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  1. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    That finale was all kinds of crazy. Jessica Lange for the win! I was just mesmerized watching her act the hell out of her scene with Michael. Man, he has pretty eyes and did a good job with the tears. Did you see he had a wet spot from the tears on his shirt? I thought Mallory should have squished his head with the car, but I guess she still took care of business. Whew, for a second I thought Constance was going to break down and bring Michael into the house like he pleaded for her to do...."Go to Hell." You tell him Constance! Great seeing Angela Bassett again! I wasn't spoiled so that was a nice surprise Didn't care about the couple at the end. I give this season 7/10 It really flew by pretty fast.
  2. Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    Oh yes, much worse than the pedicure. I think you know what I'm talking about now. It was just nasty.
  3. Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    Yeah,David make my skin crawl with the neediness and overall annoyingness( run Sally run!) It’s quirky enough that I will stick with it. But was not expecting that one scene that I can’t erase from my mind. Eesh.
  4. Good Behavior in the Media

    Saw that sad news today, I am bummed. Such a good show, damn you low ratings. And still some crappy shows somehow survive.
  5. As far as I know, there are no plans for another season since the write/creator has a busy schedule. But who knows, fingers crossed she can someday make the time. Ii think most of the cast are all for it. But these actors aren't getting any younger.
  6. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Tricky basterds! I swear that's what I said to my friend, that what's her name would get the helicopter and save Rick.
  7. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    now that was an interesting way to go out. Nice. Damn you Daryl for making me tear up.
  8. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I just hope the horsie makes it out alive.
  9. S08.E08: Soujourn

    Oh man, THAT's who they reminded me of! Glad I am not alone in not liking this ep much. For me, it was just TOO MUCH MICHAEL! The kid's a good actor but I just don't care much about the character, so it was hard to endure a whole hour about him. I think I was most entertained by Sandra Bernhard's first monologue/speech to the Satanists.. Wonder if she'll join Murphy's stable of AHS actors in minor roles in the future. I could see it. Hope next week is better. It has to be....right? RIght?!
  10. That was such a great opening line! So I guess that's the last we'll be seeing of Murder House and more importantly, Jessica Lange...which really bums me out since I have been looking for her return for years actually. Unless Fiona makes an appearance. But I will take what I could get, and she was awesome as usual. Although I didn't quite like some of the earlier camera angles they used when Madison and Behold were first talking to her. Paulson directed right? I never was a big Madison fan but her and Behold were a fun pairing. I laughed a bunch of times, especially in the opening scene in the office. Behold's "tear jerker" was too funny. I liked how they basically made fun of Ben and his crying/jerking off by the window callback from season one. But I didn't need to see it again thank you very much. Did anyone say, hey that's Pepper! when the three satan worshippers or whatever you call them came to Murder House? I love when they bring back actors. And whoa, that was a brutal scene with that poor girl getting stabbed and her heart ripped out. I didn't even remember anything about that little girl. Oooh and when the ball came rolling in I forgot what's his name was still in the house. Beau? Really enjoyed this one.
  11. OITNB in the Media

    I have no problem with this, I think it's time. Seven years is a good run for any show.
  12. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I thought it was smart to do that time jump. I totally thought we'd be finding out Roseanne died when the family did, and that was making me a little on edge just before it started. I had two guesses how she died: 1. Car accident and 2. Heart attack. Never thought it would be because of the pills. You got me show. Add me to those who liked this. The scene with Jackie and Darlene choked me up....I think those two were really feeding into Roseanne's real departure. I usually see things like this coming,but I totally didn't see Darlene's "it hurts" and then references the corn holder in the back! That cracked me up and it was a nice relief after that sad scene. Becky had some funny lines too, I just can't remember right now. Thank you! that's one of Becky's I laughed at!
  13. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    Oh I totally forgot Coco being a "gluten detector" that was hysterical. And Myrtle had a couple of good lines too. What was the one where she name dropped Mark Zuckerberg?
  14. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    MISTY DAY! YAY! I am not spoiled so I was so pleasantly surprised they brought her back,the actress and character! Lily Rabe looks still looks great. I couldn't watch that poor froggy repeato scene though. Why did I tear up at the end of that Stevie Nicks/Misty moment?! *sniff* I was hoping for they'd bring in Murder House this ep(not just that little bit at the end) but oh well, just gotta wait until next week then ooooh, she's baaack finally. I feel like I'm watching Coven 2.0