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  1. Good guys don't act out all sorts of little petty vengeance games like Gus did. They're either going to work in an awkward plot about him mining cryptocurrency (and racking up thousands of dollars in electric bills for Fiona) and somehow the Feds get involved, or possibly an awkward plot about terrorism and somehow the Feds get involved? Maybe both. I'm glad we don't have to return to the era of Fiona banging a guy who literally looks like he could be her dad. Honestly I think I've hated the casting for every one of her dudes but JimmySteve. I guess I'm still the sole fan of Trevor and Ian/Trevor.
  2. Edgar's friend, whose name I don't know because I checked out of those scenes early on, felt like a stand in for a person (or type of person) the writers had some grudge against, much like the self-loathing, anorgasmic female romance writer. This ... doesn't feel like a good way to make characters or characters arcs, such as Paul's weird flirtation with MRA stuff, which felt like it was just there to set up the meme punch.
  3. For what it's worth, I can remember a lot more of Ian's last few major storylines than Lip's. Lip's hasn't been about anything but his alcoholism for what feels like a very long time.
  4. Quoting myself here because I can't edit my post from so long ago. I guess it's clear now why she's so angry, and yeah I feel like a jackass.
  5. How did Kev and V end up with Svetlana's kid? Didn't I hear Kevin telling "Yvgeny" something?
  6. I noticed the ADR, and it made me think they added the line after the fact because it made the mother seem too heartless without it. "I do love you" is clearly spliced in by itself.
  7. Why? Because of genitalia?
  8. Kash? The older, married, repressed dude with little kids who was sleeping with Ian when he was like 15? I know this show does not shy away from age gap relationships (although typically the older person is only criticized for it if they happen to be a she), but pretty sure the Kash/Ian "relationship" was statutory rape?
  9. Hmm, I may be biased due to having a trans family member, but I really like Trevor. I suppose part of the dislike for him is because people really wanted Mickey for Ian? I get that, but I still find Trevor attractive, and I don't mind them playing up their relationship as a little on the lighter/sweeter side. I know this is a low bar to get over for a Gallagher, but at least Ian's on his meds, has a career, and isn't dating creepy older/repressed dudes anymore. Edit: I'm quite new to this show so I'm fine with the idea of it continuing a lot longer. Some stuff feels played out (go away Frank), and I'd like to see Lip stop failing one day ... and maybe for Debbie to be less continually grouchy, but still like living in the Gallagher world an hour at a time. Edit 2 because I hate the names on the show. Lip is not Ian is not Liam.
  10. (No spoilers.) I'm really glad I gave S2 a shot, because S1 was nearly too dark for me and I was very close to dropping the show. If you end up reading this thread later, you'll see the outcome. Which is that I've now watched both seasons about a thousand times.
  11. Jesus, how are we already nine episodes into this season? I feel like this thing never got off the ground, and Edgar's douchey friend is eating up so much screen time. Jimmy and Gretchen not sharing scenes is ruining the back half of this season for me.
  12. (Rewatching from the beginning. As uneven as the first season seemed to me at the time, it's fantastic going back and watching the early genesis of all the characters. For example, just watched the first scene that Cam and Bos ever shared together. I think they had a better handle on things than we realized, maybe.) (Update: Gahhh Joe builds a blanket fort with tiny Haley and Joanie back in S1, in an episode I'm 100% sure I mocked at the time (the hurricane episode).)
  13. Aw, I thought I caught a serial killer Easter egg (or foreshadowing) with the green VW beetle appearing briefly, but Bundy's VW was beige.
  14. The writing is off, the directing is off, the editing is off, and I know I'm supposed to be supportive of bushier eyebrows right now, but Gretchen's eyebrows are off and it's all I can see when I look at her. Aya Cash's eyes are so expressive and the brows are so distracting now. Also, the predominance of werewolf sex books on Amazon makes me sad. That said, the way they set up the romance writer (or whoever she was) as secretly a self-hating, anorgasmic woman felt like sour grapes on someone's part. Yeah, lots of people would rather read shitty porn than real books and it sucks, but it still felt vaguely misogynistic. Does anyone know what happened here? Did the writing or show running team change?
  15. Mercy Street last season gutted me. I hadn't heard the song in ... at least fifteen years? But it had always been a devastating song. I've never seen it used in a television show, and when I recognized the intro during Donna's drugged dream-state, I got chills. (I don't chill easily.) That scene (Donna's conversation with imaginary Cam) was one of the things I'll always remember about this show. I watch too much television to be easily moved by much of it, but that scene was a knife to the heart. A lot of this show has been a knife to the heart.