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  1. S01.E10: Bad Day to Be a Hero

    Hard to believe that Jamie Lynn Siegler is now older than Edie Falco was when The Sopranos started. Man time flies.
  2. S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    Zach Roerig is NOT aging well at all. Despite Matt Davis being 7 years old, they look opposite in ages. I would believe Zach being Matt's older brother in another show.
  3. S01.E04: Six Paintings, One Frame

    I will say that in my experience, men consider teasing each other or ragging on each other as a form of bonding and a sign of true friendship. You don't tease people you are not close with. It is a sign of affection and love despite the actual words being said. I would say 90% of my interactions with my friends is what we call "ranking" (teasing) on each other's appearances, life choices, family members, etc. For those in our circle, nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo as long as it is said as a joke. But we all love each other and would do anything for each other. The way they are portrayed when joking is WAY more realistic than depictions of guys who have real deep conversations on the reg. While those do happen occasionally, they are out of the norm and an anomaly as part of their overall interactions.
  4. Per Tony the rocks were half of the combined weights of both team members. So Tony and Bananas had the heaviest rock by far.
  5. S32.E17: Scandal

    Tease I agree with. I thank you for your response. I don't think Player or Heartbreaker really applies to someone who doesn't sleep with anyone though. The term being discussed is not a part of my vocabulary, I just am fascinated by how words can change in either meaning or value in their offensiveness or maybe just awareness as time goes by is what I mean. I have known and seen women is the past proudly calling themselves that even wearing outfits with the word emblazoned on it. BTW I think CT has been a tease in the past as well because he was doing it with Mandy and Laurel but I don't think he ever intended to bang either. I would even say he "c" teased Mandy because she was clearly into hooking up with him but it didn't appear he was going to do anything with her, especially once she told him she liked to be choked the fuck out.
  6. Really loving this show so far. Might be my favorite new show of the season. Each episode gets better and better.
  7. S32.E17: Scandal

    I have been called a c-tease by a woman before. C being a word I will not use here. I don't think that works in this situation though. I have also been called a cock tease by a man before. In both cases it was unwarranted as I have never knowingly hit on or flirted with ANYONE in my life. However just being friendly was misinterpreted by members of both sexes in my personal life. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about men and woman who knowingly use their sexuality to gain whatever outcome they want without ever having any intention of doing anything with the victim of their machinations. If there is an accepted term I would like to know so I am educated against possibly offending someone.
  8. Been watching Season 1 of the original series and wow that original theme sucked huge ones! Also it is interesting seeing some little things like the adding of the code to the Ferrari from the original series. Of course it was the phone number in the pilot vs the birthday in the new show. As good as Jonathan Hillerman was, I really like Perdita Weeks version of Higgins and she is the best thing about the reboot in my opinion. Old Higgins was a little too one note at least so far in Season 1.
  9. S01.E03 Sweet Tooth

    I really want to like this show but it is hard. The acting is really bad, making the original show seem like Breaking Bad in comparison. Somehow the effects have not improved that much in 20 years apparently and the writing is just dismal. It doesn't seem to know what tone it wants so it keeps shifting way to fast and is inconsistent to say the least. Still in for now because I love supernatural stuff and to be shallow the girls are attractive but I hope they settle into their roles a little better and the writing is a little more consistent whatever tone they decide on.
  10. S32.E17: Scandal

    While I agree the term has very negative connotations and is used in many cases that shouldn't apply, what is the term for someone who willingly flirts with another person and gives the impression they like them and want to get physical as a tool to get something they want without actually following through on the implied sexual action? I am not talking someone who changes their mind or decides they do not want to do something or doesn't understand they are coming off in that manner. I am talking about someone who from the start has no intention of doing anything but wants the person to believe they will in order to get something from them? Not arguing for the use of the term by any stretch but please educate me on the proper term for this action? Genuinely asking.
  11. I read they didn't take a break in filming between Season 1 to Season 2 which Keirnan said really helped stay in character. She said she might have had trouble getting back into that headspace from the last scene in episode 10 months later if they took a break.
  12. S32.E16: The Leftovers

    His comment is similar to how I see people flip out over comments like "I hope your kid doesn't turn out like you, or I hope your kid doesn't see you acting like this" and the person goes nuts saying not to talk about their kids. They weren't disparaging your kids, they were disparaging YOU and hope that unlike you your children turn out to be better people. Now it is very possible in this case, Bananas said way more stuff that was shown and was way more hurtful and a direct slam. The producers are well known for protecting fan favorites especially Bananas from most of the nasty stuff he does and says. So if he has said something like "You should be happy your dad can't see you acting like a piece of shit" in addition to the apple falling from the tree bit, well that takes it to another level in my opinion.
  13. S01.E05: Sudden Death

    My only takeaway is the that Stephen Hill is not very good and it hurt the episode having him feature so much. I just didn't believe any of his lines or "emotions" in this episode.
  14. S32.E16: The Leftovers

    Devin said on Twitter what they didn't show was Bananas going around calling Nelson and them "pathetic retards" BEFORE which is a big part of what set Devin off and why he was so riled up and kept bothering him. I guess that is something he has called numerous cast members but somehow it never airs. Since multiple cast members have relatives with special needs and considering Bananas is supposed a spokesman for the Special Olympics and is his charity of choice, it has caused a lot of tension in the house. Kailah said he called her a "belligerent retard" yet it never aired and he never apologizes or takes ownership of these comments.
  15. The Dee ostrich will never fail to make me laugh uncontrollably.