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  1. Yes they filmed a reunion last Friday.
  2. Tony said he has maybe 1 or 2 left in him after he won Champs vs Stars. I believe most people like Bananas outside of the challenge so he clearly plays up his persona on camera and for public events. CT lost a lot of the weight finally after the last challenge. I saw a recent pic somewhere and his belly was gone, unless that pic was older but just posted recently.
  3. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Great news! I hope they will be able to make it a little more adult even if not outright R, then can still make it basic cable level of cursing and partial nudity and graphic violence as needed. The shorter season allows for tighter scripting and without network interference and insistence on procedural format hopefully they can delve into the mythology a little more. I don't mind some procedural elements but it isn't as required for a binge show now that it won't be weekly.
  4. That was the first thing I though of when I heard this new rumor. I immediately flashed back to that interview and it made so much more sense or at least provided possible context.
  5. I don't have a link, but apparently there are rumors floating around that Erica Durance was in NXVIUM as well for a period of time.
  6. We will agree to disagree because I think being tabloid and celebrity obsessed is far from normal and if you polled 100 people randomly selected across the county and not just the coasts the vast majority would not have heard of either of them. But of the few people who knew Shane it would be because he appeared on television multiple times as himself in competitive reality shows for 15 years. Casper is ONLY known for fucking someone which lead to other opportunities AFTER I guess. He is no different than K-Fed except he wasn't able to knock J-Lo's ass up and keep that gold digger money going. Shane is messy and dramatic but he didn't get to whatever minor level of fame he has fucking someone. The ONLY reason the boytoy is on THIS show is because he nailed somebody famous. Shane made it on due to his own personality going back to being picked for Road Rules for better but mostly worse especially nowadays. If this was a dance competition I would expect Casper to be way more famous in that world. However in the MTV world he is a nobody. Shane is barely a somebody but more famous the J-Lo's live dildo to a large percentage of the audience. YMMV. Cheers.
  7. While there are times when Shane is way too over the top and shady, his burn at Casper was well deserved as I had no idea who Casper was until this show. Whatever level of fame Shane has, at least it was from being himself and solely due to his own personality and work such as it is. I guess J-Lo was fucking this manlet for a minute and he is some sort of back-up dancer? Nobody I know has ever even head of him, not that they know who Shane is either, but some at least have seen him on past MTV shows even if they don't know his name per se. CT is known to be very dirty and smelly on these shows, so I can only imagine how awful that fart stunk. They are lucky it appeared to be cool if not cold as the heat would have brought out even more stink from Chris. I really don't get how Jozea out of all people was chosen to be on the new proper Challenge season. I mean he is awful at all levels of this game from what I have seen. So random.
  8. Small Talk: The Inner Circle

    I notice CT never does any of these things. I know he used to do that tour with TJ a few years back but almost never when any other cast is doing one of the big shows. Wonder why?
  9. Well the leaked audio from Variety today is not good for Clayne and clearly shows he has some pretty serious anger issues and gives credence to at least some of what Damon was alleging. This doesn't mean he was this way with everyone and many of the other cast could have had nothing but positive experiences with him, but that audio is pretty damming much like the Christian Bale's was.
  10. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I just don't think this will be picked up anywhere else. It will get rebooted at some point though i bet.
  11. Life in Pieces - All Episodes

    Just watched the last few episodes and enjoyed them for the most part. I do think they should have chosen a different shot of Samantha diving away after the boy showing her butt especially in light of all the focus on male gaze and sexualizing underage kids. My daughter who is 18 and identifies as pansexual but is mostly attracted to woman and is very much involved with women's and LGBT rights and how media portrays women and children made the comment to me that it was unnecessary to use that shot of a 15 year old. I don't know if she is overly sensitive or is making a good point but I am surprised that no one directing or editing noticed because it was pretty blatant as it was in focus and in the center of the frame.
  12. Finally watched the finale last night. Wow what a stinker. And it didn't feel like a season (series) finale even with the stunt casting. Just yuck. No big loss although I will say that I ended up watching everything single episode of this show while I have never watched a complete episode of King of Queens. I tried many times when it aired live and it was awful. So take that for what it is worth.
  13. S05.E22: The End

    I wish Henry Simmons played a different type of character because I just watched the entire season over this past weekend and as much as I love Henry and Mack in action mode and his general badassery, the sanctimonious preaching about morality and God got VERY tiresome when viewed back to back. I like my characters a little morally gray and willing to do whatever is necessary to beat the bad guys even if that includes outright killing with no speechifying or hand-wringing or passing judgement on those that are willing to do it. I am looking forward to seeing him lead but hope they tone down that "moral center of the team" aspect a little. Doubt they will but one can hope.
  14. S09.E22: Clash of Swords

    I am with Manny on the driving cross country thing. I am 45 and unless someones life was on the line there is no way I would drive by myself cross country. At no point in my life has the thought of driving that far alone been something I would ever dream of even considering, let alone doing. Certainly not for money. With someone, I would do it no problem. Alone? I would rather go to the dentist for root canals with no Novocaine on every single tooth in my head.
  15. I don't have the ability to post it while at work, but the woman who plays Det. Bailey called out Clayne for his actions today on Twitter. Saying he had outburts yelling at various cast and directors and saying he hoped the show would be cancelled. This was in response to his thank you to Hilarie Burton's tweet of support.