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  1. Wentworth in the Media

    If it turns out to be true, at least we are getting one more season in 2019.
  2. Season 6

    Oh ok purist. I didn't get to episode three yet, thanks. Why am I now not feeling good about this now.
  3. Season 6

    I knew that wasn't Liz in the shower when Sonia went all Psycho on that inmate, mainly because I didn't think she could go out that way. I don't think that's the end of Franky, at least I hope not. If they didn't see a body, then it seems likely she'll pop up somewhere, just with a bullet wound. Does she still have a cel phone?
  4. I was really hoping and dare say,expecting to see Jodie Comer's name. If her co-star Sandra Oh got in I'd think she would too. Damn, pretty disappointing.
  5. Wentworth in the Media

    I'm glad Kate Jenkinson picked Allie burning Bea's sketches. That was a hard one for ME to watch! Liz flipping out and pulling her hair out was tough to watch again
  6. Season 6

    This is a great mini-summary! :) When Frankie was hiding in that apartment and the police were banging on the door, I knew it was going to be the old switcheroo of it really being someone elses' apartment. He really is such a Super creep, Super creep, he's super creepy! When I first saw him I thought, ugh are you still here? I can't believe Vera didn't delete that evidence right away. Dumbass. Also, I didn't see the pregnancy reveal coming. Wonder how she'll handle that. Oooh I also liked that reveal that the two new inmates are related....and seeing that flashback where we see Rita was a cop made me go, Oh shit! Hi Juice! Didn't expect to see her. Hopefully she won't make my skin crawl as before now that she is tongueless. Purist- I also wish Maxine was back. Run,Frankie,Run. Didn't think she's meet up with Bridget in the first ep. BTW- does anyone know what really happened in real life to the actress' leg? I'm still thinking the Freak will pop up sometime,somewhere. Really hope not though.
  7. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Well that was fast. Nice going Roseanne! You had a good thing going and you effed it up for everyone. Why are people so stupid and never think about what they say and the potential consequences!
  8. S01.E08: God, I'm Tired

    Yes, she is quite amazing and really hope they both get nominated for this year's Emmy or any awards in 2019 like the Golden Globes or SAG. The site Gold Derby said if they did, it would be the first time in 16 years that two co-stars got nominated. They also think they'd be a long shot, but hey, I can hope.
  9. S01.E08: God, I'm Tired

    well that was one crazy ending. I should have seen that coming, but I fell for that just as much as Villanelle did even though I thought it was a bit wacky Eve would be acting that way towards her,but I don't care because that's just how this show goes and it's what makes it special and different and I do love it. Was that BS or do you think Eve really meant all those things she said to V about thinking about her all the time? I think at least partially true. I was a little on edge when Eve was looking around V's wardrobe closets thinking she might pop out at any second. The kid and Villanelle were pretty great together. Some really funny lines. Some much gun pointing in one ep! Villanelle must have super healing powers after getting shot the first time,unless she had on a bulletproof vest. I forget, did we see any blood after she got shot in the restaurant? Looking forward to next season!
  10. S.14.E26: Live Finale, Part 2

    That was probably the most blah finale I've seen this show. I didn't even watch it all.... and when it was really good I'd sit through the whole show, live! The guests were even lackluster for me. Not surprised Bryn won although I didn't think she was an amazing singer(but she still has a lot of vocal development to do since she's young) Weirdly I'm happier that Kelly won than I am than Brynn won, if you know what I mean. Is Kelly coming back next season or skipping a season?
  11. S14.E25: Live Finale, Part 1

    I didn't like Brynn's Skyfall at all. I forgot who sang it once before on this show, but she did such an awesome version that I bought it on iTunes and I rarely do that. I don't know, I just didn't like how low she sang it that it sounded blah. I thought I had wanted her to win, but I'm going with Kyla. But won't be surprised if Brynn wins.
  12. S01.E06: Take Me to the Hole!

    I cracked up at that line. Glad we didn't get to see Nadia get killed. Felt bad for her.
  13. S01.E03: Avoid the City

    I call BS- when Beatrice and Rasmus(Rasmoose!) go up to the roof right after the rain stopped, the roof was completed dry! Is it quick drying rain or something? Come on!
  14. The Eyes: News and Media

    Yay! Another season of misery! I'm actually happy for a S3 but hopefully they'll be some light at this very dark tunnel
  15. The Media Kingdom

    Season three trailer! May 29th