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  1. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    Funny how that's turned out...lots of people are saying that since they got together, Will has really mellowed out and become more likable (presumably because he's no longer angsting). But with her, everybody thinks her personality's gone downhill. As for Natalie vs Gabby...maybe they could schedule a showdown at Molly's between the two. It could be a much-need fundraiser for the hospital! Heck, I'd buy a ticket...
  2. Don't forget, Vanessa was a cop just as long as Kevin was... My personal peeve? How Kendra was able to just go take a vacation smack in the middle of the semester...in LAW SCHOOL...
  3. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    Or homeschooling, apparently. Since when would a homeschooled student be competing in sports as a school against a team from a fairly large public school? I attended a small private high school myself, and my softball team had to drive 40-60 minutes away for games, as we were not considered in the same league as the local public schools, with many times more students.
  4. S03.E08: Lemons and Lemonade

    My theory would be that he doesn't spend all that much time with Natalie, but with grandma...who looks at him and only sees a poor baby that never knew his dad, so he's being spoiled and coddled. While that may be fine and good within the family, nobody in the larger world is going to care about any of that. Also, Will giving Owen that car? I know he literally said it's a bribe, but seriously? The kid acts terribly, not once but twice (that we've seen...who knows how often it's really been?) and he's rewarded with a large gift? Good luck getting that behavior to change.
  5. S06.E03: An Even Bigger Surprise

    My private dream? That Casey decides he actually has a medical calling and heads for New Jersey with Hugh Laurie...who you KNOW would not suffer Gabriela Dawson for a single minute!
  6. S05.E12: Captive

    While LaRoyce is certainly a talented actor, I actually don't like his scenes too much because he almost always mumbles. I haven't seen him in anything else, so I don't know if it's a LaRoyce thing or a Kevin thing. But it makes it harder for me to get into whatever he's doing when I have to rewind and give his dialogue another listen.
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I get the impression that we viewers were not supposed to fault Randall for doing this - and also that the interviewer was ok with it, because he said it "could be" about his kids (hello, caller ID?) But I have honestly never been on an interview in my entire life where I didn't turn my phone off. I'm sure that Randall wasn't talking to the woman all day, and in the event that some emergency actually DID happen at the girls' school during that hour or two, I'm sure the school could call Beth! If I were the interviewer I would have dropped him from consideration the second he took that call and didn't have to end the interview immediately - it would show that it wasn't in fact an emergency, yet he chose to take it anyways.
  8. S02.E12: THE H-U-S--HUSTLE

    Generally speaking, most colleges will not accept a COC, and we know that JJ has plans to further his education. Also, while of course we all know this is a comedy, it DOES focus a great deal on a person with special needs. Given that the show has attracted attention from the very beginning because of actually casting a disabled actor to play a disabled character (a surprisingly few roles actually do) one would hope there is some kind of consultant behind the scenes, advising the writers on what's what for a student with JJ's needs.
  9. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Very true. I just never really had the impression that William gave it that much thought, though.
  10. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I know they can't get into all this, because it's way too many characters and all, but just because William had no relatives left, are we supposed to assume that Randall's bio mom didn't either? Surely there might have been a grandma or aunt who would have taken him, or even a family friend, at least temporarily until William got over the shock of his girlfriend's untimely death, But they have always acted like it had to be either William or total strangers.
  11. S03.E07: Over Troubled Water

    Girlfriend telling Goodwin that smacked of condescension to me...and since overall she was a nice person, that really didn't make sense IMO. And yes, we keep hearing about other hospitals being close by, specifically the infamous Mercy. Couldn't they have taken Lyla there?
  12. Re: last week's ep with the competing firm - Did they REALLY need Chale to tell them to focus on smaller businesses? REALLY? They really thought that a fledgling little company like theirs could take on huge jobs? Plus, I'd imagine that a bigger, more established company like Nassau Security would also charge more. Are we supposed to believe that a business like Mary's Bakery (which likely employs only Mary and maybe one or two part-timers?) is going to pay thousands of dollars?
  13. S02.E12: THE H-U-S--HUSTLE

    A certificate of completion is generally for students with serious cognitive issues. JJ's disabilities are just physical. If he were failing classes or not handing in assignments, Kenneth would know. Of course, it wouldn't be Kenneth's place to inform Jimmy and Maya of that; but I would imagine he would have strongly urged JJ to tell them himself. On a random note, was this dance fundraiser right after school? Wouldn't that be a little odd for parents? Does no one in the district have a job, or did Dr Miller just think they'd take time off for it? Huh.
  14. S06.E08: The Whole Point of Being Roomates

    1) Call me silly, but how could Chief Boden buy $5k worth of ANYTHING for the city from his brother-in-law?? And he was supposed to make the check out to Julian Whoever Consulting, not even like it was hidden in a neutral company name! Even if they were the best firefighting gloves in the history of the world, an outside observer would see it as favoritism. The entire storyline could have been avoided had Boden simply told the guy, "Sorry, I can't make city purchases from family members." Done, end of story. But it was like the concept never even crossed his mind. 2) I'm still trying to figure out why exactly Sylvie and Antonio aren't supposed to be together. When they ended things the first time, he was like, "I'm way older than you, I have kids, blah blah blah..." Yes, that can sometimes be difficult; but people IRL have all kinds of issues and this among them is hardly uncommon or insurmountable. (Notice how his daughter, who now lives with him, was conveniently never around anytime Antonio brought Sylvie to his place for sexytimes?) IMO it just feels like the writers are trying to manufacture some drama, some reason for a couple to have difficulty, and they are totally out of ideas about how to bring that about in a realistic fashion. 3) As a person living with a chronic pain condition, I am thoroughly sick of TV shows depicting everyone who uses painkillers as an addict. In reality, something like THREE PERCENT of people with legit prescriptions develop an addiction. TV and movies are only adding to the misconceptions, which add to the stigma and shaming of people who only want enough relief to go about their normal lives again. Bria said her dad had a legit workplace injury, and it hadn't even been all that long ago; yet the whole story had to do with his "addiction" to pills and detoxing, so he could be able to care for her again and Dawson could feel good about them living happily ever after. At NO point did anyone address the underlying issue, which is he has an injury that causes him enough pain that he cannot work. How is taking away his painkillers going to help him here?
  15. S06.E09: Foul Is Fair

    I was wondering precisely the same thing. Even if the woman had somehow tripped and fallen, it would still be literally impossible for her foot to get caught the way that it was. As her supervisor, I would imagine that Casey - who knew from the start how inappropriately attached Dawson was getting - should have reported her to the appropriate persons. But of course, with THAT conflict of interest, we know that would never happen. I also noticed that Gabby justified her involvement by saying that Bria reached out to her. Well, that may have technically been true; but it was only true after Gabby essentially forced it to be so. She followed Bria into her building, essentially forced her way into the apartment, gave Bria her cell phone number, and told her that she would be calling every day to check on her. As a side thing, would Gabby have been legally allowed to assist the paramedics who came to help Bria's father? Although she IS trained and able to do so, she wasn't on the job. I wasn't entirely sure if that was ethical or not. I could see if it was a matter of life or death, and there was nobody else around, as when they first showed up; but after that, shouldn't she have stepped aside?