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  1. S32.E11: You're the Worst

    Not sure if this was addressed above, but Marie was in the bed with Kyle to stop Ashley from getting in there who was trying to fuck him again, probably to spite Cara Maria and Marie was having her back by getting into the bed first. They were not cuddling and Cara Maria and Marie agreed to let Marie continue to shit talk Cara Maria to the Lavenders to keep her spot with them and not lose that due to being partners with CM. So she knew what Marie was doing and was appreciative of it. Despite their own issues Marie had her back.
  2. S32.E08: Shaneless

    Yeah being a major dick does not preclude someone from also being funny. If that was the case most comedians and comic actors would be out of work.
  3. S32.E11: You're the Worst

    Also what they didnt show was Joss apparently dumped a bucket of water over Cara's head from the balcony when she was below talking to someone. So that added to the fight.
  4. Things I never thought I would say until tonight "Well now I know how Johnny Bananas bangs his ex girlfriend."
  5. S32.E06: A Series Of Unforunate Events

    "Brad doesn't have a job!" - oh the laughs this elicited...the accent really put it over the top! Derrick might be the worst competitor vs appearance I have ever seen. He looks like he SHOULD be able to compete but so far nothing he has done in his 2 seasons shows that he has any actual athletic ability. He brings zero to the Challenge table. I mean big old red head Eric was more athletic and did better in challenges.
  6. S32 Results Spoilers

    Other random spoilers: Cory and Tony get into a fight and Cory smashes Tony head into a wall or something and is sent home. I believe Cory comes back with Devin. Zach gets some sort of injury and has to leave. Final four are Ashley/Hunter, Joss/Sylvia, Natalie/Paule, Cara Maria/Marie and that is the order of the finishes as well. Only Ashley wins money.
  7. S32 Results Spoilers

    Well since this is a spoiler thread They do end up winning and they pull the same thing they did with Bananas/Sarah and Ashley takes the entire million. She is now the biggest money winner in Challenge history by almost doubling Bananas. CT and Veronica come in last on a purge challenge and are sent to the redemption house. Someone else picks the double cross and because no one wants to face them in an elimination they are sent packing.
  8. Boy Theo Von's drug use is really catching up with him. He looks awful and emaciated compared to not that long ago.
  9. Since Josh works from home and works the tech field, wouldnt Seattle be just as good a fit for him? Lots of techies in Seattle, right? I mean it is right below San Fran regarding tech jobs.
  10. Somehow Clare Bronfman blew through around 400 million funding this cult. She inherited about 600 million but only had about 200 million in assets at her bail hearing. Of course there could be some shady accounting and she could have some of it hidden but it seemed like she didn't have much in liquid assets. She wasn't able to post her bail by herself. Her sister and some other trustee of some trust she has will need to sign for it. Bail is $100,000,000.
  11. Surprised the "big black box" joke made it past the network.
  12. He motioned to his watch several times and said he had a plane to catch. This reunion lasted longer than they planned and he had a plane to get home to his son. He didn't walk off in a huff because he was pissed at other people like Kailah did, he had a schedule to meet and production lied about the end time. Casper's "job" is meaningless and holds no more value to me than CT saying REPEATEDLY he had to leave and being ignored until finally it was stay or miss his flight home. Also neither you nor I have any clue if CT had another gig or job to get to. Even if he didn't, getting home to his son is far more important than some gigolo getting to some appearance or another stupid dancing gig or whatever else that gold digger does. Hell anyone else walking to take a shit is more important than anything he does.
  13. Don't get me wrong it makes me laugh too. It is just tired and done in almost every sitcom that has a relationship at some point. I will also miss it. it is dumb for sure but the cast has good chemistry and no matter how stupid the writing is, the actors commitment to the jokes make it funny.
  14. As stated above, CT had a plane to catch and these reunions tape for hours and hours and this one was like 6 hours supposedly. He was sick of the dumb arguing and had to go. He pointed to his watch and said he had to leave and the producers were doing nothing so he walked off. No one gave Casper any shit when he left literally hours before CT to catch his plane.
  15. I really hate the trope that all men want is sex all the time and if we go one day without wanting to have sex it somehow means that we are not as attracted to our girlfriends/wives or that there is some kind of issue with the relationship. I know women are sexualized so early and "conditioned" by society that pretty much all guys want to sleep with them at every minute of their lives from a teen on so if they don't there must be an issue but it just reeks of insecurity when it comes up on shows which it does on pretty much every single show at some point. It is a bad look for both sexes.