worn Cubs paraphernalia.
  3. S02.E04: Beryl

    And do we see any of the younger Royals taking up all Princess Anne does? I can’t picture it unless it is parceled out amongst many.
  4. Does Your Eyeball Unlock MTAC?

    Maybe a Tony cameo?
  5. Looks like they’re airing this as often as possible. To gather interest or to blow off the episodes?
  6. Small Talk: Alistair Cooke's Library

    I love that they still have the old opening to Masterpiece Mystery and Alan Cummings hosting. Laura Linney is listed in the credits as the host of Masterpiece and all she says is “This is Masterpiece”!
  7. S01.E05: Heartless

    Sherlock and Joan on Elementary are not romantically together and I believe TPTB said they never would be
  8. And I also noticed that Hildi was wearing all white while doing the black room and Doug was wearing black while doing the white room. At the reveal, Hildi was wearing black and Doug was wearing white.
  9. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    Did the parents go to the Wayfair tent? What did they pick? We used to do that with balloons back in the day in Girl Scouts. Then you just have to pop the balloon!
  10. S14.E20: Judgment Day

    Did I hear April correctly? Did she tell Bailey she was seeing someone?
  11. S14.E20: Judgment Day

    April and Bailey playing their noses was everything I didn’t know I needed. Ditto to calling time of death on the electric patient missing the liver.
  12. S09.E01: Not Our First Rodeo

    There’s already a Media and Ratings thread here.
  13. Around the Kitchen Table: Social Topics

    So what happened to Huey after he came back?!!
  14. Speculation with Spoilers

    Could it be...Bev?
  15. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    No, there’s been no mention of Andy. Lots of speculation on this board though!