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  1. The writing is off, the directing is off, the editing is off, and I know I'm supposed to be supportive of bushier eyebrows right now, but Gretchen's eyebrows are off and it's all I can see when I look at her. Aya Cash's eyes are so expressive and the brows are so distracting now. Also, the predominance of werewolf sex books on Amazon makes me sad. That said, the way they set up the romance writer (or whoever she was) as secretly a self-hating, anorgasmic woman felt like sour grapes on someone's part. Yeah, lots of people would rather read shitty porn than real books and it sucks, but it still felt vaguely misogynistic. Does anyone know what happened here? Did the writing or show running team change?
  2. Mercy Street last season gutted me. I hadn't heard the song in ... at least fifteen years? But it had always been a devastating song. I've never seen it used in a television show, and when I recognized the intro during Donna's drugged dream-state, I got chills. (I don't chill easily.) That scene (Donna's conversation with imaginary Cam) was one of the things I'll always remember about this show. I watch too much television to be easily moved by much of it, but that scene was a knife to the heart. A lot of this show has been a knife to the heart.
  3. And as a female who's been in IT for 25 years, I couldn't be more pleased.
  4. Someone please tell me what TV show I saw recently that textually made fun of someone for having Solsbury Hill on their Spotify playlist. (Er, if this seems totally OT, it was the final song. Unfortunately I became distracted while trying to remember the above.) ETA: It was OITNB.
  5. The actress playing Brianna is still teeth-grindingly bad. I don't understand how she got cast in this show, it's like she's reading lines off a menu board.
  6. This show makes me glad to live in Peak TV. In another time it wouldn't have been allowed to find its legs. Also, don't often see shows take on the fact that some women just don't want to have kids.
  7. For those who might not be aware, now that we near the end ... you can watch Tamsin Grieg and Stephen Mangan in Green Wing on Netflix. It's a 2000s-era British hospital comedy that is painfully/R-ratedly funny, with lots of familiar faces (such as Olivia Colman, first place I ever saw her). If Scrubs smoked meth.
  8. Had a coworker casually explain his MRA beliefs to me today. All I could picture was Paul. (Yes, it was awkward AF.)
  9. "No one ever fought for me" was a misstep for sure given Jimmy staying with Gretchen during her depression. The directing was really odd again this week. I don't claim to know good directing from bad directing, it just feels ... weird. The rhythm of the dialogue is also off. They're either trying too hard with the "hella" stuff or there are lines of filler that didn't used to be there. So not interested in Boone. The show works best when Jimmy and Gretchen are more or less together, even when it's "less".
  10. I feel like that's about the third time in a year or so I've seen the "father dies/son doesn't react, ends up with cremains in his face" gag. There has to be some other beat that can be used to tell that story.
  11. I'm kind of trying to get through this, but struggling. (I loved Treme, so it's not a David Simon problem.) Quick question, and I'm sure this has been brought up or observed by others: what is with these actors in "prestige" dramas doing dual rules? Like Ewan McGregor in Fargo. Are they all jealous of Tatianna Maslany or something? Is this the new bar that has to be reached? It just confuses and annoys me, because 1) they are not Tatianna Maslany, 2) "twins" just isn't anywhere near as interesting as "clones".
  12. Actors are also very skilled at marketing, i.e., acting.
  13. If anyone had "Heroin(e)" pop up on their Netflix recommendations, it's a short documentary worth a watch. Completely different subject matter, but has the same vibe of women of a certain age working together (against a heroin epidemic in a small WV town).
  14. I'm also guessing Nicole and Katie would be getting less grief (and we wouldn't be hearing the phrase "abandoned her kids" about kids who stayed in the church with the other parent) if they were men instead of women.
  15. Jimmy and Gretchen are literally the romantic leads of the show. You may be disappointed. :)