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  1. Yes to this (and several of the posts that follow). Be a human being, treat her as a person, talk to her; or for fuck's sake use what I assume is some level of skill in basic deceit/manipulation (again I say: this guy is supposed to be a double agent?). Just handle this tricky situation. You know, instead of being a cold-hearted, chain-smoking lump and making the situation even worse by visibly pining after June. He absolutely has other choices that don't involve him having to lay a finger on her. (I can think of any number of them, starting with "Work is really difficult since the bombing; it's not you, it's me." Or possibly, "I've received divine inspiration that God wants us to wait until you're a little older.")
  2. Am I supposed to feel so sympathetic towards Nick, even though he’s not suffering one tenth as much as June is, that I’m supposed to understand why he’s a complete dick to Eden? Am I really supposed to believe he can’t think of one single slightly more graceful way to handle that situation? How did this guy get into the position he’s in? We haven’t seen him be particularly competent at anything except smoking cigarettes and sulking. If he can’t finesse his way around the feelings of a guileless teenage girl with a crush, how the fuck is he supposed to be some bad-assed double-agent operative? I don’t know, I get that the episode had a couple of really powerful scenes, but there was also a whole lot of filler in between the misery porn. I think I may be getting close to noping out if they can’t pace things a bit better, to say nothing of finding a better balance between sheer unrelenting hopelessness and ... literally anything else.
  3. Best ending ever

    Here's a rant I (new viewer who just caught up) did on the same subject when I caught up to a prior episode:
  4. Harris's List: Harlots in the Media

    There’s only a few weeks left until season 2 premieres (July 11). Here’s a piece about Liv Tyler’s role: http://ew.com/tv/2018/06/15/liv-tyler-first-look-harlots-hulu/
  5. Best ending ever

    It was even in the same conversation, and it was something like “she’s your property”. I assume some writer intended it to be showing us how JM really felt about the situation. “She” and “property”.
  6. S03.E10: Redemption 2018.05.27

    New binge viewer yadda yadda. I absolutely loathe the conceit that every major character on this show has a shared vocabulary of film references they’ve all seen. Also, I absolutely love Taylor as a character—99% of the time. Sorry, show, they may be a nerd but even I didn’t buy that deep cut into Rush album hierarchy references, never mind the Bob Dylan lyric picked up without a beat. Never mind that they also share the film junkie stuff. Taylor just doesn’t strike me as someone who values pop culture all that highly. I can just maybe get to a place where they view all information as meaningful and important, but that’s stuff that takes years to soak in, and they’re still suppose to be, what, 23 or 24? So anyway, I was coming to post that, as a person who is sincerely fatigued by shows about Important White Dudes Doing Important (Criminal) Business, I’m glad this show chooses to keep characters with heart, including Mafee, Taylor, and the elevator dance guy (sorry, he hardly gets any lines so I don’t know his name off top of head), and to let us be happy for their little victories in the midst of the shark pool. Not sure I’d still be watching if not for them. I sure as hell don’t care about Bobby’s fate. Edit, then I load the next episode and now
  7. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I don’t suppose there are any spoilers that Nick dies? (There is a rabid “omg he is so hot, #teamnick” fanbase ruining discussion on another forum I’m on. Yes, I’m a mildly bad person for hoping he’s toast.)
  8. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Yikes. You’re talking about a show where much of what the characters experience doesn’t happen in the “real” world—including David and Syd’s past intimate relationship. You’re talking about a show where Lenny mentioned behind repeatedly raped by the Shadow King when she was just a disembodied prisoner in his disembodied reality. You really can’t play this strange “only physical bodies can be raped” card in the context of this particular show. Anyway. Just came to mention the weird cover of Cornflake Girl over the closing credits. Earlier in the season, when Lenny hooks up with her druggie friends, she calls herself the Cornflake Girl, and I wondered at the time if it was a Tori Amos reference. Seems it was. “This is not real, this is not really happening ... you bet your life it is.”
  9. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Briefly: I was happy to see Luke finally stand up and get to be a three-dimesional human being. (Not least because the Nick-fawning on Reddit makes me batty.) I’ve been vocally not a fan of either character, but hoped that Luke’s doubling down on passivity this season meant a blow-up would eventually happen, and he had his moment. It was understated, but many things on this show are.
  10. S03.E06: The Third Ortolan

    New binge viewer. Most of my binge posts have been snarking at the music choices, Damien Lewis, or the borderline pretensious dialogue. But the writing of this epidose in particular is really fucking good. Dialogue is sharp and witty without inducing more than a groan or two. And getting Wendy, Chuck and Axe in a scene together was pretty fantastic.
  11. Legion in the Media

    Not sure if you're joking about now knowing he was British, but for a lot of us he was first known as the romantic lead in Downton Abbey when that show was at its height of popularity. :) He had a bit more meat on his bones back then. (Another poster pointed out that his American accent sounds just like (British) Hugh Laurie doing HIS American accent, and now I can't unhear it.)
  12. People perceive colors differently. Here's an interview with the show's costume designer. She most often uses the word 'teal' to describe the wives' clothing, but sometimes says blue. http://www.vulture.com/2017/04/handmaids-tale-costumes-how-they-came-together.html Wikipedia defines teal as a medium blue-green color. It might "pull" one direction or the other for people depending on their vision, their viewing screen (even brand new televisions can be poorly calibrated, and "smart tv" usually just means it has internet connectivity and apps), lighting in the scene or in your room, etc. It pulls blue for me. I've seen a few other people say it looks more green, but rarely. Fun fact: visual acuity differs among sexes, with women doing better at distinguishing between colors. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/09/120907-men-women-see-differently-science-health-vision-sex/
  13. General thought ... I’ve noticed that both here and on Reddit, the analysis of the world-building flaws seems to overtake every single thread. I understand some of them, although a HUGE proportion (especially among younger posters) clearly come from a place of ignorance regarding current and historical atrocities. (I can’t tell you how many times I saw threads on Reddit along the lines of “but the colonies make no sense, why not use a bulldozer”. People are losing awareness of the “extermination through labor” camps during the Holocaust, for example.) I think some of the rest of it is a natural outcome of a huge glut of dystopian fiction, plus other shows with incredibly complex world building (like GoT). It seems like it might be worth remembering that this book was written decades ago, before there was, for example, a whole internet full of people ready to pick apart every stupid mistake the survivors make in your average zombie dystopia. (I also think there’s a strong undercurrent of denial. “The Gilead approach to the fertility crisis makes no sense.” But that assumes that Gilead is about the fertility crisis, rather than the crisis itself having been merely a convenient opportunity for a fascist, radical group to take control. Which of course no one wants to believe could happen in This Day and Age, Or At Least Not In My Country.) Anyway, I wonder if a dedicated thread for this subject might help people work out their frustrations.
  14. Isn’t this thread supposed to be about Serena?
  15. S03.E02: The Wrong Maria Gonzalez

    I'm a new binge viewer, just watched this episode. And yes, that fucking Counting Crows song. The fuck. In fact, one of my few other posts so far during my binge was in the S2 episode with that tired ass U2 song. And the Metallica, and the Megadeth, and "Even the Losers". The music on this show is like a rusty chainsaw sometimes. I think I've gotten spoiled in Peak TV, I want my damned ironic cover versions and exquisite deep cuts. I mean, this show doesn't lean heavily into 'subtle' in any case, but the soundtrack sounds like someone got the job as a favor. Edited to add: I came to the show for Asia Kate Dillon. I'm glad to see that actor continue to steal the camera from (yawn) Damien Lewis.