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  1. Nitpicking

    My nitpick is in Dear Emily and Richard when young Lorelei is putting on her dress and is holding it to try to get it zipped, there is more than enough dress there to zip it up. It wasn’t anywhere near too small. It wouldn’t have been that hard to use a too small dress for God’s sake! And in Swan Somg-Rory is such a brat to insist Jess tell her about the black eye during dinner. It really could have waited for the 1/2 hour ride home. She could have screamed at him all she wanted uninterrupted then. If I were Jess, I would have stormed out too!!
  2. S16. E10. What Child Is This?

    How DARE Jack tell the birth mom that the baby is better off without her just to east the guilt of giving up her own baby?? And what happened to birth mom? You got your $10,000, so no baby for you-bye!
  3. TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Singin’ in the Rain-sigh! Sheer perfection!!
  4. S10.E08: Anchor Away

    Minnie Driver’s character, Lorraine, had an affair with Stan. Karen married Lorraine’s father, played by John Cleese. The marriage didn’t last through the reception. So Karen was Lorraine’s stepmom.
  5. The Golden Globes used to be like this. They have more awards to give out and they always managed to come in on time. Plus, the host of the Oscars seems to disappear in the middle and an announcer introduces the presenters anyway.
  6. Didn’t she sing A Natural Woman after that? Yes, so sweet!
  7. Holiday in Handcuffs was an ABC Family movie.
  8. Friends in the media

    Is everyone starting their own platform? It’s going to cost more to subscribe to all these services than it is to stay with a dish or cable. I know they’re edited, but Friends is practically on 24/7 on various networks.
  9. Season 10: All Episode Talk

    The second half of the season starts up again tonight with Mandy Moore. The rest of the season features Josh Duhamel, Matthew Morrison, and Regina King.
  10. I’m sorry-I don’t understand the question. Is it ever wrong? 😆
  11. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    i loved the detail that Erik’s shirt was the reflection of Slayer in the mirror world and the correct way when they got out.
  12. AMC must have added commercial breaks or the breaks are longer because The Year Without a Santa Clause aired from 11:00-12:15.