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  1. Whew! I saw six forums and was worried that we were only getting a half season for some reason.
  2. There's only 6 episodes this season?
  3. So because of what Dr. hacker did to get the hospital back online, the FBI won't be able to catch the hacker. I think they'll be a little ticked about that.
  4. I see Amy ending up being the surrogate as America is pregnant.
  5. Doubtful. William lived in Pennsylvania and Randall lives in New Jersey.
  6. I know Victoria did not enjoy being pregnant, but did she really hate being coddled and want to get back to "Queening"? Or is that a 21st Century thing that is being projected to fill the "strong, take charge woman leader"?
  7. It's too bad the Pilot is going to be on tomorrow instead of right after the finale. It's always fun and jarring to see how young everyone was in comparison. That happens for me with Gilmore Girls when it's back-to-back.
  8. It was a nice thing to have on in the afternoon before dinner. Now that's it's going into Prime Time, it's just not going to get watched by me.
  9. The St. Edward's Crown, aka The Coronation Crown, weighs 5 pounds. The Imperial State Crown, which is the one she wears when she's opening Parliament, "only" weighs 3 pounds. Either one, worn all day, would be heavy to wear! And you can't turn your head much in case it falls off. I imagine that would be quite the faux pas!
  10. Agreed. I'm sure the group that is setting up stuff around the world has little or nothing to do with the casting people. You can't tailor make the challenges against the strength and weaknesses of the contestants. That's cheating and there have been strict rules in place since the Quiz Show Scandal.
  11. It looks like Psych was moved to 5:00 with 4 episodes. I preferred 3:00 with 3 episodes!
  12. I liked how the Queen referred to gems as having personalities. "The pearls look sad being stored away, they are meant to be warmed." "This is the first time the diamonds have seen each other since they were chipped apart." Also-"Is the Crown comfortable?" (Asking about "the little crown" that we see her wear to open Parliament. An emphatic "NO!" was the answer.
  13. I don't know why Matt and Jen are still living with Dougie, but she works at the law firm because her dad is a partner. They may have mentioned she's a paralegal?
  14. Plus, Carrie is 5' tall and weighs 100 lbs. soaking wet. What was she supposed to do? She wouldn't have been able to move Miranda anywhere!
  15. I wonder if Meredith's dad will make an appearance now that Scandal is ending.