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  1. Just recently saw the episode where Jo and Blair are graduating college, and Jo's grandfather from Poland comes... As a Polish-American, I hated this episode. For one thing, an older man during that time would NOT have spoken English, let alone so fluently (my dad grew up in the '60s, and even then, kids were still learning Russian in school, not English). Grandpa even knew what rhubarb was! Then for another thing, the situation implies that Jo's father would have had to come to the US as a young man...and he has no accent whatsoever. Finally, on an unrelated note...there are like 20 grads at the ceremony. But Langley has a law school for Blair to attend? Yeah, yeah, I know...it's just fiction. But it bugged me nonetheless.
  2. Chicago PD Spoilers

    While I'm generally in favor of new characters and plot expansion, I must say I'm getting a bit tired of all these "Villains of the Season". We've already seen so many on this show! Is there no other kind of storyline??
  3. S09.E22: Clash of Swords

    IMO this is because all the characters have become stereotyped caricatures of themselves. The writers don't seem able to let them grow or change at all, despite the number of years involved.
  4. All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    Now that I think of it, they never did mention why he was in prison in the first place, did they?
  5. S05.E22: Homecoming

    This. Jay IMO was the perfect mix...definitely no teacher's pet but very clearly aware of (and more importantly willing to defend) the line between right and wrong. Amidst all Jay's personal issues this season, we kind of stepped away from that.
  6. S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    When Jay was questioning Will, he said he had wanted to all week but there was never a good moment. If THAT was the best moment Will and Natalie had over the course of an entire week, you'd think he'd take it as a hint about the wisdom of proposing at all...
  7. S01.E06: Letting Ghost

    But he already did have at least one session with the guy...a session that seemed to only pertain to his own issues, not the kids'.
  8. S01.E06: Letting Ghost

    When he said that the psychologist was seeing him during "seventh period," I took it to mean that he was a teacher. Then I thought about it and figured maybe that was just a reference to the fact that he is really just supposed to be working with kids during the school day (in which case, how is Martin allowed to see him in regard to issues that are un-kid-related?) So basically, I still have no idea.
  9. S09.E22: Clash of Swords

    I recently read that each of the "kids" on this show earn $100,000 per episode. Maybe it's getting too expensive to have them all on the show every week, especially when they are contributing literally nothing to the storylines.
  10. S02.E24: The Spring Gala

    So...it took Katie all year to plan the gala. But with the help of her family and friends, it could be done in five hours?? Huh.
  11. Chicago PD Spoilers

    I think this is spot on...I mean, for heaven's sake, we saw Erin grieve and spiral after the death of Nadia, who may have been a friend, but at the end of the day, was still "just" a friend. Voight, on the other hand, has lost everyone he's ever loved (let's not forget his father, who was murdered when Voight was only 8; and we can presume his mother is also gone, though we don't know how and given Voight's history, it would stand to reason it may also have been untimely. )
  12. S02.E23: Finding Fillion

    Agreed that Anna Kat needs to be toned down...there is a fine line between funny and obnoxious. Speaking of Anna Kat, are we really supposed to believe she'd be into football? The little girl who washes her entire ARMS like she's a surgeon? Or has she been magically cured now?
  13. S03.E19: Crisis of Confidence

    I'm just wondering if Will and Natalie being married and working in the same department wouldn't be a conflict of interest. Maybe this will finally be our chance to get rid of Natalie! But probably not, if April and Noah are allowed to work together...
  14. This week is the 30th anniversary of the series finale...hard to believe it's that long! http://mentalfloss.com/article/65515/15-facts-life-about-facts-life I still have issues with the final season (particularly Jo's marriage) but alas, it's really difficult for shows to wrap everything up in a satisfactory way, so I can't fault them too much, I guess.
  15. S06.E21: The Unrivaled Standard

    All I remember is she was Kelly's girlfriend, then they broke up then she moved to Spain I think. Then she came back and liked about being pregnant with his baby. Anything else about her, I don't remember and I bet they will say that the boy is his son somehow. Yes, Kelly was all set to take responsibility for the baby. Then Shay stepped up and basically forced him to get his head out of the sand, literally doing the math out loud for Kelly to realize that the due date did not add up with the last time he'd seen Rene. So Kelly then confronted her and she started bawling about how she'd had this one-night stand, how she knew the baby wasn't Kelly's but just "really wished it was" and so it was like she was mentally trying to make it so. Blech. As for Colannino...anyone else know the second they arrived at the fire that something was going to happen to the guy? For one thing, they rarely work with other units at fires; and for another, why else would they have let us "get to know" the guy's sad little story literally minutes earlier? It seemed painfully obvious that we were supposed to feel badly about his loss, and we couldn't/wouldn't if we didn't know a little something about him. While I get what the writers were trying to do, it was still a bit of a cheap setup, IMO.