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  1. S04.E04: Talk

    To be fair, people have been calling the show dull since season 1, so presumably you've spent a lot of time surprised. :)
  2. Anyone watching Bodyguard? Just started on BBC. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodyguard_(2018_TV_series) I squealed when I saw Keeley Hawes was in it. I’m about halfway through the pilot. Decent tension building; a bit light on the dialogue and the director is WAY in love with the lead actor’s face, but good. It’s apparently doing quite well in the UK so I assume it’ll get it’s own sub forum when it airs in the US in some fashion.
  3. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    Probably because in 2018 they'd have nothing left to work with if they did. :(
  4. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    My immediate reaction to Kim crying over the letter was that she was crying with relief. Relieved that the letter didn’t say something that would totally destroy Jimmy. And maybe she didn’t realize how afraid she had been until the danger was past; then she broke down. But this is just how I responded, at a gut level, to the actress’s choices, and I know damned well the showrunners love the fact that everyone has a different theory.
  5. S02.E06: Season 2, Episode 6

    Is there anything official about a third season? I’m not sure what to think without this info, but right now I don’t think Margaret is really going to hang. On the other hand, how many more seasons can we watch Lydia and Margaret go at each other? And the constant threat of bringing this or that murder or rape/kidnapping to the law has no fangs, not when we know the men in power are untouchable, and Quigley is untouchable because of her association with them. So “getting the law involved”, trying to find evidence or witnesses for the rapes/murders ... it all seems pointless. (Of course, someone like Margaret confesses and it’s instant death sentence, apparently.)
  6. S04.E01 Smoke

    Why did people think it was a dream? (I'm not following any of it closely enough and I've missed why they thought so.)
  7. S04.E01 Smoke

    I think (and I admittedly have to FF through great big chunks of this show) that Mike disabled the kid's bike, then somehow got into the briefcase (which was pointedly placed on the sidewalk) while the father/Madrigal employee was fixing the bike. How he selected/targeted a balding guy, I don't know.
  8. S02.E05: Season 2, Episode 5

    I like Justice Hunt and have been rooting for him to be the rare voice of male morality ... but I have a feeling that what’s going to happen is that after the wedding, he will discover Amelia and Violet together, and turn evil. (This show isn’t as soul-draining as THT, but it does have to keep everyone right on the brink of disaster.)
  9. Media: Killing Eve On BBCA

    I'm with you. I must be missing something with Oh's performance. She seemed to spend most of the season making the same frowny/suspicious/concerned expression, especially once her partner was dead. I also don't think another actress would have somehow fared worse. Hell, based on her performances in Fleabag and Broadchurch, Phoebe Waller-Bridge would have been just fine herself. (Well, okay, I don't know how her American accent is.) (I didn't care for her in GA either, so clearly something is just not clicking for me. I've always failed to see what the fuss is about.)
  10. I think Alex was born into poverty and didn't go to college. (Abandoned by rock star Dad, working-class Mom, the other kids made fun of her knock-off sneakers in school, found her 'voice' through crime.) Just a counterpoint, not a hill I'm going to die on. :)
  11. S06.E13: Be Free

    No need for 'you people', we're not a monolith. Let me put it another way: the actress didn't even manage to be consistent with the way she pronounced a lot of words. She might pronounce a word like 'car' anywhere from 'fake Boston' to 'fake English' to 'maybe she's from New Zealand' depending on the scene and the sentence. For comparison, Yael Stone (Lorna) is Australian, and while I've never personally heard any American speak with the accent she uses, it's basically 100% consistent. Not all over the place like Badison.
  12. S06.E13: Be Free

    I believe the references to Badison having “blown a lesser Wahlberg” were supposed to seal the deal on her origin being Boston. I skipped her flashback scenes so I don’t know if there was more there. And yeah, I mentioned in an earlier episode thread that I looked up the actress’s origin because it sounded to me, at *best*, like she might be from Australia or New Zealand and it might help explain why she kept blowing the accent. But no, she’s American.
  13. I think it’s necessary to show the contrast between how an articulate, educated white cis-woman gets treated at least somewhat differently from any of the minorities or immigrants. Many of whom were there on even lesser drug charges, IIRC. Actually, I worry about this element being missing with Piper gone. I won’t spoil anything by saying the season finale intentionally makes this difference quite stark.
  14. S06.E13: Be Free

    Attention showrunners: Hopefully you realize by now that Badison was just bad. She was the worst part of the season. Not in a “look, we made a compelling antagonist” way, but rather in a “I skipped her scenes unless they seemed absolutely crucial to the main characters’ plots, and even then I hated every second.” If you’re planning season 7 around her as a main villain, I hope it’s not too late to abort. I know a lot of people threaten to drop a show and then watch it next year anyway, but I am seriously not here for this character or another season about her. I am not here for her backstory or redemption arc. Please start figuring out how to have the season’s real antagonist kill her by episode two, minimum. Or write her off. To the actress: no offense, you had a thankless role, and literally none of us have any clue why they decided to have you do that accent. Maybe it was intentionally grating. But I FF through intentionally grating stuff. ON TOPIC ... I enjoyed this season far more than the last (minus Badison). I skipped a couple of tedious Suzanne scenes, but overall it was surpisingly solid. And they took the nazis from last season off the board, so that was a welcome relief. (Although Asia Kate Dillon, one of the riot skinheads, is fucking fantastic as a gender-neutral financial analyst in an otherwise predictable Showtime show about rich white dudes doing crime, Billions.)
  15. Season 6 Discussion

    Well, damn. Subtract Badison and that was a really good, if depressing season. And Blanca gets handed off to ICE while Piper rides off in a Subaru to go eat some hipster casserole. Things I wondered about: —Fallout of the Judy King thing? And did we hear anything about Yoga Jones? —I know we hated the methheads by the end of S5, but I did wonder about Leann. —SoSo ... if she was out of prison, I think she’d be leading protests at Taystee’s trial. So probably in another prison. —Did miss Boo. Actress unavailable?