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  1. S06.E06: True or False

    IMO Lindsay and Halstead were always into one another - and fairly equally. The only real reason for any resistance was their fear of losing their jobs. Neither Ruzek nor Upton seem too concerned about any of that, which is rather surprising, considering Ruzek not only went through it with Burgess but witnessed the Linstead issues, and Upton has - til this - seemed smarter than risking her career for a fling.
  2. S04.E07: The Poison Inside Us

    Don't forget, Bekker doesn't even like Snickers (which I personally find inconceivable, but that's neither here nor there) as she told Rhodes she hates peanuts. He can't even be bothered to know something like that about her at this point?? And I don't presume to know much about bipolar disorder, but somehow I doubt meds would kick in that quickly for the new mom. She'd presumably been off them for months, but within a couple of hours after giving birth she seemed like a whole different person.
  3. S02.E06: Nightmares

    I wondered the same...thought maybe one of the others had swiped a couple of amputated body parts just to mess with Devin, since they made such a big deal about it being his first Halloween in the ER. Re: Conrad and Marshall - When Marshall mentioned not seeing his son for a decade, and only then because of a private investigator, I wondered if perhaps that's why they have different last names, as Conrad would've wanted not to easily be found.
  4. S01.E05: Unfriended

    Somehow I am really having a hard time seeing Jaya as this super-dedicated aspiring doctor. IMO everything we know of her thus far has made her seem rather shallow and for-the-moment, not the kind of person you'd picture buckling down through med school.
  5. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    Huh, this sounds really intense. Maybe the fear of having to buy 150 boxes of expensive cookies again was the reason they let Beth go?? Hey, just saying...
  6. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    An interesting thought, especially when viewed alongside Rebecca calling her Bug...
  7. S03.E04: N-E--NEW JJ

    So...was that beginning part a dream or reality? I thought a dream, because it was way over the top even for this show. But then Maya made reference to the bear. Color me confused! And Dylan shares a bedroom with her two older brothers...but never noticed they weren't in bed when she was? When they were in London Jimmy mentioned the house was like 900 square feet...but Dylan never heard people playing Jenga in the living room? Sure, ok.
  8. S04.E06: Lesser Of Two Evils

    Is it just me or is Jay incredibly unlikable every time he's on this show? I mean, yeah, I totally get he's been dealing with a lot of difficult and unpleasant things in recent seasons...but IMO he just comes off as mean a lot of the time.
  9. S7 E6: All The Proof

    Chiming into the learning Spanish subplot...yes, it's helpful and good to learn a language with a lot of speakers in your area. But it kind of bugged me how Cruz acted, putting all the burden on the firefighters like they were totally lax in their duties by not learning. Yes, they could learn some Spanish; but also the woman could learn some communicative English, as it is the de facto official language. Not a single word was mentioned about that. And Hermann did have a point about learning Polish and all that...Polish is the 3rd most widely spoken language in Chicago after English and Spanish. But you can't learn every language.
  10. S03.E06 Body Image

    So we're supposed to believe that Chloe spent her entire life in Westport, changed herself entirely...but didn't think anyone would ever bring it up or even remember it? Huh.
  11. In the beginning, Graham was quirky but still in the vicinity of cute/funny. At this point, all his various paranoias and "issues" are literally screaming for a visit to a child psychiatrist...which none of the adults appear to notice.
  12. S04.E06: Lesser Of Two Evils

    At this point I am rather disbelieving that NONE of the Halsteads ever suspected anything might be amiss with Ray Burke...like, seriously? This guy and his family have been portrayed as the most stereotypical Mafiosos ever...
  13. S04.E05: What You Don't Know...

    On Reba, the two toddlers were always said to be "watching a video upstairs." Sure, because 1- and 2-year-olds are totally super at occupying themselves that way. But yeah, I agree. With Will and Natalie this serious, we should be seeing a lot more of them with Owen as a family, not just continuing to go out on dates and having time for private serious bedroom conversations. Speaking of which, are we to assume Will now lives at Natalie's house? It seemed so, yet nobody ever said anything.
  14. S06.E05: Fathers and Sons

    I still don't get the whole Ruzek/Upton thing. If they are really just hooking up casually, why endanger their employment when I'm sure either could find a non-cop for that purpose. Halstead and Lindsay were entirely different, as from day 1 it was clear they were into each other specifically. But even they didn't get physically involved until they felt it was "safe" (her leaving Intelligence).
  15. S07.E05: A Volatile Mixture

    I used to be a reporter for a small-ish publication, as this woman seemed to be...and I sure never got groundbreaking investigative articles to do, which immediately got picked up by the NYT even before completion... I also never got city officials of any capacity volunteering to put their necks out for the sake of an article (on any specific beat, you have to work hard at cultivating relationships and getting people to trust you...because there are literally NO Caseys who will jeopardize their careers simply because you're cute and asked them nicely.)