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  1. I got the impression that Veronica saw the ceremony and the party afterwards as a complete package. The Confirmation ceremony might not be a family-only affair but the party at home certainly was. BTW, was what Veronica said about the age of Confirmation right? Is it customary in the US to have it at 12 or 13? Because my Confirmation was when I was 16 years old. She was getting a bishop to perform the ceremony specially for her. There was nothing standard about that ceremony, from the dress to the singing, and everything else.
  2. Oh, I think she is definitively pocketing the money. Unless she has some seriously next level money laundering skills, there's no way she could possibly justify that much cash coming in as campaign donations. Because as we saw in the first season, the Lodges' "contributions" do come in the form of big bags of cash.
  3. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    On tangentially related news, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has been cast: Kiernan Shipka To Star In Netflix’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch Series
  4. Why so certain it was drugs? Did you not see what was written on the side of that crate? And being delivered to Sabrina's hometown?
  5. OK, from the last episode we got another clue abut the town's location. According to Jughead, it's only "a straight shot up Sweetwater River to the Canadian border". Now, maybe it is because English is not my first language, but what does "a straight shot up the river" supposed to mean? That Riverdale is close to the Canadian border but there are no roads leading up to it?
  6. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    Time dilation would be my guess. What I want to know is if it was an exploratory mission or a colonization one. Because considering just how many space stations they had at the time of the first apocalypse, a colonization mission wouldn't have been beyond their capabilities.
  7. S07.E05: Eastwatch

    In all of those cases the situation was more complicated than that and the Targaryens actions led to conflict at best and outright war at worst. Maegor's usurpation of the throne did not go uncontested and he had to kill Aenys I's son Aegon. Everyone agreed that what Maegor did was unlawfull but nobody was about to object too loudly while he was alive. Jaehaery I's cases is actually a good example of the limitations that the Targaryen kings faced when choosing their own successors. When his son Prince Aemon died he appointed his second son Baelon as heir instead of Aemon's daughter Rhaenys because unlike Viserys I later on, Jaehaerys knew damn well that the bulk of the lords of the realm would not be OK with woman ruling in her own right. This one is actually completely wrong, as Jaehaerys didn't make this call. After Prince Baelon died Jaehaerys called a Great Council, and it was the assembled lords of the realm who decided to pass over Rhaenys' son in favor of Baelon's son. This one is actually the preeminent example of how the Targaryens couldn't get away with the "do what I want because I'm the king and I say so" policy of inheritance. Viserys I was pretty damn clear about who he wanted to succeed him and the realm went to war before he was even cold on his bed over the issue. We may be able to account for that with the fact that it is not actually a lake, it's a river, the Blackwater Rush. Remember that before the battle Randyll Tarly came to tell Jaime that he wanted the army to be across the river as soon as possible. I think we are meant to assume that Bronn and Jaime were carried downstream by the current. I would pity the poor soul who would have to do an entire show with the prosthesis and makeup necessary to play Glotka. That's not true, actually. Robert did have a claim to the Iron Throne by blood. Remember that Robert's grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, daughter of King Aegon V and sister to King Jaehaerys II. This made Aerys II and Steffon Baratheon (Robert's father) first cousins, and Robert himself, Rhaegar's second cousin. That means that after the Tragedy of Summerhall, Robert, Stannis and Renly were the closest living relatives the royal family had. If some plague had killed Aerys and all his children and grandchildren, Robert would've inherited the Iron Throne as the eldest surviving male descendant of Aegon V.
  8. S07.E05: Eastwatch

    I think that was the point of all the stuff Gilly mentioned before that part. We are meant to assume that High Septon Maynard’s writings are so mind-numbingly boring that no Maester has ever bothered to read past the detailed accounts of Maynard’s bowel movements and gotten to the good shit... pun very much intended.
  9. S01.E10: The Toll

    I don't think that's the case. They left plenty of dangling threads to pick up in season 2. She did, but I have a feeling that she won't make it far. It depends on whether or not Marty rats her out. Then there's a very good chance Agent Petty might find her first. Conveniently enough, Rachel was about the only person involved in the whole affair who didn't get the benefit of hearing that lecture. Ruth told Wyatt she was going to try to become their legal guardian. I guess we will find out in season 2. His partner might try to throw Petty under the bus. After all, his carelessness apparently got an informant killed and they don't have anything to show for it. That's going to be used to bankroll the construction of the damn and the floating casino. After Marty puts it all in the system through his new financial business. Season 2, I guess. Like I said, I think it's all setup in case they got a second season.
  10. S02.E08: No Future in the Past

    I'm more confused by the fact that they sent her the results in a physical envelope. In this day and age wouldn't they have emailed them to her?
  11. S02.E07: Everybody Knows

    On a bit of a more logistical note, how big is Purgatory supposed to be? We know that the whole of the Ghost River Triangle is thousands of square miles and cuts a chunk of a city, but Purgatory proper's population eludes me. How many people would it take to support four strip clubs?
  12. S03.E06: One Last Card To Play

    I like the situation because of the consistency it brings to the situation. Every flashback that we got to Four's time before the memory wipe showed that Ryo Ishida lacked the emotional control that Four had. Remember that his stepmother was able to frame him so easily because he was throwing a drunken temper tantrum over one thing or another at the time.
  13. Media for New Warriors

    The leads have been cast! Marvel's 'New Warriors' Sets Its Cast — Including Squirrel Girl (Exclusive)
  14. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    You are aware that the famous 1941 Bogart version is itself a remake, aren't you? As a matter of fact it was the third adaptation of the book.
  15. The thing about that movie is that the framing device could give the director a lot of leeway. Since it's a guy telling the story, you could change it to them reconciling just before the end and chuck up the discrepancy by saying that the Danny DeVito character is being an unreliable narrator. The thing is, Hamilton is such a phenomenon that the producers would never risk the media shit storm that would ensue from such a drastic change to one of the main features of the musical.