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  1. “Come on in, take off your skin, and rattle around in your bones!” And drunk Margaret later in that scene after Frank leaves, “Who was that?”
  2. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    He really is the forgotten Hemsworth!
  3. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    And then Janet saying, “There’s my birthday!!”.
  4. S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    I suspect that all of Jim’s scenes were filmed at the same time and will be inserted into a few episodes. I can’t see Charles traveling back and forth a few times a year.
  5. Just Jack!

    Skip is Elliot’s son. Jack is his grandfather.
  6. Small Talk: The Cafeteria

    Gah! I just noticed there’s no new episode tonight! There’s something to be said for 13 episode seasons like The Good Place instead of stretching a season out until May.
  7. S12.E04: The Tam Turbulence

    Except...he’s not.
  8. Small Talk: Alistair Cooke's Library

    Since those are older Masterpiece shows, they probably doesn’t have their own forums. There might have been at the TWOP forums. I loved CranFord! I bought the DVDs.
  9. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I can’t like this post enough! The episode totally captured “3 weeks later” of a loved one passing.
  10. Gilmore Girls in the Media

    POP channel is adding Gilmore Girls to their lineup for our viewing pleasure!
  11. S10.E03: A Sketchy Area

    I was admiring the driving in reverse skills going on. I can parallel park in one swing on both sides of the street, but I can’t reverse in a straight line, much less what Phil (or the stunt man) was doing.
  12. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    Sometimes you have them for Moms whose children are very far apart, like Amy, and they don’t have any baby things. Some Moms insist on one for each child, especially if #2 is a different gender than #1. 🙄
  13. S10.E02: Where in the World Is Karen Walker?

    I agree the first tw episodes were switched. It would explain the no beard, beard, shave off the beard and the 3 month time jump.
  14. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    It was probably this incident that made Murphy the Murphy we’ve always known.
  15. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Linc called Jo “ Brooke”, so he knew her “before”. Minor nitpick-when Deluca was looking for the boy (and not real well since he was just looking down the hall and not into rooms and under things), the boy crawled out from under a gurney and ran the other way. A hospital employee saw him, but didn’t call to Deluca or go after the boy.